Struggling Financially: 5 Ways To Attract Money And Wealth Into Your Life.

If you are struggling financially currently, I want to tell you that all is not over because a man drowns not by falling into the river but by staying submerged in it. I want to first start by telling you that riches and wealth is just a mindset. There is no way you can beContinue reading “Struggling Financially: 5 Ways To Attract Money And Wealth Into Your Life.”

Truth about Money you will never hear

 Money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. The new crown virus pandemic has plunged many people’s lives into crisis, especially the working people. Many people’s jobs are threatened, and they face a greater threat of having no money to make a living. How can we get rid of this threat? Simple.We mustContinue reading “Truth about Money you will never hear”

Three Things To Do If You Start Making More Money

When you start making more money, it’s not the time to start wasting it extravagantly or time to start showing off that you are now rich but time to reflect more on how to create more money and live a high quality life and comfortability. Money have wings and can fly away if not well-managed.Continue reading “Three Things To Do If You Start Making More Money”

Forget Love, Without These 5 Things, Marriage Can Not Work.

Many Young people are always In Haste, They want to taste adulthood, They are seeing The smile of their Mother from the distance even when they Live together and the strength of their father as Super Hero, There is always a price to pay for everything, there is always a price tag on every success. successfulContinue reading “Forget Love, Without These 5 Things, Marriage Can Not Work.”

10 Financial Principles That Are Biblical

Some people mash cans, crunch bottles or shred newspapers and magazines to further the cause of modern ecology. As owner and manager of a collection agency for 17 years, I believe in preserving the nation’s natural and human resources too-particularly from a personal finance perspective. There are ten financial principles found in God’s Word toContinue reading “10 Financial Principles That Are Biblical”


☄Let no man deceive you that you can make millions of Naira with no investment or capital. ☄ The principle behind good success is that you must work before you can make a living, just as God commanded. ☄ Things will not turn around, until you turn them around. ☄ The choice you make todayContinue reading “FACTS ABOUT WEALTH CREATION”