7 Billionaires in US who dropped out of school.

Dropping out of school is not a situation anybody desire for especially in a developed country such as the United States. Barrack Obama during his tenure made sure every American parent sent their children to school because of the privileges involved. However, some Billionaires we know today dropped out of school for reasons best knownContinue reading “7 Billionaires in US who dropped out of school.”

Some Billionaires with their humble beginning.

Everyone has to start somewhere, regardless of how rich they may be. While royalty are born to riches, self-made billionaires who made their wealth themselves have humble beginnings. Many of them were not born to rich families and it is typical to start off with some pretty humble jobs. Here are some of the richestContinue reading “Some Billionaires with their humble beginning.”

10 Characters that billionaires posses.

Character can be attitude, behavior or how someone or people respond to some certian situation in life Below are some character anyone who wants to be successful must have 10: creativity: this is the ability to bring out new ideas and make it manifest .a creative person can just formulate an ideal and make goodContinue reading “10 Characters that billionaires posses.”