Judaism vs Christianity: Their Similarities & Differences

Judaism and Christianity are two monotheistic and ethical religions that share some part of the scriptures in common. These two religions have existed for centuries, and they believe in one God and his existence as well. Christianity and Judaism are closely related, and Christianity has evolved from Judaism because they refer to Jewish practices. ImageContinue reading “Judaism vs Christianity: Their Similarities & Differences”

8 Health benefits of fasting

Apart From Its Spiritual Benefits, Here Are 8 Health Benefits Of Fasting You Should Know Image credit: sfn.org Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is taught in most religions of the world. It involves voluntarily reducing or eliminating your intake of food for a specific time and purpose. It has a number of benefits, including theContinue reading “8 Health benefits of fasting”

See the first largest religion and others with their populations

Religion is more of believing that an unseen, imperceptible and untouchable being called God exists as practices associated with such beliefs are important and are priorities to anyone who believes in that particular religion. There are many religions in the world practiced differently by many different people. This article details the religions in the worldContinue reading “See the first largest religion and others with their populations”

Religion: Signs of Born again Christians

Signs of Born again Christians● They speak the truth at all times● They are good listeners● They hardly take offense● They are quick to forgive● They are reliable● They are supportive● They have appetite for prayer and fasting● They rely on the Word of God● The more God lifts them up, the more they becomeContinue reading “Religion: Signs of Born again Christians”