How to start your business with no cash

I asked 10 young graduates about the most challenging thing in starting a business, six of them said funding, the rest picked other reasons. This isn’t peculiar only to young graduates who want to set up a business because the government has failed to create jobs. And every successful business owner faced the problem ofContinue reading “How to start your business with no cash”

Easy way to get job in Nigeria

See what you should do after you graduate to get jobs I was in a place yesterday and I heard some graduate saying they are not going to stay in ekiti because ekiti is dry and that there is no job here. I laughed within me. We know there are no jobs out here, weContinue reading “Easy way to get job in Nigeria”

See what successful people possess

Successful people have two things on their lips.” smile and silence”.Smile can solve problem while Silence can avoid problems.Sugar and salt may be mixed together but ants reject the salt and carry away only the sugar.Select the right people in life and make your life better and sweeter. If you fail to achieve your dreams,Continue reading “See what successful people possess”

Want to become wealthy? Then avoid these 4 temptation

We all go through one temptation or the other but what differentiates winners from losers is the ability to overcome temptation and what differentiate wise people from foolish people is the ability to know which temptation to avoid and which to confront. Financially successful people avoid temptation that will have a negative toll on theirContinue reading “Want to become wealthy? Then avoid these 4 temptation”

Within one year you get rich if you apply these principles

Below are simple ways you could get rich within 1 year 1. Invest Those who invest are sure to reap when time comes. If you have a little money, try to invest. Investment pays alot. You can start up a POS business and be making over 250,000 monthly. If you can start going around theContinue reading “Within one year you get rich if you apply these principles”

Lesson to learn from eagle to achieve your goals

The eagle is a fascinating bird. Known for its power and ability to fly at high altitudes in the sky. It flies where no other bird can fly. So there are some important lesson to also learn from them, in other for us to start a news living. 1. Eagles have excellent vision and concentration: ToContinue reading “Lesson to learn from eagle to achieve your goals”

See these 8 methods of investment and wealth creation that will make you successful

From twenty five years of age, you need to pay serious attention to these message. You are now officially an adult. This means that you have to think, act, and behave responsibly in all things you do. The pandemic may have swept through the world and resulted in a global lock down for everyone andContinue reading “See these 8 methods of investment and wealth creation that will make you successful”

4 Steps to build wealth

Over the time, humans have come to rely on things to move the economy forward. Before money was introduced as a means of exchange, means like trade by batter existed to enable people to perform basic transactions of buying and selling. Now money has phased out the era of trade by batter as we simplyContinue reading “4 Steps to build wealth”

20 Business ideas that can be carried out by full time workers

We have covered many business ideas on this site that many of you would like to start. However, most of these business ideas are best suited for the unemployed who can join a company at any time. Today, I’m going to share with you 20 business ideas that full-time workers can start generating multiple sources of incomeContinue reading “20 Business ideas that can be carried out by full time workers”

When you learn any of these 4 skills, you will never be broke again

I know the struggle to get a job is not easy, but have you ever asked yourself? What are the best jobs in Nigeria or course, working skill to study and which will grant you big cash at the end of your struggle. Never mind, I have done the thinking and searches for you, thatContinue reading “When you learn any of these 4 skills, you will never be broke again”

See ways to make money in short time without human sacrifice

Money have proven to be one of the most important thing every human been should have in order to survive. Nevertheless there are a lot of factors that may be affecting your efforts to make money, and these factors ranges from economical status of your country, your deception and so on. These factors have madeContinue reading “See ways to make money in short time without human sacrifice”

Ways to boost your wealth and finances

Never Be Discouraged, Use This Skills To Boost Your Finances and Increase Your Family Wealth Standards. Number 6 is Necessary. Money skills are important. if you can master these 7 money skills then you will be able to increase your wealth standard and also boost your personal financial status. Therefore, without further ado here areContinue reading “Ways to boost your wealth and finances”

5 Tips of income improvement

Do you want to be financially stable in life? Do you want to improve your business? Do you want to improve your financial situation and well-being? Remember, your financial well-being is unique to you. It is more than just your financial numbers; it is your now, your future, your choice and your freedom. Tip 1.Continue reading “5 Tips of income improvement”

These make a business attractive and successful

A business enterprise is a body that deals with the specialization of particular goods and services which are rendered to the consumers at an agreed price rate. The main objective of business is to earn profit. Although, there are some basic elements which are necessary for a standard business enterprise, but added to them thereContinue reading “These make a business attractive and successful”

Want to start a business? See 7 facts about setting up a business

Consistently independent venture popup, thinking of a private company thought can be as straightforward as distinguishing an issue in your neighborhood finding an answer for it.  Many individuals simply awaken and hop into business without discovering the genuine truth about beginning a business and discovering approaches to “dodge history”  Prior to beginning a business youContinue reading “Want to start a business? See 7 facts about setting up a business”

See 5 principles that will make you rich

I believe everyone have the potential to become rich, but why are the resources found only in the hands of a few? Please Read This Carefully. 1. How Do You Think? – For as the thoughts of his heart are, so is he” This means that a person’s true nature isn’t always visible, sometimes they appear generous on the outside, butContinue reading “See 5 principles that will make you rich”

6 Things to do to avoid loss in business

Business is not a child’s play: Don’t go into business if you can’t do these 6 things Truly business is not a child’s play, it really deep, except if you want to operate at its surface or residual level.  Real wealth comes from business or being an entrepreneur, no matter how mouth watery your salaryContinue reading “6 Things to do to avoid loss in business”

4 investments you should make daily if you will be successful

Everything In Life Has A Price, Even Poverty Also Has A Price.  (1)The First Investment that a Man need In his Life is, Spiritual Investment. Whatsoever That You Intend To Have In Life, You Must Have To Engage Some Certain Form Of Spiritual Warfare. You Must Have To Invest In Your Life Spiritually. Everything YouContinue reading “4 investments you should make daily if you will be successful”

17 Creative Businesses To start In Your House Capable Of Giving You Steady Income

Due to new technology, it is time to reconsider this definition. The lines are vague in traditional ways for traditional industries. Take, for example, the Diamond Foundry, which uses solar technology to create sustainable unique diamonds without the human and environmental costs of mining. Another example is biobeans, a technology company that uses coffee wasteContinue reading “17 Creative Businesses To start In Your House Capable Of Giving You Steady Income”

10 Characters that billionaires posses.

Character can be attitude, behavior or how someone or people respond to some certian situation in life Below are some character anyone who wants to be successful must have 10: creativity: this is the ability to bring out new ideas and make it manifest .a creative person can just formulate an ideal and make goodContinue reading “10 Characters that billionaires posses.”