Occult: Be careful with who you have romantic relationships with

Some people are very dangerous and consult somethings that would shock you. Be careful as to who you allow in your life and who you enter into a relationship with. This world can be a cruel and dark place.  There are some people who use their partners destiny to become filthy rich.This applies to bothContinue reading “Occult: Be careful with who you have romantic relationships with”

Ladies,Girls and Guys be careful!

Some girls are the problem of themselves and to other descent ones on this issue of pregnancy before marriage. During relationship, you both have been having marathon sex, you take contraceptives and concoctions to prevent pregnancies and may have probably aborted once for him.Now he’s talking about getting you pregnant before marriage and you areContinue reading “Ladies,Girls and Guys be careful!”

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GREAT LESSONS Even if you are married to the best spouse in the whole world,if you do not guard your heart, you may end up “falling in love”with someone aside your spouse and eventually ruin yourmarriage.No one gets married and plans to have affair but lots ofmarried men and women are into affairs today becauseContinue reading “HOW TO AVOID EMOTIONAL AFFAIR”