Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons have become a threat to world security in the last few years. This is because of their destructive nature and the harm they can cause to humanity. In a nuclear war, it is believed that no one wins the war since all of you are affected. As the war betweenContinue reading “Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons”

Collapsing American, time to make an escape plan

Over the years, I’ve predicted America’s collapse into fascism, hate, and backwardness. Often with enough detail and precision to chill many of you. And in response, you often wondered, here in the comments, or in emails to me, “Should I leave?” I’ve left the question open. I’ll come back to why in just a moment.Continue reading “Collapsing American, time to make an escape plan”

China rely on USA for this product

When it comes to fabrication of materials, China remains one of the leading nations in the world. The made-in-China products are quite common in the society, the industrialization of the red nation has been ongoing for years. China seems to be a perfect fit as a home for the mass production of goods due to theContinue reading “China rely on USA for this product”