Wet dreams

A wet dream which is formally known as nocturnal emission is something that is inevitable in every human life. At puberty, there are always various changes in the human body due to hormonal activities. Wet dream often occurs when you sleep at night and also common among teenagers and some adults. According to research, mostContinue reading “Wet dreams”

Things you should know about the female body

The human body is a complex structure and it has the ability to tell you when something is wrong. But you can’t know that without a clear understanding of your body. Similarly, the female body is one mysterious creation on Earth. From enhanced senses to better resistance of illness and diseases. Today, I’ll be sharingContinue reading “Things you should know about the female body”

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The outbreak of coronavirus had proved to the world that Africans are blessed with good body antigens that are capable of fighting many bacterial and other viruses with coronavirus inclusive. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, lifestyles and ways of living have not changed yet. God in His abundance of love, has protected Africans from theContinue reading “AFRICANS HAVE SUPPER GENES.”