Emigrate from Nigeria to Germany easily

If you want to emigrate to Germany, this article is for you. Emigrating isn’t always easy. However, the easiest way these days seem to be through student visa. That is, you apply for a university in Germany and get a visa. You can apply for either an undergraduate course or a postgraduate course. With yourContinue reading “Emigrate from Nigeria to Germany easily”


CONNECT WITH YOUR FAMILY When you are successful, the whole world will celebrate with you.When you fail, it is only your family that will be there.GO BACK TO YOUR FAMILY! When you have palm oil on your finger, the whole world will come to lick.If its blood it is only your Family that will heal.CELEBRATEContinue reading “WISE SAYINGS”


BEWARE OF THE DOG WHICH BITES THE OWNER. Reinhard Bonnkke and Richard Ngidi!LESSONS OF LIFE There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnkke, his name is Richard Ngidi. This man was GIFTED in miracles, signs and wonders. During those days, Bonnke would PREACH and step down the platform for, NGIDI toContinue reading “GOSPEL STORY”