These are 14 ways of making money

There are several ways to make money in Nigeria but I will show you 14 smart ways to make N150,000 every month. Below are the 14 businesses to do to make N150,000 monthly: 1. Lead belt It is a reliable way to earn millions in Nigeria. Like affiliate marketing, this applies to some trusted peopleContinue reading “These are 14 ways of making money”

4 jobs that will earn you money than internet fraud

Yahoo Yahoo also called cyber crime seems to be the trending job among youth these days. It is a vice that has eaten deep into the flesh of some youths with the objective of ‘quick money, no stress’. I don’t know their full mode of operation, but I know they pose as people that theyContinue reading “4 jobs that will earn you money than internet fraud”

You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways.

You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways. 1. Amazon: Publish your own Kindle booksReal people who love writing and marketing are finding that they can publish their own digital books directly to Amazon using their Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Take for instance blogger Thomas Strock, who made $6,716.05 in one month aloneContinue reading “You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways.”

10 Money Making Online Businesses To Start In 2020

Introduction.Looking back 15 years ago, no one ever imagined that the internet would ever become a thing of necessity as it is today.So many things have been achieved with the aid of the internet.If you are coming from a trade background, you would discover that so much has changed via the internet, because we nowContinue reading “10 Money Making Online Businesses To Start In 2020”

COVID-19 and Masks: Tips for families.

What to know about masks and how to introduce them to your family. Masks help stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading, but that doesn’t make them easy to introduce to children, as many parents have been discovering.The practice of wearing a mask to reduce the transmission of germs has a long history in some countries.Continue reading “COVID-19 and Masks: Tips for families.”


WAKE UP CALL….📣📣📣📣📣📣 I laugh when people say joining FORSAGE is a scam.🙄😒Now, this actually what scam really is 👇👇 Working for GOVERNMENT and being paid the same salary as when Dollar was N165 till now is a scam. Working for years without promotion is a scam.🙆 Working for so long and just getting aContinue reading “MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP”


PLEASE DON’T LET IT LINGER. HUSBAND: Yea honey, good morning. Could you please read page 3 of the morning devotional manual then I’ll explain it before we pray? WIFE: Am weak, I don’t have strength, read it and explain, I’ll be listening. HUSBAND: Come on! this is no difficult thing and has nothing to doContinue reading “HUSBAND VS WIFE”