The reason you should date a plus size women

Photo: Courtesy Everyone has their unique taste when it comes to dating. Some men love their ladies shorter, taller or even plus size. Though the media has painted an idea of slim women to be the best out there, there are men who love to date bigger women for a number of reasons. This isContinue reading “The reason you should date a plus size women”

Women loved to be touched in these 8 places

8 Places You Should Touch A Woman To Make Her Feel Loved It’s impossible to say enough about how important touch is in a relationship, so we’ll say it again: This is one way to build a relationship with your wife. You can also touch her. You don’t, however, have to touch every part ofContinue reading “Women loved to be touched in these 8 places”

5 Things ladies appreciate more than saying I love you

Even though the profession of love is an expression of one’s love and interest in someone, it is bound to be overused and abused by people. To stand out, there are things you can do to win over your love interest instead of constantly processing your love for her. 5 Things Most Ladies Adore MoreContinue reading “5 Things ladies appreciate more than saying I love you”

Ladies do these 6 things they have a crush on someone

Every girl has had a crush on a boy once in her life no matter where and when especially when you are a teenager. Crushing on someone changes your character and behaviour to fit the person’s taste because you want that person’s attention. Every lady who is in love with someone has done some ofContinue reading “Ladies do these 6 things they have a crush on someone”

Watch Arewa ladies’s beautiful pictures

Women are the most beautiful creatures made by God. They are the mothers of our universe and gives it its uniqueness. As we all know, physical appearance is among the things that matter a lot in a woman but it is and will always be secondary to their mental capability. While there are many beautifullyContinue reading “Watch Arewa ladies’s beautiful pictures”

Ladies: 5 Foods that grow ladies’ hips naturally

Getting bigger hips ain’t hard if you know what to do and what to eat, contrary to what people think, the right way to start is in the kitchen, this cos some foods increase muscle growth and strength while others help in recovery. But that’s not all some exercises must be incorporated. Here are someContinue reading “Ladies: 5 Foods that grow ladies’ hips naturally”

See some unique mini dresses for ladies

Good women are likened to wearing a skirt long enough to cover their subject and Short enough to create interest. That is why the most beautiful female representative is a good salesperson. For company products to sell well, women’s hands can’t be left out. A product that women are unable to sell, I wonder whichContinue reading “See some unique mini dresses for ladies”

Relationship: 4 Things that ladies want from guys

Most guys today think that girls only want money from a guy which isn’t true because there are other things ladies value when given to them by a guy the like. I always advice men to know the type of lady they are with or they want because this will save you alot of problemsContinue reading “Relationship: 4 Things that ladies want from guys”

A girl will like you if you avoid doing these 7 things around her

The initial aim of every guy is to impress a girl if he is having feelings for her. It’s normal, but the whole process can go wrong along the line if some of the relationship etiquettes are not observed. However, the following are some tips that will help in such a situation. (1). Avoid unnecessary jokes.Continue reading “A girl will like you if you avoid doing these 7 things around her”

6 Tricks that ladies use to get money from guys

Women are very unique and powerful creatures, they can probably do and undo, I feel it’s just a gift from God. Some people say if you want to trap a man, you should use a woman to set that trap and I think it’s true. If you even read the Bible, you discover that it’sContinue reading “6 Tricks that ladies use to get money from guys”

7 Tricks that will make a lady chase a guy

Hope you are not the one forcing yourself on her. Is it not cool if she chase you for change? I’m almost certain your answer is “sure!” In that case, you will need to master the art of making ladies chase you and not you chasing them. If you learn to stay cool and stopContinue reading “7 Tricks that will make a lady chase a guy”

Gown styles that will make you look beautiful

Gorgeous Gown Styles That Will Bring Out Your Stunning Appearance What we actually wear really bring out the beauty in us. The way our parents rocked the fashion styles back in the days shouldn’t be the way we should rock ours now. You realized that no one besides will celebrate you if you don’t celebrate byContinue reading “Gown styles that will make you look beautiful”

6 Mistakes Single Ladies Make That Hinder Them From Getting Married Quick

Singleness is a process that everybody needs to go through. It is not voluntary, and so it must be passed over by a man and a woman. You must be single first before dreaming about getting married. It is a single man or woman who has marriage qualifications. If they had done it the rightContinue reading “6 Mistakes Single Ladies Make That Hinder Them From Getting Married Quick”

20 Pictures of endowed ladies.

When it comes to curves and bodily endowment no one does it better than our African ladies, you can find them looking natural and absolutely gorgeous possessing all the natural and womanly endowment in the right places. No wonder a wise old man once said the beauty of an African woman is in her back.Continue reading “20 Pictures of endowed ladies.”

Opinion: What Ladies Expect You to do when They Sleep Overnight in Your House

One thing that ladies rarely do, is to sleep overnight in a guy’s house, but when they do sleep overnight in your house, there are some things that they expect you to do. They definitely won’t inform you about those things, but they would be secretly sending you signs and signals that they expect youContinue reading “Opinion: What Ladies Expect You to do when They Sleep Overnight in Your House”

Meet a lady for the first time? These 10 things you shouldn’t say to her

Good day to all my followers and readers, you are welcome to Relationship where you can get quality Relationship articles about the relationship. Kindly follow me to start receiving quality Relationship. Some guys always wonder why they are never good with ladies; it might just be the things you say when you meet her forContinue reading “Meet a lady for the first time? These 10 things you shouldn’t say to her”

7 Things Men Do That Make Each and Every Woman Melt

Sometimes modern girls believe that chivalry exists only in books or movies. But we want to assure you that it’s not actually like this. There are still true gentlemen in our world. I have no doubt that nowadays there are real heroes among men who make girls’ hearts beat faster. Here are 7 everyday gesturesContinue reading “7 Things Men Do That Make Each and Every Woman Melt”

25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles for Pretty Ladies.

Trending 25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles for Pretty Ladies [See Photos] Followup for More Updates, Like and Share so it can go viral, Drop your comments if you enjoyed them. Hello Beautiful People, Today’s update i decided to go on English Plain Sewings, so i bring below adorable trending 25 English Plain andContinue reading “25 English Plain and Pattern Combination Styles for Pretty Ladies.”

70 Latest Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies

70 Latest Senegalese Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies  Hair making is one of the unique ways in which every lady make use to look god and gorgeous at all is the beast part of living both almost men and women of this era.senegalese hairstyle is very trendy and classy way of beautifying oneself at allContinue reading “70 Latest Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies”

40 Trendy Braid Hairstyles To Rock This Year.

Braid hairstyles are one of my all time favourite hairstyles because they are versatile, and very affordable. We have different kind of braid hairstyles. These includes lemonade braids, Senegalese twists, goddess braids, Ghana braids, cornrow braids. Most of these styles look better when you use a good hair extension. It is important that you rockContinue reading “40 Trendy Braid Hairstyles To Rock This Year.”

Do This To Win Any Woman’s Heart

If you’re not lucky to be in a relationship with any lady or you been facing rejection from ladies. Then you’re lucky to find this article.  You need to understand what women really like guys. Although most of them said the contrary of what they need and at the end did the other way round.Continue reading “Do This To Win Any Woman’s Heart”

Reasons why ladies dump their guys

Some guys when asked why their relationship failed, they will tell you “she left cos I don’t have money.” But this is not always true NOT all ladies love for the sake of money. I have seen guys that had nothing but their girlfriend stick to them through the thick and thin. There are variousContinue reading “Reasons why ladies dump their guys”

Mistakes Youths Make That Might Make Life Difficult For Them Later In The Future.

Being young can also mean being free, passionate, emotional and a little too excited to live life to the fullest. During this stage of one’s life there are bound to be bad decisions being made, risks being taken and some pitfalls through this journey that might influence major life turnouts and absorb your time andContinue reading “Mistakes Youths Make That Might Make Life Difficult For Them Later In The Future.”

Let me teach ladies how to show love to a guy.

DEAR LADIES..Let me teach you how to show love to a guy. Some of you don’t know how to show love to the guy you are dating. Some ladies thing that the only way to show love to a guy is by having sex with him, that’s why some ladies do anything to offer aContinue reading “Let me teach ladies how to show love to a guy.”

Relationship: Ladies and gentle men take notes!

GUYS I BEG U ALL IN THE NAMEOF LOVE Before you start a relationshipwith a lady youmust think carefully aboutwhat you are about to do.Relationship is not somethingyou should rush into or handlelightly. Are you ready for arelationship with her?Are you emotionally, mentally andspirituallymatured enough to meet herneeds? Being sexually attracted toher meansabsolutely nothing, itContinue reading “Relationship: Ladies and gentle men take notes!”