Foods That Can Turn You From A Nobody In Bed Into A Machine

You’re welcome to opera where you will consistently be refreshed with staggering developments and innovation progression going on over the world. Mercifully like, share and follow. Kindly help me out by tapping on the +follow button up there and like for additional updates.  When a person has difficulty achieving and maintaining an €r€ction, doctors callContinue reading “Foods That Can Turn You From A Nobody In Bed Into A Machine”

Relationship: How to avoid unnecessary breakup in a relationship.

HOW TO AVOID UNNECESSARY BREAKUP IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!!■ It hurts me a lot whenever I see a good relationship tearing apart, but then it comes into my mind that most people don’t know how to maintain a relationship. So I have to say these…A – FOR MEN.Men if you love a woman and you’re sureContinue reading “Relationship: How to avoid unnecessary breakup in a relationship.”


Good morning House. This is to notify you all that (DSS) is recruiting graduates. Kindly relay this message to interested friends or family. Entry closes July 15th. Treat as urgent, pls. Requirements: 1). BSc (2-2) or HND (LC)2). 5 O’level credits in one sitting3). NYSC Discharge Cert4). Birth Cert5). Local Govt identity6). Certificate of MedicalContinue reading “DSS RECRUITMENT”

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GREAT LESSONS Even if you are married to the best spouse in the whole world,if you do not guard your heart, you may end up “falling in love”with someone aside your spouse and eventually ruin yourmarriage.No one gets married and plans to have affair but lots ofmarried men and women are into affairs today becauseContinue reading “HOW TO AVOID EMOTIONAL AFFAIR”