15 things women love but won’t tell you, number 10 is funny

Apart from the money that we guys claim women love most, there are also some things they love that most of us don’t know.  Sometimes, it is not the money that keeps a relationship for long, though it is one of the important factors one must consider. Come to think of it, if it isContinue reading “15 things women love but won’t tell you, number 10 is funny”

6 reasons why we fall in love

As humans, our brain is set up to support pair bonding. When people fall in love, they go into a state of limerence (infatuation or obsession) This happens because our brains and hormones go wild when faced with a sincere love interest. Below are six main reasons why we fall in love: 1. Similarity: WhenContinue reading “6 reasons why we fall in love”

The bitter truth about relationships

People think this way, Relationships are too hard to be in, too complicated to understand, and very hard to get out of, and because of these they tend to cage themselves in relationships that a below their standard and ends up hurting and destroying their self-esteem. Rather, you are meant to do one thing inContinue reading “The bitter truth about relationships”

Easy And Respectful Ways To Approach Girls. Number 3 Will Amaze You.

You might be finding it difficult to get closer to some high standard girls but here are the easy way out. 1. Always look for a perfect time in which she is happy at that moment of your approach to her. You can approach her when you noticed she’s sitting or standing and looking relaxed.Continue reading “Easy And Respectful Ways To Approach Girls. Number 3 Will Amaze You.”

Do This To Win Any Woman’s Heart

If you’re not lucky to be in a relationship with any lady or you been facing rejection from ladies. Then you’re lucky to find this article.  You need to understand what women really like guys. Although most of them said the contrary of what they need and at the end did the other way round.Continue reading “Do This To Win Any Woman’s Heart”

Relationship: Ladies and gentle men take notes!

GUYS I BEG U ALL IN THE NAMEOF LOVE Before you start a relationshipwith a lady youmust think carefully aboutwhat you are about to do.Relationship is not somethingyou should rush into or handlelightly. Are you ready for arelationship with her?Are you emotionally, mentally andspirituallymatured enough to meet herneeds? Being sexually attracted toher meansabsolutely nothing, itContinue reading “Relationship: Ladies and gentle men take notes!”