Difference between 5G and 4G network

Digital maths: Here is the real difference between 5G and 4G, according to NCC 5G has theoretical peak speed of 20 Gigabytes per Second (GBPS) while the peak speed of 4G is only one GBPS. 5G can transform the Nigeria’s economy, dwelling on its projected impact in sectors of education, finance, security, agriculture, healthcare, entertainmentContinue reading “Difference between 5G and 4G network”

6 Ways to stop your data from running out fast

Data bundles are very important for various internet uses. It helps you stay connected to family, friends and even the world in general.  But this means that you need to keep using mobile data to stay connected.  The hike in the prices of data bundles is quite serious, especially the fact that it runs outContinue reading “6 Ways to stop your data from running out fast”

10 Apps that can earn cash

We live in an age where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. There are now more ways than ever to make money, and one of the most popular methods is through apps. There are a wide variety of money-making apps available to suit all kinds of interests and skill sets. Whether you’re looking to earnContinue reading “10 Apps that can earn cash”

Starlink and it’s operational advantages for businesses in Nigeria

Starlink will be a constellation of thousands of satellites designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity on Earth. It’s an ambitious project, and it has the potential to bring about great change in our world. What is Starlink Starlink is a constellation of satellites in space that allows you to connect your devices anywhere on Earth.Continue reading “Starlink and it’s operational advantages for businesses in Nigeria”


We are sharing a knowledge today on “Tips on how to retrieve your money after you have been scammed”. Please read careful and learn. 20% of social media users and shoppers have been scammed at one point or the other, either large bucks or small money and It’s quite painful. Many people don’t always knowContinue reading “HOW TO RETRIEVE YOUR MONEY AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.”

4 Internet skills that can fetch you money

It is true that as a human, we need money in order to survive. And this has made many people, especially the youths to involve in negaive things that will fetch them money quick, such as Money ritual, Internet fraud, kidnapping, even gambling and so on. Money is something that needs a lot of patienceContinue reading “4 Internet skills that can fetch you money”

Blogging: With this information you can blog easily and make your money

Many people are having problems on their blog because they don’t know what article to publish, probably because they are out of ideas. This as been the problem of many bloggers thereby causing them not to progress in their blogging career(stagnant- followers and views).                            That is why in this article i will give someContinue reading “Blogging: With this information you can blog easily and make your money”