Number of ladies killed between January 2018 and 2021 for money rituals.

Money ritual is fast becoming a trend in Nigeria, especially among young folks who want to live a luxurious life by all means. Young ladies usually fall victim to this act, perhaps due to the urge to ‘ chill with the big boys’. In the year 2022, numerous suspected ritualists less than the age ofContinue reading “Number of ladies killed between January 2018 and 2021 for money rituals.”

Scam: How 419 originated

The 419 scam as it is known today had been in existence a long time ago. Perhaps, years before the present perpetrators were born. As with many phenomena, there’s no exact evidence of the date and time or the precise location it started but it as oftentimes than not led to a victim losing hisContinue reading “Scam: How 419 originated”

Four One (419) is Biblical.

Four One Nine (419) is Biblical: See Where 419 Was Generated From The word of God has every instruction needed by man. As a matter of fact, there’s no Author worth an Author without having at least a claim of the word of God. The word of God can be found in the Bible, TheContinue reading “Four One (419) is Biblical.”

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New dimensions of criminals operations. A lady’s handbag which contained her cell phone, credit card, purse etc was stolen.Thirty minutes later she managed to call her husband from her friend’s telephone, telling him what happened. Her husband said, “I just received your text message asking me to remind u of your ATM pin and IContinue reading “CRUCIAL INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION”