Story: Laugh, laugh, laugh

A graduate in Biology was havingdifficulty in finding a job. He saw an advert in one of the daily newspapers for a job at a zoo.In the interview, the manager told him that their gorilla, which had been a tourists attraction has died so they needed someone to dress up and pretend as a gorilla.Continue reading “Story: Laugh, laugh, laugh”

In NIGERIA everyone has his/her line in our NATIONAL PLEDGE.Pls know which line you belong to;

I pledge to Nigeria my country.(This line is for those in authority – President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker, Governors, Ministers, Perm-Secs, Service Chiefs, DGs, etc) To be faithful, loyal and honest. (This line is for Imams, Pastors, Chiefs, Emirs, Obas and their likes) To serve Nigeria with all my strength.(This line is for CivilContinue reading “In NIGERIA everyone has his/her line in our NATIONAL PLEDGE.Pls know which line you belong to;”

Comedy: COVID-19 in Church.

COVID-19 IN CHURCHA man went to Church on Sunday and gave testimony that he was infected with CORONAVIRUS and that miraculously God had healed him. When he finished, he tried to give the microphone to the second manwho was waiting to give his own testimony, but the man refused to take it.Second man: I haveContinue reading “Comedy: COVID-19 in Church.”

Story! Story!

Letter from a teacher from a public high school with very right and stoning final sentence.′′ FOR THEIGNORANTS AND IGNORANTS ′′I am not a victim of the Organic Education Act. I’m 69 years old and I’ve been lucky enough to study under good educational plans, above approved stats and political propaganda.In kindergarten (that’s what itContinue reading “Story! Story!”