Some crypto currencies that will give you profit

first of all lets look at the story of bitcoin, 2009 some group of people or an individual, the mystery of the real creators of bitcoin still remains hidden, but judging from what we know, a man called satoshi nakomoto, invented the idea of a world of decentralised system of finance, and that concept, andContinue reading “Some crypto currencies that will give you profit”

The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain

As crypto currencies and blockchain technologies are becoming very popular these days, most youths and teenagers are queuing into it. Some of them have a glimpse of what the Crypto market hold’s for the future While some of them don’t… In this article you’re going you’re going to find out what Crypto currency and BlockchainContinue reading “The meaning of crypto currency and blockchain”

7 Areas of investment that will change your financial state

Having money is one thing and investing the money in the right place is another thing. Some people have lost millions of Naira because of the wrong investment they did. If you have some capitals with you, you have to seat down and think very well on the right investment to do. The issue ofContinue reading “7 Areas of investment that will change your financial state”

Five truths people don’t know about crypto currencies

The 21st century comes with her cashless society idea. For the purpose of making life more easy people around the world are looking for a time where Cryptocurrency while substitute cash. This is a time where cash would not be necessary for any transaction. BBC news highlights that The DCEP is not a crypto-currency. InsteadContinue reading “Five truths people don’t know about crypto currencies”