8 Health benefits of fasting

Apart From Its Spiritual Benefits, Here Are 8 Health Benefits Of Fasting You Should Know Image credit: sfn.org Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is taught in most religions of the world. It involves voluntarily reducing or eliminating your intake of food for a specific time and purpose. It has a number of benefits, including theContinue reading “8 Health benefits of fasting”

See how fasting regularly can help you

1 Cancer protection. Some investigations have demonstrated that alternate day fasting may reduce the risk of cancer by reducing the development of lymphoma,restricting tumor survival and slowing the spread of disease cells. 2 Weight reduction The vast majority reason of irregular fasting is to get thinner.Furthermore that claims appears to hold up at least inContinue reading “See how fasting regularly can help you”

Kind of fasting that brings miracles.

Kind of fasting that brings miracles anytime. Because we are seeking God’s favor, fasting would almost always be accompanied with prayer. Fasting involves abstaining from all food; or enjoyment; or sleep; or sex; or water; etcetera. Sometimes the fast could be partial – a restriction of diet but not total abstention. – Daniel 10:2-3 FastingContinue reading “Kind of fasting that brings miracles.”