Evil person: 5 Signs you are dealing with such a person

5 Signs You’re Dealing With An Evil Person In the world we live in today, there is so much chaos anxiety, and evil. As an individual, it is imperative that you look out for your own safety first before the safety of others. With each passing day, man’s inhumanity to man increases by a steadyContinue reading “Evil person: 5 Signs you are dealing with such a person”

6 reasons why we fall in love

As humans, our brain is set up to support pair bonding. When people fall in love, they go into a state of limerence (infatuation or obsession) This happens because our brains and hormones go wild when faced with a sincere love interest. Below are six main reasons why we fall in love: 1. Similarity: WhenContinue reading “6 reasons why we fall in love”

Facts about quiet people

FACTS ABOUT QUIET PEOPLEQuiet people talk a lot insideOnce they get comfortable with you they get crazy and wildThey speak in thoughts and heartThey are shy as if they can’t maintain eye contactThey have too much anger don’t get them pissed offThey are strong and very intelligent in classThey are very crazy on social mediaTheyContinue reading “Facts about quiet people”

Personality Traits

Meaning of extrovert, introvert and ambivert So many people do not know the difference between this personality traits, Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert. Personality refers to a set of qualities that make a person (or thing) distinct from another. It is also a Charisma or qualities that make a person stand out from the crowd. TheContinue reading “Personality Traits”