For early cash flow, see 10 businesses to venture into

10 Businesses with Strong Early Cash Flow Franchise Franchising is a longer-term form of licensing. It is popular among service firms, such as restaurants and hotels to sell the rights to their brand and business model to third parties. Franchising is seen as among the best business ideas to make money right from the beginning.Continue reading “For early cash flow, see 10 businesses to venture into”

Ways to build multiple streams of income

Last week’s focus was on the need to have multiple streams of income and having known the importance, this week’s emphasis will be on how you can create diverse sources of income. One way of attaining financial success and independence is through multiple sources of income, not depending solely on a particular source of incomeContinue reading “Ways to build multiple streams of income”

Acquire wealth and be successful by following these guidelines

Wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money, while poverty is a state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount. Wealthy people tend to have more friends than poor people. Families trapped in the cycle of poverty, have limited or no resources. In other impoverished individuals do not have access to economicContinue reading “Acquire wealth and be successful by following these guidelines”

These are 3 ways to grow your networth

Your net worth ought to grow with your age as you grow. It ought to double or triple faster than your age because as you grow your needs and expenses become higher. Having a family and meeting their daily needs can deplete your money faster than you think. It’s very important you know that theContinue reading “These are 3 ways to grow your networth”

Businesses to venture into

RESTAURANT: – No matter how poor people may be, food still remains the number one basic necessities of life before clothing and shelter. If you can do it right, it’s one of the surest ways to crossing the poverty line. CONSULTANCY SERVICES: – This is the foremost of the small businesses one could ever think of; oneContinue reading “Businesses to venture into”

Online businesses and steps to startup online business

On the subject of the topic of starting a new on-line enterprise, most marketers suppose that trial and mistakes is the way to move but this isn’t always so. A number of experienced commercial enterprise people can give you information as to what went right at some point of their venture into the world ofContinue reading “Online businesses and steps to startup online business”

10 Apps That Can Fetch You Money

It may be true, but believe me, there are programs out there that can help you make money. It’s true that it may not make you rich, but it will help you earn a reasonable amount to pay off your bills. There are many apps you can download today to help you on your financialContinue reading “10 Apps That Can Fetch You Money”

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Even If You Are Lazy

10 Ways You Can Make Money Even If You Are LazyMany youths desire to be rich while there are others that wants to ‘blow’. but they do not want to do any hard work or stress themselves in anyway. Do one or more of the following and you are good to go.Make use of theContinue reading “10 Easy Ways To Make Money Even If You Are Lazy”

6 things to keep quiet about.

As humans, we are faced with different challenges everyday and we are always looking for a way to solve the challenges that befall us.  Although no one is island so we share our difficulties with people who want to understand our plight and help us get through the tough times. It is not always simpleContinue reading “6 things to keep quiet about.”

Online business

Dear N-Power Exited Volunteers, What Business Do You Plan On Venturing Into? It is no longer news that the Federal government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management has unceremoniously exited the first and second batches of the Npower social investment program (N-SIP). Fascinating news to applicants who have been longing forContinue reading “Online business”


☄Let no man deceive you that you can make millions of Naira with no investment or capital. ☄ The principle behind good success is that you must work before you can make a living, just as God commanded. ☄ Things will not turn around, until you turn them around. ☄ The choice you make todayContinue reading “FACTS ABOUT WEALTH CREATION”