9 Habits to cultivate to be a successful millionaire

Emmanuel Odoemelam – Advertisment – A popular saying that you need to pay serious attention to goes thus: ‘You form a habit and it turns to form you’. It is also well known that forming good habits come at a great sacrifice and bad ones come easy. Conversely, great sacrifice for good habits returns greatContinue reading “9 Habits to cultivate to be a successful millionaire”

Want to become a millionaire? See the 3 fastest ways.

There are no shortcuts to success, what is worth doing, is worth doing extraordinarily well.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Everyone successful in history began with a step. Sometimes, the steps lead to success, sometimes to failure, but failure is not final, just as success is not final. So, thereContinue reading “Want to become a millionaire? See the 3 fastest ways.”

20 Businesses you can start with 10k

What are the businesses you can start with 10K in Nigeria? A lot of questions on this and here we have the answers, many people see 10,000 Naira as small money – YES it is but this can start a business for you, and with the way you handle the business and your smartness itContinue reading “20 Businesses you can start with 10k”

11 Rules of greatness

Don’t over-think or force anything; Let everything flow and cultivate organically. Below are Bill Gates’ rules of greatness. 1. Life is not fair. Get used to it. Stop expecting life to hand you the things you think you deserve. 2. The world doesn’t care about your self-esteem. Nobody cares about your esteem, so start making something ofContinue reading “11 Rules of greatness”

See the 10 habits of successful people

10 unknown habits of successful people you wish you knew, no 9 is very important 1. WAKING UP EARLY: The most successful people know that a change in routine can make lots of difference, it advisable you start your day by 5 am and 6 am every day even on weekends. 2. TREATING FAILURE LIKE GOLD:Continue reading “See the 10 habits of successful people”

Ways to boost your wealth and finances

Never Be Discouraged, Use This Skills To Boost Your Finances and Increase Your Family Wealth Standards. Number 6 is Necessary. Money skills are important. if you can master these 7 money skills then you will be able to increase your wealth standard and also boost your personal financial status. Therefore, without further ado here areContinue reading “Ways to boost your wealth and finances”

Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is a person who organize and manage a business venture and specifically assumes much of the associated responsibities such as risk. An Entrepreneur is a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting a business or services. Have A Business Idea Do you have an idea that solves a particularContinue reading “Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur”

These make a business attractive and successful

A business enterprise is a body that deals with the specialization of particular goods and services which are rendered to the consumers at an agreed price rate. The main objective of business is to earn profit. Although, there are some basic elements which are necessary for a standard business enterprise, but added to them thereContinue reading “These make a business attractive and successful”

If you want to be rich, know these 5 things

Here are some things you must avoid if you really don’t want to be poor at all in life, To follow us, please hit the follow button for more of this {its all about succeeding} v Don’t work for money: this is very important because many people have been deceived about money, let me ask you,Continue reading “If you want to be rich, know these 5 things”

Attract wealth by these 7 steps

Study of Wealth. I’m not super rich and do not pretend to be a financial expert. I do however have the benefit of working with clients who have long been financially independent, coupled with my own study of wealth over the past years. As a conduit to insight, I will use this blog post toContinue reading “Attract wealth by these 7 steps”

Keep these rules to become rich

In life we aspire to be rich , famous and powerful. And all these are achievable if only you abide by the rules and contribute immensely to it. Many have derailed the route of success by joining secret cults believing you could get rich quick but the price they pay is very expensive. The soulContinue reading “Keep these rules to become rich”

Five truths people don’t know about crypto currencies

The 21st century comes with her cashless society idea. For the purpose of making life more easy people around the world are looking for a time where Cryptocurrency while substitute cash. This is a time where cash would not be necessary for any transaction. BBC news highlights that The DCEP is not a crypto-currency. InsteadContinue reading “Five truths people don’t know about crypto currencies”