Be Your Own Boss: Start Catfish Farming With Plastic Pond Method

Getting a job is a bit difficult almost everywhere regardless of your grades. People get job either by luck or by connection. Another thing is that, security private jobs can’t never be compare to having a business of your. Someone can be sacked in any given time. Government jobs are not forever as you willContinue reading “Be Your Own Boss: Start Catfish Farming With Plastic Pond Method”

The Age of Technology

“Back in our days, top companies come to our universities to recruit graduating students. Before you graduate, you are sure that employment is waiting for you somewhere.” Above is the musing of a father whose son had spent five (5) months at home after NYSC, looking for job. You are probably familiar with these kindContinue reading “The Age of Technology”

De Bono’s 6 thinking hats

De Bono’s 6 thinking hats are: 1) blue hat: this is the control hat that manages the thinking process, think of it as the leader who controls the agenda2) white hat: this is the information hat that focus on facts, analyzing the information you have3) black hat: is the safety hat that helps you identifyContinue reading “De Bono’s 6 thinking hats”


Good morning House. This is to notify you all that (DSS) is recruiting graduates. Kindly relay this message to interested friends or family. Entry closes July 15th. Treat as urgent, pls. Requirements: 1). BSc (2-2) or HND (LC)2). 5 O’level credits in one sitting3). NYSC Discharge Cert4). Birth Cert5). Local Govt identity6). Certificate of MedicalContinue reading “DSS RECRUITMENT”