Youths and time management

Many talents have been wasted all because of youth negligence of time management. Sometimes, I think it is true Because the guidance of such youths failed to teach them about time management or that the youths failed to understand what time management is all about. Time management has been inserted from the beginning by God.Continue reading “Youths and time management”

10 secrets men hide from their girlfriend, wife

Every one has secrets that they keep from people, however when it comes to men, it doesn’t matter how long they have been in a relationship with you, there is a high probability that they’re keeping secrets they have not told you and they might never tell you unless you try to get them toContinue reading “10 secrets men hide from their girlfriend, wife”

True love never dies

When you get sick, he calls, when he gets sick, he still calls.You have Airtime He calls, you don’t have airtime he still calls.Your birthday He buys you a Gift, His birthday he still takes you out.He sends you money, and still calls to confirm if you’ve received an alert, you only flashed Him andContinue reading “True love never dies”

Relationship: How to avoid unnecessary breakup in a relationship.

HOW TO AVOID UNNECESSARY BREAKUP IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!!■ It hurts me a lot whenever I see a good relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into my mind that most people don’t know how to maintain a relationship. So I have to say these…A – FOR MEN.Men if you love a woman and you’re sureContinue reading “Relationship: How to avoid unnecessary breakup in a relationship.”