Bipolar depression

It’s common for people to experience ups and downs, and with the state of the world currently, there may be more downs than ups. However, bipolar depression is a whole different animal. It can be severe depression with bizarre behavior that lasts for an unreasonably long amount of time.It’s essential to recognize the signs ofContinue reading “Bipolar depression”

Mental health day: How to manage your mental health.

Managing your mental health can be a struggle. The uncertainty and stress of COVID-19 will affect you and your loved ones in different ways and at different times.The stigma surrounding mental health often makes it difficult to share how you are really feeling. But it’s the first step to get the support you may need.

The 8 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health When Starting A Business

It can be challenging to focus on vital things like your health when you are in the midst of building a business. Many founders and startups forget about their mental health because they want to make everything perfect, no matter what it takes.We constantly hear about mental health in the news. People are depressed, anxious,Continue reading “The 8 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health When Starting A Business”