The use of female condom has the following benefits when having sex.

According to “web MD” Contraception comes in different forms. A female condom is one type of barrier tool that prevents pregnancy and can keep you safe from séxually transmitted diseases. Also known as the “Internal condom” a female condom is a thin tube made of rubber or human-made latex that you put into your femaleContinue reading “The use of female condom has the following benefits when having sex.”

5 Advantages and 4 disadvantages of using a female condom

A condom is worn during intimacy, to prevent pregnancy, and also prevent some sexually transmitted diseases. Just as we have the male protective, we have the female protective, which can also be called an “internal condom”. The female protective, is a thin rubber tube, mostly used during love making, to prevent pregnancy. According to WebMD, belowContinue reading “5 Advantages and 4 disadvantages of using a female condom”

For singles: How to control your sexual urge

It is healthy and normal to have the sexual urge as singles. This shows that you’re normal and your sexual organs are functioning normally and that you’re capable of enjoying intercourse in marriage. But you must as well be guided that the fact that God gave you the sexual urge as a single is notContinue reading “For singles: How to control your sexual urge”

Study how to handle a partner who suddenly stopped performing well in bed.

How To Handle A Partner Who Suddenly Stops Performing Well In Bed You might be worried about your partner’s health after discovering that his or her performance rate has dropped. Your spouse is also worried, maybe because it has never happened to them before. Your spouse might be reluctant to discuss it with you, andContinue reading “Study how to handle a partner who suddenly stopped performing well in bed.”

Solution of erectile problem

Men: See The Home Remedy for Erectile Dyfunctions Using Guava Leaves And Pawpaw Leaves. Errectile dysfunction is something that has ditabilises most family. Most of the family has been separated because of this issue. It doesn’t speak well in a family, for man not to perform well on bed. No matter how we care forContinue reading “Solution of erectile problem”

Wet dreams

A wet dream which is formally known as nocturnal emission is something that is inevitable in every human life. At puberty, there are always various changes in the human body due to hormonal activities. Wet dream often occurs when you sleep at night and also common among teenagers and some adults. According to research, mostContinue reading “Wet dreams”