Food To Eat And Last For More Than 2 Hours; It Is 100% Effective

It is usually painful, seeing men ruining their sexual lives with sex enhancement drugs. Some even go to the extent of taking overdose. Well, what I want to show you is how I last longer than most men on bed. I was an addict of sex- enhancement drugs until I came across this natural solution.Continue reading “Food To Eat And Last For More Than 2 Hours; It Is 100% Effective”

If You Marry Early, these 7 things will happen to you.

7 Things That Will Happen To You If You Marry Early The issue of the appropriate age women should get married has received quite a lot of attention in recent times. People have various beliefs about a man having carnal knowledge of a girl when she is still considered to be young. An issue likeContinue reading “If You Marry Early, these 7 things will happen to you.”

45 Nice Church Outfits For Men And Women

45 Church Outfits For Men And Women Outfits are those things wear on our body. As we all know, there are different kinds of outfits. But today we will be discussing about church outfits. Church Outfits are those Special outfits, that we wear to church on Sunday. Church outfits are suppose to be cool, Beautiful/cuteContinue reading “45 Nice Church Outfits For Men And Women”

Opinion: What Women Like and Cherish But Men Don’t Know

Human beings are the most intelligent animals unlike other animals in God’s creations. Just like women, they like most things but because of laws and other rules that have been set long back they couldn’t express themselves. They do hide what they like in order not to feel shame and not to look immoral. Some womenContinue reading “Opinion: What Women Like and Cherish But Men Don’t Know”

Say no to fornication and adultery

Say no to fornication Chastity is defined as “controlling oneself from forbidden desires due to the love of Allah The Almighty in response to His command, as well as for seeking His reward in return.” Islam has always been keen to establish chastity in the Muslim community and has thus legislated many laws that reduceContinue reading “Say no to fornication and adultery”

OPINION: 13 Qualities Of Real Men That Makes Women Lose Their Minds/Fall For Them

The female mind like we all know is one complex and complicated part of their being that is extremely hard to understand and comprehend. Little wonder it’s difficult to imagine or assume what qualities the perfect man must have in order to win their heart. Nevertheless, I have made a list of qualities that womenContinue reading “OPINION: 13 Qualities Of Real Men That Makes Women Lose Their Minds/Fall For Them”

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GREAT LESSONS Even if you are married to the best spouse in the whole world,if you do not guard your heart, you may end up “falling in love”with someone aside your spouse and eventually ruin yourmarriage.No one gets married and plans to have affair but lots ofmarried men and women are into affairs today becauseContinue reading “HOW TO AVOID EMOTIONAL AFFAIR”