Before You Go Into Relationship With Someone, Do These 4 Things To Lay The Foundation First

The most important part of every given building, is the foundation. If you built a house and the foundation of the building wasn’t laid properly, such building will be collapsed at any given period of time. Same thing applicable to Relationships! The most important part of every given relationship is the foundation. When the foundation of a given relationship is built accurately at the initial level, there is hope for such relationship to leads to marriage.

One of the major reasons why relationships are being destroying here and there is because of the wrong foundations that they do lays at the initial level. In this article, I will be sharing with you four ways to lay a good relationship foundation. Without waisting much of your time, let’s get into the main points of this write-up. Here we go:

1. Do Not Pretend: This is one of the major things that usually put full stop to most relationships. Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, you have to be your real self to avoid causing regret to the other person. No matter how bad your identity and background are, reveal to the person that you are about to go into relationship with. If the person actually loves you, then he/she will decides to go into the relationship with you. With that, you have clear concious that you are not hiding anything from him/her.

But a situation whereby you fake yourself to be someone who you are not, you are at risk of losing such relationship. Because nothing hides forever, one-day, the truth will be surely revealed. So be proud of who you are while going into relationship with someone.

2. Share Your Previous Relationship Histories With Your Partner: Most people believe that it doesn’t necessary for them to share their previous relationship histories with their new partners to be. Because they believe that if they do, their partners will use their past experiences to judge them.

However, that is not always true! Someone who truly loves you will not use your past relationship experiences to remind you again. The major reason why you have to share your past relationship histories with your partner, is to create awareness to your partner in case of necessity. The moment you create that awareness to your partner, whenever something comes up from the past, he/she can use such awareness to defend you and stand by you. But a situation whereby you kept those secrets away from your partner and something reflected in the relationship from the past, he/she will not know where to start to defend you and stand by you. And as such, he/she will be so astonished to know your origination of relationship issues.

3. Get To Know Each Other Differences Properly: This is has to do with your ability as individual to figure out your partner’s differences and your own self. Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, try as much as possible to know the things he/she likes in relationship and the things he/she doesn’t like.

After when you have figured out everything about your partner to be, then you as well make yours to be known by him/her. With that, both of you will get to know each other boundaries properly.

4. Ask Question: Before you go into a serious relationship with someone, ask the person this particular question: Why do he/she love you? If he/she said, I love you because of your beauty, handsome, money, intelligent etc, then know that the person in question doesn’t love you. Because the day those qualities that have been mentioned above disappeared from your body, that is the day that even the relationship will be expired as well.

Always bear in mind that true love doesn’t have reasons, but it only has an attachment feeling that coming from the heart directly. So do not be deceived by anyone, ask him/her to know the actual intention of the relationship that he/she wants to establish with you.

Therefore, I want to summarize this article by saying that lay a proper foundation before go into relationship with someone.

Note: The pictures above are used as illustration of the article

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Having Difficulties Getting Pregnant? Take This Natural Remedy To Ease Conception

Having Difficulties Getting Pregnant? Take This Natural Remedy To Ease Conception

Having you been looking for ways to ease conceptions, this remedy cleanses your system to quicken conception. There are several natural methods to ease conception, but Today I will teach you an effective remedy to clean up your system for easy conception.

Carefully read before preparing, please.




Aloe vera


1. Wash and carefully slice your ginger and aloe vera into small pieces

2. Pour both into a blender, put in water and blend properly till it smoothens.

3. Pour the mixture into a cup 

How To Use.

Begin this medication at least a week before your mensural period. Drink continuously until your period starts.

Drink a glass of this remedy daily

Note: A pregnant woman shouldn’t take this mixture. If possible take a pregnancy test to be sure of your pregnancy status.

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30 Best P.O.P Ceiling Designs you can choose for your Beautiful Houses and Bedrooms

These are the list of POP design you may probably like for your beautiful house, rooms, office, companies, industries, shopping mall and other various building.

There are some various advantages of using POP that some people do not know. The most advantages is that it make your living room look more attractive and it bring the outlook of your house. This POP can be done by various POP professional maker. Here in this pictures you can choose design of your choices.

Also P.O.P have a thermal resistance which means that it repel the heat it and it absorb less heat.

P.O.P is not only used to make ceiling, you can used it in construction of Building Pillar or Building Windows design.

The only thing you have to know is that P.O.P is very expensive to avoid. But as it is expensive it also more attractive than any other design in your house.

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If You’re With A Girl And She Does Any Of These 7 Things To You, Don’t Fall For It.

“Pictures Used In This Article Are For Illustrative Purpose Only”

Women are good at manipulation, infact they are masters of it. A lot of women are very good at using certain skills in getting men to become interested in them.

Not that it’s bad or evil, it’s just that men hate having to deal with girls who make it too hard for them to figure things out. But that’s just part of the game.

This part of a woman’s nature is a tool for manipulation and control in a relationship and only the men who are patient and resilient enough will be able to win her over and get her to open up.

Well, if you’re a girl who don’t know how to play the game, there’s a lot you can learn in this article. These are just techniques girls use to gain a man’s interest.

1. They don’t respond to your text messages right away

They deliberately don’t reply you right away so that they give you the impression that they’re a busy girl. They don’t want to be giving you all of their time. They don’t want you to think that you’ve been waiting around for his text.

2. She deliberately withhold affection from you

She does not want to be giving you everything she has. Especially when you haven’t done anything to earn it yet. She wants you to work for whatever affection that they give you. When you deserve it, they give it to you.

3. They cry on purpose to see how you would handle it

A woman can tell a lot about a man based on how he handles a situation with a crying lady. It’s a test of character for him.

4. She gives you the silent treatment to see how you would react

Not all guys are able to understand that a woman can be saying a lot of things by not saying anything at all and she wants to see if you understand that.

5. She acts like she’s in need of help so that you can come and help her out

She don’t really need your help. She wants to see how far you’re willing to go just to help her. She wants to see if you really got her back. She wants to know if you’re really someone she can rely on to be there for you.

6. She gives you affection when you least expect it

She gives you affection after withholding it from you so that you’ll be thankful for it and you’ll treat her more better than usual because of it.

7. She flirts with other men in front of you

She don’t want you to think you have locked her down and so she flirts with other guys to make you think you have to continually work for her love and attention.

So guys, it’s left for you to decide. You can see all these and still decide to play along or better yet, don’t fall for any of it. Which means you’ll pass the tests well when a girl does this to you.

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Remember The White Woman Who Came To Nigeria to See a Man she Met Online? See Their Throwback Photos

It was in January, 2020, a white woman from America came to Kano, Nigeria to meet a 23-year-old boy she met on social media.

The young boy goes by the name Isah Suleman born in Panshekara area of Kano state. He is 23 years old and currently studying Geography at Yusuf Maitama University, Kano, Nigeria.

Janine is said to be 47 years old business woman living in America.

Suleman met Janine Ann Reimann on Instagram while someone is trying to scam her but with suleman intervention she escaped from the hand of the scammer. That is where the relationship started in which she flwon to Nigeria to meet the young boy and planned to married him.

When she arrived in Kano, Suleiman took his white woman for excursions – they visited many places together in the city of Kano. Check out their pictures below.

Janine left Nigeria with hoping to come back in March to marry young Suleman but up to now didn’t show up. But Suleman is still engaged to her as you can see his Facebook dashboard below.

Janine will soon come back to Nigeria for their wedding according to Isah Suleman’s Facebook.

What is your take on this?


Female mutant crayfish that can CLONE themselves are multiplying out of control and taking over parts of Europe and Africa

Most crayfish reproduce by having sex. But an all-female species of mutant crayfish, known as marble crayfish (pictured) has managed to evolve the ability to clone itself, without the need for a male
Known as marmokrebs, or marbled crayfish, the species' remarkable cloning ability has led it to 'multiply out of control'. Now scientists are warning the female crustaceans are beginning to take over the world
Distribution of marbled crayfish on Madagascar (as of March 2017). Red dots indicate discovery sites where the presence of marbled crayfish was confirmed by DNA sequencing. White dots indicate sites where no marbled crayfish were found
Marbled crayfish by-catch in a traditional fishing tool or 'tandroho'. Although Marmokrebs are all clones born with the same genes, they can adapt to a wide variety of environments via epigenetic mechanisms, regulated by small chemical tags attached to DNA

Most crayfish reproduce by having sex.

But an all-female species of mutant crayfish has managed to evolve the ability to clone itself, without the need for a male.

Known as marmokrebs, or marbled crayfish, the species’ remarkable cloning ability has led it to multiply out of control.

Now scientists are warning the female crustaceans are beginning to take over Europe and parts of Africa because they are reproducing so quickly. 

While it may sound like the plot of the horror movie, they say there may be some benefits to the strange crayfish invasion; the crayfish’s unusual evolution could also provide a strategy to tackle cancer as it clones itself in a similar way. Most crayfish reproduce by having sex. But an all-female species of mutant crayfish, known as marble crayfish (pictured) has managed to evolve the ability to clone itself, without the need for a male

Since being found in 1995, the marbled crayfish has spread from Germany across Europe and into Africa in huge numbers.

‘This crayfish is a serious pest,’ Gerhard Scholtz, an evolutionary biologist at Humboldt University in Berlin, who has tracked its rapid spread across the globe, told Science Magazine

The European Union has now banned the species, and says it must not be sold, kept, distributed, or released to the wild. 

In a new study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, researchers sequenced the genomes of the 11 marbled crayfish to see how they spread so rapidly. 

All 11 creatures had nearly identical genomes, suggesting they were clones. 

Researchers believe these mutant creatures began evolving by accident almost 25 years ago, after a German aquarium hobbyist bought a crayfish that he was told was a ‘Texas crayfish’.

But he was surprised when his marbled crayfish produced hundreds of eggs at a time and grew large.

He gave away the crayfish, and they eventually ended up being sold in pet shops in Germany.

But owners soon began noticing that their Marmokrebs were reproducing without the need to mate, and all offspring were female, fertile and clones of their mother.

Once the new species of crayfish evolved, male slough crayfish could no longer produce offspring with the female Marmokrebs, even though the male slough fish could still physically mate with the Marmokrebs. Known as marmokrebs, or marbled crayfish, the species’ remarkable cloning ability has led it to ‘multiply out of control’. Now scientists are warning the female crustaceans are beginning to take over the world

The Marmokrebs reproduced rapidly, and as owners began dumping them in rivers and lakes, they spread through Europe, as well as Japan and Madagascar. 

Currently, no one knows exactly how many crayfish are spreading around the world, but they believe the number is significant and rapidly growing.  

‘Here we have an evolutionary event that has happened only a very short time ago,’ Frank Lyko, Head of divisions of epigenetics at the German Cancer Research Center told Newsweek


Asexual reproduction – when an organism reproduces without fertilisation – only requires one parent, unlike sexual reproduction, which needs two parents. 

Since there is only one parent, sec cells (sperm and eggs) don’t fuse and no genetic mixing takes place. 

Because of this, the offspring of asexual reproducing organisms are genetically identical to the parent and to each other – they are clones. 

For instance, female marble crayfish can induce her own eggs to start dividing into embryo .

Normal sex cells contain a single copy of each chromosome. But the mutant crayfish sex cell has two. 

The two sex cells fuse and produce a female crayfish embryo with three copies of each chromosome instead of the normal two.

Some other examples of organisms that can clone themselves include: 

‘Certainly there will be some changes, genetic changes over time, that will make it more normal. At this specific time point in evolution it’s very unique.’ 

In their new study, researchers from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany provided proof that the all-female offspring of the Marmokrebs are genetically identical. 

‘We could detect only a few hundred variants in a genome that is larger than the human genome,’ said Dr Frank Lyko, the lead author of the research. 

‘That is an incredibly small number.

‘The minute variations can be ascribed to natural mutations.’ 

The researchers also examined how well the crayfish are able to spread via asexual reproduction, and its reproductive success came as a surprise to the researchers. Distribution of marbled crayfish on Madagascar (as of March 2017). Red dots indicate discovery sites where the presence of marbled crayfish was confirmed by DNA sequencing. White dots indicate sites where no marbled crayfish were found

‘It was known that the crayfish can establish itself in the wild after releases from the aquarium,’ Dr Lyko said. 

‘But the news was that it can spread so rapidly and massively.’ 

Aside from subtropical Madagascar, Marmokrebs also occur in Sweden, Japan, Freiburg, Hanover and Heidelberg highlighting the species’ remarkable adaptability without sexual reproduction 

This was surprising to the researchers because it is widely known and accepted that sexual reproduction, and the resulting mix of paternal and maternal gens that enlarge genetic variety, facilitate rapid adaptation to adverse environmental conditions. 

Although Marmokrebs are all clones born with the same genes, they can adapt to a wide variety of environments via epigenetic mechanisms, regulated by small chemical tags attached to DNA.

These epigenetic mechanisms regulate how genetic information is interpreted, and they work like switches that turn genes on or off. 

According to the researchers, it is this epigenetic regulation could make Marmokrebs interesting for tumor researchers.

Scientists have known for a couple of years that epigenetic mechanisms also play a key role in these processes, and can influence cancer risk and the disease course.

A phenomenon called clonal evolution occurs both in Marmorkrebs and in tumors. 

‘Tumor genomes also evolve clonally, because they go back to a single original cell,’ said Dr Lyko.  

The research team now wants to use marbled crayfish to further investigate their role.Marbled crayfish by-catch in a traditional fishing tool or ‘tandroho’. Although Marmokrebs are all clones born with the same genes, they can adapt to a wide variety of environments via epigenetic mechanisms, regulated by small chemical tags attached to DNA

Beautiful Ankara Dresses, Shoes And Dinner Dresses For You

On my previous article, we took a look at some beautiful Jumpsuits for women to rock and glow in them. The Jumpsuits are the best and most beautiful Jumpsuits you can find. They are perfect and specially made for you to shine in them. After viewing, you guys agreed with me that they are the best you had ever seen because of it’s uniqueness. The Jumpsuits can be rocked to any place of your choice be it school, church, marriage ceremony, parties and on dinner dates too.×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=XXkgfcYRBg&p=https%3A//

On my article for today we will be taking a look at some beautiful Ankara dresses, shoes and dinner dresses for you.


These shoes are beautiful and stunning. They are dealing going to make your legs glitter like gold. You can rock them to church, the school and to any place of your choice.

Dinner Dresses

These Dinner dresses are beautiful and they are unique. They will make all eyes be on you and you will love the attention you get from others because of these dresses.

Ankara Dresses

These Ankara dresses will make you feel good and make you look like a queen. You can rock them to any place of your choice.

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Report a problem×266&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=QkbIPrkdQ1&p=https%3A// NewsOlist

OPINION: 13 Qualities Of Real Men That Makes Women Lose Their Minds/Fall For Them

The female mind like we all know is one complex and complicated part of their being that is extremely hard to understand and comprehend.

Little wonder it’s difficult to imagine or assume what qualities the perfect man must have in order to win their heart.

Nevertheless, I have made a list of qualities that women find hard to resist.

13. Masculinity

This doesn’t only have to do with the physical attributes, but it also involves, and is a sum of attributes such as fortitude, courage and nobility. Smart women can’t resist these set of traits.

12. Sense of humor

A funny joke is an ice breaker, but this doesn’t mean you should keep making jokes or saying funny things all the time because it won’t make a good impression of you.

A good sense of humor is all you need as this quality is often associated with high intelligence.

11. Taking great care and paying attention to details

Everyone craves attention, we all love to be taken care of in one way or the other. Most women consider this particular quality very well.

10. Determination and high energy

Most women would fall head over heels in love with a man who is determined and have set goals for his life, and works towards them.

If you want to be a woman magnet, get to be loved by them, you have to be very ambitious and enthusiastic, because they also don’t like lazy People.

9. Generosity

When once the issue of generosity comes up, our minds quickly run to money, but it’s much more complex than that.

Being generous enough to spend quality time with them, paying attention to their needs and loving them generously is all the generosity you need for them to fall for you. Not everything is about money.

8. Being Romantic

A romantic guy wins it all, as this is one of the best qualities a woman craves for in a guy.

7. Uniqueness

It’s easier for women to fall for a guy whom they think and feel is different from the rest of others.

Guys who are disciplined enough to do things their way, and stand out are usually the choice of ladies.

6. Dependability

Most ladies love a man or guy whom they can depend on to act or stand up or in for them whenever the need arises.

This is a subtle quality, yet very significant to a woman.

5. Understanding

It’s very crucial that guys should possess this quality. 

Sometimes women just loves to go on talking and talking and unburdening themselves. And being able to understand them and listen is a quality admire by most ladies.

4. Good Manners

This quality is in high demand, especially in this 21st century. Having good manners in everything you do gives you an edge over other guys and gentlemen.

3. Helping out with things they can’t do

A handy man service is called a “husband for a day” for a reason. This is an essential quality.

Helping out with things they can’t do gets women attracted to you.

2. Intelligence

This is not about your IQ score. The intelligence in question here involves being wise and fair minded.

A man who thinks carefully before making decisions will probably score a perfect score from ladies, than the one who doesn’t evaluate his actions, or the one who just does things without thinking them through.

1. Bonus

Helping out in the kitchen, is one quality almost every girl, if not all would love to have in their man.

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Five ways to gain weight easily

Gaining weight can be very hard and slow to achieve. It can also be a faster process for some people, all depends on how hard you work and your body type.

:Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, five ways to gain weight easily.

1. Eat more: this is actually very straightforward, eating much more than you usually do will help you to add weight. If you want to make it easier, make use of bigger plates and avoid drinking water before eating, this is because it will make you feel full and so you won’t want to eat so much.

2. Sleep often and avoid doing strenuous activities : a lot of energy and sometimes fat, is lost when we perform extremely stressful activities. That is why during the period when you’re trying to gain weight, it’s advisable to sleep more often and avoid strenuous activities as much as possible. You should sleep at least a minimum of eight hours everyday. Feel free to also take short naps during the day.

:Picture used for illustrative purpose .

3. Consume more calories : calories are an excellent addition to your usual food intake if you’re trying to gain weight. Foods that are rich in calories include : beans, peanuts, eggs, milk, groundnuts, butter, etc. There are also fruits like banana and avocado. These foods have a high amount of calories in them and will contribute greatly to your weight gain process.

:Pictures used for illustrative purpose.

4. Exercise : exercise is also a great way to add weight and build muscles although some people think that it is actually supposed to aid in weight loss. When exercising, make use of weights and lifts.

:Picture used for illustrative purpose.

5. Take a lot of proteins: foods that are rich in protein include beans, eggs, potatoes and so on. You can also substitute with protein shakes or protein supplements. Taking proteins is also an excellent way of adding weight.

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Powerful Benefits Of Urine

One powerful waste product man produces is urine, it is gathered in the bladder and pass through the urethra to the outside world, its the same time the greatest gift from Almighty God which perform several functions for human use.

Many people believe that urine is just a waste product after getting out of the body,

but after many years of practical research / findings, I am able to arrive at these conclusions that urine is but a very mighty and power medicine produced from our bodies as waste.

The following are few of the benefits,

spiritual and health wise.


Urine serve spiritual cleansing purpose from evil domination when you bath with your early morning urine.When used to bath your children, it prevent them from the attack of the evil ones.It conquered the effect of evil arrow.Expel spirit of Hooliganism…if you have a child who is so stubborn and you are tired, dont know what to do again,

try the mothers urine….use it cook one egg and give to the child to eat and drink the remaining urine.

Do this three times, you will have all cause to glorify God…. It’s not charmAre you having problem with your life, finances etc use your mum’s or your wife urine to bath you will be free in no time and you will see your ways opening miraculously.Cobweb problems?….. Use early morning urine to rinse your head and face… you shall witness it no more by the grace of God.Are you having problem with sales in your shop or you think someone afflicted you with that ? Try your urine… urinate in a plastic throughout the night and sprinkle around the shop.To get your love back or win the heart of your man or woman completely….soak raw meat overnight and fry for him or her to eat…

Just pray over it or reserve your urine overnight and use to cook the meat then mix a little into the groundnut oil you want to use, fry the meat and give to your lover.


Stomach problem…. drink your early morning urine… It works like magicUnhealed wound….use urine to clean the wound.Strange sickness…. gather urine for three days and give the patient half cup every morning.Acne and pimples…. apply your urine, you will be surprised.Blemishes and skin irritations….use urine to bath always, within seven days you will regain a glowing skin.Eyes problems…. Drop few of your urine into the eye.Anti-dotes to poison….. just collect the urine in a clean bowl and give the victim to drink the next few mins he or she will vomit the poison.

Note: To all mothers:. use your urine to bath your children, it prevent evil hands from touching them.

Your Children May Never Go Far In Life If You Fail To Correct These 4 Wrong Mentalities In Them

Every married man’s dream is to have a wonderful children, children that will always call him father, look up to him as a perfect role model, and surprise him with so many goodies at latter stages of their lives. Any man that don’t have children is like an incomplete man in the village or kindred meeting, people talk to him anyhow, often taunting the inability of his wife to provide him his own children.

“all pictures in this article are used for illustrations only”×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=GhtvwiW3Z2&p=https%3A//

What about women? They say that the mark of a true mother resides in her children, and when you cleary look at the statement, you will discover that it is actually true. Any married woman in the society without any child, usually feel uncomfortable, restless and always thinking about what people in the society are saying about her. Such is the state of a barren woman, in other words the importance of children to a woman can never be overemphasized.

Now, as a mother or a proud father, how will you feel after you carried your own child, trained him/her, expecting to be taken care of in your latter days, but all you saw was disappointments and sorrow? You will feel heartbroken right? That is the feeling of parents that failed to train their children the right way. Now, the question is, “from what you have been doing so far concerning your children, do you think you are giving them good training?” If you think you are, then what effort have you made as regards to correcting those weird mentality which have been constituting nuisance in the society?

You might be end up heartbroken, if you don’t correct bad Mentalities in your Children

As a matter of fact, your role as a parent is not only to train them in physical aspects, you must train their mind and emotions too, to enable them get clear pictures of the happenings around them and to ensure that they are growing towards the right path. There are 4 weird Mentalities which most of modern generation children have gotten accustomed to, as a responsible mother or father, you ought to make sure that it is corrected in your children.

It is the responsibility of both father and mother to correct their children

If you leave them to grow with those mentalities, they may not be productive as they should, they may be easily lured to the dark, which will ultimately affect their progress and being successful in life. I suppose you want your children to go far in life? Then you need to read up the remaining part of this article and try to correct those mentalities, if your child has any of them.

1. If I don’t do what my friends are doing, it means that I am inferior

Band-wagonism is what is killing most young people of this modern generation. They seem to be so concerned in what there friends do, more than themselves. So many of them have this mentality that they are inferior, as long as they don’t do what others are doing. That is why you see some of them going for night parties, spending small money they have made in buying clothes and shoes, all in the name of “fashion and show-off”. But one thing they refuse to know is that all those things won’t allow them to go far in life. 

Instill confidence in themselves, Let them follow their heart, and not what their friends do

As a meaningful and responsible parent, try as much as you can to change that mindset in your Children. Make them to know that self confidence, and self decision matters a lot in life. Reassure them that they are better conditioned to progress, when they avoid following trends, it will make them to start seeing things in different ways (positivity). You’re the best suited person to advice your children, please ensure you advice them on time, because doing that when they have already being deceived and convicted, will make little or no impact in their lives. 

2. My parents are the ones that will provide all I need to become successful in life 

Some parents contribute a lot to nurturing This particular mentality in their children, they provide everything they want, even the things that are irrelevant and unnecessary. From that stage, the children will start depending on their parents for virtually everything, even the things they can achieve on their own. This particular mentality may also start laying the foundation of laziness in them, they may start developing low self confidence and may never see ways they can help themselves and their parents. 

Teach them to start doing something for themselves

As a responsible father/mother, once in a while starve your children from evening biscuit or sweet, give them the pen and let them think and solve the mathematics, ask them to tell you his/her own opinion concerning some family issues, in that way you’re building self-esteem in them and also putting their brains to deep thinking. Once in a while, you need to call them to the table, and drop some few words of confidence and encouragement to them, believe me, your children will start thinking on how to develop themselves, and make their parents proud in the future 

3. I must become a graduate before I become successful 

This mentality is totally weird, especially in our country Nigeria,where skill acquisition is absolutely necessary for every young person in the society. Education is very important, acquiring tertiary education is equally a good step in the right direction, but any young man that thinks that him being successful in life, depends on his certificate, is only deceiving himself, he must therefore be called to order. 

Make them to know that skill acquisition is also important

“ll pictures in this article are used for illustrations only” 

As a parent, encourage your children to learn a good skill, even when they are going to school. That skill might be their saviour in the future, it might turn out to be what will make them become successful in life. Tell them that if they have both skill and certificate, they have higher chances of getting employed. Nigeria of today is where skill is so much needed, that sometimes it becomes the priority more than certificate. If your child relies on only certifate, he/she might be disappointed at last, and guess what? He/she might find it very difficult to fing their footing again. 

4. Car is the mark of being rich, I must get it (even at all cost)

So many young people have this weird mentality that ownership of car is what tells if a person is rich or not. That is why a young man will use the only money he has in the bank to buy car, all in the name of “belonging” in the midst of his friends and also to show-off. They also believe that anybody that has a car is of higher class in the society, and if they must command respect as those people, they must get their own car, even at all cost.

Change that mentality in them

As a responsible parent, you should try to change that mentality in your Children. Tell them that it is better to have 5 million naira in account, than to have a car of 800,000 worth. Open their eyes to see the difference between owning a car and becoming successful or fulfilled in life. Let them know that buying or borrowing car just to “belong or show-off” is never a good idea, and with that mentality, they may never go far in life.

Start correcting that Mentalities before they grow with them

In conclusion, t is usually very heartbreaking to see parents crying at latter stages of their lives, instead of to be reaping the good fruit of their labour and suffering. This article have opened your mind as a parent, to ways you can stop yourself having that kind of experience in the future. Kindly take this article to heart, and do the needful to your children.

Don’t be the cause of your children not going far in life

If you are a young man or woman reading this, and you know that you have any of those 4 mentalities discussed, why not change your ways and improve your life? You need to start seeing things differently, you need to start treading the good path. The worst thing that can happen to you is to let your mindset hinder you from making the progress and success you so much desired in life. The ball is now left in your court, kindly step your foot wisely.

Pictures credited to – Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Pinterest 

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Opinion: 3 Reasons Why Women Gain Weight After Getting Married.

What Is Marriage?

Marriage is the union or coming together of two or more people. It creates a strong bond between them and it also carries legal, religious and social responsibilities and rights too.

Marriage is truly and undoubtedly a bih blessing especially when you marry your God ordained husband or wife.

He that finds a good wife has found a good thing and vice versa.

The inspiration behind this post is as a result of the frequently asked question which is why a good number of women put on so much weight after getting married to the love of their life.

Below are some of the reasons why women put on a noticeable gain in weight after marriage.

1. Some women get fat after getting married because of the joy that comes with marriage. There’s this joy and fulfilment that is in the heart of women who just got married. That joy of no more being a spinster but now someone’s wife. Happiness makes someone fat no doubt.

2. When she is at so much peace and such peace can only come when you get married to the right person.

3. She eats when she likes and whatever she wants because her husband provides everything necessary.

4. She gains weight because of the other food only her husband can give her. You know what am talking about.

Man reveals a very important fact about dating and marriage that so many lovers don’t consider

Twitter man has recently taken to Twitter and revealed a very important fact about dating and marriage which so many lovers don’t know about. 

The Twitter man who goes by the Twitter username ‘Ajayi‘ took to Twitter at exactly 9:07am today, 29th September 2020 and revealed in tweet a very important fact of dating ad marriage which so many people (lovers) don’t don’t know about or consider.

Mr Ajayi took to Twitter and revealed that one can date someone for over twenty years and will likely divorce after just 6 month’s of marriage. In his worlds, he describe marriage as “a different ball game”. 

Mr Ajayi claims he has seen a breakup as such occurring so often. He added that marriage is the true test of the love which drives one crazy.

In quote, Mr Ajayi tweeted; “Marriage is a different ball game. You can date someone for 20 years and will likely divorce them after 6 months of marriage. Seen this happen quite too often. Marriage is the true test of that love that’s driving you crazy”.

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12 principles of foods that guarantee long life

1. Any food you consume after 8 P.M. everyday is equally a poison to your body?

2. If you can follow the water therapy for 3 months, your skin, your body and your organs begins to function well?

3. Do you know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; If you must skip any meal, it shouldn’t be breakfast?

4. Do you know too much red meat is very dangerous to your health?

5. Do you know people who smile always live longer, look younger and are more healthier than their counter part who does not?


 You can use the most expensive cream on your body; you can take the best care of your body, but *HONEY* with *BANANA* can make your skin glow, make it look good and make people ask you the kind of cream you are using.

6. For every bottle of soft drink and/or beer you consume, you have just taken 9cubes and 44cubes of sugar respectively, and it takes 7 days or more for it to wash off your body; men increase their likelihood of having a heart attack by 20 percent.

7. Fried meat is a killer; It is damaging your body.

8. People who do not take breakfast are going to have a lower blood sugar level.

9. Drinking water only when you are thirsty is obtaining a license to damage your liver.

10. Holding your urine when you are supposed to let go is another way you are damaging your liver and kidney.

11. Adding salt into your food when it is already served is another way of slowly poisoning yourself and vital organs?

12. Observing the routine of proper eating: Eat BREAKFAST like a KING, LUNCH like a PRINCE and DINNER like a BEGGAR would help you live longer.

Please take care of your health, for HEALTH is WEALTH. No two ways about it.

5 things you must do every month if you don’t want to go broke. No 3 is Non-avoidable

Many people with huge and wide stream of income still go broke, why?

They go broke because of lack of Financial Planning.

Being broke does not mean having low income but not being able to manage the income to fully Carter for our expenses for a particular period

Like companies and business entities, individuals also need to always do their financial planning and projections monthly. It is not until someone is an Accountant before being prudent with one’s resources. And maybe Accountants are believed to be stingy because of their prudency towards their resources.

Nobody dispute the fact that there may be some factors beyond our control that can make us go broke BUT we should also work on the ones we can control so at least we can be on the track.

Highlighted below are 5 basic financial practices that can help us guide our spending in alliance with our income.

1. Monthly Budget or Budgetary.

Why do we think every country prepares budget yearly? They do bacause they want to know their financial capabilities so they can know which projects to be done and which not to be executed in a particular year, also to project what will be the income and the associated expenses for a year and whether they will result to borrowing or not.

As Individuals, that is the way we suppose to be planning our monthly financials and make sure our budgeted expenses doesn’t outweigh our projected income (Salary, Revenue, other income and anywhere we might be deriving money steadily).

2. Shot term Budget.

After the preparation of monthly budget (Long term) which will comprise the total income and expenses for a month, we still need to further break it down to Short term budget. By this we break our expenses down to weekly obligations, this simply means dividing our total expenses by 4 since we have 4 weeks in a month. And with this we will be able to control, monitor and track our expenses.

3. Contingency

This accounts for Variation and difference between our budgeted expenses and Actual expenses for a month.

Contingent expenses are those expenses we incur but not in our financial plan or budget.

We have control over some while some are out of our control.

– Example of the ones under control are:

Extra expenses on clothing (trend) due to taste

– Additional spending on luxuries.

Example of those ones out of our control are:

– Hospital bills; no one will ever plan to fall sick

– Other uncontrollable and unavoidable expenses not in our budget.

We should try as much as possible to avoid and control the ones we can control and avoid and also make sure our unavoidable ones do not go beyond our savings if possible.

4. Prudency.

At every point in time, we must always be prudent with our spending and always match our expenses to our income.

Nobody says we should not enjoy live and be extravagant but we must live within our means so as not to result to borrowing every time.

Being extravagant has class and we must abide by it. Extragancy of someone with #1m income is a basic spending of someone with #10m Income. So don’t go and buy iPhone 11 pro when you know the implications of it will be huge on your networth.

5. Having more than one bank account

It is very helpful to have at least 2 bank accounts. One for operations and the other for savings.

The one for operation will at every point in time contain running expenses for the week or month. Reimbursement will always be transferred to this account at the beginning of every month.

While the one for Savings will be containing our savings and can only be touched in cases of CONTINGENCY. Savings should be transferred to this one immediately our monthly income (Salary or otherwise) hits our account.

I believe with those little points above, we should be able to plan our financials in the coming months.

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35 Business Ideas

Business ideas and step-by-step guides on how to start them.

Anyone who has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur knows how scary it is to take that first step. It’s nerve-wracking to decide on a business venture. And can be terrifying to put your money and your time into a new project without any guarantees. That’s why we present 35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them. It’s a complete business proposal to start the 35 most profitable businesses in Nigeria for just N5,000.
Most of us have dreamt of starting a business at one time or another for various reasons.
These reasons range from a desire to increase our income to a drive to display our creativity. Another reason might simply be to prove to ourselves that we can.
What we must all endeavour to remember is that with rigorous research, strong guidance, and a splash of positivity, any business we set our mind to can thrive. Most of us have what it takes to build a business from the ground up.
All we need is the right information and the drive to put in the work. This is what we have done with 35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them .
35 Booming Business Ideas And Step-by-step Guides On How To Start Them is a 324-page e-book with 35 chapters. Each chapter of the book serves as a comprehensive crash-course on how to start potentially hugely profitable businesses in Nigeria. Every chapter provides a thoroughly researched guide to launching each business. Every information was sourced from both academic studies and people who are successfully running these businesses.
Furthermore, 35 Booming Business Ideas explores businesses in all sectors of the economy. From agriculture and manufacturing to creative white-collar pursuits; there is a little something for everyone. At the same time, every chapter manages to contribute to a flowing narrative from start to finish.
It’s a resource for entrepreneurs of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, every bit of this book has something useful for you.
In addition to providing practical guides on starting various businesses, we provided detailed financial breakdowns at the end of every chapter. These breakdowns list the basic equipment, human resources (salary estimates), and materials you will need to start your business. They also include price ranges for each item (calculated from several sources) and the factors that affect cost variation.
The businesses covered are: Palm Oil Business, Pure water/Bottled Water Business, Mini importation Business, Exportation Business, E-commerce Business, Logistics Business, Distribution And Wholesale Business, Travel Agency Business, Pos Business, Maize Farming Business, Call Center Business, Solar Energy Business, Dropshipping Business, Rice Farming Business, Custom Furniture Design Business, Fashion Business, Daycare center Business, Advertising Agency Business, Bulk SMS Business, Supermarket Business, Bakery Business, Printing Business, Poultry Business, Film Production Business, Block Moulding Business, Plumbing Business, Cassava Farming Business, Photography Business, Private Security Business Liquid Soap Business, Haulage Business, Fish Farming Business, Recycling Business, Accounting Business, Green Spa/Salon Business.
Naturally, this work takes into account, as much as possible, Nigerian federal laws passed as recently as 2020. The Appendix at the end of the book also contains some additional resources on regulatory processes that might be useful to you.
Another theme that ran central in this book was the concept of starting with what you have. To illustrate this, we made sure to include in our business costs, tools, and equipment that can be obtained as cheaply as possible or even completely cost-free. This is because when seeking funding for a dream business, we tend to focus on how much we don’t have instead of how much we can do with the little we have.
Acknowledging that it’s okay to start where we are, will deepen our optimism and our zest for business. In a similar vein, we also placed emphasis on doing research and on adopting cost-free means of educating oneself before starting a new business. By incorporating this “start with what you have” mindset, you will find that your dreams are more attainable than you think, regardless of cost.
In all, our goal with 35 Booming Business Ideas is to provide you with the information and the support you need to start building your own business empire from the ground up. In doing this, we hope to empower people from all over to take control of their life and to create the world they’ve always dreamed of.
The author, Florence Chikezie is the founder of ReDahlia and an award-winning entrepreneur.
In addition to running three successful businesses, ReDahlia Workspaces, The Business Clinic, and, she has consulted extensively with both brand-new entrepreneurs and seasoned start-ups and helped to establish flourishing businesses across various industries. Her mission is to empower a new wave of entrepreneurs who will run sustainable businesses all over the globe. She earned a Master’s degree in International Business from Hult International Business School, London, one of the best in the world, and she is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Do you know the best part? She’s going to be with you every step of the way. You can reserve a confidential session with her on an hourly basis. In that session, she will look at your Unique Selling Proposition and develop a winning business model that will stand you out from the competition. And, when you buy this book, you will get this session for less than half the normal price.

5 Agri-Businesses You Can Venture into Before Christmas to Earn More Money

Agriculture as we all know is very lucrative and it is ever relevant. People can do without a lot of things in a day but not without eating. I will be highlighting out some businesses you can engage in and start earning profit soon.

  1. Raising Broiler Chicken: Broiler chickens are known to grow rapidly and matured at 3 months. Most eateries and restaurants demand for 6 weeks birds. To venture into this business, all you need is a space which you can use in raising the chickens or cage. A four weeks broiler is sold between 900-1000 Naira and a bag of feed is sold at 5000-5500 per bag. Depending on the quantity you can afford to raise, with 30,000 Naira, you can raise 20 broilers. A 3 months old broiler is sold at 3,000 Naira. Now let’s do some calculation; 3000 * 20 broilers will give you 60,000 Naira. That is a profit of 30,000.

Photo source: Google

  1. Egg Distributor: Egg distribution is very profitable as well and you can start with little capital and expand as you make your profit. All you need to do is locate a reliable poultry farm that you can start buying from and resell at shops and supply snacks shops close to you at higher prices depending on size of egg and start making your daily income.

Photo source: Google

  1. Vegetable farming: In few weeks from now, vegetable will be more costlier as we are approaching dry season. You can go into vegetable farming to earn more money. To do that, you will need a swamp land, clear with cutlass, make beds and broadcast your vegetable seeds on it. Vegetable seeds can be gotten easily at markets depending on the type of vegetable you want to cultivate. However, be prepared to water your vegetable for good harvest.

Photo source: Google

  1. Maggot Production: Maggot production is very profitable although many people do not know this. It is usually in demands by fish farms and also an important constituent in poultry feed. To produce maggots, get a clean tank or big bowl, get animal manure, brewery spent grain, animal offal or carcass to attract flies. Mix together. Be prepared to water during dry season but avoid too much water. Small maggots are observed at about 10-12 hours later. Between 3-4 days, your maggots are ready for harvest. You can sell per kilogram.

Photo source: Google

  1. Rabbit Raising: Rabbits are loving animals and almost stress free when rearing them. You just need to provide them with food and clean water always. Rabbits can survive on grasses and left over food only but can as well choose to give them processed feed. A rabbit can start procreating as soon as 4 months of age depending on breed and they are very prolific. Rabbits gestation period is 30 days. You can start making money from your rabbits as soon as they start giving birth.

Photo source: Google

44 Latest bungalows and it’s building plans (2020 edition).

When it’s about a living place there is what is called a house and a home, a house is anything covered with zinc, but a home is a dwelling place for the able and peaceful people.

Have you ever wondered why some have peace in their home and some doesn’t have it’s because a house can’t give you peace, but home can. If you want to live long what you need is home not house.

It’s a place where you can find comfort, peace, pleasure, satisfaction and good health.

Don’t use your hard earned fortune to build a new house, but build a new home, children trained in a house is quite different from those trained in a home, because it’s what you have is what you give.

Let’s look at the the most current and affordable bungalows 2020 edition.

I bedroom bungalows.








Two bedroom bungalows










Three bedroom bungalows
























The most important is that you have the plans for you, you don’t need an architect to draw for you what you only need is to invite a good architect and pay him for only the construction for he can’t even be current as we are.

Don’t waste your hard earned money building old rugged, tattered and outdated house.

Don’t wait to build sky located buildings, a modest and simple home for you and your family, instead of waiting in vain to building 100 decks.

(All the pictures are courtesy of

Have i made your day.?

This is called a home not house.

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4 Mistakes Men Should Never Make In Life If They Want To Stay Wealthy

4 Mistakes Men Should Never Make In Life If They Want To Stay In Wealth.

Pictures used only for illustrative purposes

Wealth is health, according to the popular adage we recite over time. The conditions of not being wealthy is approximate to being unhealthy. Moreover, a happy man is a wealthy man and a wealthy man is a healthy man. To remain on the top of the game in making money, men should avoid a series of mistakes which is unfortunate to truncate their financial coasts.

However, the world would continue to besmirch the saying that, ‘the rich would continue to be rich, while the poor would continue to be poor.’ Inherently, the rich will continue to be rich and remain top of the game because of the decisions they continue to take. The lower class houses fear at the helm of every decision they wish to make, while the upper class does not just jump into any decisions, but embraces any opportunity they come across with.

Since health is wealth and wealth is health, men should never make these mistakes below if they want to remain in wealth.

1. Never live a life without Investment: Investment is the condition of putting your money to work, either directly or indirectly rather than putting in fixed deposit or savings account. Direct Investment is the type of investment where the financer runs his business by himself. He is the decision maker and the voice of his business, but this business usually fail sometime because of the decisions the proprietor makes overtime. Indirect Investment is the type of investment where the financer or investor stakes his capital with highly profiled Investment companies, and what he enjoys is his Return On Investment at intervals.

Indirect Investment is one of the best types of investment for people who do not have much time to do personal business, it is a type of business recommended for workers in the banking Sectors, Communication industries, oil and gas sectors, political Offices, health sectors, transportation sectors, and mostly People who run personal businesses and still wish to get more money from different sources, importantly, most companies in Lagos I know offer between 40-50% interest of any amount you invest with them. As a man, you should not make mistake to stay without Investment, because anything can happen at anytime, and it’s only your Return On Investment that can hover you out. I can answer you any question about this on 

2.Do not marry and still stay live in rented apartments for more than two years without starting your own building foundation.It would be very frustrating and tiring to pay house rent, pay school fees for children and still buying food. Make plans to get your own plot of land and start from there, there are some plots you can get between 500k-5 million, depending on your location in the town, even in Lagos State, you can even buy half plot and build a 3-bedroom flat, better than paying rent forever, ask me on. The beautiful thing in Lagos too is that you can pay for land in installments till the money is complete, depending on which service you are using. Stop planning to live permanently in someone’s house, start your own building today.

3. As a salary earner, never exhaust more than 60% of your income before the end of the month. Always calculate the percentage of cash you are giving to your wife for the upkeep of the family for another one month, calculate the percentage going for your transportation and recreation, calculate for car, house and facility maintenance and also calculate a particular percentage for uncertainties, all these should fall under 60% of your monthly income. This will also help you to stay Wealthy and avoid debts as a man.

4. Remember to bless your family with at least the little part of your money, especially your mother. When you’re broke in life, it’s only your family that would stand by you. Kindly like, comment and SHARE, to help others see and benefit from the article too, remember that knowledge is power.

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

you can be the most beautiful woman in the world if have all the moral and positive qualities that a woman is expected to have.

With your beauty, you are better than the sun, with your morals you are more sublime than musk; with your modesty you are noble than the full moon; with your compassion you are more beneficial than rain.

           So, preserve your beauty with faith, your tranquility with contentment, your chastity with hijab. Remember your adornment is not gold, silver or diamonds, rather, it is two rak’ahs at fajr, going thirsty when you fast for Allah, concealed charity which no one knows except Him, hot tears that wash away sin, a lengthy prostration born of utter submission to Allah, shyness before Allah when the inclination to do evil overwhelms you. Clothe yourself with garment of taqwa (piety) for you are the most beautiful woman in the world, even if your clothes are shabby. Clothe yourself with the cloak of modesty, for you are most beautiful woman in the world even if you are barefoot. Beware of the life of bewitching immoral disbelieving women, for they are the fuel of the fire of Hell.

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Marijuana Might Be Considered Harmful But See 2 Deadly Diseases It Can Help To Control

Marijuana AKA cannabis is being used in several parts in the world to alleviate suffering from various ailments.

Photo of the marijuana plant

Although, the drug is considered as a controversial drug because of fears that when it is abused, it could lead to more damage to our body system.

However, research has shown that that the substance, particularly, the medical cannabis has therapeutic value for a range of medical conditions.

Photo of farmer cultivating his marijuana crop

Below are 2 deadly diseases that cannabis can help to control.

1. Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells

Illustrative photo of the cells

The disease is said to be one of the leading causes of death in the world as it is responsible for millions of death yearly.

At this moment, marijuana cannot cure cancer but health experts say it can reduce the severity of the symptoms of cancer.

2. Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal.

Illustrative photo of the brain

It causes seizures and periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes, loss of awareness.

However, scientists have in recent years discovered that Cannabis Based Drugs which do not produce the ‘high’ feeling can be effective in reducing frequent seizures and also the severity of seizures suffered by the patient.

There are many more health conditions marijuana can help to control but it’s disadvantage comes to play when the drug is abused.

Globally, more and more states, particularly in America are passing laws to allow the sale of marijuana in some form.

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10 Easy Steps To Organizing Your Life And Doing Great Things

10 Easy Steps To Organizing Your Life And Doing Great Things

Organization takes on different definitions to different people. It is defined as having things arranged in a systematic manner, but no two people find the same system efficient in their own homes. Life is busy, schedules are full, and many people have very little free time to get organized and get their schedules in order. By becoming organized in a manner that suits you perfectly, you can create more free time, minimize stress, and really enjoy life. The trick to succeeding at organizing your life is to do it your way. Forget what everyone else is telling you and learn to create a system of organization that’s yours. It works better when it’s your way. If you need a little inspiration to help you get started, it’s right here. Here are some tips for you:

First, you’ve got to believe in yourself that you can be the conqueror of clutter. The way to do this is to hone in on what needs to be organized. Don’t be daunted. Think, what areas are the most disorganized? What areas are stressing you out and making it difficult for you to achieve certain tasks like scheduling meetings or fixing supper? Start that checklist and tackle one before moving onto the next.

Get dressed
There’s a trend among organized people. They start their mornings with the same routine every single day no matter if they’re going to work or staying home. A lot of successful people like to start the day by making their bed  this way they start the day with a small achievement. This simple act of getting ready for the day no matter where it may take you can change your perspective and help you be more productive. It’s the simple knowledge that you’re prepared for anything—inside or outside the house.

Write everything down
Sure, we live in an age where pen and paper is antiquated but it’s a great way to remember things. Write out those checklists and savor the triumphant feeling you have when you get to mark things off. For important dates and errands, feel free to use your smart phone. But no matter what, write (or type) it somewhere. To-do lists do no good floating around in your head.

Master the calendar
Speaking of dates, my productivity guru, Lori, also shared some important advice when it comes to scheduling meetings—be sure to use the notes section in your calendar. Don’t rely on your memory when it comes to recalling who is calling who, or what is on the agenda, or for me, what time zone the call is meant to take place. Auto-conversion doesn’t work sometimes, so she advised me to put all relevant times and time-zones manually in the body of the invitation.

Be an anti-procrastinator
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but procrastination only adds to stressand disorganization. The longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be to get the task done (plus, you’ll likely do a worse job because of the pressure and time constraints). Getting things done as soon as you can nixes the feeling of having something hanging over your head. Try it! It can be liberating!

Give everything a home
Some people love, love, love label makers. And, I never quite understood it. Those little machines seem to have an underground fan club of highly organized people. And now I know why—I’ve learned those little things can be a powerful weapon when it comes to getting organized. Pick one up and head to the Container Store and get a host of bins, boxes, and folders. Then go crazy. Give everything in your life its designated place. If everything has a home, you’ll lessen your chances of losing anything. Think of the time you’ll save not looking for your keys! This goes for email, too. Create folders and send those emails home.

Get rid of junk regularly
A big key to how to organize your life is spending time on a regular basis, whether it be every week or every month, to go through and declutter. Get rid of things you don’t need. A rule I have for clothes and personal items is, if I haven’t used it in a year, to bring it to Good Will or a consignment shop. Also, if I purchase something new, like a new sweater or pair of shoes, that means I must get rid of something. This also helps fight the clutter war.

Put things back where they belong
Now that everything has a “home”, make sure it stays that way. Don’t use that flashlight and then stick it in a nearby cupboard. Take a moment and place it back in the neatly labeled container you got it from. That way when you need it next, you’ll know where to look.

Share the work
One of the perks of being really organized is freedom from being really stressed and overwhelmed. And freedom from being really stressed and overwhelmed means demands that you not have too much on your plate. Really organized people know how to delegate. If you find that your plate is overflowing, prioritize and consider dropping or delegating the less important tasks. It’s okay to cancel plans so that you have time to think. Or, even, just to breathe.

Stop trying to be perfect!
Organized people have the image of being perfectionists but the truth is, they aren’t. It’s just the illusion they’ve created because they have the space and time to do what’s important well. If you feel like you must do everything perfectly, you’re not going to get anything done. So try to do the best you can for the most important stuff, and be okay with “good enough” for the others—or ask for help. This will help you combat procrastination and free up your time.

OPINION: Life after NYSC, don’t go home broke and hopeless

Life will never be better tomorrow or in the near future if you don’t start now to make the necessary changes that would provide a promising environment for a successful life. You owe yourself the very responsibility of giving your life a meaning and the very meaning that you deserve. I cant tell you that it is easy, especially here in our country where youths are not empowered and fostered like it is being done in other countries with a functional democratic government. However, that the government doesn’t care about you as a youth, neither your dreams and strive, doesn’t mean you should deny yourselves the basic needs to be happy and successful.

No doubt, I have been in your position as a corp member, and I have experienced the anxiety and depressions that affect one at the towards the of service year when allawee will seize to alart. But the common truth you should know about life is that, it has been given to you, and it is left for you to make it meaningful and successful. If you can follow this simple advice, I promise you will find happiness, fulfillment and the confidence of becoming whom you wish to be.

1. Believe in yourself: The greatest motivation ever is to believe in who you are. When you believe in yourself, you attract smiles, confidence and self esteem. It will also attract you to so many opportunities as a young fellow.

2. Be confidence: Fear is usually the virus that have kept so many youth indoors disable and stumble, but the important truth is that fear itself is a product of mindset, if you should stop thinking negative today, you will find out that fear doesn’t exist, you can conquer and achieve your dreams if you are confident enough.

3. Work on yourself: Set out principle and goals you would want to attain at a certain time of plan, this will keep you busy working on yourself.

4. Monetize your skills and Ability: There are things, even if they are few that you can do, and have been doing. Therefore Pick out the little skills and abilities in you and learn how to monetize it. Make money from them and live happily.

5. Try new opportunities: Everyday, there are new opportunities out there in the street looking for who to pick them, go to conferences invited or uninvited to look around for lucks, that what most successful men have done.

6. Move away from your comfort zone: They say that one would hardly succeed in their comfort zone, that could be true as regards to some reasons. You have to learn how to take a bold step and move out from home and get something busy to do. This will improve your life.

7. Learn and acquire a demanding skill: Today, people that are more comfortable are people with skill. With skill that you acquired, it can serve you and build you up beyond all odds. However, acquire a skill that you have passion for, don’t do anything because your friends are into it, do it because you have a profound interest on it.

Additionally, I encourage you to believe in yourself and captivate your NYSC service year into learning a better skill. You can do it if you believe in your little ability.

20 Ways Girls Trick Guys To Spend Money On Them

Girls are very smart they try many different tricks to make guys spend for them. Below are 20 tricks that women use—

1 She starts listing her standards.

That moment when she realizes she has you and you’ve completely fallen for her. That’s when the list comes out on how to keep her happy. Often an expensive list…and you know you’re screwed.

2 Unpredictable bursts of affection.

You can never tell when it’s coming or if it’s going to come again. You don’t know what made it happen, but you try figuring it out anyways thinking doing it more often will get her to like you.

3 Gets you in a good mood, then makes her demand.

You know when things finally seem to be going right. You have a good conversation, she smiles at you while talking…and then tells you about that purse she wants. Of course the guy thinks “Crap, things are going well. I don’t wana ruin it now.”

4 Talking in a way where she longs for what she wants.

Maybe she doesn’t use Trick#3. Instead she talks about what she wants in a longing voice that gets the guy to fantasize how happy he’d make her by getting it.

5 Uses the “If someone can get me that I’ll love him forever” line.

Oh this one is a killer. This affirms what the guy is already thinking, except she actually said it.

6 Attacks your sense of manhood.

By telling the guy (in a manipulative way) what a “real man” does to keep women happy.

7 Talks about other guys in front of you.

Jealousy is extremely powerful. By talking favorably about other guys she creates a sense of competition that someone has to overcome.

8 Ending every interaction with you not getting anywhere.

If she’s the in-demand HOT type of woman, the guy will go home each time thinking how things could’ve been better. Like a post-game assessment in sports, and try to please her more in different ways the next time he meets.

9 Starting with small requests and going on to bigger ones.

Basically it’s commitment and consistency. Once you’ve done a small favor you’re likely to do the next one even if she wants a little more. We are habitual beings. Once you get someone in the habit of doing something they will continue doing it. If you gave into her demands it’ll be harder saying “no” the next time she asks.

10 Starts eyeing other guys in front of you.

Another jealousy trick, this time the competition is right in front of you. It’s that subtle communication from her that says “You better do as I say, or else.”

11 “I don’t think I can see you anymore.”

What happens when a girl says that? The guy starts showing up at her house with flowers, chocolate, takes her out for MORE dinners in hopes that she won’t leave.

12 “What if I do this _ for you?”

She will give you a kiss in exchange for something or she’ll hold your hands, let you take her on a date etc…

13 Openly lowers your self-esteem so it feels like if you lose her attention you’ll never get any other woman’s attention EVER again.

14 Gets her friends to pressure you.

Dealing with social pressure can be tough, especially if most of your friends are actually HER friends. It gets to a point where they get disapproving of you, make you out as an outcast for not “making her happy”.

15 Threatens with telling her friends about you.

So she used trick #14 a few times, now all it takes is a mention or hint that she’ll be complaining to her friends and it does the job in getting what she wants.

16 Talks about the things her Ex-boyfriend did for her.

Showing you that you’ll never measure up and if you can’t top what her ex did then why should she give you a chance?

17 Random acts of kindness making you feel there is something.

After all that, she still does something nice once in a blue moon. Maybe gets you a scarf, brings you doughnuts. Just enough to justify to yourself that something special is happening between you two.

18 Pretends to be a damsel in distress.

The type who is in need of financial help…except when you talk to other guys you find out she’s always doing it to them. She uses her allure to get guys into “helping” her. Frankly if a grown woman can’t take care of herself it’s not your problem. You’re not her daddy.

19 She remembers a long list of all the things she did for you in her mind.

If there is ever an argument she brings up a list of all stuff she did for you – no matter how menial. And blows it out of proportion no matter how unfair it is.
And lastly:

20 Goes along with your plans and ideas…then starts changing it last minute to fit her needs.

Let’s say she’s just a friend. Let’s say you and your buddies made plans to see a movie and you invite her and her girlfriends. Then last minute the girls change plans to a place closer to them, and you guys reluctantly go along with it driving to the other side of town…because you don’t want to lose their approval.

What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

Lipsology is a relatively new pseudoscience that claims a direct relation between the shape of your lips and your personality traits.

Scientists and physiognomists consider the lips to be one of the most important features to pay attention to when trying to determine a person’s character. We express our thoughts verbally and in so doing reveal something of our character and psychological peculiarities.

The following are the most common lip shapes and the personalities their owners possess.

1. Goldilock lips

This type of lips are neither thick nor thin. And people with this kind of lips shape have ability to resolve any task ahead of them, they have ability to listen to others, they love to laugh and when it comes to relationships they are not needy or drama-seeking.

2. Undefined cupid’s bow lips

People with this kind of lips shape tends to put other people problems first and neglect their own self-care. They know how to tackle any problems and also they are very efficient at meeting deadlines and managing time.

3. Rounded cupid’s bow lips

A lips with a rounded cupid’s bow suggest a compassionate and kind spirit person. Even tough they love to help people, their are very sensitive.

4. Peaked cupid’s bow lips

People with this kind of lips shape are very creative, they’re very self aware and have impressive memory recall abilities.

5. Plumper in the center lips

People with this kind of lips shape are considered to have pride. They prefer to surround themselves with people than be alone and when its comes to relationships they may tend to be more of a drama queens.

6. Thin top and bottom lips

People with this kind of lips shape are introvert. They are perfectly content with the idea of being independent.

7. Naturally full lips

This kind of lips shape indicates that a person is an empathetic individual with strong parenting instincts. They are caring, selfless and also they value relationships above all else.

So what kind of lips do you have and what do they say about you? Leave your comment below.


Heart failure, sometimes known as congestive heart failure, occurs when your heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as well as it should. Certain conditions, such as narrowed arteries in your heart (coronary artery disease) or high blood pressure, gradually leave your heart too weak or stiff to fill and pump efficiently. Heart failure is a condition or a collection of symptoms that weaken your heart.
Heart failure can affect the right or left side of your heart, or both at the same time. It can be either an acute (short-term) or chronic (ongoing) condition.
In acute heart failure, the symptoms appear suddenly but go away fairly quickly. This condition often occurs after a heart attack. It may also be a result of a problem with the heart valves that control the flow of blood in the heart.
In chronic heart failure, however, symptoms are continuous and don’t improve over time. The vast majority of heart failure cases are chronic.
Shortness of breath (dyspnea) when you exert yourself or when you lie down
Fatigue and weakness
Swelling (edema) in your legs, ankles and feet
Rapid or irregular heartbeat
Reduced ability to exercise
Persistent cough or wheezing with white or pink blood-tinged phlegm
Increased need to urinate at night
Swelling of your abdomen (ascites)
Very rapid weight gain from fluid retention
Lack of appetite and nausea
Difficulty concentrating or decreased alertness
Sudden, severe shortness of breath and coughing up pink, foamy mucus
Chest pain if your heart failure is caused by a heart attack
Heart failure is most often related to another disease or illness.
Cardiomyopathy, a disorder of the heart muscle that causes the heart to become weak
A congenital heart defect
A heart attack
Heart valve disease
Certain types of arrhythmias, or irregular heart rhythms
High blood pressure
Emphysema, a disease of the lung
An overactive or under active thyroid
Severe forms of anemia
Certain cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy
Drug or alcohol misuse

How To Motivate Yourself

The only person stopping you from publishing that book, hitting the gym just as you promised is not your shadow, but you. The biggest obstacle to achieving your goals is just you. Sometimes, even the most motivated person on earth (you) may feel very low. You need to motivate yourself to get things done as this is the ultimate key to success. When your videos have been rejected 101 times or your articles suspended in between air, here are few pointers you need to keep going.

Start Small: You may be having an hard time getting things started, because you are thinking too big. Remember,baby steps is what really matters! Start to focus on making small steps towards your goal. Your small and ‘what you consider insignificant accomplishments’ can turn into something even greater. With constant practice, a descent writer becomes very good.

Be Your Own Cheerleader: Contrary to popular opinion, it is okay to be your own cheerleader. Celebrate your successes, both small and big. The easiest way to turn things around is to tell yourself how great you’re doing. I have pieces of handwritten motivation quotes that are used to recite to erase negative thoughts, each time such thoughts appears.

Compare Yourself With Yourself: Quick tip, never compare yourself with others. Many times, people are quick to judge their own successes based on other people’s actions. Some people allow other people opinion of them to get into them. Stop! Step back. Take a look at your surrounding, notice your process and enjoy your race while you leave others to theirs. Don’t hold back on living your best life just because you think others have got it all figured out.

Reward Yourself: For everyone in my tiny circle, I encourage them to reward themselves after every accomplishments, howbeit little. This does not mean splurging on yourself always, but a constant reminder of all that you have accomplished so far. Try to, as often as you can reward yourself for being amazing,and for putting out your best when it comes to accomplishing your goals regularly. Focus on all of the amazing things you have done, and on your strengths. ‘Be priding of yourself’, in Jenifa’s voice. Indeed, Looking back is a key to moving forward!

Remain Hopeful: Beyond planning, remain positive. Find out what makes you happy and act on it. Whenever you feel you are running low on hope, call for help. It is never too late to start again. Whatever you do be active, set goals, try new things in the hope that it will lead to something new and truly positive.

There you go. You can share the steps you take to motivate yourself, in the comments section.

Get 1GB For N200 and 1.5GB For N300 on MTN – Dial this Code

Get 1GB For N200 and 1.5GB For N300 on MTN – Dial this Code

2 How To apply for MTN My Offer Code Data Plan
2.1 How to Check your Balance MTN My Offer Code

However, you can also dial the code or on your phone to see if you are among the special people selected to be given this huge reward.
On MTN My Offer, you can get cheaper data plans starting from 1GB for N200 and 1.5GB for N300 or even more. All depends on your sim. Your sim will determine what offer you will be eligible for.
How To apply for MTN My Offer Code Data Plan
Dial *567# on your MTN line
My MTN Special Data offer will be placed at option 4.
Hit the Option 4 and get activated
How to Check your Balance MTN My Offer Code
To check data balance, please dial *131*4#.

How To Make Call While The Receiver Pays On MTN

To use the receiver pays service on MTN you will have to follow the instructions below.
Step 1. You can place a call to the recipient by dialling 121 followed by the number#.
For Example:
Step 2. When you’ve successfully dialled the number, you will receive the following response from MTN Nigeria:
Step 3. Now, MTN Nigeria network will try to verify if the intending sponsor (receivers) of the call which you’ve placed the call to, two things.
The receivers Tariff plan.
The receivers Account Balance.
After MTN Network has done that, the receiver will receive this message.
“Welcome to MTN Call Sponsor service”
Press 1 to accept,
Press 2 to reject,
Press 3 to accept and add to white list,
Press 4 to reject and add to blacklist.
Now, your call sponsor will be required to either press;

  1. To accept the call
  2. To reject the call
  3. To accept the call and add your number to the white list.
  4. To reject the call and add your number to the blacklist.

Note, however, that if your called sponsor presses 1, the call will be connected and your recipient mobile number called will be charged for the call according to her/his MTN2MTN tariff plan rate.
However, if your call receiver presses 2, the call will be rejected and you will receive a notification message.

Men, If A Women Displays Any Of These 4 Qualities, Quickly Present Her To Your Parents For Marriage.

Marriage is a legal union of a man and a woman coming together to become one. The unionism is decided by both parties.

However, before we go into the main topic of the day, let’s take a look at the reasons why marriage is necessary.

1. Marriage is aimed at harmonizing different gender to become one.

2. Marriage is the avenue used to legalized togetherness of a male and a female. For example sleeping, eating and bathing together.

3. Biologically, One of the main aim of marriage is for reproduction of children.

4. Marriage is the fulfillment of the scripture where it says “A man shall leave his father’s house, get married and go to his own house”.

Here are the Qualities Everyman should look out for, before presenting the girl to his parents for marriage

Men, If A Women Displays Any Of These Qualities, Present Her To Your Parents For Marriage.

1. If she washes your clothes often, without telling you or requesting money from you for soap. She deserves to be presented to your parents for marriage.

2. If she’s prayerful, it takes a prayerful woman to liberate a man under ancestral bondage.

3. Men, once you observe that she has the heart to give and not always receiving give her a reason to be your future wife.

4. One of the qualities that can make you present her to your parents for marriage is her ability of Understanding.

If she’s a lady that understands, she’s deserves getting married to.

Note: This points can change depending on individual or the kind of person you meet. But if these characters and Qualities are seen in a woman present her to your parents for marriage rights.

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If you have any questions or other points you can add through the COMMENT box below.

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Poisons won’t kill you if you take these 2 things quickly

Hello guys, welcome again. In this article, I am going to show and teach you two things:

1. Local Anti poisons that you can get at a very cheap price

2. How to make anti poisons by yourself at home.

Lately, there have been a rise in the number of deaths resulting from food, substance or drug poisoning, and this is quite worrisome.

Innocent lives are lost due to hatred or jealousy from people who they call they’re friends or even family members. This is terrible, and sad.

Lately, I read on the news how a lady was poisoned by her friend because she announced to her that she was gifted an expensive apple phone. So her friend whom she trusted enough to share her joy with decided to poison her because she felt unfortunate, and jealous.

Well, it is God that protects, we can only pray to be surrounded by good people who truly love us in actions and not just in words.

This article is a very important advisement to everyone, so please share to your friends and family after reading.

Although we can never be well prepared against unforeseen circumstances, but we can do the best we can and hope that God continues to save us from enemies.

Hence, here are the two things that are you can use as good anti poisons. They are not new but they’ve been around for a long time, just that people don’t know about them or they choose not to be proactive enough to store them in their houses for uncertainties. They are:

1. Activated charcoal (I am going to teach you how to turn your firewood into an anti poison that can save your life)

2. Bitter Kola nuts.

These two natural anti poison will only cost you little amount of money to get them in the market.

However, if you don’t have money, you can easily make one for yourself without stress.

Here is how anti poisons work:

If you take a poisonous substance, or drug, all you have to do is to quickly take either bitter kola or activated charcoal to counter and stop the effect of the poison. Personally, I prefer activated charcoal.

These anti poisons or antidotes work by stopping the poisons from getting into your blood, because poisons can only carry out their deadly effects when they get into your blood stream and then to your vital organs such as your heart, kidney, lungs, liver etc.

These substances (bitter kola and activated charcoal are called) are called adsorbents. They adsorb the Poisonous substances in your gut (intestines) and expel or flush them out of your body.

Here is how to make your own activated charcoal:

All you need are:

1.Charcoal and

2. lemon juice

1. Get charcoal from burnt wood and wash them.

2. Grind the charcoal to powder form and transfer into a bowl, Use glass containers preferably.

2b.Then filter the grounded charcoal

3. Get your lemon juice (squeeze 6 lemon into 6 cups of water) and stir it.

4. Stir your charcoal as well.

5. Pour the lemon juice into the powdered charcoal and stir to make a paste.

6. Allow to stand untouched for 24 hours.

7. After 24 hours boiling the mixture of charcoal and lemon juice for 3 hours.

The boiling process is what activates the charcoal.

8. Filter out the charcoal from the mixture and dry the residue.

After drying it store in an air tight container.

Directions for use: Mix half to one spoon of the activated charcoal in one class of water and drink.

It is important to always have them at home, so that if something bad happens and someone is poisoned, you can quickly administer the anti poisons (activated charcoal or bitter kola) in order to save the person’s life. It could be your life you will be saving as one can’t tell what will happen in the future.

Hence, after reading this piece, get firewood and make your own anti poisons, or buy one in the market.

Life can only be lived once, Don’t let any bitter person take it away from you.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a substitute for medical attention following serious drug, substance or food poisoning, it is only meant as a first aid. Thank you.

Are You Still Living Unemployed? See 10 Job Ideas You Can Do To Earn A Living

Most people are still living unemployed in our society of today while others are busy out there making cool cash doing not a thing or the other to earn a living.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a graduate or not, having the required educational knowledge in the higher institution is not a waste when you do not get a white-collar job. Your knowledge in the higher institution will be of great help in any self-reliance job or job opportunity you do to earn a living.

While most people cannot afford the capital requirements in order to study further in the higher institution, that is not the end of life for them, as there are jobs out there waiting for you to engage yourself in. No matter how small the job might seem to you, the only things that matters are your ability to save money and grow the business. Most self-reliance jobs tend to earn you more profit when performed on a higher scale. Most of these businesses or jobs require special skills and large scale production in order to earn more money from it. Although most of these jobs are mostly preferred to a certain gender, nevertheless, it can be done by both genders.

If you’re unemployed, why not choose an option (job) from the list below and try if you can engage in it, with doing that, you can earn a living for yourself.

1. Being a Tailor Or Seamstress

2. Being a Barber in a salon

3. Plaiting of hair in a salon

4. Setting up a cosmetic shop or beauty salon

5. Learning and starting up a professional bakery services

6. Learning of accessories like a phone or laptop repair process

7. Learning and starting of wood or carpentry work

8. Learning and starting up a car driving services

9. Learning and starting up a shoe or leather repair work

10. Farming work

Most of these jobs above require capitals to set them up, which might be a barrier to some people, but the best option to it is to save learn, after learning, try practicing in a small scale manner, with that, you can be able to save money and set it up on a large scale.

There are also many other jobs you can engage in apart from those listed above.

Being an Opera news hub creator is not left out in one of the ways one can earn a living. Opera news requires you to be a creative writer, after which they pay you for your services. They have indeed assisted in lessening the problem of unemployment as being testified by the youths.

Having seen what you can engage in as a means to earn a living, you can also help in decreasing the rate of unemployment by sharing this article for others to see and read also.

Here are Six Characteristics Of a Player: # 3 and 6 Will Shock You

A player is a man who does not care about your feelings and is just with you because to him a woman is a plaything.A player is a non-committer who is basically interested in conquests than long term commitment. A player does not want to be accountable to you or anyone else, hes to scared to let himself feel things so he goes around hurting women to help him feel good about himself.

Usually, as a result of spending so much time with women they are so smooth and know exactly how to wrap you around their small finger. This is the sole reason why i’m here today to give you signs just so you do don’t fall in to the trap of a player.

Here are 6 signs to watch out for.

1. He expressly denies being one.

In my experience, the men who come straight out (unprovoked) and proclaim that they aren’t players, tend to be precisely that. He will announce this the first time he screws up, or senses that you’re leery about him. And he’s operating on reflex. You see, he’s so used to being accused of being one, that he instinctively plays offense from the start, in the hope you might be gullible enough to believe what you hear, rather than what you see.

2. He’s too smooth.

Does he have an answer for everything? A really good answer for everything? I’m not surprised. as it comes from years of practice. He’s made all the big mistakes and has plenty of experience with smoothing things over. He knows what you want to hear, because he’s learned well from his previous enablers. Don’t add yourself to the list.

3. He’s always slightly aloof.

He pays just enough attention to make you crave more, but little enough to make you wonder how interested he really is. This ploy is designed to make you want more — which is what most of you end up doing — and some of you will go out of your way to get his attention via methods you wouldn’t normally lower yourself to. That’s exactly what he wants; you crawling on your knees for his attention.

4.He doesn’t share

Players don’t care about you really. All they want is your body, nothing else. No matter how much you try to have a meaningful conversation and share your personal details with him, you will never make him share his side of the story. Perhaps because he is not interested in opening up. Or maybe, just maybe, he has a lot of dirt that if you ever found out, you will leave running! Everyone has a past, and it’s ok not to go through it at this early stage, but at least you might want to know a little more about him. If he’s not sharing anything, he has a lot to hide. Be careful as this might be one of the most alarming sings he is a player. If he had 69 girlfriends before you, he is not going to share it with you, right?

5.He Flirts With Everybody

Woe to the woman who falls for this type of guy.It’s super easy to become interested in a guy who’s flirting with you. After all, just talking to him makes you feel good… and that makes you wonder if you make him feel good too.A guy who flirts with everybody isn’t shy – he’s going to go after what he wants. So if you’re hoping that he’s interested in you because he’s flirting with you, but he’s not making a move and he flirts with lots of other people, it’s a sign he’s a player.

6. He makes you feel like you’re overreacting when you’re not.

For example: He promises to call you at 9 pm, but doesn’t contact you until the next day. Why? Because he decided that watching the game with his mates would be more fun. When asked why he couldn’t be bothered to let you know, to send you a text at least, he replies by making you feel like you’re being clingy or too demanding. This guy is a tosser!

If you see these signs, please run. You don’t want to walk in to the torment that dating this man will be or is to you with your eyes wide open.

The Fastest Way To Become Poor Is To Keep Doing These 6 Things.

Nobody likes poverty, and everyone is always striving to be free from poverty. However, there are some things we do that can lead to us becoming poor, and unable to fend for ourselves.

Some people do not know that the reason why man of them are poor today, is because of the things they do daily. We claim to desire financial freedom and stability, but some of our daily activities are the reason for our poverty and wretchedness.

This is why I have composed this article on six things you should stop doing, if you don’t want to experience poverty in life.

Poverty is very bad and even the poor will not recommend it for anyone. Therefore, it is good you acquire the requisite knowledge to exterminate poverty. I will never be poor and I pray you too will never be poor.

Let’s take a look at these six things you must stop doing.

6) Spending more than you are earning

Most times, we are the wasters of our own resources, I agree that many times we have to settle one bill or the other; but there are times when we decide to live above our means and this is the reason many of us are poor. How can you be earning ‘N50,000 monthly’ and you are living in a house of over ‘N400,000’ that is not your own.

There is no way you will have enough money to build your own house talk more of taking care of your family. Hence, it is advisable we stop spending more than we are earning and instead start investing.

It is better you don’t seem to belong and have peace of mind, than trying to live up to the pressure of the world and run into debts. There are people who buy clothes because of others, or purchase things to compete with others; it is very bad, you must not live your life to prove a point to anybody.

5) Buying what you want more than what you need.

Needs are more important than wants, because you can live without wants but not your needs. A lot of people make their wants a priority and neglect their needs.

This is why someone will choose to wear designer clothes on empty stomach. Is it not better you wear local clothes and have more than enough food to eat, than putting on expensive clothes that do not yet match your financial status.

Learn to place your needs ahead of your wants, so you can live long.

4) Buying liabilities instead of assets.

I will rather build two bedroom flats of three units than buy the latest Lexus Jeep. Do you know why? That Lexus Jeep by this time next year will already be old model, but my house will last for ten years before it may even need renovation; and people that match that class of house will still be renting it.

Besides, once I renovate it I will get more gain from it yearly than someone who purchased the latest Lexus Jeep. This is because, even if you decide to sell your Jeep, it wi be cheaper than you bought it because another new model is already on ground.

This is a perfect example of assets and liabilities, rich men are not graded by their liabilities but their assets. It is better you have assets rather than liabilities, so you can have stable means of income.

3) Inability to invest.

A lot of people hate the language of investment, some classify any investment enterprise as bad. It is true there are fraudsters but please there are still geniune means to invest your money, just like the one I highlighted above.

You an choose to also but shares from companies, create stable sources of income for your life. Choose better means to use money rather than wasting it on frivolities.

2) Refusal to pay your tithes.

Remember, you can never gather what is been scattered; except you destroy whatever is scattering it. Some people earn good amount of money but due to failure to return back ten percent to God, devourers come in through various means to steal your income.

Dear reader, please always pay your tithes. Don’t wait till the money is gone before you remember tithing. Pay your tithes and pay them on time.

1) Relying on your strength to get rich.

Self sufficiency is one cause for the failure of many in life. Never depend on your own strength to achieve anything in life. If you check world shakers today, you will see that most of them had every reason to fail, but they relied on a strength greater than them.

Start relying on God to help you become financial stable, no amount of hustling can substitute the place of God’s help in your life. If you don’t want to touch dirty money, then fear God. Trust your Maker and He will help you.

Thank you for reading this article.

Please like and share this article with others.

7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With Less Than N10,000 During This Pandemic

Their are many uncertainties that has happened during this period of CONVID-19, which has drastically affected many businesses and industries. The Entertainment Industry, sport industry, Fin Tech, Market places, and so on and many all over the world has lost thier jobs during this period. It is often said that in a challenging world, thier are always opportunities along with it and the key focus of this opportunity I will be shearing with you all is how the Internet can help in reinstating businesses for many who are willing to turn thier passion into profit.

If you have passion in singing, graphic design, production, writing, generally having passion in any thing legal, I will be sharing with you how you can convert your passion to cash without renting a shop, by majorly focusing on the use of your data and mobile phone.

As we proceed, I would love you to pick up a note and pen, to write down, firstly, list the things you are passionate about on a piece of paper, also indicate why you love doing them, select the once you are very good at much more passionate about. List them aside from others, and plan working on them, as we proceed, i will let you know how you can enhance your skill in utilising them to profit.

Tools Needed.

The tool needed are:

1. Mobile Phone

2. Mobile Data

3. Pen and Paper.

This tools mentioned are your workshop.

I will be shearing 8 (eight) major businesses you can start during this pandemic and make good profit from if you follow my explanations. Below are business you can start with.

Information Marketing: This is a very lucrative means of earning which can fetch you good earnings in 6 figures monthly if only you capitalise on the business model. This business is about selling information, e.g How to bake cake, how to open a barbing saloon shop, how to build a long lasting relationship e.t.c. From market research, it’s been observed that three niche sells more in this market, and they are,

A. How to make money

B. Relationship

C. Health product.

If you can build a topic around this topics, or few you are passionate about, you can absolutely make good profit from it.

What are the procedure to market your idea through information marketing,

You can market your information by building a free or paid website using wordpress, you can upload an ebook of your products and upload it on the website, run a campaign or ads with the link of your products and it will direct people to your landing page where they can read more about the products and opt in for payment. For convinience and trust from your prospective clients, you can register with any payment gateway like paystack or flutterwave, create a payment button, and attach the link to your products so buyers can buy directly into the account without you giving them your personal account details.

You can research for as many topics, write on them and people who need such information are ready to buy from you.

Another means you can retain your customers is by creating a LIST, kindly follow my handle or page to see my next article on how to created a succesful list where your old buyers can keep coming back to buy from you each time you release a new product.

E-commerce: This is another lucrative business you can start with or without owning a product or even if you have a product. A good way to start with this, is opening an account with Shopify. Fill in every necessary details, upload your products, description of products and payment method, shear the links of your products on WhatsApp, run ads and as people begin to make order, you can start distributing. You can as well make a profit of over N80 to N120, 000 monthly from the comfort of your home.

Home Delivery: Due to restriction of movement and the lockdown in various states, most individuals find it difficult going out, you can utilise this opportunity by rendering home delivery services to people, either by purchasing food items, laundry, etc and charge them base on cost and logistics.

Writer: If you have passion as a writer, you can make good money from it monthly or base on each article you publish. You can write on what you are passionate about, in politics, poems, stories, sports etc. One of the places you can make money as a writer is visiting freelance websites which you can get from Google search, or also you can apply as a writer with Opera hub and get paid. Making N40, 000 to N100,000 monthly base on your reach and quality or originality of your contents.

Home Tutorials: Are you good in teaching, what can you lecture on, you can create a video or make a post about what you can offer, and I bet you, you will always have people willing to give you offer of services.

Fiverr: is a market place for freelance talented people in all fields. People make upto N300,000 to over N500,000 monthly rendering services to people including graphic design, web design, proofreading, video creation, song writing, etc. You can signup for free, advertise previous jobs done, and people can pay you for a task for minimum of $5.

Affiliate Marketing: This is another lucrative business you can start up from home. You dont need to create any product or run any research in product creation. The product has already been created with good marketing tips to go along with it, all what you need to do, is to advertise your link so once people start buying such products from your link, you start earning commission from sales. You can register with jvzoo and open a PayPal account which will help you recieve money from buyers all over the world.

Youtube: If you have original content and products or things to shear, you can use YouTube as a means to grow your audience. Uploading good contents of yours, firstly read through their terms and conditions so you don’t get your videos flagged. Building your business can be time consuming for starters but once you are patient to build a good audience, you can be making roughly over N700,000 monthly from YouTube ads. This medium is very lucrative in building a large presence for your business and subscribers who will always love to check out your new content release.

With these categories you can select any of them to build passive income monthly with no or little capital. If you want to get more advance and useful information in setting up your business kindly follow my page for new updates that would be release soon in building a list or reputable business during this time of uncertainty.

4 Ways to Turn Your Time on Social Media into Real Cash. No 2 Does the Magic

Social media is one of the several innovations that would be here for a very long time. 

According to Wikipedia, ‘Social media are interactive computer mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. 

In simpler terms, they are websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly and efficiently and in real time. 

History has it that the first recognizable social media site, Six Degrees was created in 1997. It enabled users to upload a profile and make friends with other users. In 1999, the first blogging site became popular thereby creating a social media sensation that’s still popular today. 

Just like every other thing, social media has got it’s advantages and disadvantages. It then falls on every user to engage the power of social media to his/her advantage.

Based on the categories of their uses, there are several types of social media. 

Shopping networks: For shopping online e.g. Ali express, Jumia, Konga, Jiji etc.

Blogging and publishing networks: Publish content online e.g. Opera News, WordPress etc.

Media sharing networks: For photos, videos and other media. e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc.

Social networks: This is solely for connecting with people without videos and other media. e.g Badoo, Tinder, Eskimo etc.

Interest-based networks: Share interests and hobbies. e.g. LinkedIn(employment oriented service) 

One can function effectively while using social media. Here are few suggestions;

1. Be careful with your words

Words are very powerful as they could be taken out of context because they are typed out with no accompanying physical presence. What you intend passing across might be different from how your receiver perceives it. 

Words can trigger wrong emotions from the recipient. 

Erin Bury, Sprouter Community Manager advises ‘Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it ‘.

Be careful what you post online, the online community never forgets.

2. Use it to your advantage 

With the advent of social media, you can sell anything online just be strategic. If you can’t afford to pay any of the social media influencers, you can do the marketing yourself. Constantly post pictures of your products alongside positive reviews. The power of social media marketing can never be underestimated. 

Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs says ‘Social media puts the PUBLIC into PR and the MARKET in marketing. 

So be aggressive with your marketing online. 

3. Build a viable network 

One of the major reasons people go on social media is to socialize – meet old and make new friends. Use the social media to build the right network. Look out for people you feel will help you out positively. You don’t necessarily have to accept every friend request that pops up on your page. Be intentional and sieve out people with questionable character and do not align with your philosophy. 

Prioritize your network.

4. Be Authentic 

This is the most critical as you have most social media users living fake lives online. 

A Nigerian Musician, Simi stated recently that She intends leaving social media for at least 5 times a day. 

In her words, ‘Most of the things I see just seem so fake and noisy and unnecessary and fake and pointless and tiring and fake’. 

I understand that some persons create these accounts for dubious purposes. I sound like a grandma now but you don’t need to steal pictures to deceive people into believing it’s yours. If you decide to do this, I hope and pray that you are caught. 

I do feel it’s not compulsory that you are on all the various social media. Know what best works for you. However if you have got all the time in the world moving from one social app to the other, please go ahead. 

You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways.

You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways.  1. Amazon: Publish your own Kindle books Real people who love writing and marketing are finding that they can publish their own digital books directly to

You can make money without fraud using these 10 ways.

1. Amazon: Publish your own Kindle books
Real people who love writing and marketing are finding that they can publish their own digital books directly to Amazon using their Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Take for instance blogger Thomas Strock, who made $6,716.05 in one month alone from all his Kindle books. Not bad for an 18-year-old.

2. Google AdSense: Set up your own niche websites
I love reading the way that Spencer Haws – not the basketball player, but the webmaster – sets up websites focused around a variety of topics and then places Google AdSense ads on them to make money.

3. YouTube: Make money via video ads
If you know your way around your smartphone’s video feature, try to earn a $4 million per year like vlogger PewDiePie by uploading interesting videos to and monetizing them, praying they go viral.

4. Squidoo: Write interesting articles
There’s a noteworthy monetary trail on Virginia Allain’s Squidoo page that shows how her income has climbed and fallen over the years. As of August 2014, she made $676 for the month via the site.

5: iTunes App Store: Sell your own app
You don’t even need to be as technically inclined as Harlan Yee, a developer who made nearly $500 in July 2014 from his mobile apps. Even if you don’t know how to code apps, you can hire developers on sites like Elance to code them for you.

6. Upwork: Hawk your words
Speaking of Elance, the husband and wife team – Troy and Valerie Mellema – who run their “Words You Want” freelance writing business on the site, show current earnings of more than $450,000 over the past 12 months. Enough said.

7. eBay: Sell things around your house – or buy things to sell for higher prices
Tons of people have turned to to make extra cash. Simply search through the “sold” listings to see the kinds of items that have sold recently and for how much. Whether you start off as a smaller seller like this blogger Yolanda, who is using her eBay profits to pay off her student loans – or whether you become a big player who buys shoes en masse and resells them for a profit, if you like selling and shipping stuff, give it a try.

8. Fiverr: Make money of just about any talent
If you scroll through the most popular sellers on, you’ll note that they make money by offering everything from voiceover work to Photoshop skills.

9. iStockPhoto: Upload your photos, videos and illustrations for earnings
If you have a penchant for taking pics or drawing vector illustrations and the like, you can sell them as stock artwork on sites like iStockPhoto, where you’ll see that exclusive contributors and sellers like Beach Cottage Photography have experienced loads of downloads.

10: Instagram: Turn your social media photos into prints for a profit isn’t just for sharing interesting pics or showing off your skinny waist in a corset. These days, photographers like Daniel Arnold have learned that he can make $15,000 in one day from the site. Even 15-year-old Ryan Parrilla has gotten in on the action and sells his beautiful Instagram photos as prints.

Stop Asking “Are You Online?”. It’s Wrong. Say This Instead •

Speakers of English language many times make errors in their speech or writing by misusing the tense.

Tense is simply the change that takes place in the verb to show the time of an action and premised on this definition we have two major tenses in English namely Present tense and Past tense.

Other kinds of tense are:

1. The simple present tense

2. The present continuous tense

3. Present perfect tense

Common errors you make in the use of tense in your speech.

Wrong: I have ran the race

Correct: I have run the race

Wrong: I have drank the water

Correct: I have drunk the water

Wrong: The little boy has broke his ankle

Correct: The little boy has broken his ankle

Wrong: I have get what I wanted.

Correct; I have got what I wanted

Wrong: I have worked in this company since two years.

Correct: I have worked in this company for two years.

Wrong: Are you online?

Correct: Are you on the phone?

Wrong: we saw Jane in the Television/screen

Correct: We saw Jane on the television/screen.

Wrong: I heard it over/in (the) radio.

Correct: I heard it on (the) radio or I heard it over the air.

Wrong: There is no credit in my phone.

Correct : There is no credit on my phone

Wrong: The manuscript is in the computer.

Correct: The manuscript is on the computer

Wrong: Speak on the microphone

CORRECT: Speak into the microphone.

WRONG: He is working under the rain/sun.

CORRECT: He is working in the rain/sun

WRONG: I born my last child in 2005

CORRECT: I had my last child in 2005

WRONG: There are a lot of tall storey buildings at Lagos.

CORRECT: There are a lot of tall storey buildings in Lagos

WRONG: I will be in Uzuakoli tomorrow.

CORRECT; I will be at Uzuakoli tomorrow.

(Use “in” for big cities and “at” for small cities).

Note The 7 Male Body Parts Women Finds Very Attractive

We as humans are known for or built by our DNA, which determines our characteristics and other related parts of a human life or a person.

the image above is only used as an illustration of a man.

Men are always known to admire women and these women knows what men like to admire in a woman when its comes to physical appearance. And people have been wondering what women admires in men, as we all know the body parts that men admire in women, now lets know about men’s body part that can steal a girl’s attention.

The Skin

We all know that women love fine things, so they always notice a man’s skin, how smooth or rough it is which is likely to be the first thing women observe in men’s body.

The Mouth.

When you start to talk to her, this is the first body part a lady recognizes. Ladies find it desirable to have pink, plump and succulent lips.


Make sure that your hands are smooth and succulent before you greet a lady. It attracts females.


A guy with a long, thin nose attracts so many ladies.


Often, ladies are drawn to a guy with white eyes. They also find it appealing to guys with dark brown pupils.


When your teeth are white, we still note a pretty smile. Ladies think an attractive man with white teeth


It seems muscular and powerful to a guy with bigger muscles. Therefore, ladies find this body part appealing to women.

10 Signs That Shows Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly •

Consistently our personalities cycle huge quantities of records, our our bodies perform a large range of sports. Living on this bustling international makes it slightly important some messages that your body sends you. Furthermore, the results of no longer conveying and reacting to these symptoms can be top notch.

We have induced a rundown of symptoms which to illustrate that your kidneys are not running accurately. What range of these signs and symptoms have your frame been sending to you?

10. Inconvenience resting

At the point when your kidneys aren’t running appropriately, it implies that toxins can’t go away the body via pee and live within the blood. Expanded degree of toxins make it tough to nod off. That is the cause while you get much less relaxation, you increment the odds of kidney work lower.

Warning: People with Chronic Kidney Disease more commonly be afflicted by relaxation apnea. Rest apnea is a confusion that reasons as a minimum one stops within the breath when you rest. These delays can remaining from or 3 seconds to a second. After preventing for a moment, ordinary respiratory comes again with a boisterous grunt. Persistent weighty wheezing signs that the time has come to see a consultant.

9. Migraines, exhaustion and widespread shortcoming

Solid and correctly running kidneys convert Vitamin D in our our bodies to keep up solid bones and to produce a hormone referred to as Erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone assumes a full-size component within the introduction of purple platelets. At the point when kidneys don’t paintings appropriately, they produce much less EPO. The lower of red platelets (those who convey oxygen) brings about speedy weak spot of your muscle tissue and thoughts.

Warning: It is regular for people with Chronic Kidney Disease to have sickliness. Frailty can also start to increase while someone has 20% to half of normal kidney work. In case you’re getting enough rest and rest, but preserve encountering sentiments of sluggishness, low energy stages and popular shortcoming, you have to visit your PCP at once.

Eight. Having dry and indignant skin

Solid kidneys accomplish massive paintings with the aid of casting off waste and extra liquid from the blood, helping produce crimson platelets, and maintaining up the proper measure of minerals to your frame. Bothersome and dry skin signal the frustration of kidneys to maintain up the right equalization of minerals and dietary supplements that could result in bone and kidney infection.

Warning: If you’ve got dry and bothersome skin, try to stay more hydrated. Keep in thoughts, before taking any prescription for itching consult your primary care medical doctor. Certain prescriptions have fixings that conceivably may want to harm your kidney paintings considerably more.

7. Encountering lousy breath and metallic taste

At the factor when waste develops inside the blood, it modifications the taste of food and leaves a metallic intuition with reference to your mouth. Having horrible breath is every other indication of getting an excessive number of toxins and sullying inside the circulatory device. Besides, you may quit desiring meat and lose your hunger by and massive, that may set off unwanted weight reduction.

Warning: There are various reasons why food can have a metal flavor (from sensitivities to helpless oral wellness). Ordinarily, the metal judgment concerning your mouth ought to disappear if the usual motive has been handled. In the event that the taste keeps on showing up, you should contact your primary care physician.

6. Windedness

The connection among kidney infection and experiencing shortness of breath, particularly after little exertion, is delivered about by means of components. To start with, additional liquid within the body moves into the lungs while kidneys aren’t running accurately. Second, sickliness denies your collection of oxygen and this effects in windedness.

Warning: There are numerous purposes behind breath shortness from kidney lack of ability to bronchial asthma and cell breakdown within the lungs or cardiovascular breakdown. In the event which you observe which you are constantly exhausted subsequent to making an investment nearly no energy, you must touch your primary care medical doctor right away.

Five. Expanding in lower legs, toes and hands

Kidneys that are neglecting to carry out as it should be don’t take away any additional liquid from the body. This activates sodium maintenance which reasons swelling to your decrease legs, feet and fingers. Growing of the decrease quantities of your body can likewise flag coronary heart and liver contamination or leg vein issues.

Warning: Sometimes taking prescription, decreasing salt and removing abundance liquid on your frame can stop increasing. On the off risk that it doesn’t enable, at that point you to require a distinctive remedy.

4. Having lower back ache

Kidney unhappiness can result in returned pain that is generally profound and found proper beneath the rib confine. It tends to be felt within the the front of the crotch or hip territory. Back and leg discomfort may be delivered approximately by means of kidney zits, which might be big liquid filled sacs formed at the kidenys, and are the aftereffect of polycystic kidney malady.

Tip: Back torment delivered about through kidney unhappiness is joined by way of feeling debilitated, regurgitating, excessive internal heat level and successive peeing. Ordinary returned agony that has no dating with the kidneys behaves in an unexpected way: torment is more confined and takes place out of nowhere, there is no fever. In the event that you retain encountering again torment and comfort from pain drugs are insufficient, make certain you spot your number one care doctor.

3. Puffy eyes

An early sign that your kidney’s channel framework is harmed is the beginning of protein in the pee, that may bring about puffiness round the attention zone. The puffiness round your eye may be clarified through the manner that your kidneys are releasing a big sum of protein into the urine as opposed to keeping it and circulating it at some stage in the body.

Tip: If you’re positive that your body is accepting sufficient relaxation and protein, but you maintain on seeing puffiness around your eyes, make a point to devise an arrangement to look your primary care physician.

2. Hypertension

Your circulatory framework and kidneys depend upon each other. The kidneys have little nephrons that channel waste and further drinks from the blood. In the occasion that the veins get harmed, the nephrons that channel your blood don’t get enough oxygen and dietary supplements. That is the motive hypertension is the following using motive for kidney unhappiness.

Tip: Learn to address your excessive blood strain to stay faraway from kidney disappointment. Include nourishments wealthy in folic acid as it is concerned about the advent of purple platelets and may help forestall pallor.

1. Changes in pee

Your kidneys are liable for delivering pee and doing away with waste via it. Changes in the recurrence, odor, shading and presence of urine have to not be not noted. Normal varieties of adjustments consist of:

Expanded want to pee, mainly all through the night. Anyplace among four to 10 instances an afternoon is considered as regular. Seeing blood in pee. Sound kidneys channel squander from the blood to deliver pee, yet in the occasion that the channel is harmed the platelets may start to “leek” out into the urine. Having frothy pee. Air pockets in the pee mainly the ones that anticipate you to flush a few instances till they disappear demonstrate that unwanted protein is in the pee.


Memory is what gives a person their identity and individuality, as without it you will not be able to learn new information, form lasting relationships, or go about your daily life functions. Your memory reserve is a malleable entity that can be built upon with every new experience and learning.

The act of memorizing any information follows a 3-part process.

The first stage entails encoding or processing the information in visual, acoustic, or semantic form. This is followed by the storage of information as sensory, short-term, or long-term memory. To consolidate the information into the long-term memory, you must use it repeatedly. The final stage of the memory process involves retrieving the information stored in your brain files.

However, just as memory can be enhanced, it can also suffer a natural decline with advancing age. Moreover, issues such as dementia, brain trauma, and persistent stress can impair your memory function a great deal.

Side effects of antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and pain medications
Alcohol, tobacco, or drug use
Sleep deprivation
Bipolar disorder
Too much stress and anxiety
Nutritional deficiency, especially vitamin B1, B12, and D.
Head injury
The underactive or overactive thyroid gland
Infections such as HIV, tuberculosis, and syphilis
Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions can also cause memory problems along with other symptoms.

1. Reduce Stress Level
Living under too much stress is not at all good for your cognitive health. Being under stress can make it difficult to remember or recall things.

During stress, the hormone cortisol is released. This particular hormone impairs the brain’s memory process. Also, too much stress, in the long run, can destroy brain cells and damage the hippocampus, the section of the brain that forms new memories and stores old ones.

So, it is better to reduce your stress level. Meditation, joining a laughter class, taking a hobby, cooking, spending time amidst nature, or talking with a friend can help reduce stress.

2. Try Meditation and Other Methods of Improving Focus
Both memory and focus fall under the purview of the same neural territory in the brain. Thus, any attempt to enhance focus will inadvertently improve your memory as well. Meditation is one such practice that helps improve your focus, and it has been found to have a positive bearing on your memory.

Meditation is particularly recommended for strengthening your working memory, which is the immediate short-term information that you need to access to go about your day. This type of memory has a fairly limited capacity and does not sustain for a long period. However, it helps you to simultaneously preserve and process temporary information to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and decision making.

3. Avoid Multitasking
Multitasking has become an essential life skill to keep up with the frenzied schedules that define modern times. Everyone is in a rush to get more done in less time, a feat that is often accomplished by pursuing several different activities all at once.

While this strategy may check more boxes off your to-do list, it leaves your headspace a bit muddled. You cannot expect to give your complete attention to any one task when you are thinking in all these different directions. And not everyone is adept at multitasking; in fact, most can really only pay attention to one activity at a time.

When you switch your attention to different activities, it is hard to retain all the information about everything you are doing. You tend to get inundated by the multiple tasks weighing on your mind, leading to confusion, oversights, memory slips, and miscalculations.

The more you switch, the more information will fall through the cracks of your memory. Prioritizing your tasks will help you avoid information overload and keep your wits about you.

4. Get Sound Sleep
Sleep deprivation can take a toll on both your physical and mental health.

It is during sleep that your brain goes through a sort of review process. Disturbances in sleep can affect your brain’s ability to retain or recall information.

A 2005 study published in Neuroscience reports that a good night’s sleep triggers changes in the brain that help improve memory.

Another study published in 2007 in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment reports that while total sleep deprivation can affect attention and working memory, partial sleep deprivation has a direct impact on attention especially vigilance.

So, no matter how busy your schedule is, do not ignore the importance of sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time each day and get at least 6-7 hours of sound sleep.

5. Exercise Daily
Regular exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Exercise helps more oxygen and nutrient-carrying blood reach the brain. Also, being physically active significantly reduces the risk of several diseases that can lead to memory loss.

According to a recent guideline released by the American Academy of Neurology, exercising twice a week can help improve thinking ability and memory in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

A 2018 study published in Neurology reports that exercising is positively associated with improved cognitive performance in older adults with and without cognitive impairment.

Try to exercise at least 5 days a week. You can include different types of exercise into your daily schedule, such as cardio, high-intensity interval training, stretching, yoga, and strength training.

6. Give Your Brain a Workout
All the information that you acquire leaves a mental footprint in the form of a neural pathway. People continue to develop millions of neural pathways over the course of their lifetime; this makes everyday cognitive functioning possible.

It is on account of these connections within your brain that you are able to process and recall information quickly, solve familiar problems, and execute habitual tasks with the least bit of mental effort.

It is very important to cultivate an inquisitive outlook if you wish to add to this stock of neural pathways. Keeping yourself from seeking new experiences and information will make your brain quite dull and worn-out.

Even though your brain is not a muscle per se, it definitely acts like one. Just like you need to flex and work out your muscles to retain their strength, you need to exercise your mental functioning, too.

7. Chunk Complex Information
Chunking involves breaking down complex information into smaller chunks or groups to make it easy to memorize.

This is perhaps the most standard and oldest memorization technique used for simplifying complicated data and committing it to memory, particularly in the case of multi digit numbers such as ID numbers and telephone numbers as well as difficult spellings.

To make this method a success, it is best that you group the data according to a meaningful pattern. The memory acquired through mindless rote learning may fade after a while, but if you form well-founded associations between each group to give order to the data, it will stick for longer. This approach will make it easier for you to learn, retain, and recollect the information.

Chunking is the most preferred option for learning complex data, especially if the order of the items to be learned is inconsequential.

Those Who Trust God Don’t Rust – Archbishop Idahosa

Recently, the Archbishop-designate of God First Ministries (Illumination Assembly), Isaac Idahosa, marked 31 years on the pulpit. He shared with some journalists his experiences and how he has been able to pull through the storms. Chinyere Abiaziem presents the excerpts:

How do you feel clocking 31 years on the pulpit?

I feel the same way I felt when it all started in 1989. It is grace paddled. It is all empowered by grace. Once you are still in grace and you are enjoying grace, the same God who started it is still granting all that is required in keeping us to moving on.

What is the exact mandate of your ministry and what gifts were you endowed with to accomplish this mandate?

The mandate is to expound and bring people to the knowledge of seeking God first and His righteousness. Matthew 6 verse 33 is the bedrock of this ministry. That informed the name, God First Ministries. The mission is to raise people of integrity, character and excellence. The goal is to transport light and transform lives. I am an Apostle. An apostle is an embodiment of the five-fold ministry depending on the one that is required to serve at a particular or specific time.

When you started the ministry 31 years ago, who were the people you looked up to, and still looking up to as your mentors or role models in ministry?

One of the biggest influences over my life is Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory. We have all drank from him. Of course a lot of people have asked if I’m his son. He was our father of faith. We hailed from the same state and so much grace flowed from that legendary Nigerian global preacher of the gospel. I have also been influenced by those who I have only seen through their books and tapes, like Kenneth Hagins, Oral Robert and T.L Osborn in the area of evangelism. I am submitted to Papa Ayo Oritsejafor. He is my mentor. I also have Bishop David Oyedepo, T.D Jakes and a lot of other influences over my life. I am a crude oil. You can get from crude oil- kerosene and engine oil among other products. There are so many impacts and inputs into my life through books and tapes among others.

Did you envisage the ministry would attain the high level of glory it has attained today?

I couldn’t have envisaged this. It is a faith venture. God will tell you where you are going, but he would not tell you what you have to go through before you get there. When you take a step of faith in obedience, God will unveil the next phase. He will keep unveiling as your faith keeps depending and trusting in him.

Can you share some of your challenges in the ministry these 31 years, and how you survived those challenges to keep the ministry moving till now?

Several times I had moments that I got discouraged, pained, rejected and felt like quitting. But that same still small voice keeps pushing us on. You can’t be convinced and be confused. When you receive God’s calling, it’s a divine mandate by the conviction of the Holy Spirit that has given you the task. Sometimes you feel like God, where are you; more so when you want to work in your own time, not knowing that God wants to turn you from an eaglet to an eagle. To become an eagle you have to pass through a lot of training. Sometimes, God can allow certain things. I liken it to the experience of Gideon where he sat under an oak tree discouraged and an angel came and said to him, ‘thou mighty man of valour the Lord is with you’. Gideon was like asking the angel that in this kind of condition what is mighty about me? If the Lord is with me, why I’m I in this condition? Why couldn’t I pay my bills? Why this rejection? Why all these storms. And the Lord said to him go; in this might of yours. It is not what happened around, but what happens inside you. The strength of a man is not determined by his surroundings. It is determined by what is inside him.

What factors have kept you going amidst the storms in the ministry?

They are persuasion, passion and courage. The things God told me when He called me into full time ministry are the things I still look forward to. When people misunderstand you, don’t misunderstand yourself. Whoever God calls He equips. If it is God’s project it will attract his budget. When pains come, understand that God is not a reactionary God. He is a proactive and provisional God. He has provided in advance for the things you would go through. So, it is just for you to stretch your faith and tap into God’s resources and add patience with long suffering. Many a times we have taught faith without its corresponding sister – patience. The Bible says we must follow after those who through faith and patience inherited the promise.

Tell us other factors you added to faith to sustain your ministry these 31 years…

Faith is not just about receiving from the Lord. Faith is when you can say even if I am not receiving from the Lord, I will still trust Him. Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego said the Lord we serve will deliver us. That is faith. They went on and said even if God does not deliver us. That is trust. Those who trust, don’t rust. When you are going to the other side in the middle of the journey the wind might be contrary, but Jesus is right there with you. The Bible said He put His head on the pillow sleeping; He was communizing the situation. He said let us go over to the other side. He didn’t say you will be stranded or stopped in the middle of the journey. So, always look unto Jesus. Disappointment is inevitable but discouragement is a choice. He whom Jesus called to come He would save. Peter said if it be you, bid me come; and yet He was sinking. This was a man who received a calling. He was sinking. How much more who hasn’t got the call. Jesus said come, and you are sinking. How about if He didn’t invite you at all? If He has invited you and you are sinking He will help you out.

What was your journey with Christ before God First Ministries was founded in 1989?

God First Ministries started in 1989, but I had served in ministry for seven years before then. I interpreted for Bishop Omo Oba Jesu when he held a crusade in the north in 1982. I started ministry at a tender age. God took over me and I discovered his purpose for my life early. So, it should be about 40 years that I have been in the ministry.

Many people see you as a bridge between the old and the new generation Nigerian pastors. How did you achieve this?

Wisdom is profitable to direct. I clocked 55 years old, February 2020. So, one should be able to stand as the gap between the elderly and the younger ones. Again, if you wash your hands clean you will eat with the elderly. You must learn before the elders. Jesus said learn of me and you will find rest for your soul. To make more is to do more. There is no shortage in humility. You gain more from being humble. When the fathers find out that you are always hungry they will feed you. For the younger ones you must always impact them in order for you to have a future of continuity of the grace you carry. The Bible says, ‘you hear a voice saying behind you this is the way’. I learn from both the elders and the younger ones. I learn from everything. Elisha was able to gain from Elijah. Joshua was able to gain from Moses. You cannot be without the younger ones else you are going to cut down all the exploits if you don’t have the younger ones around you. Success without a successor is failure. Your greatest assets are human beings. You can’t be a leader without having a followership. And when they are endeared to you, you must be able to have time for them. Be accessible to them. The younger ones need the leaders that they can reach to share their problems, challenges and prospects with them.

What has life and ministry taught you within these 31 years of God First Ministries?

The 31 years ministry in God First Ministries has taught me that God is over all. Secondly, my ministry is powered by two things; hearing and doing. We hear what He says and carry out what He says. Life and ministry have taught me to always depend on God. Life and ministry have taught me I would not always have everything I want. Life and ministry have taught me to keep what God is saying until the right time. Life and ministry have taught me to mind my business. Life and ministry have taught me to keep my lane and keep the speed. Life and Ministry have taught me not to compete, but to complement. Life and ministry have taught me not to depend on the arm of the flesh. Life and Ministry have taught me so many things. Ministry has taught me that life is a school without a graduation. You will keep learning and learning if you want to learn. Bishop Oyedepo said if you don’t learn by examples you will become an example. I like teaching all the time. I like to forgive and to study the more in order to feed my mind, free my mind and focus my mind.

10 Ways To Test If You Are Intelligent Or Not.

When one is said to be brilliant, it means they have or are marked by unusual and impressive intelligence. It means there level of intelligence, surpasses the rest and is unimaginable. While intelligence on the other hand, is the ability of one to comprehend; that is to understand and profit form experience. Although they both seem synonymous, intelligence is the bedrock to brilliance. Your ability to comprehend and make proper use of the comprehension from an experience, whether first hand or second hand experience, determines your level of brilliance.

While brilliance seem to be extraordinary, I will be focusing on intelligence, because intelligence is the bedrock of all. Today, we will be focusing on how one can easily determine if he or she is intelligent. It is important to note if you are or aren’t; this is because, no one can convince you as to your level of intelligence. Once the determination of your intelligence comes from a second party, there definitely is something fishy about it. Your teacher might tell you that you are, of course intelligent so as to push you to do better (that might be same with family and friends). A boss might stress how unintelligent you are, at the slightest chance of an error at work, probably because they are angry at the moment. Friends might decide to take their level of sarcasm to a whole new level by making you believe you are actually unintelligent. Thus, judging yourself critically with the points I will be laying down here, is the best way to state if you are actually intelligent or not.

But before that, why is it important to know your level of intelligence? If you would as me that, I would say there are numerous reasons why anyone should know there level of intelligence, but above all, your knowing how well you are unintelligent wise, breeds confidence. And with confidence, comes growth, development, innovation, achievement, and then, success.

Below are criteria one can use to judge how intelligent they are:

1.When you are intelligent, you prove someone wrong by simply asking them questions, and not making argumentative statements. An intelligent person listens more when in an argument and throws questions to his or her opponent; and the answers from this opponent proves the intelligent person right, and the opponent wrong.

2.You just can’t engage in normal day to day conversation with people too long, you feel like you know what is coming next. When you are intelligent, you know how to communicate people around you and of course, you know the exact time to stop and forge ahead with the best part of the day.

3.You never judge anyone. One thing I have noticed about intelligent people is, they always put themselves in others shoes and try to picture why those people do the things they do. instead of jumping into conclusions and blaming people for their wrongdoings or better put, their mistakes.

4.When most people don’t agree with you and you don’t want to change their thought, you just let go. Intelligent people open your eyes to see why they want you to believe in what they believe. They are eye openers, and not enforcement agents. Once they picture it’d rather need some violence to make a point, they let it go. They don’t force people to believe their religious or political beliefs, or do they hate people who have views different from theirs.

5.Intelligent people see things from other people’s perspective and try to figure out what they are feeling. When someone has a different perspective from that of an intelligent person, the intelligent person is not or, does not wave away their notions. Rather, they try to picture it from the person’s perspective and see what to make of it. As a matter of fact, who is perfect? They might be the ones viewing from a wrong perspective.

6.An intelligent person does not say anything to anyone without making sure they actually want to listen to them. Everyone wants to be told what would be meaningful and beneficial to their hearing. An intelligent person understands this and respects that fact as well.

7.Also, intelligent people know a lot about themselves; strengths, weaknesses. One thing common to unwise people is their inability to recognize or admit their weaknesses. A whole lot of great people have gone down the wrong memory lane as a result of their inability to accept their flaws as humans. An intelligent person knows himself so well that he or she understands their strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, they know which aspect of their life to maintain, strengthen, develop and or buckle up.

8.Intelligent people never make quick assumptions, they do predict different situations but certainly know they can always be wrong. You and I can agree to the fact that, most of the problems we face as humans come from assumptions. This is found mostly in our relationships.

There are times our assumptions are backed up by coincidences ant then a wrong stand is created in our hearts and for years we tend to live with a false story, all thanks to assumption and coincidence. Presumptions aren’t a bad thing. But while presuming, you should remember your chances of being wrong are as much as your being wrong. This is another thing intelligent people understand as well.

9.You accept truth very fast no matter how bitter it is. This is simply true. It only takes a high level of intelligence to accept the truth and live with it, even if it doesn’t seem to fall on your side. It could be a religious belief you grew up to know, it might be knowledge you have gained through proper and organized education, intelligent people tend to succumb to the truth and live by it irrespective of how long they have held to their own belief.

10.Intelligent people never underestimate anyone. At the slightest of chances you realize yourself seeing anyone below you, you should remember you are not in the intelligent category. Intelligent welcome all classes of people and are ever willing to learn from anybody out there. Be it seemingly dump people, poor people, or younger persons, intelligent people embrace them all and surely learns from them from time to time.

So, there you have it, criteria one can actually use to determine if they are intelligent or not. When you notice yourself with the above attributes of an intelligent person, I advice you keep it up. But when you notice yourself void of any of the attributes above, it is high time you buckle up, develop yourself and grow to being the super intelligent person you were supposed to be.

And remember to share this article to your friends out there to encourage them to being or maintaining their super selves.

Mistakes Youths Make That Might Make Life Difficult For Them Later In The Future

Being young can also mean being free, passionate, emotional and a little too excited to live life to the fullest. During this stage of one’s life there are bound to be bad decisions being made, risks being taken and some pitfalls through this journey that might influence major life turnouts and absorb your time and energy. Nobody is perfect and with this understanding this article will give an insight into some of the common mistakes youths can make, this can be an interesting guide to help curb some of us already going this way.×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=anjs3meV0M&p=http%3A//


Many of us have a tendency to spend money impulsively on things that we don’t really need and this can be a very reckless behavior. This habit can be very harmful to our financial status later in the future as we must have blown all our monies that could have been invested or saved on things that will be of no value to us in the near future. Best advice is to have a savings plan, even if it is 5% of whatever you earn, also have an investment plan in maybe real estate or shares and have your money grow and benefit you in the nearest  future.


This behavior can be very dangerous and unhealthy for your growth and state of mind. When you spend so much time thinking about what others think or say you find yourself constantly living your life to please others thereby hindering yourself from true happiness. Trying to impress people will bring your spirits down and make you feel like you are not good enough and you will always want to feed on the validation of others in order to judge your own beauty, confidence and abilities. This is never a good thing as you will always be limited by the opinion of others.


As a youth you might feel like you have so much energy and strength to go on for long hours without giving your body enough rest. This is a wrong notion as this will fear on your body and slow your performance in certain areas of your life. Yes, you want to party all night and sleep all day, isn’t that the plan? Well, if you do this throughout your youthful days how then do you prepare yourself for some responsibilities like a career, job, and family etc. if you have not trained your mind and body to get at least 8 hours of deserved sleep after a long day. If care isn’t taken you might find yourself feeling dehydrated, dull and sleeping when you should be productive.


Yes, we all need to earn money and make a living but is staying on a job that isn’t fulfilling or taking you to the next level of your preferred career path really the right way to go, all because you depend on the money from that job? I still believe in following your dreams and passions and also doing everything it takes to bring me closer to achieving them. I also put it to you that until you find that dream job or you can make your own path doesn’t settle for something that will keep draining you physically and mentally.


I remember my mum told me on several occasions that make-up wasn’t made for young ladies but for older women to conceal their wrinkles and make them appear younger. Well, I guess times have changed, because now even teens apply makeup like adults and sometimes very heavy make-up that don’t allow your face to breathe and make them look older than their actual age. Imagine you go out with your friend who is the same age as you and someone is asking if you are the person’s mother, upsetting yeah? Then try to ease off on the heavy powdering, sometimes your lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara should be enough. 


Tolerating a bad boyfriend or girlfriend is you train yourself into a person that you will resent for the rest of your life. I get that some of us are afraid to be alone and think that breakup might spell doom and end of life but I have good news, you can walk away from that person and have peace of mind and be a better version of yourself. Stop being afraid that nobody will want you, or how you will start over again, just break free, work on yourself, smile more, do things that make you happy, take up new hobbies and watch your glow shine so bright.


This is also another common mistake some youths make because they think they are in love, only to end up with a disastrous choice in a spouse. This becomes even worse when there is a child involved as it means you will always have an attachment to them because of that child and this might not really be something that brings you peace, unless you both decide to go your separate ways and have an amicable custody plan.


So many people forget to work on their attitude, character, education, personal growth and mental state, instead they focus on keeping the body looking good for others to admire and neglect those attributes that will take them far in life. This focus will hinder you from becoming free from a conformed state of mind and make you a slave of vanity. 


Before making any investment decisions always make sure to do proper investigations about whatever opportunities being thrown at you. If possible arm yourself with a lawyer and sign appropriate contracts before taking that leap with your finance.


One thing you need to understand is that people will always talk no matter which standard you uphold you will never be perfect to anybody. Don’t let their opinion affect your esteem or output, unless there is a bit of truth to what they are saying and you need to have a rethink.

Be yourself, be a better person, work on yourself and grow.

Luckdown: Thousands Of Pregnant Students To Write NECO In Abuja, Northerno States

Lckdown: Thousands Of Pregnant Students To Write NECO In Abuja, Northerno States

ABUJA – When 15-year-old Suweba Haruna in Shetiko, along the popular Kuje prison road got pregnant, while preparing for her West African Examination Council (WAEC) papers, little did she know what was to be her plight.
Like the average teenage expectant mother, she was confused over what would be of her new status, especially with regards to her forthcoming examinations.
Locked up in this confusion, she had only two things to blame for her predicament: “the devil and ‘this’ Coronavirus lockdown thing.”

For Chidera Anthony and Joy Inuka, also in Shetiko area of Kuje-Paseli, it was mixed feeling of anger, frustration and regret as both were also only a few weeks into writing their 2020 West African School Certificate (WASCC) examination when they realised they were pregnant.
Like Suweba Haruna, for the duo, yet again, “it is the handiwork of devil and this ‘nonsense’ lockdown,” both teenagers chorused when asked how they got themselves into the pregnancy mess.

6 reasons why Aries is the worst astrological sign

Do you know what your astrological sign is? Have you ever tried reading your horoscope? Do you genuinely believe that your birth month has something to do with why you act the way you do?

Well, today, our primary focus is on the first astrological sign with the symbol of a ram -Aries. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign from approximately March 20 to April 21 each year.

People who were born between this period have specific disturbing traits, and there is a lot to learn about them in this article.

1. Your Arians partner isn’t as romantic as he/she claims; they are control freak!

When you ask Arians about one of their innate characteristics, they will boastfully affirm that they are very romantic, but this isn’t true. At the beginning of your relationship, they will shower you with lots of gifts and attention, but this is one of their tactics to keep you under their arms and control you.

They will effortlessly get you to do what they want you to do, by making you feel guilty about not wanting to do it. Aries will often use the line, “you’d do it if you loved me” on their lovers. Beware, Arians generally tend towards being a Narcissist and can be very possessive, so if you notice this behavior in your partner, the relationship might not be a very healthy one for you.

2. Arians loves being the leader of; they hate being followers!

The sign of Aries is that of a ram, and a ram leads the herd, unlike the sheep. Arians have innate leadership skills; they are intelligent, humorous and very efficient, and because of these skills, they often seek the limelight of the leadership position. Aries are great heads, especially when good advisors surround them.

However, their desire to become leaders makes them bad followers; they hate being told what to do and dislike taking a subordinate role. An Arian subordinate will do everything to get rid of you and take your position as a leader in your workplace.

3. Arians are very selfish people; they solely care about themselves

Aries are very entitled people; they feel they are magnificent and deserve the very best, so they’d do everything to get it. They would gladly destroy you, even if you are a close friend. It is a big misconception that Aries are incapable of doing something for someone else. The truth is that they do. However, the only problem is that they will almost always carry out a cost analysis to make sure that the favor that they are offering you will benefit them in the long run.

4. This is weird, but Arians can be too trusting

It is weird that Aries who have such a strong personality are far too trusting. Most people would often refer to Aries as being gullible and naïve because of this, but they are wrong. Arians only trust people because they believe the best of people. Because they are very blunt and have a thing for strict adherence to the truth, they find it hard to believe that others may not be scrupulously honest.

This often hurts Arians and can affect others around them too. For example, an Arian boss might keep correcting the same mistake that affects the company just because he or she trusts a particular person, and would rarely listen to others who convince him or her to let go of the person.

5. Arians are very courageous!

An Arian’s innate desire for adventure and vast reserves of boundless energy combine to give them an inbuilt reservoir of courage that goes way beyond the average. This is an outstanding trait as we all need courageous people to inspire us. However, their bravery and bluntness can become destructive. It can prevent them from having the discretion of knowing when to be silent. They are often big time blabbermouths, and will rarely back out of a challenge.

6. Note! Being around an Aries will exhaust you

Arians are very energetic; they are cheerful and spontaneous. Nevertheless, they keep a clear head in difficult and complicated situations. While this sounds like an impressive trait, this may make it very tiring for you to be around an Arian.

Arians are great motivators, and will quickly drive you to action. However, due to their energetic nature; they might pass off as being too insensitive. Your Arian boyfriend wouldn’t mind reminding you of a task you both agreed on doing, even when he knows you had a long day at work. He will not only tell you but also drag you to perform the task before the end of the day.

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10 Things You Can Start Doing To Succeed With Zero Talents In Nigeria

10 Things You Can Start Doing To Succeed With Zero Talents In Nigeria

Sometimes you see someone great and we say they’re talented and that’s how they got there. We put ourselves in victim mode when there’s so much we can do to produce results and become successful. However, here are 10 things you can do even if you have no talent at all:

1. Being on Time
Time is the most valuable commodity so it’s disrespectful to yourself and others if you waste it. Being on time is something that is very much in your control. People who are always late underestimate how much time it takes to get ready and go somewhere. It’s a habit which is formed from a lack of discipline.

2. Work Ethic
This is a prerequisite to becoming successful. You reap what you sow in life. Think about people like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Will Smith, Conor McGregor. They all have one thing in common, an insane work ethic. No matter how talented you are, if you don’t have this then you’ll never realise your full potential.

3. Effort
Putting maximum effort into everything you do works in conjunction with your work ethic. If you’re doing this and on the highest leverage tasks, then you will get an insane amount more done than everybody else.

4. Body Language
A lot of the times communication is non-verbal and the way you carry yourself is more important than what you say. Strong body language can literally change your physiology and state which people feel. Two minutes of a simple power pose can increase your testosterone levels by 20 percent. Isn’t that remarkable? Make good eye contact, stand up straight, don’t fidget. Those are signals of a confident person that is comfortable with themselves. Study the greats and see how they communicate non-verbally.“Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” – Will Smith

5. Energy
Energy management is even more important than time management. You will be more successful if you can sustain high energy levels for a long period of time. To manage your energy in the best way possible, think about the thoughts you are having, how you are moving your body and what your nutrition is like.

6. Attitude
Choose a positive attitude as often as you can. No one wants to be around someone who is negative and negativity doesn’t lead to success. No external event can effect you unless you allow it. Always find the silver lining.

7. Passion
Align yourself with what you love. Passion is one of the things that makes life worth living. When you are passionate about something, it constantly excites you. To truly be great at something, you’re going to have to love it. It’s a tough process to mastery and is near impossible if no passion is there.

8. Being Coachable
Being coachable is one of the keys to success. If you’re someone who is always arguing with the guy that is where you want to be, you need to stop. You’re wasting your energy. They’re there for a reason. They have produced results and if you want to produce the same results you need to listen. First emulate and then build your own style. Learn from those who came before you.“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton

9. Doing Extra
If you over deliver people will always remember you. You reap what you sow and that’s what remarkable people do. You always have more left in the tank than you think.

10. Being Prepared
Preparation breeds confidence, which is essential. Whether it’s playing a sport, making a presentation or going on a trip, you need to be well prepared for the task at hand. A lot of the times we see success and we don’t see that most of it is due to preparation. The relentless planning, practice and review. As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. This makes you proactive (planning things before they happen) vs reactive (planning things after they happen) which is a way stronger position.

We can do anything in our lifetimes. Absolutely anything we want to . It’s up to us though to cultivate the traits needed to achieve what we want. It’s not about degrees or financial status, it’s about your habits. Make no excuses as all of these are in your control so go now and grab life with both hands and actually make it happen!


Some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when she’s alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end.
Make Eye Contact
If you see someone you’d like to meet, try to make eye contact before talking to her. Once you catch her eye, try to maintain eye contact. If you repeatedly make eye contact with someone, it could be a sign that she wants you to approach her.
Three glances from a girl might signal that she’s interested. Why are eyes so powerful? Science seems to suggest that eye contact activates our brain’s reward center, the ventral striatum. What does this mean? Our DNA is telling us that someone staring at you is cause for celebration! Smile.
A friendly smile is a great way to show someone that you’re interested in them. If she returns the smile, that’s a good sign that she might be interested in. Once you’ve exchanged a few glances and a smile, check her body language. This will give you a better idea if she’s actually interested.

Check Body Language
While reading another person’s body language, male or female, is NOT an exact science , there are definitely a few behaviors to look for that will signal that the person is not interested in engaging in conversation. Respect the girl’s right to be left alone.
Is she facing away from you? Are her arms crossed? Is she listening to music, or reading a book? Is she frowning? Is she specifically looking away from you? While not perfect indicators, expressions and body language like this probably mean leave her alone.

Body language is not everything. Women are taught from childhood that they must be pleasant no matter what. If you are going to approach her, pay attention to how she reacts and what she says.
Make Plans To Meet Again
If she seems interested and you are still interested, try and make plans for a future meet-up. Give her your phone number or email address. This way she feels in control of the situation. You’ll know for certain that she’s interested if she follows up.
Ask for her phone number or email address. If she says no, leave it. She doesn’t owe you anything further, even if she did enjoy your company. Ask her on an instant date.
Ask her if she wants to grab a coffee somewhere. Always choose a public place for an instant date; you want her to feel comfortable. Have a coffee shop in mind if you do ask, or ask her if she knows a good place. That way she will feel in control of the situation.

Be Respectful
This is the absolute most important part of approaching a girl in public, or in any situation. If she is not interested back off. Remember, different girls have different tastes in guys or no taste in guys.
One girl might just feel that you’re not her type. However, there might be another girl out there who will think you’re awesome. Now that you’ve finished reading this, feel free to share on your social networks. Your friends will thank you for sharing this piece of info with them.
Good luck guys!

Dear Women, Don’t Fight Your Husband When He Cheats, Just Try Out This

Finding out that your partner is unfaithful can hit you hard like a ton of bricks. Your marriage life may actually be thrown into a state of crime and they might surely destroyed it.

Women are naturally tender and finds difficult to absorb a ton of pressure their husbands, so on the process they quickly react. So in this post, I will be revealing what a lady should do whenever she finds her husband cheat.

The first thing that really comes to the mind of angry ladies against their cheating partner is break up, or retaliation. Retaliation in the sense that they also might want to go into the street and catch up with a cute dazzling young man and begin an affair.

Now when both parties begin to cheat, the children suffers and in a short while their marriage would collapse and the kids’ future would be surely endangered.

The best a lady can surely do to capture the lost heart of her cheating is to first observe her personal life. Something always push a man to seek an external relationship aside his immediate family.

A lady that always deprive a man of his right should be duly ready to embrace whatever comes around. Apart from that, you need to increase your value in his a unique way that he will need to feel he lost something worthy to be possessed.

The thing is to just increase your worth to an extent that the other lady lady outside would look inferior to him, just like you looked less valuable before he went out to check on another woman.

Evaluate yourself, if you have been poor on the dressing aspect in former times. Go a boutique and grab a couple of bright good looking outfit that would earn any lady a nice compliments from any man. Put it on whenever he is around and flaunt in his presence.

Next is increase your culinary skills. A local Yoruba adage implies that a wife with excellent cooking skills owns her husband. Make sure the aroma of your stew is the what wakes him up every morning before he goes to work. The realest fact is that a man can deny the presence of a woman for a while but can never ignore the availability of a delicious food. Just like water, food is essential.

And finally put everything in prayer before GOD , put your marriage in the presence of your creator and just follow up in the right actions and with gradual process your marriage would be pulled out of the mess.

Thanks for reading…

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