First Things Women Notice in Guys Before They Make the First Move

Women know well how to study guys without them noticing it actually. The work of a guy in the foundation of a lasting relationship, is to make the first move. It matters more how you make your approach to a woman. It is what determines whether she will accept or reject you. A Woman isContinue reading “First Things Women Notice in Guys Before They Make the First Move”

10 secrets men hide from their girlfriend, wife

Every one has secrets that they keep from people, however when it comes to men, it doesn’t matter how long they have been in a relationship with you, there is a high probability that they’re keeping secrets they have not told you and they might never tell you unless you try to get them toContinue reading “10 secrets men hide from their girlfriend, wife”

Reasons why ladies dump their guys

Some guys when asked why their relationship failed, they will tell you “she left cos I don’t have money.” But this is not always true NOT all ladies love for the sake of money. I have seen guys that had nothing but their girlfriend stick to them through the thick and thin. There are variousContinue reading “Reasons why ladies dump their guys”

10 Signals Girls Give to Tell You That They Like You.

Before now, some girls would summoned a courage to approach guys that they love and make their feelings known to them. But in most cases, this pattern always backfires them because some immature guys always uses it against them in the long run. Whenever there is a little misunderstanding in the relationship, the immature guysContinue reading “10 Signals Girls Give to Tell You That They Like You.”


TOUCHING STORY.A man wanted to get married, but he didn’t know whom to marry. So he prayed to God that God should open his eyes or should reveal to him whom to marry. After the prayer, God showed him a poor blind woman in his church, and told him to marry the blind woman. TheContinue reading “TOUCHING STORY”