NYIF Pre-qualified: NMFB begins loan approval

Check Your Gmail if You Got This Message As NMFB Begins Approval Of Loan To Shortlisted Applicants Good morning everyone, I welcome to this page today the 4th of March 2021. Kindly follow this page so you won’t be left out on current news and information. Just recently Gmail message were disseminated to pre-qualified ApplicantContinue reading “NYIF Pre-qualified: NMFB begins loan approval”

3 Things to take note of after applying for NYIF

The Nigerian Youths Investment Fund(NYIF) that was established in July this year by the present government led by His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari aimed in turning youths into self Entrepreneurer, wealth creators so as to contribute to economic labor in the government. In today’s article we will like to discussed on the main aimed of theContinue reading “3 Things to take note of after applying for NYIF”

Nigerian Youth Investment Fund’s Applicant? Here is good news for you!

About the N-YIF program of the president Muhammadu Buhari administration, is to promote entrepreneurship for young men and women, President Buhari launched the program this week, young entrepreneurs can register for subsidies. Secondly, if you do not register your business, you can get a subsidy of up to N250,000 and those who register their businessContinue reading “Nigerian Youth Investment Fund’s Applicant? Here is good news for you!”