Pregnancy prevention

Simple Ways to avoid pregnancy while having sex. Having a lot of time with your partner always triggers understanding and more love in your relationship. But, what about pregnancy? The issue of preventing pregnancy while having sex with your partner has ruined a lot of good relationships and marriages. Why?. Most people are afraid andContinue reading “Pregnancy prevention”

Unwanted pregnancy: Safe ways to count your period

Easy Ways To Count Your “Safe Days” To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Its only when a woman ovulates and fertilization occurs that she will become pregnant. Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the ovary by a female. It occurs after the menstrual cycle which lasts for 12-14 days. The most important thing toContinue reading “Unwanted pregnancy: Safe ways to count your period”


I’ve been writing this blog post in my head ever since I had the first little inkling that I might be pregnant, roughly 12 weeks ago. I remember heading out for my daily walk around Greyton and noticing that my boobs felt incredibly tender, and they felt absolutely enormous!I initially put it down to theContinue reading “EARLY PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS | HOW I SUSPECTED I WAS PREGNANT EVEN BEFORE I TOOK A TEST”

Having Difficulties Getting Pregnant? Take This Natural Remedy To Ease Conception

Having Difficulties Getting Pregnant? Take This Natural Remedy To Ease Conception Having you been looking for ways to ease conceptions, this remedy cleanses your system to quicken conception. There are several natural methods to ease conception, but Today I will teach you an effective remedy to clean up your system for easy conception. Carefully read beforeContinue reading “Having Difficulties Getting Pregnant? Take This Natural Remedy To Ease Conception”

How to prevent pregnancy with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the contraceptive methods thanks to its ascorbic acid. The ascorbic acid helps inhibit the progesterone hormone from the uterus. Vitamin C also keeps your body staying strong and healthy. To reap one of the impressive health benefits of vitamin C, you should consume the purest form of it but notContinue reading “How to prevent pregnancy with Vitamin C”

10 Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Keeping track of your dietary needs during pregnancy may sound like a huge challenge, but it will help you cover all of your bases by choosing the right food. (Along with your prenatal medication, of course.) So make an effort to keep some superfoods safe for breastfeeding — and make them the cornerstones of yourContinue reading “10 Best Foods to Eat During Pregnancy”

Ladies,Girls and Guys be careful!

Some girls are the problem of themselves and to other descent ones on this issue of pregnancy before marriage. During relationship, you both have been having marathon sex, you take contraceptives and concoctions to prevent pregnancies and may have probably aborted once for him.Now he’s talking about getting you pregnant before marriage and you areContinue reading “Ladies,Girls and Guys be careful!”