See 5 ways to build wealth from nothing

Building wealth from nothing seems unachievable for most people due to the widening wealth disparity between the rich and the poor. According to a Wealth-X survey from 2019, 67.7% of the world’s ultra-wealthy population—those with $30 million or more in assets—were in fact self-made. Even more intriguing is the sudden increase in this class ofContinue reading “See 5 ways to build wealth from nothing”

20 Businesses you can start with 10k

What are the businesses you can start with 10K in Nigeria? A lot of questions on this and here we have the answers, many people see 10,000 Naira as small money – YES it is but this can start a business for you, and with the way you handle the business and your smartness itContinue reading “20 Businesses you can start with 10k”

Be careful of these ten types of customers. They may likely ruin your business

image credit: istockphoto Every customer would look like the right customer because you are a small business and seeking to grow by every means. So you accept every customer not minding their behaviours and pricing habit. Do you really need every one of them? Well, not specifically. If you’re an SME owner, you most likelyContinue reading “Be careful of these ten types of customers. They may likely ruin your business”