10 Rules that will make you rich when properly kept.

In life we aspire to be rich , famous and powerful. And all these are achievable if only you abide by the rules and contribute immensely to it. Many have derailed the route of success by joining secret cults believing you could get rich quick but the price they pay is very expensive. The soulContinue reading “10 Rules that will make you rich when properly kept.”

Those Who Trust God Don’t Rust – Archbishop Idahosa

Recently, the Archbishop-designate of God First Ministries (Illumination Assembly), Isaac Idahosa, marked 31 years on the pulpit. He shared with some journalists his experiences and how he has been able to pull through the storms. Chinyere Abiaziem presents the excerpts: How do you feel clocking 31 years on the pulpit? I feel the same way I feltContinue reading “Those Who Trust God Don’t Rust – Archbishop Idahosa”