Do these 8 things to look younger always.

A lot of people try to determine our age based on our looks. Looking good is different from looking young, but some of us desire to have these two qualities. Looking younger than your age might also give you a longer lifespan. When people see you, they will be shocked if you tell them yourContinue reading “Do these 8 things to look younger always.”

6 Unhealthy habits that make one looks older than his or her real age

Some Unhealthy Habits That Can Make You Look Older Than Your Real Age Many people look younger than their ages, while others look far older than their ages. This is majorly caused by some habit/daily activities we practice. Below are a few unhealthy habits that can contribute to making one look older than your realContinue reading “6 Unhealthy habits that make one looks older than his or her real age”

Water should not be taken in any of these situations

Water is a tasteless, odourless and colourless liquid. Water is composed of chemical elements such as oxygen and hydrogen. And they exist in three forms, namely; solid, liquid and gaseous form. Water they say is life, our body can last longer without food than without water. We are advised to take eight (8) glasses ofContinue reading “Water should not be taken in any of these situations”


Memory is what gives a person their identity and individuality, as without it you will not be able to learn new information, form lasting relationships, or go about your daily life functions. Your memory reserve is a malleable entity that can be built upon with every new experience and learning. The act of memorizing anyContinue reading “7 TIPS TO HELP IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY.”


For any student to excel academically there are secret of intelligence that must be known, these secret differentiate you from your fellow student and set you on a higher level of success academically are they as follow.Set study Goals:Goal is the objective of a person or what an individual seeks to achieve. If you mustContinue reading “SECRETS OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE.”

Opinion: 5 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the bad habits that make you look older than your age. People nowadays do take some certain things for granted, not knowing the effect of such things to their lives. As a matter of fact, there are some categories of mistakes you needContinue reading “Opinion: 5 Habits That Make You Look Older Than Your Age”