4 Things to do and girls will start rushing you

I feel bad about seeing men cry or feel sad after a woman is disappointed or rejecting them. Sometimes it’s their fault. Before approaching a woman for sex, understand how it works. You need to know what girls want and want. You need to be ready to bond before you even think about asking for a girl.    Some menContinue reading “4 Things to do and girls will start rushing you”

How To Motivate Yourself

The only person stopping you from publishing that book, hitting the gym just as you promised is not your shadow, but you. The biggest obstacle to achieving your goals is just you. Sometimes, even the most motivated person on earth (you) may feel very low. You need to motivate yourself to get things done asContinue reading “How To Motivate Yourself”


☄Let no man deceive you that you can make millions of Naira with no investment or capital. ☄ The principle behind good success is that you must work before you can make a living, just as God commanded. ☄ Things will not turn around, until you turn them around. ☄ The choice you make todayContinue reading “FACTS ABOUT WEALTH CREATION”