Don’t chase these 5 things in life

Popular opinion holds that you must chase you dreams at all costs. However, there’s a plethora of misguided things that people choose to chase in life.   When we make the wrong choices regarding the important things to chase, the failure we experience will cause discontent and regret in life.  When it comes down toContinue reading “Don’t chase these 5 things in life”

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons have become a threat to world security in the last few years. This is because of their destructive nature and the harm they can cause to humanity. In a nuclear war, it is believed that no one wins the war since all of you are affected. As the war betweenContinue reading “Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons”

A generator can cost you N75,000, but read how you can set up a solar panel with N30,000 only

According to the current price tags in market, a standard generator set full enough to power a house costs as high as N75,000, excluding the price of fuel that will be bought frequently if you would be using the generator frequently, there is also th consideration of maintenance for this generator, whereby the faults developed will haveContinue reading “A generator can cost you N75,000, but read how you can set up a solar panel with N30,000 only”

16 laws of psychological power

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Theluckiest1. Today we’re going to learn about 16 laws of psychological of power. But before you continue reading, please please be sure to follow. Now let’s begin 1. Stand above Good work goes unrecognized. If you want to get power, good work ethic is not enough. Putting in long hoursContinue reading “16 laws of psychological power”