C-DOME Naval Iron Dome System

According to information published by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. on November 17, 2022, the Israeli company with the Israeli Navy, and the Israel Ministry of Defense IMDO completed an advanced interception test of the C-DOME Naval Iron Dome System.Follow Navy Recognition on Google News at this link The C-DOME is an advanced naval configurationContinue reading “C-DOME Naval Iron Dome System”

Israel’s Legion-X Drone Swarm

Israel is converting elite infantry support companies into “seek and strike” units equipped with swarming drones to search buildings and carry out attacks. The swarm is powered by Legion-X, an “autonomous networked combat solution” developed by leading defense contractor Elbit Systems and works in close collaboration with human soldiers. Israel used swarming drones in action in 2021, making it theContinue reading “Israel’s Legion-X Drone Swarm”

How to survive nuclear attack

Vladimir Putin insisted he’s “not bluffing” when it comes to threatening the Western world with using nuclear weapons. Russia is expected to soon carry out large-scale drills of its nuclear forces in a warning to the United States and its allies. Putin typically holds major annual nuclear exercises around this time of year, and US officials expect themContinue reading “How to survive nuclear attack”

Doomsday plane spotted over Moscow

Putin sparks fears of imminent nuclear war after ‘doomsday’ plane spotted over Moscow nytimespost.com Oct 8, 2022 12:27 PM Vladimir Putin has sparked fears that he could be on the brink of launching a nuclear war, after a so-called “doomsday” plane was spotted over the skies of Moscow on Friday. “Doomsday” is the nickname givenContinue reading “Doomsday plane spotted over Moscow”

A Nigerian citizen insists to remain as a refugee in overseas instead of coming back to Nigeria.

vanguardngr.comMar 5, 2022 6:10 AM •Thank you Nigeria, I’m happy to be home, Nigerian woman celebrates By Emma Ogbuehi The first batch of more than 400 Nigerians who fled the ongoing war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion returned back to the country on Friday morning, grateful that the government came to their rescue. ButContinue reading “A Nigerian citizen insists to remain as a refugee in overseas instead of coming back to Nigeria.”

The Ekumeku resistance: The British-Igbo war that lasted for 31 years.

The British-Igbo war that lasted for 31 years – The Ekumeku Resistance. The Ekumeku Movement consisted of a series of uprisings against the rising power of the Royal Niger Company of the British Empire by Anioma people in present day Delta state. The British penetration of Nigeria met with various forms of resistance throughout the country. In the south, the British had to fightContinue reading “The Ekumeku resistance: The British-Igbo war that lasted for 31 years.”

War: These are 4 reasons why Israel wins most of their wars

Israel has a small population and is a small nation. Many of the nations surrounding this tiny nation do not accept its supremacy and have sometimes been hostile to it. For this reason, the nation of Israel is always at war with its neighbors or on the verge of a significant escalation. Israel is undeniablyContinue reading “War: These are 4 reasons why Israel wins most of their wars”


Coronavirus has become a pandemic in this contemporary period, just like other epidemics which have killed many people in the past, for example, plague, bahobamy, including HIV & AIDS. The blame game will never profer solution to the problem, rather there should be a collaboration amongst the nations of the world. Although the virus firstContinue reading “THERE IS NO NEED TO BLAME CHINA ON CORONAVIRUS.”