Eat these 6 foods to improve your fertility

If you are trying to welcome a baby into your life, here are some foods that may help you on your fertility journey. Wanting to become pregnant is an exciting time in a person’s life. Many parents will agree that there is nothing better than welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world andContinue reading “Eat these 6 foods to improve your fertility”

Avoid eating these 7 foods for breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the truth is that if you start by choosing poorly what you eat as soon as you wake up, the tendency is that the rest of the day will continue with not so healthy habits. By opting for a healthy breakfast, youContinue reading “Avoid eating these 7 foods for breakfast”

6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent

Cocoyam, commonly known as taro root, is a tropical perennial crop that thrives in warm weather. Its botanical name is Colocasia esculenta. It’s a tuber crop that’s high in starch. Cocoyam consists of three main components: Leaves from corn stems It is planted for food or as a decorative plant. Cocoyam has a number ofContinue reading “6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent”

7 Causes of pot belly in men and 11 foods you can eat to reduce it

Pot belly, known medically as Abdominal obesity, refers to the presence of excess fat in the abdominal area. It is also known as visceral or intraabdominal fat because it collects in the abdominal cavity. It has long been known that body fat located in the abdominal cavity in the form of visceral fat poses seriousContinue reading “7 Causes of pot belly in men and 11 foods you can eat to reduce it”

Diet: 5 Benefits of eating garden egg

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Garden Egg Most people are unaware that the garden egg is one of the healthiest foods for pregnant women in terms of health advantages. It is impossible to stress the value of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. When consumed frequently, fruits and vegetables help to reduce theContinue reading “Diet: 5 Benefits of eating garden egg”

See 5 fruits you should consume before making love

Physical intimacy can leave you and your partner exhausted yet ecstatic. To put it another way, you will need restorative or stamina fruits if you want to duplicate your performance. However, eat these fruits before making love to boost your vitality and refresh your body. 1. Watermelon Citrulline is an amino acid found in theContinue reading “See 5 fruits you should consume before making love”

Check out what cooked groundnut does to the body

Groundnut is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria due to the various ways it can be prepared. Groundnut can be boiled, fried or even roasted depending on the individual choice. But there are numerous benefits of eating groundnut, which many people are yet to know. Photo Credit: Google. Cooked groundnut seems to beContinue reading “Check out what cooked groundnut does to the body”

Don’t Die Young: See 8 Common Foods You Should Avoid If You Want to Live Long

Please do not come for my head already because I will be mentioning some of your favorite meals in this article. You know, it is better to be cleared about what you are eating than eating in ignorance and wasting your life. I have decided to share some common food which seem to have aContinue reading “Don’t Die Young: See 8 Common Foods You Should Avoid If You Want to Live Long”

17 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know are Slowly Killing You

1. Salt: Consuming a lot of salt on everyday basis can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Salt also increase the blood pressure which can be lethal. 2. Potato Chips: Very popular among people of all ages,potato chips can be extremely dangerous and can cause cancer of colon, breast and bladder. Additionally, eatingContinue reading “17 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know are Slowly Killing You”