These are 4 ways to know a child is not yours without a DNA test

The issue of paternity has become a global thing and in most times it comes from the man, so many men deny children that are claimed to be theirs by ladies, it is quite unfortunate that trust does not exist anymore in relationships, regarding that some ladies do cheat on their partner, well sometimes itContinue reading “These are 4 ways to know a child is not yours without a DNA test”


SECRET BENEFIT OF BLACK PALM KERNEL OIL YOU NEVER IMAGINED Palm kernel oil is extracted from palm fruit. It is dark black in colour and distinguishes itself with a unique strong taste and smell.Palm kernel is a nut from a palm tree which has an edible seed inside. It is the oil from the seedContinue reading “BENEFIT OF BLACK PALM KERNEL OIL YOU NEVER IMAGINED”

70 Latest Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies

70 Latest Senegalese Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies  Hair making is one of the unique ways in which every lady make use to look god and gorgeous at all is the beast part of living both almost men and women of this era.senegalese hairstyle is very trendy and classy way of beautifying oneself at allContinue reading “70 Latest Hairstyles For Trendy Ladies”

The harsh truth about hair relaxers

Although a lot of people grew up using them, the chemicals in relaxers are doing more damage than you could possibly imagine. More and more women of colour are waking up to the dangers of relaxers and choosing instead to embrace their natural hair. Many still do not understand the devastating effects that relaxers canContinue reading “The harsh truth about hair relaxers”

40 Trendy Braid Hairstyles To Rock This Year.

Braid hairstyles are one of my all time favourite hairstyles because they are versatile, and very affordable. We have different kind of braid hairstyles. These includes lemonade braids, Senegalese twists, goddess braids, Ghana braids, cornrow braids. Most of these styles look better when you use a good hair extension. It is important that you rockContinue reading “40 Trendy Braid Hairstyles To Rock This Year.”