Follow these guidelines to become successful in life

Everyone individual in life pray and strive for a high percent of success and great achievement. A lazy person can never be successful in is endeavors if he is not focus and hardworking. You must set your goals and dreams before you could reach greater heights,lack of vision and focus on a particular angle leadsContinue reading “Follow these guidelines to become successful in life”

Those Who Trust God Don’t Rust – Archbishop Idahosa

Recently, the Archbishop-designate of God First Ministries (Illumination Assembly), Isaac Idahosa, marked 31 years on the pulpit. He shared with some journalists his experiences and how he has been able to pull through the storms. Chinyere Abiaziem presents the excerpts: How do you feel clocking 31 years on the pulpit? I feel the same way I feltContinue reading “Those Who Trust God Don’t Rust – Archbishop Idahosa”

6 reasons why we fall in love

As humans, our brain is set up to support pair bonding. When people fall in love, they go into a state of limerence (infatuation or obsession) This happens because our brains and hormones go wild when faced with a sincere love interest. Below are six main reasons why we fall in love: 1. Similarity: WhenContinue reading “6 reasons why we fall in love”

Ritual Money: The connection Between Eating Faeces, Ladies’ Panties, Human Parts and Getting Rich

People always wonder what is the connection between money ritual money, eating human faeces, ladies panties and using human part.The truth is the connection can only be found on the genesis of human creation and falling of Satan. We all know ritual money come from Satan, and it’s clear to us Satan is our greatestContinue reading “Ritual Money: The connection Between Eating Faeces, Ladies’ Panties, Human Parts and Getting Rich”

Alive to God; the creator

ALIVE TO GODVerse: Exodus 13:22 ‘The LORD did not remove the pillar of cloud or pillar of fire from its place in front of the people.’ The pillar of cloud and fire was a constant reminder that God was with them. If the people ever doubted, they could just look up and know HE wasContinue reading “Alive to God; the creator”