12 Profitable businesses to start.

This is a nitty gritty aide on the best business to begin with 100k in Nigeria. There are so many business to begin with 100k in Nigeria and be fruitful, yet at times you might find it difficult to consider such businesses subsequently investing your cash in some unacceptable business. Assuming that you are befuddled about theContinue reading “12 Profitable businesses to start.”

How to start your business with no cash

I asked 10 young graduates about the most challenging thing in starting a business, six of them said funding, the rest picked other reasons. This isn’t peculiar only to young graduates who want to set up a business because the government has failed to create jobs. And every successful business owner faced the problem ofContinue reading “How to start your business with no cash”

How To Make Liquid Soap At Home And Earn Money With It

In this article, I will show you how to make liquid soap at home and make money from it. Liquid soap is a very lucrative business anyone can venture into and still have time for other jobs. You can use as low as #6,000 to start this business so let’s begin. Ingredients. – 1 cupContinue reading “How To Make Liquid Soap At Home And Earn Money With It”

Help your day with these entrepreneurial quotes

Waking every morning and finding your self going to do the same work and earning thesame unsatisfying pay cheque at the end of the month can be tiring or waking up and still finding your self doing that same striving business without hope for the business growth can be really frustrating. Remember those who startedContinue reading “Help your day with these entrepreneurial quotes”

See 10 ways to make money

Hey guys today we’ll be looking at 10 known ways to make money instantly. 10) Loan apps: I know you’re wondering what loan apps have to do with anything but infact they have a lot to do with this topic. Many of you know how loan apps work right? I’m sure you do. Well ,we’llContinue reading “See 10 ways to make money”

Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur is a person who organize and manage a business venture and specifically assumes much of the associated responsibities such as risk. An Entrepreneur is a person who thrives for success and takes on risk by starting a business or services. Have A Business Idea Do you have an idea that solves a particularContinue reading “Follow these 5 steps to become a successful entrepreneur”

Be Your Own Boss: Start Catfish Farming With Plastic Pond Method

Getting a job is a bit difficult almost everywhere regardless of your grades. People get job either by luck or by connection. Another thing is that, security private jobs can’t never be compare to having a business of your. Someone can be sacked in any given time. Government jobs are not forever as you willContinue reading “Be Your Own Boss: Start Catfish Farming With Plastic Pond Method”

These 5 Lessons from Aliko Dangote will make you more successful

You probably know him as the richest man in Africa and the owner of Dangote Group. He is a business magnate, investor, husband and the father of 15.  He was born on 10 April 1957. And hails from Kano State. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies & Administrative at the Al-Azhar University, Cairo,Continue reading “These 5 Lessons from Aliko Dangote will make you more successful”