Tweet from Federal Ministry of Health, NIGERIA (@Fmohnigeria)

Federal Ministry of Health, NIGERIA (@Fmohnigeria) Tweeted: #DYK COVID19 is very severe in persons who are 50 years & above, especially those living with NCDs. What precautionary measures are you doing to keep you & your loved ones safe ? #TakeResponsibility & adhere to all #COVID19 preventive measures. Watch & share this video.

Tweet from NCDC (@NCDCgov)

NCDC (@NCDCgov) Tweeted: 575 new cases of COVID19Nigeria; Lagos-123 FCT-100 Delta-58 Edo-52 Ogun-42 Katsina-24 Bayelsa-23 Rivers-22 Borno-19 Plateau-18 Ondo-18 Oyo-17 Kwara-15 Osun-13 Enugu-9 Nasarawa-7 Abia-6 Cross River-5 Kaduna-3 Ekiti-1 29,286 confirmed 11,828 discharged 654 deaths

Tweet from Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah)

Dr. Joe Abah (@DrJoeAbah) Tweeted: Lifting the ban on interstate travel should provide a lesson to the FGN about its penchant for banning all ‘ban-ables.’ There was no ban. Police just extorted N500 per checkpoint. Stop banning everything. Introduce prohibitive taxes instead and close revenue collection loopholes.

Coronavirus: Lifting of lockdown equal to lifting of number of audio cases of coronavirus in Nigeria.

The recent approval of ease of lockdown will lead to trimendous increase of audio figure cases of coronavirus in the country. Between lifting of lockdown and increase in figure of audio cases of coronavirus which is better?


BREAKING NEWS: FG Lifts Interstate Travel Ban, Reopens Schools For Exiting Students


Coronavirus has become a pandemic in this contemporary period, just like other epidemics which have killed many people in the past, for example, plague, bahobamy, including HIV & AIDS. The blame game will never profer solution to the problem, rather there should be a collaboration amongst the nations of the world. Although the virus firstContinue reading “THERE IS NO NEED TO BLAME CHINA ON CORONAVIRUS.”