Power of wealthy thinking

Once I passed the magic million-dollar mark, I began looking around me and asking the question, “Why is it that everyone doesn’t use these simple principles to become wealthy?” As I continued my research, I found that there were seven reasons why people don’t become wealthy. Let us deal with each of them in turn. Continue reading “Power of wealthy thinking”

These are 10 reasons why you should start your own business

Do you feel challenged and satisfied with your work? Do you think you do not fit into your 9-5 schedule? Do you feel the most frustrated of all? Maybe you have a divisive idea that you are familiar with and can influence your company? Like millionaire entrepreneur Dan Locke, he has to say it;    “When I was a teenagerContinue reading “These are 10 reasons why you should start your own business”

See these 22 tools for wealth creation

Times are changing so rapidly daily to a point that before you complete your circle of thoughts, it’s already out in the air awaiting reception from all and sundry. God the giver of everything is giving free information to humanity willing to seek knowledge. Anytime the word WEALTH is mentioned, many pictures come to mind,Continue reading “See these 22 tools for wealth creation”

Fast ways of making money

It’s obvious that we all need money but not all have the mindset of hunting money. Here in this article, am going to share you the key to unlock your mindset to accumulate a huge amount of money you ever need. Most of us normally ask ourselves this question that, why some are very successfulContinue reading “Fast ways of making money”

7 Areas of investment that will change your financial state

Having money is one thing and investing the money in the right place is another thing. Some people have lost millions of Naira because of the wrong investment they did. If you have some capitals with you, you have to seat down and think very well on the right investment to do. The issue ofContinue reading “7 Areas of investment that will change your financial state”

3 Habits For Wealth Creation

Growing up as a kid, I was inquisitive to know why God made some people  rich and others to be poor. I also grew up with this notion that some selected people have being designed by God to be successful while others are meant to be poor but my ideologies changed when I read aContinue reading “3 Habits For Wealth Creation”

The 8 Methods Of Investment And Wealth Creation.

From twenty five years of age, you need to pay serious attention to these message. You are now officially an adult. This means that you have to think, act, and behave responsibly in all things you do. The pandemic may have swept through the world and resulted in a global lock down for everyone andContinue reading “The 8 Methods Of Investment And Wealth Creation.”


As Burna boy said ‘Dangote still dey find money’ who are you to sleep on the money? who are you not to hustle or try to increase your income? Because we are all trying to make more money, I put together 6 things you can do to double your income in less than one year.Continue reading “DANGOTE STILL DEY FIND MONEY : SIX STEPS TO DOUBLE YOUR INCOME IN LESS THAN A YEAR”

Business Ideas

20 Businesses You Can Start With 20,000 Naira That Will Give You A Lot Of Money Every Month Want to know what kind of business you can start with N20,000? The following is a list that you can best fit: 1. Canteen Business: The canteen business is one of the most profitable businesses you canContinue reading “Business Ideas”


☄Let no man deceive you that you can make millions of Naira with no investment or capital. ☄ The principle behind good success is that you must work before you can make a living, just as God commanded. ☄ Things will not turn around, until you turn them around. ☄ The choice you make todayContinue reading “FACTS ABOUT WEALTH CREATION”