9 Headache 6 locations and what they mean

Your Headache locations, and what they mean What does your headache location mean? The cause of the headache that is occurring in the front of your head may be different from the one in your temple or even the one in the back of your head. This will explain such headaches and what they mean.Continue reading “9 Headache 6 locations and what they mean”


Warm Garlic Infused Coconut OilMassaging the back gently with warm coconut oil can provide wonderful relief from back pain. To get enhanced relief from backache, you can apply garlic infused coconut oil. Garlic has numerous anti-inflammatory properties. The beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can ease swelling and relive pain. To prepare garlic infused coconut oil,Continue reading “FAST NATURAL CURE TO BACKACHE”