Useful guide to know fake bank alerts

Have you ever been scammed through fake alert? If you have not, definitely, this article is for you. Read to the end of this article, as you will learn how to detect fake bank alert. How to Detect Fake Bank Alerts: Have you ever been cheated by a fake alert? If you haven’t already, thisContinue reading “Useful guide to know fake bank alerts”

Beware of new virus that steals banking details, NCC alerts Nigerians

The Nigerian Communications Commission has alerted millions of Nigerian telecom consumers of the existence of new, high-risk, and extremely damaging, Malware called Flubot. The commission warns that the virus steals banking details from devices. This was contained in a press statement by the commission titled, ‘NCC alerts telecom consumers on Flubot Malware… Lists measures toContinue reading “Beware of new virus that steals banking details, NCC alerts Nigerians”