Longertivity: Habits exhibited by world’s oldest people

The world is a strange but interesting place to be in. People, places, events will make you feel surprised especially if it’s something unusual. It’s not everyday you hear of people living past the age of 100. It happens, but I dare say it’s rare. From a study by ranker.com, they were able to getContinue reading “Longertivity: Habits exhibited by world’s oldest people”

5 Bad habits to avoid

A life full of toxicity is not created by failure or a situation: it is created by bad habits and a circle of negative thoughts. Have you ever wondered why some people in life can achieve extraordinary success when there seems to be a aimless empathy in life determined by outside influences? We have badContinue reading “5 Bad habits to avoid”

17 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know are Slowly Killing You

1. Salt: Consuming a lot of salt on everyday basis can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Salt also increase the blood pressure which can be lethal. 2. Potato Chips: Very popular among people of all ages,potato chips can be extremely dangerous and can cause cancer of colon, breast and bladder. Additionally, eatingContinue reading “17 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know are Slowly Killing You”