6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent

Cocoyam, commonly known as taro root, is a tropical perennial crop that thrives in warm weather. Its botanical name is Colocasia esculenta. It’s a tuber crop that’s high in starch. Cocoyam consists of three main components: Leaves from corn stems It is planted for food or as a decorative plant. Cocoyam has a number ofContinue reading “6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent”

Check out what cooked groundnut does to the body

Groundnut is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria due to the various ways it can be prepared. Groundnut can be boiled, fried or even roasted depending on the individual choice. But there are numerous benefits of eating groundnut, which many people are yet to know. Photo Credit: Google. Cooked groundnut seems to beContinue reading “Check out what cooked groundnut does to the body”