Ulcer remedies

Ulcer usually occurs when the stomach acid damages the lining of the digestive tract. Stomach ulcer is very difficult to cure and causes a lot of discomfort and pain to a person. It usually leads to spending a lot of money on drugs, herbs and hospitals. People with ulcer are advised to change their normalContinue reading “Ulcer remedies”

Words of wisdom

The most selfish one letter word.” I “Avoid it. The most satisfying two letter word.“We”Use it. The most poisonous three letter word.“Ego”Kill it. The most used four letter word.“LOVE”Value it. The most pleasing five letter word.“Smile”Keep it . The fastest spreading six letter word.“Rumour”Ignore it. The hard working seven letter word.“Success”Achieve it. The most enviableContinue reading “Words of wisdom”