After your university degree, learn this handwork

After graduating and NYSC in Nigeria is the greatest challenge a graduate faces. So why you are waiting for a white-collar job, you can engage yourself with Handwork and who knows you might be successful. Even when you eventually get the white-collar job, you might reject the appointment because millions of Naira is entry yourContinue reading “After your university degree, learn this handwork”

Easy way of making money without human blood sacrifice

You’ll want to agree with me that money is oxygen, most times I hear people lying by saying “money is the root of all evil” and every day they keep working hard and sweating for it. They say money is the root of all evil and I say poverty is the seed, “a person withContinue reading “Easy way of making money without human blood sacrifice”

These 11 things attract money

Everywhere all over the world, everyone want to have money. Money is essential in our everyday life because money answers many things. Money makes the world go round. If you practice this 10 things it has power to attract money to you. Let’s go straight to the point meanwhile kindly like, share and comment at theContinue reading “These 11 things attract money”

11 Jobs to Work in Overseas Without Experience – Sure Guide

11 Jobs to Work in Overseas Without Experience | Are you wanting to live abroad, but unsure of how to afford it? Need to find work overseas with no experience? The best way to travel and live abroad is by finding work overseas. Working while traveling is a great way to off-set your costs andContinue reading “11 Jobs to Work in Overseas Without Experience – Sure Guide”