Richest man: Elon Musk cars

1. 1978 BMW 320i Elon spent $1400 (R23 000) to purchase second hand BMW 320i in early 1980, the vanilla car was to own car in those years. Any way he got rid of it when it start to lose wheels while on motion. 2. 1971 1E-type Jaguar At this time, elon and his brothe’sContinue reading “Richest man: Elon Musk cars”

This African man is richer than Donald Trump, see his planes and vehicles

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States is arguably the richest individual to have risen to White House in history. According to Forbes, President Trump’s net worth is estimated to be USD2.1 Billion. However, Aliko Dangote was named for the ninth time Africa’s richest man. His net worth, according to Investopedia is USD10.9Continue reading “This African man is richer than Donald Trump, see his planes and vehicles”

Electric cars

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