5 Ways Ladies can make their breasts appear bigger with bras

Bras are useful tools that ladies can use to make their boobs appear larger. There are different ways ladies can use bras to create the illusion of a larger bustline, they can either wear padded bras, push-up bras or practice some of the techniques listed below.

1. Twist the middle region of your bra.

wikiHow reveals that ladies can twist the centre of their bras to bring the cups together, this is a useful technique that will help to bring the boobs closer to each other, hence they will appear fuller. 

2. Adjust the length of your bra straps.

Most bras have adjustable straps, the straps could be tightened so that the boobs will be closer to one another. However, ladies should avoid making the straps too tight or too loose, if the straps are too tight, they might cause discomfort, if they are too loose, the boobs might not be provided with adequate support, and they might appear smaller.


3. Wear a padded bra.

One stress-free way to make your boobs look bigger is by wearing padded bras. These are bras that have extra layers of bad in the cups, these pads help to make the bras firm. Padded bras also make the boobs appear fuller by bringing them closer to each other, the bras also elicit a lifting effect on the boobs.

4. Wear a push-up bra.

As the name implies, this type of bra lifts the boobs upwards, hence they will appear bigger. Ladies can rock push-up bras with their favourite low-cut outfits.

5. Wear tops that make your bust look bigger.

wikiHow reveals that certain tops like tops with ruffles around the chest region can create the illusion of a larger bustline. Also, ladies can rock peplum tops and off-shoulder tops that are pleated around the neck region.

Classic senators outfits

The weekend is known for special occasions like wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, outings, social gatherings, Sunday services and so many occasions we normally attend. I know that you would like to be one of the best-dressed fashionistas on any occasion.

What effort are you making to be the best-dressed fashionista? With the help of our African native attire the senator outfits you can achieve your aim. There are many senators styles been released recently by our fashion designers you can make for yourself and look handsome.

A lot of thanks to our beloved fashion designers that have never given up on styling our Senator outfits in extraordinary, and amazing ways. Every new day new fashion trends keep on surfacing on different social media platforms and we can’t hold back our feeling for the shiny and captivating appearance we will obtain from the senator outfits.

However, in this article, I have compiled some classic senator outfits for classy men to slay this weekend.

Home  Herbal  Remedy For Staphylococus

This staphylococus is stubborn but this may help you drag it out and still clean your system.


– Guava leaves

– Moringa leaves

– Moringer seed

– Turmeric

– Garlic

– Ginger

– Papaya leave

– Aloe vera.


Wash and cut them to small sizes then boil them for 35 mins together.


Take first thing in the morning and night. You can use it as your drink as well.

Try refrigerate them(preferably 5days).

This is all purpose natural herbs treats the following:

1. Total body cleaning of broad spectrum of bacteria

2. Reduce cholesterol level

3. All types of STD/STI, Gonorrhea, staphylococcus etc

4. Erectile dysfunction, Detoxification, Waist Pain, body pain, slimming (add lime).

5. Impotence and low libido, increase spermatogenesis production.

6. Digestive problem and reduction of

high blood pressure

7. Colon cleanser, Kidney/Liver cleanser.

8. Menstrual problems

All this can be easily gotten around your home and prepare for consumption.

See beautiful outfits to attract lovers’ attention at occasions.

I’m going to tell you about Ankara styles! Only Ankara styles may give you a distinct look, which is the best way to stand out at any formal event. You must have Ankara clothing in your closet, regardless of your profession. The majority of Nigerian women and men now wear Ankara attire, which is fashionable and well-liked.

You will be respected if you wear Ankara styles. What makes you think that’s possible? Wearing Ankara styles would raise awareness among those who desire to look their best. People in your immediate vicinity will be interested in learning more about you.

Ankara is certainly at the top of the list when it comes to the cutest fashion styles. Ankara costumes are for those who want to look elegant and refined. Fashionistas and wearers alike leave a lasting impression with Ankara Outfits.

Are you a student, a businessperson, a pastor, a secretary, a politician, or something else different? Wearing Ankara styles can give you a distinct appearance.

8 Anti-Aging foods you can be eating at your 40s and above

According to Healthline, the different foods and fruits we eat daily, have different roles they play in our body.

However, if you want to keep glowing, then try consuming the below foods more often because they are the best anti-aging foods that can keep your body nourished, and keep your skin glowing.

1. One of the best anti-aging foods that you can always consume is the watercress because it is packed with healthy nutrients like, calcium, potassium, manganese, and other vitamins.

However, when you consume watercress more often, it can help as an internal skin antiseptic, and this can help increase your blood flow to all necessary cells that can help enhance the oxygenation of your skin, and this will improve your skin health.

2. The regular consumption of red bell pepper, will also play a great role in benefiting your skin became it is an anti-aging diet that is filled with vitamin C, which is beneficial to your skin.

3. Pawpaw, also known as papaya is another delicious fruit that is rich in variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can be helpful in improving your skin and also reducing the lines of wrinkles, when regularly eaten.

Pawpaw can also be helpful to your body in shedding off dead skin cells, and allowing you with glowing, and vibrant skin.

4. Blueberries and Broccoli are other healthy diets packed with helpful nutrients that can benefit the skin when regularly consumed. 

5. Spinach is another healthy diet that is super hydrating and also filled with antioxidants that can be beneficial to the skin by oxygenation and replenishing of the entire body.

This diet is also rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, magnesium and others which helps enhances collagen production to keep skin firm and smooth, when regularly consumed.

6. Nuts consumption is also helpful to the skin because it is a great source of vitamin E, which is helpful in repairing some skin tissue, and also retain your skin moisture, by protecting your skin from certain damages that might come from UV rays.

7. Avocado is another anti-aging diet that can help in improving your skin quality because it is high in inflammation-fighting fatty acids which helps in promoting smooth, and supple skin.

The regular consumption of Avocados will help in shedding off certain dead skin cells, leaving you with gorgeous, glowing skin.

8. Lastly, sweet potatoes can play a great role in your body and skin, as an anti-aging food because of the nutrients in it which helps in restoring skin elasticity, promotes skin cell turnover, and also help your skin look more youthful when regularly consumed.

4 Principles to apply if you want to succeed

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Here are some things that you must do if you want to have a successful business. At this point, anyone can go on a popular search site and find that there are thousands of books that have been written by various authors on how to become successful in business. With all the information available to us, both on the internet and library, it is tough to find a short list of the most important rules that must be followed in order to achieve success in business.

However, I have read some of the requirements needed to succeed and have put it together for you. These tips pertain more to yourself as a human being rather than business tips. Although it might sound irrelevant and unimportant, these tips that I am about to share with you are some of the reasons why so many people fail every year when they choose to start their business.

The first tip is BE FEARLESS

Let me give you an example. If you decide to get involved in the telecommunications industry, you will sometimes have to talk with new clients every week through the phone. Some people never choose the telecommunications industry because they are too shy and they are too scared to talk to potential clients every month. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of hurdles to face when you decide to start your own business, so you will have to become a stronger person and have more faith in yourself.

The second tip is you will have to GROW AS A LEADER

As an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of people depending on you. The people who will be depending on you will be your employees and your business partners. They will require your leadership in order to function. You will have to understand that your business decisions will either help or hurt your business partners or employees.

The third tip is USING YOUR LEVERAGE

As a leader of many, you will soon realize that you have power and leverage on society. You will have to use your new power and leverage in a positive way. People will claim you as their idol and will always look up to you for advice and guidance. You must leverage your power positively and you will have to make moral business decisions.

The last tip is a bonus

You must have the right attitude. You must have an open mind and understand that your business partners and employees will want to share some ideas with you pertaining to growing your business. You must have the right attitude and show them that you value their opinion.

6 Diseases Coco Yam can prevent

Cocoyam, commonly known as taro root, is a tropical perennial crop that thrives in warm weather. Its botanical name is Colocasia esculenta. It’s a tuber crop that’s high in starch. Cocoyam consists of three main components: Leaves from corn stems It is planted for food or as a decorative plant. Cocoyam has a number of medical uses, which we’ll go through in this article. Cocoyam is a food that is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Health Benefits of Cocoyam.

Cocoyam provides numerous health advantages. Some of the most evident advantages of consuming them are listed below.

1. Beneficial For Diabetics

The GI of cocoyam is 63, which is considered moderate. It also has a high nutritious fiber content. As a result, cocoyam won’t produce a spike in blood sugar levels. According to WebMD, Cocoyam has also been demonstrated in studies to help reduce blood sugar levels in rats. As a result, diabetics can incorporate cocoyam in their diet. Cocoyam, on the other hand, has a moderate GI, thus it’s best to consume it in little amounts.

2. Aids in the prevention of kidney damage

High blood sugar affects parts of the kidney, resulting in diabetic nephropathy. Cocoyam has been shown in studies to be helpful in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy.

3. It’s good for your heart.

Cocoyam is good for weight loss because of its high fiber content and low calorie count. High-fiber dietary consumption has been linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Cocoyam can also help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels.

4. Assists in the reduction of blood pressure.

Potassium-rich cocoyam may help decrease blood pressure and improve circulation in the body.

5. Vitamins are present.

According to healthline, Cocoyam is high in B vitamins, vitamin D, and folate. These vitamins are essential for a successful pregnancy. Cocoyam has a high zinc and vitamin C content. Both of these substances may be beneficial to your immunity. The NSW Food Authority recommends taro as part of a pregnant woman’s diet.

6. Cancer prevention

According to medicalnewstoday, cocoyam possesses cancer-fighting effects. It’s also high in antioxidants like flavonoids. Flavonoid-rich diets have been found in trials to help prevent cancer and heart disease. As a result, eating cocoyam may reduce your risk of cancer.


When a person drinks cocoyam on a daily basis, it relieves constipation and diarrhea. Cocoyam is high in vitamins and minerals. It helps to avoid a number of diseases, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. It will also assist you in remaining fit and healthy.

See 5 things that attract men in women

Things In Women that appeal to Men Like A Magnet

Love contains an extensive variety of effective and high-quality emotional and intellectual states, starting from the maximum elegant virtues or exact conduct to the innermost interpersonal affection and the maximum easy pleasure.

Source: Twitter

The female look seems to be tremendously subjective. Different guys have specific tastes and preferences; a few choose plump ladies, whilst others choose slender ladies, whilst others are unconcerned approximately a woman’s frame form or size. This kind of guy is preoccupied with different things.

1. Voice and way of speaking

It is going with out announcing that maximum guys choose ladies with an excessive feminine voice. Men dislike squeaky voices due to the fact they’re related to teenagers and attractiveness.

Source: Twitter

2. Height.

The majority of fellows choose shorter ladies. The distinction in the top must now no longer be greater than seven or 8 inches. Tall guys choose shorter girls, whilst quick guys choose ladies as their top.

3. Cosmetics

To be honest, maximum guys choose ladies who put on make-up sparingly. Most ladies accept as true that sporting an excessive amount of make-up will appeal to guys, now no longer figuring out that an excessive amount of something is poison. You must use warning while making use of make-up due to the fact brilliant hues may also flip off the person you’re looking to appeal to.

See also 7 Signs You Are An Uncaring Partner

4. Hip-to-waist ratio

It is widely known that most guys keep in mind facts about ladies with a perfect waist-hip ratio better. These ladies are concept to be appealing to guys.

Source: Twitter

5. Lumbar scoliosis

Another function that maximum guys discover appealing in ladies is lumbar curvature. Most guys choose a 45° perspective among the lower back and the buttocks.

Thank you for reading my article please comment below, like, and share.

3 Factors that determine how long you will live.

According to the World Health Organization, the healthiest nation on earth and the longest living people on the planet are the Japanese. No country in Africa is among the 50 longest-living nations in the world.

Algerians are the longest living people in Africa and they hold the 53rd position in the world. Tunisia is the second longest-living nation in Africa and they are in 54th position in the world.

Unfortunately, Nigeria is in the 168th position in the world. The country that has the shortest life expectancy in the world is Lesotho, and it’s in Africa. It’s in the 184th position. Do you see the short gap between 184 and 168?

The average life expectancy for the entire globe is 72.6 years. There’s no African country that reaches this world average. Although we have some people in Nigeria who lived beyond 75 years before they died, and some are still alive.

Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world, but in terms of how long people live, Nigeria is 168th. A Nigerian is expected to live an average of 54.6 years, according to life expectancy data.

The things that define our health and longevity can be divided into several factors.

1. There are health factors that we can’t control. They are solely in the hands of God, so we cannot do anything about it. This is why we have faith in God to protect us, provide for us, and do his part as our creator.

2. There are health factors that we can control, and these things are our responsibility to take charge of. These health factors are not beyond human control; they’re not in God’s hands.

They are in our hands. What we eat and the things we do with our bodies. When we fail in these responsibilities, there will be health consequences. You cannot blame nature for this.

A newborn baby today has the genetic potential to live for 120 years, but when you look at reality, many people die before reaching 100. This is because there are things some of us are ignorant of which are depriving us of our full potential.

3. The third factor that determines our life expectancy is the government of a country or the leadership in the land.

When you look at countries in the top 50 list of the longest living people in the world, you will discover that their governments spend so much on supporting the health of their people.

Look at how much Japan is spending on health out of its GDP and how much Nigeria is spending on health out of its GDP.

The number of doctors available to the population of Nigeria is not even enough. Some patients will have to wait for many hours before a doctor can be available to attend to them.

Foods you need to eat to improve on your sperm count

According to Healthline.

If you and your partner are undergoing fertility problems, know that you’re not alone. Infertility is more popular than you might think.

It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility difficulties in the male partner alone 

1. Eat maca root

Taking maca root supplements may improve libido, as well as fertility and sexual action.

Maca root is a popular plant food that emanated in central Peru. Traditionally, it has been used for its capacity to enhance libido and fertility.

2. Take fenugreek supplements

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is a famous culinary and medicinal herb.

One study in 30 men who strength-trained four times a week investigated the effects of taking 500 mg of fenugreek extract daily.

The men experienced significantly increased testosterone statuses, strength, and fat loss, as distinguished from a placebo (35Trusted Source).

Other foods you need to eat.


.Dark chocolate







.Fruits rich in vitamin C

.Dark green, leafy vegetables

.Fatty fish



.Foods rich in vitamin D such as mushrooms and eggs

And learn to avoid certain medications.

Avoid certain medications

Significantly, your partner has a chat with his GP before avoiding any course of medicine, but some prescription medications are known to lessen the healthy production of sperm.

7 Challenges newly Weds usually face

If you’re a newlywed, you probably know that people expect you to be blissful and happy. Of course, this can definitely be true! However, it’s also very common for marriages to hit some rough spots early on. Here are some of them.

Image Credit – Huff post

1. Debt and money

This is one of the first and foremost problems newly weds battle and it usually stems from the extravagant wedding that they had. Couples fight about debt they brought into the marriage and how to handle it, as well as how to spend their money and budget.

Image Credit – Bridebox

2. Sex and its frequency

Male libido is usually high compared to that of a woman and it becomes a problem when she is not always in the “mood”. Although we often like to think of the “honeymoon” days as a time of sexual bliss, reality may be a different story. Many new couples discover that they don’t quite have the same preferences.

3. Loneliness

No one ever expects to feel lonely as a newlywed. But marriage can shift other relationships, leaving a gaping hole. Friends may no longer invited them to certain get-togethers and the social shift felt jarring. Transitioning from “I” to “We” can be successful if you nurture your premarital relationship successfully.

4. Things may start become annoying

You’ve been married for a few months now, and you’ve suddenly realized that little things you used to find adorable and endearing are suddenly getting on your nerves and driving you crazy. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you suddenly are spending all of your time together, but remember that he’s still the same person he was before you got married.

5. Housework

Although many couples have already lived together for awhile before tying the knot, some couples are greeted with surprise when they move in together as a married duo. One common problem married couples face is the division of labor in household chores. Remember that you are a team and you should both contribute to keep things fair. 

Image Credit – Very Well Mind

6. In-law issues

When you marry someone, you marry into a new family. Newlyweds can find the act of separating from their families of origin and establishing a new family unit to be challenging. Especially with that one grumpy lady who never liked you from start. Do not bother yourself if you are experiencing this, soon, everything will fall in place.

7. Busy Schedules

Marriage problems can result from overly busy schedules. Couples who are busy are often stressed, especially if they’re not taking care of themselves with quality sleep and good nutrition. Busy couples may feel less connected because they have less time to spend together and more separateness in their lives. Couples may not work together as a team and might find themselves fighting over who’s taking care of which household and social responsibilities.

I’m Okay With Going To Hell – World’s Richest Man, Elon Musk Says As He Tweets About Death.

The richest man in the world who goes by the name of Elon Musk, has recently Tweeted about his death, as he revealed that he could die a mysterious death.

Elon Musk who recently bought Twitter also said that he dosen’t mind going to hell after his death, since the majority of people who were ever born are there, and his words on Twitter has gotten a lot of people thinking.

In his (Elon Musk) words he said; “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowing ya.” See screenshot of his post on Twitter below.

While he was been adviced on what to do after his death, he also said; “Thank you for the Blessing, but I’m okay with going to hell, if that’s indeed my destination, since the vast majority of all humans ever born will be there.”

What do you have to say about this? Kindly share your thoughts with us via the comment section below.

See the most fertile years of a man and woman

Have you ever wondered or asked what ages are the most fertile in male and female? This is one topic that cannot be overemphasized, reason being that fertility has to do with procreation and giving rise to younger people and since every man and woman would want to have kids, there is every reason for them to also know the most fertile years in a person life.

In this article in line with a Publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at the most fertile years of a man and woman. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What Are The Most Fertile Years In Men And Women?

According to research, women are most fertile in their early and late twenties i.e. from age 20-29. At this ages, there is a higher chance of pregnancy due to the fact that the eggs are enough both in quantity and quality, so any contact with the sperm cell while ovulating means pregnancy. But this amazing fertility rate drops from age 32 and keeps dropping significantly from age 35 and above.

This is because as a woman gets older, she loses the quality eggs yearly and this ends up leaving some unhealthy eggs or poor quality eggs thus more difficulty in giving rise to younger ones.

In men, fertility starts dropping when they hit age 40 and above. There is this misconception that male fertility is not affected by age but this is wrong and unscientific. As a matter of fact, male fertility starts dropping once he gets to 40 and above and also many other sexual problems may suffice making the whole intimacy and fertility have issues.

So if you have plans to have kids, endeavour to do so at an earlier age when the eggs and sperm cells are most viable. Thanks, share and follow the handle for more updates on health care.

Beware of the dog which bites the owner

Beware of the dog which bites the owner

Reinhard Bonnkke and Richard Ngidi!

There was this great man of God, who worked with Reinhard Bonnkke, his name is Richard Ngidi.

This man was GIFTED in miracles, signs and wonders.

During those days, Bonnke would PREACH and step down the platform for, NGIDI to do what he knows best to do.

He was really the kingpin of the two, as GOD gave them the privilege, he was a CONCRETE support to Bonnke and Bonnke’s ministry was growing rapidly.


The Lords general- RICHARD NGIDI began to think of “himself” as the MAKER of REINHARD BONNKE .

After all, he was the man doing the “WHOLE THING” yet Reinhard BONNKE was taking the credit and the ministry BEARS Bonnke’s name too.- so NGIDI thought.

He said to Reinhard Bonnkke’s assistant,

“The day I leave Bonnke that day will “MARK” the end of him and his ministry”

One day, in a CRUSADE, he was to minister, he didn’t show up purposefully, which happened to be the last time they ministered together.

Bonnkke waited, waited and waited for him yet he didn’t show up.

Frustrated an disappointed, Reinhard MOUNTED the platform fully DEPENDING on the HOLY SPIRIT this time.

And guess what?

GOD used him mightily that day in MIRACLES and that MARKED the BEGINNING of his ministerial success.

Instead of that day being the end of Bonnke, It became his BEGINNING and unfortunately the END of NGIDI.

Times passed and one day NGIDI came to One of Reinhard Bonnke’s programme and saw MULTITUDE like never before, and when he MET Bonnke, NGIDI began to say.

I missed it, I missed it….. And left the venue

That was the last time they met. He died shortly after that.

Beware of PRIDE friend. It’s a DOG that “BITES” the owner.

Today, everybody knows Bonnke(though now dead).

But no one knows Richard Ngidi.

Sir/Ma, if you LEAVE that UNIT in your church or even the CHURCH

YOU will BE the ONE to SUFFER it. Not the unit or church.

A whole Satan, an arch angel left heaven and he wasn’t missed till today.

GOD’S work is BIGGER than YOU ×10, so be CAREFUL.

You are not too important.

God by his grace decided to use you.

SO don’t let PRIDE cause YOU to move from the palace to the BUSH like HRH Nebuchadnezzar.

ONE day ELIJAH said to God, I’m the ONLY PROPHET left in the land,
and GOD said to him don’t be PROUD.

I have RESERVED 7000 who CAN do the JOB even better than YOU.

Remember He just PICKED you.

Stop the saying WITHOUT me, if not because of me.

If I WAS NOT there, the day I stop, I will see how it will BE WITHOUT me.


Hmmmmm, friends, remember, NOTHING can be worse than GOD to REJECT someone.

STUDY the account of KING SAUL and others very well.

Beware of PRIDE . In the middle of the word PRIDE is the letter I.

Beware of PRIDE! Don’t overvalue yourself! God has many back ups!

5 Reasons some women are single and are avoided by men.

Have you ever wondered why most ladies who are of marriageable age are single despite being attractive and elegant? The reason for this phenomenon can sometimes be traced to lifestyles or attitudes they exhibit that scare guys away. I am not saying every case of singlehood in women can be attributed to this factor, however; studies have shown that most singleness can be related to it.

Below are traits that can keep a vast majority of men from having an affectionate relationship with a lady.

1. Being proud and rude.

Having a boastful attitude due to an economical advantage is an attitude that might scare men away from you. The average African man wants to be respected and valued by their woman – and seeing a woman who tends to possess the opposite value might discourage them from advancing with their relationship intentions. In addition, disregarding others, especially the elderly; will draw the resentment of others towards you, most especially guys.

2. Bitterness or always keeping a negative countenance.

I understand you might not be in a good mood due to an unpleasant situation, but allowing the situation to reflect anger in your countenance isn’t going to help in any way, rather; it will make others perceive you as being toxic and resentful. Studies have shown that ladies who always maintain a cheerful countenance are considered to be more attractive than ladies who don’t. Always keeping a negative face might reveal you to be bitter, resentful and unattractive to men.

3. Possessing poor hygiene.

This is another factor that can heavily affect the relationship status of most ladies. Being untidy in your appearance, and outfit and possessing poor oral hygiene can chase guys away from you, most especially the hygiene conscious ones. Having a poor sense of hygiene or smelling awful as a mature lady shows irresponsibility, unaccountability and laziness, and most guys do not want to be associated with these qualities.

4. Promiscuity.

The attitude of keeping numerous romantic affairs is a practice that can discourage most guys from approaching a lady. In most men’s opinion, ladies of this sort are irresponsible, untrustworthy and cannot be committed to a single relationship, hence; guys tend to refrain from having a serious and promising relationship with them.

5. The excessive demands for money.

Being in the habit of always demanding money from a guy, especially to satisfy frivolous desires will reduce or completely affect their interest in you. Ladies who are of this habit of perpetually relying on a guy for everything they need are oftentimes regarded to be irresponsible and are considered a threat to a man’s financial goals, hence; they are most likely avoided.  

6 Signs that show one is an ungrateful person.

We all have moments of ungratefulness. It’s just human nature. We can get so caught up in our own bubbles and concerned with our own problems, that we forget to think about and appreciate the things that our fellow human beings do for us. On the other hand, there are people out there who are generally ungrateful most of the time. Here is what distinguishes them.

Image Credit – Google

1. They are never satisfied

Isn’t this just the first and foremost sign? No matter how much you do for them, they’ll always want more. They do not have a sense of gratitude and will always come around for a bigger favour. No matter how well things seem to be going for them, and how many goals they meet, targets they achieve, or things they get their hands on, they’re never happy. There’s always something else they’re chasing. They are forever setting their sights on something else.

2. They are filled with envy.

Since they are never satisfied, they will always be envious about people who seem contented with what they have.They look at the good things that others achieve or have and they wish that for themselves. They compare their life unfavorably to others and this envy consumes them so that they cannot be happy with what they have.

3. They have a major sense of entitlement

Ungrateful people feel like they deserve special treatment or recognition for something they didn’t earn. Because you are always coming to their rescue, especially in their time of need, they feel like you are expected to do so at all times.

4. They’re always asking for help from others.

Most of us tend to struggle to ask other people for help. We don’t want to put people out. But, ungrateful people, or people who aren’t thankful, will happily ask you to help them. And when you help them, they feel like they earned your help and don’t thank you for it.

5. If you can’t help them, they won’t let you forget it.

And if you genuinely can’t give them the help they’ve asked for, you won’t be allowed to forget about it in a hurry, whatever your reason. The one time you are not able to be of aid to them, they label you a bad person.

6. They don’t have time for you unless they need something from you.

You won’t find them around till it’s time for them to demand. It’s only when they need something from you that they pop up. They won’t suggest meeting up just to catch up, and they won’t text just to see how you are. They take you for granted.

I’m sure, if you think back over the last week, you’ll be able to come up with at least a handful of occasions on which you were at least a little ungrateful. It’s part of human nature, but do not make it a habit.

7 Signs you will be successful in life

What are the chances of you making it? How likely are you going to be successful?

I ask myself the question what is it that makes them successful, successful?

I’ve always been fascinated by the mindset of the super successful, their discipline, their focus, and their determination in the face of difficulties. What makes them different? These are not theories, these are signs.

Let’s see how many of these signs you have. comment below.

1. Successful people have great habits, unsuccessful people have lousy habits

Habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and watching too much TV.

You see successful people are where they are today because of their habits.

Habits determine 95% of a person’s behavior. Everything that you are today, and everything that you accomplish in the future is determined by the quality of the habits that you form.

What I found that is the very best people have the best habits. 

You see successful people are simply those with successful habits.

Successful habits could be getting up in the morning, meditating, reading, and exercising regularly. How many of these habits do you have?

2.  Successful people are incredibly driven

How driven are you now? I’m not talking about you being a nightmare to work with or bullying other people. I’m talking about you pushing yourself to get results.

It’s your personal drive that turns your ideas into actions, into results.

It is your personal drive that keeps you going, when things get tough it is your personal Drive that enables you to bounce back from disappointment, from setbacks.

So how driven are you or are you lazy? Do you procrastinate? Do you put things off?

3. Successful people are confident in their abilities

You see the two biggest enemies to success, number one self-doubt, and number two fear of the unknown.

We struggle with self-doubt; we worry are we ready for this or are good enough, Do we actually have what it takes to succeed?

Confidence is nothing more than believing in yourself and believing in yourselves is nothing more than doing the things that you once didn’t believe that you could.

You see confidence comes from competence, it’s easy to believe in yourself when everyone believes in you.

That’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about believing in yourself when you’re not ready. Believe yourself when no one believes you, believing yourself when everyone tells you that you cannot do it. If you don’t have what it takes that is when you need to develop the unshakable self-confidence.

That belief that you can do it and confidence is not the same as arrogance.

Arrogance is thinking that are above everybody else, confidence is knowing that no one is above you.

Do you feel confident enough in your own abilities that you can do what it takes?

Are you willing to bet on yourself not just words but action? How often do you invest in yourself?

Are you willing to put everything you have on the line for your goals and for your dreams?

Do you bet on yourself or do you procrastinate; do you hesitate? Are you a perfectionist?

Do you suffer from paralysis analysis?

4. Successful people communicate clearly

You might have the best ideas and most brilliant ideas in the world but you cannot articulate those ideas. If you don’t know how to communicate those ideas to other people, you won’t go anywhere.

And communication skills come in many forms, I’m talking about writing emails or writing social media posts or conducting meetings or speaking one-on-one speaking on the phone, talking with a prospect, or even speaking to large groups of people. All those falls under communication skills. 

5. They have a growth mind-set

Mark Cuban reads three hours a day. Bill Gates reads at least one hour per day.

When you read you are constantly learning all the time. You not just talking about reading a book, it could be listening to a podcast, talking to other successful people, or getting coaching from your mentors but successful people are always learning and growing they never stop.

The more you know, the more you will realize you don’t, know the less you know the more you think you know.

6. Successful people embrace failures

Do you embrace failures or do you take failures personally?

You see successful people are ridiculously positive about the future, they always speak positively about their future, where things are going as if it’s already happened.

Even though there’s no way that it could happen, they believe in themselves. They have positive expectations about their future.

Walt Disney was fired by a news editor saying that he had no imagination and no creativity. Steven Spielberg was rejected three times by film school before getting his huge break.

 Colonel Sanders at age of 56, got rejected a thousand times for its recipe before a restaurant picked it up.

You will notice the most successful people in any field are usually the ones who have failed more than anybody else.

The difference between a successful person and everyone else it’s not a lack of strength, it’s not a lack of knowledge, it’s a lack of will.

Winston Churchill said it best, success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. 

7 Foods that increase male sexual libido

You already know that a healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep not only your health up to date, but a good sexual health as well. There are foods that can help improve your s3xual performance, like chocolate, pepper and cinnamon.

These foods have nutrients with stimulating properties. Therefore, they increase the production of s3x hormones and improve libido. In addition, they can bring a sense of well-being, causing the s3xual appetite to be stimulated.

Aphrodisiac foods that increase the libido of men, according to Webmd.


Oysters are rich in zinc, an important mineral for the production of testosterone. The lack of zinc in the body causes a decrease in the production of testosterone, reducing the male libido. Thus, eating oysters or other foods rich in zinc can help restore libido.

Oysters also stimulate sperm production and increase sexual desire.


Banana is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and the enzyme bromeliad. Therefore, it can increase the male libido and help in the circulation, promoting vasodilatation, a fundamental factor for the man to maintain erection.

This fruit also, being rich in vitamin B6, contributes to the production of serotonin, a substance responsible for providing well-being and pleasure.

Milk, eggs and meat (vitamins B6 and B12)

Foods that are sources of vitamin B complex, such as eggs, milk and meat, help to combat fatigue and anxiety. With this, they help to improve s3xual performance.


Honey is another food rich in B vitamins (necessary for the production of testosterone). Therefore, it can raise testosterone levels in the blood.


Avocado is rich in minerals and good fats, which protect the heart and lower cholesterol. Besides providing vitamin B6, important for energy and s3x drive, and omega-3, which naturally improves mood.


Cinnamon has stimulating properties coming from its ability to improve energy, vitality and blood circulation. In this way, it can stimulate the production of testosterone in men, offering an improvement in s3xual performance.


Last but not least, chocolate contains the stimulant alkaloid theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, providing energy and euphoria, as well as increasing the production of serotonin, which is released during s3xual intercourse.

Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, better known as the “chemical substance of love”, which causes the feeling of attraction and passion.

It is worth mentioning that these aphrodisiac foods that increase the libido of men can contribute to the improvement of s3xual desire. However, they should not be consumed in excess. In cases of constant loss of libido, we recommend that you seek medical help.

Always remember to consult a medical specialist and do not be intimidated if you are facing some events of lack of erection, erectile dysfunction or s3xual impotence. We emphasize that before taking any medication, it is important to talk to a doctor to assess what the best treatment is.

5 Things that cause downfall in businesses

Running a business is not for the faint of heart; entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Successful business owners must possess the ability to mitigate company-specific risks while simultaneously bringing a product or service to market at a price point that meets consumer demand levels. Failure happens, sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but as an entrepreneur or business leader you have responsibilities for your employees and fellow directors, you have to do everything you can to guard against it. As an entrepreneur or a leader, devote yourself to avoiding these crucial mistakes that are the causes of business failure.

1. Poor cash flow management

You may be sick of being told “cash is king”, but it doesn’t change the fact that poor cash flow management can lead to the demise of any business. Indeed, even a profitable business can fall victim to a crippling cash flow crisis, which is often caused by the ineffective management of debtors, high stock levels, bad debt and late invoicing. Inadequate financing or selecting the wrong type of funding for your business can also put it on the path to failure. Without access to sufficient growth capital, whether in the form of personal savings, private equity or debt finance, your business may not have the “fuel” it needs to grow.

2. Opening a business in an industry that isn’t profitable.

Sometimes, even the best ideas can’t be turned into a high-profit business. It’s important to choose an industry where you can achieve sustained growth. We all learned the dot-com lesson to survive, you must have positive cash flow. It takes more than a good idea and passion to stay in business.

3. Bad planning and a lack of strategy

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” cheesy but true. Quite simply, long-term planning is key to the success of any business. When mapping out the growth of their business, a business owner needs to conduct market research to establish who their customers are and what they need. They also need to recognise their competitors and be proactive regarding trends, to avoid getting left behind. Just look at the numerous bricks-and-mortar retailers that didn’t adapt quickly enough to changing customer shopping habits and are now struggling or have gone under as a result.

4. Lack of experience.

Lack of experience is one of the causes of business failure. If you are inexperienced or your management is made up of novices, then your business is as good as dead. When starting a new business, it is advised you get the services of people experienced in that field. They can be your partners or your employee. Get experienced marketers and well-trained customer service personnel.

5. Uncountability.

You must be accountable for any dime your business makes. Most times, many entrepreneurs could not account for their daily sales. Once there is a sale, they spend the money on personal needs believing that they will make another sale. If you must succeed in business, you must be accountable for every dime that you make. Make sure you plan out your spending, for a business you plan to grow, 60% of your profit must go back into the business.

Bottom Line, you cannot start a business where the service is not required. Making it classy will not make people to patronize you. A good market survey is required before a business location is chosen.

Use these 20 words to describe a woman beyond “beautiful”

There are many ways to qualify a woman beyond simply the way she looks. In fact, women are gradually getting bored of the compliment “beautiful”. They may not say it, but they want to hear more about themselves beyond their beauty and looks. So whether you are describing a woman in politics, the woman of your dreams, describing women in the 21st century means looking past their appearances.

Image Credit – Pinterest

1. Astute – She has clever solutions to problems based on her sharp perception.

2. Clear-sighted – She is perceptive and able to see decisions clearly.

3. Creative – She comes up with ideas that others have not considered before.

4. Decisive – She commits to a decision after properly weighing the consequences.

5. Assertive – She is clear about what she wants without being aggressive.

6. Capable – She applies her skills to the task at hand and never shies away from a more challenging request.

Image Credit – Pinterest

7. Courageous – She fights for what she believes in, no matter the cost.

8. Diligent – She works hard toward a goal without giving up.

9. Disciplined – She can’t be distracted from her steady work habits that lead toward her goal.

10. Empowered – She confidently speaks up for herself and others when necessary.

11. Benevolent – She makes decisions that benefit others more than herself.

12. Considerate – She predicts what others need and acts before she is asked.

13. Devoted – She is loyal to the people and causes she loves.

14. Doting – She takes care of others when they need her.

15. Diplomatic – She can speak honestly without taking sides and hurting others’ feelings.

Image Credit – Bolde

16. Dynamic – She is often the most interesting person in the room; her stories are fascinating to hear.

17. Effervescent – She has a lively personality and seems to accomplish everything with graceful ease.

18. Enigmatic – She has a mysterious air about her that leaves you wanting to know more.

19. Inspiring – She acts in a way that encourages others to be more like her.

20. Self-assured – She knows her worth and acts in a way that lets everyone else know it, too.

This is your sign to quit using boring descriptions for ladies who are not mediocre. So many guys are calling her “pretty”, so you should try to stand out.

5 Reasons to know why travelling abroad is not always the best option

The most obvious reason moving abroad isn’t for everyone is the distance it puts between you and your loved ones.

5 reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it
5 reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it

Here are five reasons why travelling abroad is not always worth it;

1. Lack of support

The initial thrill of moving to a new country might be quickly replaced by homesickness. This is the feeling of isolation and despair that can occur when you move to a new place with no familiar faces.

While you’ll likely gain some international friends and a different culture, you should also consider how much you value your current relationships. What do you stand to lose in terms of emotional support? How about financial support? A strong support system can help people overcome difficult situations like job loss or the death of a loved one. For this reason, it’s important to weigh the benefits of moving abroad against the potential lack of social and familial support in your new home.

2. You might hate your job

Traveling abroad may provide you with a better paying job, but you must keep in mind that the job may not be a suitable fit for you.

Being stuck at a horrible job can cause one to become frustrated, which leads to resentment and burnout. Relocating should be exciting and fun—without any underlying pressures or stressors.

3. Your quality of life might improve only a little bit

When it comes to earning a higher salary, your experience may be different from many others. In some countries, the cost of living is so high that you still end up with a similar amount at the end of the month. A large part of your salary could go towards housing costs and taxes. As a result, it might become harder for you to save money or even make improvements in your lifestyle.

4. It may be difficult to find a job

Once you’ve found a place to live abroad, you’re going to need something to do. However, you just might not get the job you’re looking for. The qualifications and experience you have from your home country may not work in a new country, and you may have to start from the bottom – and if you can’t speak the language, finding even an entry-level position can be a challenge.

5. The winters are freezing

Finally, you should be ready for the cold.

Depending on where you plan to move, winter conditions can be brutal, with temperatures well below freezing and a persistent dampness that makes even indoor activities feel chilly. Additionally, if you’re moving to a place with long winters, you may find yourself feeling somewhat depressed by the lack of sunlight as winter wears on.

Some 5 ways internet fraudster use in scamming people

One of the social menaces that are currently on the increase in our society today is internet theft or fraud. So many youngsters from the different parts of the world, especially in Africa have taken to this unhealthy practice of swindling people of their hard-earned money all in the bid to live a flamboyant lifestyle.

 These fraudsters who are popularly known as ‘’yahoo boys’’ have taken to different innovative means or strategies of exploiting their victims. In other words, they work tirelessly to initiate new strategies just to successfully extort the money of others.

Regarding this article, I shall be revealing the 5 latest strategies these internet fraudsters are using to swindle people of their money. See them below.

1. BVN or ATM distress phone calls.

This is usually done to ignite fear in people in other to falsely obtain their confidential bank details to defraud them. In this pattern, an acclaimed bank representative will call to ask for sensitive bank information; like your BVN, ATM card details and transaction codes with the disguise of helping you solve a bank problem. Phone calls of this sort aim to frighten you to expose this information so they can extort your money. When this kind of call comes your way, it becomes pivotal not to yield, but to summon the attention of your bank to it.

2. Social media impersonation.

Most of these fraudsters impersonate others, most likely white people to pretentiously defraud others. This is usually done by using a falsified social media account to ask for financial assistance from others or to sign fake business deals thereby hiding their real personality.

3. Cryptocurrency fraud.

This is usually achieved by initiating fake cryptocurrencies blockchains or websites to defraud others. They create fake websites that promise to sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others if you deposit a certain amount. The idea is to collect your money and not fulfil their side of the transaction by not giving you what you paid for.

4. Fake job websites.

Just as the name implies, “job websites”, these fraudsters tend to annex the economic vulnerability of others to create fake websites that promise to give you a job or connect you to the right people for your skill once you can provide your bank information. For instance, they will request your BVN, ATM details and transaction code, etcetera. It is important to understand that an authentic job website will not ask you for the above information, all they do is alert you to a job opportunity and sometimes, provide a link to signing up for those jobs.  

5. Initiation of Ponzi schemes.

This is one trick that has been successfully used by many to swindle others of their money in the last decade. Ponzi schemes are initiated blockchains that are based on building a network of people to deposit a certain amount of money that promises to increase once you bring a referral or downline. Although, some legit online businesses use this pattern to grow their networks and productivity, however; a large number of others, especially those with no physical marketing product or office create chains just to extort the money of vulnerable people. The way this system work is to earn the trust of people, thereby accumulating wealth through huge referral and membership and end up closing the platform unannounced with people’s investments. 

These are 6 attitudes that can prevent one from progressing in life

Have you ever wondered why most people find it difficult to make progress in the things they do? The reasons are mostly caused by inner factors, as most individuals have a wrong attitude and philosophy about life.

Our behaviours and attitudes to situations can be a huge hindrance to our progress in life most especially when it is on the negative side.

Regarding this article, we shall discuss 6 attitudes that can hinder a person from making progress in any facet of life. See them below.

1. Clinging to your comfort zone.

A Comfort zone is usually a place that guarantees relaxation, fulfilment and satisfaction. Clinging to your comfort zone will reduce your desire to strive for more and may reduce your motivation and drive for making success in any endeavour. Studies have shown that most individuals who were born to wealthy parents end up achieving little or nothing simply because of their attachment to their comfort zone, hence; they don’t see the need to work hard or to be committed to any course that might be strenuous.

2. Not willing to learn.

Relying on your old knowledge and experience and making no move for an upgrade can amount to low progress in life. We live in a dynamic society where knowledge and skill need revitalizing, thus; it becomes necessary to update your knowledge or skill in other to meet up with the latest societal trend. Doing otherwise might place you in a disadvantaged position in your craft or career.

3. Leaving one’s life by chance.

Living one’s life to fate and making no deliberate effort to effect a change in one’s life can hinder a person’s progress. It is important to know that success is something that cannot be attained by accident, it requires deliberate effort and the right attitude. An English adage postulates that; failure to plan is planning to fail.

4. Not taking responsibility for your life.

The attitude of always placing blames can also hinder a person’s success. Most people are fond of blaming their parents for being born in a poor family, others constantly accuse the government of not providing jobs or erecting the right structures, and some even blame God for their gender. Making all these series of blames and not taking responsibility for your life can heavily sabotage your progress in life. Remember, ‘don’t make excuses, make a change.

5. Being without a vision or future aspirations.

Lacking vision and goals can also amount to little or no progress in life. Studies have shown that the majority of the people who remained outstanding in their endeavours are visionaries who were also diligent at the things they do. Living your life to chance and not making a deliberate effort to pursue a profitable course can hinder your progress and fulfilment.

6. Procrastination.

This is one area almost everyone is guilty of. Making constant procrastination and effecting little or no change can be a huge hindrance to a person’s success. The idea of procrastination will rob you of the motivation and zeal to achieve a particular task. Hence; whatever is worthwhile, should be done instantly, and not postponed to the future. 

9 Habits to cultivate to be a successful millionaire

Emmanuel Odoemelam

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A popular saying that you need to pay serious attention to goes thus: ‘You form a habit and it turns to form you’.

It is also well known that forming good habits come at a great sacrifice and bad ones come easy. Conversely, great sacrifice for good habits returns great benefits just as bad habits formed easily returns great adverse price.

What you are today are cumulative returns from habits, consciously or unconsciously formed yesterdays.

Therefore take heed to form these habits that have formed some great men.

1.  Simplify Your Communications

How effectively do you pass your message? Successful people know how to share their message in simplest terms. They use their words with precision and possess deep meaning in what they say. By speaking inappropriately, many people exterminate their opportunities. In short, never drown people in the sea of verbosity. 

Unfortunately, too many people get lazy with their communication and subtly conform to the habits of others. However, successful people diligently work on how to improve what they say and seamlessly find easier ways to say it, whether it’s verbally or written.

2.  Abandon the Old

Before you are able to face the new, you must relinquish the old. If you want a new car or house, then bless the old one and search for the new. When you want to achieve a positive mindset, you must get rid of the negative one first. To abandon your negative habits, you must replace them with positive ones.

Seek new experiences and information on key issues of your life and apply same for effect and impact.

According to Aristotle we are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.

3.  Set Daily Goals

Successful set goals on paper for every day schedule. This is an inspiring habit that they promise to keep for the rest of their life. Whether you’re writing your financial projections, planning your weekly tasks, or scheming new ways to build your empire, you’ll want to procure a daily goal-setting habit that will give you momentum on a daily basis.

Set your daily goals a night before the day, and your weekly goals a day before the new week, and so on for monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.

When you set your goals every day, it allows you to prioritize and keep “first things first.” Prioritization is doing first what matters most.

Once you accumulate more profitable activities in your day, you’ll add money to the bank, making you a financial success in the process. 

4.  Being Congruent

Related to the goal setting is keeping faith with the goals. You must do what you say you’re going to do. There will be many times in your life where you’ll be asked to sacrifice your personal values to reach professional goals. When this temptation occurs, don’t do it. There’s nothing more valuable than remaining congruent in your personal and professional lives. It allows you to mix “business with pleasure.”

Strangely enough, many people tell you that you can’t mix business with pleasure. However, this assertion is absurd and will only be preached by incongruent people. When you’re doing what you love, business is pleasure. When you’re living a life that is based on integrity, your reputation will grow, enriching yourself and many others in the process. Never put your reputation in jeopardy by failing to remain congruent with your highest values and ideals. 

5.  Decision-Making

The more decisions you make, the more successful you will be. While one person could make a dozen decisions in a day, another one can make hundreds in a day. The person who makes the most decisions will win, even if their decisions lead to failure. Just imagine, if you were going the opposite way on a one-way street, you’d learn to quickly make adjustments!

However, most people are afraid to make crucial decisions because they are conquered by fears, which leaves them paralyzed. Being paralyzed prevents them from making decisions, thereby forcing them to forfeit opportunities. Always make a decision, even if you don’t know where it will lead. Soon enough, you’ll find the answers you need. 

Indecision is worse than wrong decision because even if you fail to decide then you have decided to fail without a control.

6.  Asking Questions

Most people assume that they know answers. Their assumptions actually hold them back from knowing the truth. Truly, you want to ask questions to gain clarity about the direction you are heading. The fact is that many people don’t ask any question as they habitually guess their way by creating answers for themselves.

To become a success, don’t answer your questions, but question your answers. When you need to know the facts, you must inquire, not just make assumptions. Many people don’t want to ask questions because it exposes them to confront the reality of their circumstance, which may scare them. Moreover, asking questions forces them into the laborious task of thinking, which is why they fail to ask questions. 

According to the great French philosopher, Voltaire, judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

7.  Become a Master

One time, a fine pianist performed at a party for 50 rich women. After she was done, a woman from the party said to the virtuoso, “I’d give anything to play as you do.” As the master pianist sipped her coffee in slow motion, she took a brief pause and said, “Oh no you wouldn’t.” Soon, a great hush filled the room as they were baffled in astonishment and massive confusion.

She continued, “You’d give anything to play as I do, except time. You wouldn’t sit and practice, hour after hour, day after day, year after years.” Then she flashed a warm smile while repositioning her coffee cup. “Please understand, I’m not criticizing,” she said. “I’m just telling you that when you say you’d give anything to play as I do, you don’t really mean it. You really don’t mean it at all.”

Every master was once a disaster. – T. Harv Eker

8.  Embellish Your Appearance

Upgrading your appearance is instrumental to becoming a success. Avoiding bad habits like drugs, tobacco, and excessive drinking of alcohol will always give you a more confident expression. By exercising four to five times per week, you are destined to become more physically attractive. You can easily beautify yourself by making minor changes to your appearances.

Constantly embellish your appearance, even in the smallest ways, like shaving or applying cosmetics. Soon enough, you’ll find more opportunities attracted to you. Looking like a success is the best way to becoming one!

9.  Doing the Maximum

Don’t do your best, don’t even stop at doing what is required, aim to surpass expectations. The only element of success that you can control is your effort. Most people do minimum work, but expect maximum results. Instead of shirking the responsibilities of work, successful people find better ways to achieve their goals. They go the extra mile to leverage themselves through people and systems, while using their efforts to optimize their talents.

When you maximize your efforts by focusing on how you can utilize your talents, you will dramatically increase your wealth. 

Don’t chase these 5 things in life

chase life

Popular opinion holds that you must chase you dreams at all costs. However, there’s a plethora of misguided things that people choose to chase in life.  

When we make the wrong choices regarding the important things to chase, the failure we experience will cause discontent and regret in life. 

When it comes down to chasing a particular goal we should think carefully beforehand. This will help in evading mistakes. 

Tomorrow is not promised and if you waste too much time and energy today on things that won’t matter in the long run, it’ll leave you feeling empty.

To avoid a wild goose chase in life, here are 5 things you must refrain from pursuing. 

1. Money

Money plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Most people spend the larger part of their existence chasing it. 

There is too much focus we place on accumulating huge amounts of money and resources. 

We are continuously striving for more wealth because we have formed the mindset that it can solve all of our problems. 

The reality is after you’ve attained you desired financial status, the value you feel from the extra dollar becomes insignificant.

2. Power

Some people only seek the acquisition of influence as a way of fulfilling their existence because they want to have more power over others.

The idea is that having power gives you more control over your own destiny and allows you to be able to bend others to your will.

Power, on the other hand, is an illusion. This is in the sense that it never truly exists. It is an intangible force that varies with time, and it’s because of this temporariness that it is a minute aspiration. 

Power is rarely something you can cling onto got long, and losing it causes a tremendous deal of emotional stress.

3. Perfection

The people in this category are motivated by a drive to be the best at something. They put their whole heart and soul into mastering a particular talent or craft. 

While this may appear to be a noble aim, failure to reach the top can lead to a lot of pain and despair. 

There is no such thing as perfection. It’s meaningless to look for it since you’ll never find it. The more you search, the more perplexed you become.

It’s far better to seek improvement within practical limits; setting realistic visions of what you can achieve.

It’s far better to strive for progress while remaining realistic about what you can accomplish.

4. Success 

Success in simple terms means achieving a specific goal, but in a broader sense, it becomes more difficult to define. 

We may blame others for their lack of it, or we may berate ourselves for not having it, but success in life is absolutely indefinable.

We shouldn’t strive to follow it, whatever it is, because success means different things to different people, and these perspectives can change over time. There is no such thing as success or failure in life.

5. Happiness

Happiness is not something that can be pursued because it comes from a result of other contributing factors.

At times, happiness may come readily, while at other times, it may be completely missing. You cannot and should not try to force it into your life, if you do, it will not come. It can only come from within you.

After eating poison consume these 4 foods

If you’re a patient who wants to recover quickly after eating poison, you should try your best to eat foods that are not hard to digest or that may not hurt your stomach. According to an article written by healthline, you should try your best to eat foods that are low in fat and low in fibre in order for you to recover in time and prevent further damage to your body. In this article, I will educate you on some of these foods that you should eat regularly to recover quickly.

1. One of the foods you should eat after eating poison is oatmeal because it contains the right amount of fiber and it is also easy for the stomach to digest. You should eat oatmeal every day in order to help you recover and stay strong.

2. Another food you should eat on a regular basis if you want to recover after eating poison is bananas because they are easy to digest and contain low fibre which your body needs to recover quickly.

3. Another food you should eat is egg white because it is easy to digest and it does not crack your stomach lining. It also contains lots of nutrients which can help you recover from poison and you should endeavour to eat them on a regular basis if you want to recover quickly.

4. Another food you should eat on a regular basis if you want to recover after eating Poison is ginger tea because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to repair your stomach and other part of your body that was damaged by poison. 

A continent that has no country.

There are numerous continents on earth. It should be said that continents like Africa and Asia have so many countries. For instance, the African continent is made up of more than 50 independent countries. Asia has more than 40 sovereign countries. We also have continents like Europe and North America. However, it is necessary to note the fact that there is one continent that has no country. Let us carefully identify this continent.

1. Antarctica

This is regarded as the fifth largest continent in the entire world. This information has been confirmed by Britannica.com. Antarctica incorporates some islands like the South Orkey Islands and the South Sandwich Islands. It is important to point out that the South Shetland Islands can also be described as a region in the Antarctica. This is according to a report by the National Geographic Society.

According to the National Geographic Society, there is no country in Antarctica. A report by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration indicates that the Antarctica is mainly made up of ice.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons have become a threat to world security in the last few years. This is because of their destructive nature and the harm they can cause to humanity. In a nuclear war, it is believed that no one wins the war since all of you are affected.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, Russia keeps insisting that they will use nuclear weapons if they will be irritated by NATO by either joining the war or aide Ukraine to win the war.

A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that obtains its destructive power from nuclear reactions, either through fission or by a combination of fission and fusion reactions. Both bomb types release large quantities of energy within a very short time and from relatively small amounts of matter.

Nuclear weapons were used in 1945 to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by the united states of America where over 140, 000 lost their lives and the effect is felt to date where survivors suffer from leukemia, cancer as a result of the side effects of the radiation.

On the other hand, biological weapons also known as germ uses biological toxins or infectious agents like bacteria, virus, and fungi which could kill or harm human beings.

Biological weapons can incapacitate human beings or animals and can spread easily causing a lot of harm to human beings.

During World war 1, Germany was the first country to adopt biological weapons when they used anthrax, cholera, and wheat fungi.

Chemical Weapons are chemicals designed such that they can cause death or any bodily harm when inhaled, ingested, or in contact with.

Russia is one of the countries in the world known to possess the world’s largest chemical weapons. There is fear that the country might use the chemical weapon in the outgoing war with Ukraine.

These 3 foods can cleanse your eyes and prevent blindness

Many people around the world don’t know the types of food that can help to cleanse their eyes and prevent blindness. However, according to an article written by healthline, there are some foods that you can eat on a regular basis to keep your eyes healthy and to help prevent blindness and other types of eye problems. In this article, I will educate you on some of these foods that you should eat on a daily basis in order to cleanse your eyes and prevent blindness.

1. One of the foods you should eat on a regular basis in order to keep your eyes healthy and prevent blindness is eggs because they contain enough vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and a lot more. The zinc present in the egg can help to keep your eye retina safe and it also helps you to see at night. So, you should consider eating enough eggs on a regular basis.

2. Another food that you can eat to keep your eyes healthy and prevent blindness is almonds. Almonds have enough vitamin E to help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. So you should try to eat almonds on a regular basis and also visit your doctor for a medical checkup on a regular basis.

3. Another important food item you can eat on a regular basis in order to cleanse your eyes and prevent blindness is carrots because they are packed with vitamin A and lots of beta-carotene which can help to prevent eye infection and other serious eye problems that can lead to permanent eye issues.

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10 Signs a girl is in love with you

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There are several ways to tell if a woman is interested in you. But there is a difference between how a woman acts when she likes you and when she loves you. These are just a few of the things a girl will do for someone she genuinely cares about.

1. She’ll be worried about you.

I understand that men are born protectors, and that it is in their blood to defend the woman they love at all costs. That is not to say that men and women aren’t equal in love. A lady will adore you, but she will also feel obligated to take care of you.

2. She’ll forgive you easily.

She’ll forgive you for things she shouldn’t and wouldn’t forgive anyone else for. This is because this woman considers you to be a more important man than you are.

3. She’ll be interested in finding out more about you. If a lady is smitten with you, she will want to learn everything she can about you.

4. A woman who adores you will devote her full attention to you.

She’ll listen to what you’re saying, communicate with you, ask questions, and help you solve problems. You will have the impression that she is aware of everything you do not say.

5. When a woman loves you, she respects you.

She will gently touch you, kiss you sweetly, and hug you tightly. It’s all about the energy she radiates when she’s with you.

6. A girl who is in love with you will value you.

A girl who adores you will appreciate and value you.

7. Women in love are givers who are genuinely interested in your goals. It’s one of the most common methods for determining whether she loves you or not. She will have to lavish you with something, whether it’s her time, attention, care, food, or love. It’s one of many signs that she adores you.

The ratio of her attention to other people to her attention to you is a good indicator of which of you is distinct. If she does more of these things for you than she does for others, you may be on to a woman who genuinely, unquestionably loves you.

8. She will give you more attention.

9. She is emotionally attached to you. If she appears to respond to your gestures and is emotionally committed to you, then your girlfriend or wife has strong feelings for you.

10. You’ve found the right person if she regularly prioritizes you, does not isolate you from her friends, and shares her interests with you. Keep an eye out for this sign because it will reveal how much she adores you.

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See countries where women pay the dowry of men before marriage

At the point when two individuals get hitched, they become one individual. The two of them went through every one of the perceived customs and rules in their general public and consented to observe them. As a result of the reaction from society, it is additionally extremely uncommon to see a marriage between two individuals of a similar orientation, yet it can work out.

There are two kinds of gifts that are designated “settlements.” A “endowment” is a gift that is typically given to a lady’s family by the man of the hour or his family to show how thankful they are for their child wedding their girl. Yet, in certain societies, for the most part in Asia and Australia, and in a couple of separated networks in Africa, ladies in all actuality do follow through on the lucky man cost (endowment) of the men they need to wed, however not every one of them.

In certain nations, ladies pay the endowment of their spouses to wed them. We’ll take a gander at a couple of these nations and see the reason why these societies are permitted, despite the fact that it could appear to be strange for individuals from various societies to do this.

1. India

To start with, India is one of the nations that has been rehearsing this culture for quite a while. They have gone it down through the ages to their own youngsters. At the point when a lady is prepared to wed her life partner, her folks might request that she give them a cow or a little vehicle as a settlement.

2. Nepal

The lady is compelled to address the husband to be’s cost since it is believed to be a major piece of making their marriage work. It likewise assists the lady’s personality with coordinating with her better half.

3. Kenya

One of the African nations that pre-owned this sort of marriage and endowment installment was Kenya. The lady needs to give spouse’s dad the share, either in real money or in kind, upon the arrival of their customary marriage.

A many individuals likewise say that it doesn’t imply that the lady needs to pay for the cash. Most spouses give the cash to their wives in private on the off chance that they need more to show them.

4. Sri Lanka

It’s not generally something very similar in Sri Lanka. In certain societies, when a lady observes a possible accomplice, she educates her folks regarding her arrangements to get hitched. When they agree, the lady’s folks pay the lucky man’s family a settlement. They put it down on the calendar for their wedding.

It ultimately depends on you to conclude your opinion on this sort of marriage. We’ve been discussing this for quite a while now: should Ghana additionally embrace this sort of marriage?

6 Signs of kidney disease

The kidneys are vital organs of the body with multiple functions. However, a number of factors can cause problems that affect the whole body. Many kidney and renal diseases are asymptomatic, which makes early diagnosis difficult. It is therefore very important to know the early symptoms of kidney infections or diseases.

Some symptoms of kidney disease, according to the Mayo Clinic



When the kidneys are damaged or stop working properly, it is very difficult for the body to filter the blood. As a result, excess fluid cannot be drained and builds up in the body, causing swelling and oedema. This swelling can appear anywhere, including the ankles, feet, hands, and sometimes the face.


When the kidneys do not function properly, toxins and waste products build up. This can lead to persistent fatigue. However, fatigue can be caused by other factors related to kidney dysfunction.


Itching with dry skin may be a sign of developing kidney disease. When the kidneys fail to do their job, toxins build up in the body, causing itching and tingling sensations all over the body. The itching is due to the presence of high amounts of phosphorus in the blood that the kidneys cannot filter out. The phosphorus then enters the body and combines with calcium to form crystals that cause the itching.


One of the most common symptoms of kidney disease is pain in the lower abdomen and back. This usually indicates a kidney stone problem, kidney infection, or kidney failure.

Blood in the urine

Healthy kidneys normally produce normal urine by filtering waste products from the blood and retaining blood cells in the body. However, when the kidneys are not in good condition, these blood cells are likely to leak into the urine. Blood in the urine not only indicates kidney disease, but can also be a sign of tumours, infections, or kidney stones.


When the kidneys do not function properly, toxins remain stored in the blood instead of being eliminated from the body in the form of urine. This can lead to sleep difficulties. There is a significant link between obesity, chronic kidney disease, and insomnia.

“My backside can make men miss heaven that’s why I wear the hijab” – Popular evangelist, Sister Kate reveals [Video]gistreel.comApr 2, 2022 10:48 AMPopular Nigerian evangelist, Sister Catherine a.k.a Sister Kate, has addressed some questions from her followers bordering on her appearance.The evangelist, renowned for her ‘rapture’ sermons, first made it clear that she is not a Muslim.She noted that she only wears the hijab to cover her backside which is a threat to men who desire to make heaven.Speaking in a video posted on Youtube, Sister Kate said: “Ever since I started wearing this Hijab, many people say that I am a Muslim. First of all, I am a born again Christian. In the Book of Mathew 5:28, if you look at a woman lustfully, you have committed against God.“Each time I wear my normal dress to preach the Gospel, some men will be looking at my backside, my hip and the rest. They will not focus on the message anymore. Many men have told me that my shape is killing.“Sometimes, some just want to use their eyes to rape me. Some will even follow me and agree to become my disciple just to be looking at what God gave me. It is not a sin to have such a shape but it is a sin when you use it to take some people away from God.“Even God has given me revelations in my dreams that I should stop seducing men. And to me, I never knew it has gotten to this level. Then I opted for the Hijab. This is because it covers my shape perfectly well. I don’t want to be the reason why some people will miss Heaven.

Popular Nigerian evangelist, Sister Catherine a.k.a Sister Kate, has addressed some questions from her followers bordering on her appearance.

The evangelist, renowned for her ‘rapture’ sermons, first made it clear that she is not a Muslim.

She noted that she only wears the hijab to cover her backside which is a threat to men who desire to make heaven.

Speaking in a video posted on Youtube, Sister Kate said: “Ever since I started wearing this Hijab, many people say that I am a Muslim. First of all, I am a born again Christian. In the Book of Mathew 5:28, if you look at a woman lustfully, you have committed against God.

“Each time I wear my normal dress to preach the Gospel, some men will be looking at my backside, my hip and the rest. They will not focus on the message anymore. Many men have told me that my shape is killing.

“Sometimes, some just want to use their eyes to rape me. Some will even follow me and agree to become my disciple just to be looking at what God gave me. It is not a sin to have such a shape but it is a sin when you use it to take some people away from God.

“Even God has given me revelations in my dreams that I should stop seducing men. And to me, I never knew it has gotten to this level. Then I opted for the Hijab. This is because it covers my shape perfectly well. I don’t want to be the reason why some people will miss Heaven.

“I see some ladies wear clothes that will expose their sensitive parts like their hips. Please stop it, you are taking many away from God. I am not saying you should wear Hijab, just wear things that will cover your body especially if you are like me.”

5 Habits that will make people respect you

Psychology tells us that, no two people are the same even if they are identical twins. People have various personalities; some are introverts, while others are extroverts; nonetheless, regardless of your personality, if you have certain lifestyles, people will respect you and want to work with you.

Your lifestyle is your way of life; it encompasses your attitude, character, ethics, behavior, and loves and dislikes. People respect you if you live a certain way, even if they don’t like you.

Here are 7 lifestyle habits that will earn you respect in the eyes of others.

1. Keeping To Time: The term “African Time” was coined to describe those people who, although being the ones who set the time, never kept it. Apart from being a terrible habit, being late causes others to lose respect for you, and they will begin to disregard your appointments over time.

Being punctual, on the other hand, speaks highly of you; it shows others that you value their time and that you are disciplined, as keeping to schedule requires a great amount of discipline. Keeping track of time causes people to take you more seriously, implying that they will respect you.

2. Having a Very High Moral Standard: In today’s environment, finding a nice individual who has and maintains a moral standard is a little challenging. People with low morals are rarely respected, and even those who claim to admire them simply have a superficial respect for them.

A person who has and maintains a high moral standard does not break the rules, exploit others, defraud them, or undermine their integrity. Despite the fact that most people dislike such people, they are held in high regard.

3. Being Well-Dressed: There’s an old adage that ‘initial impressions count.’ Another saying goes, ‘you are addressed in the manner in which you dress.’

Your clothing says a lot about you, who you are, and what your values are. As a result, it is critical to dress in clothes that are respectable, neat, well-fitting, and acceptable, as well as garments that make a positive statement about you.

What you wear has a significant impact on whether or not people respect or dismiss you, particularly if you are a woman.

4. Practicing Simple Courtesy: The thing about courtesy is that it doesn’t take anything away from you, but many people lack it.

Simple courtesies such as greeting people when entering public venues such as public transit, saying excuse me, not interrupting people while they are speaking, saying sorry, and creating space for others may get you a long way in life and, most importantly, earn you respect.

Courtesies are meant to be observed by both the rich and the poor, so image your admiration for a boss or employee who follows the above-mentioned etiquette.

5. Humility: “proud but not arrogant” is my definition of humble. This simply means that you should know your value, demand what is rightfully yours, set limits, and carry yourself with grace while never looking down on or dismissing others. You should also never believe that you are too big to accomplish anything.

10 Signs you are on your way to success

We live in a highly critical society where everyone is competing to be someone and everyone wants to be powerful or influential.

We measure our successes in comparison to other people’s achievements without realizing that it is unfair to do so. You are your biggest competitor because only you know the resources you have and how much you can do with that. Sometimes people forget to pat their backs and just be happy for how far they have come. In case you’re wondering if you’re successful. Here are signs you’re on the right path;

1. You Don’t Have Relationship Drama Anymore

Because you’re mature you choose to pick your battles wisely. You don’t engage in petty conversations and don’t entertain the embarrassment of dramatic relationships.

2. You Can Ask for Help Instead of Pretending You’re Okay

Acknowledging that you need help means you’re growing up, this doesn’t mean you become someone’s problem but it means you’re able to learn from others and grow.

3. You Don’t Tolerate Nonsense Anymore

You don’t have the time, energy or space for people who just make you unhappy and are constantly trying to bring you down. Instead, you surround yourself with positive vibes because you no longer compromise.

4. You Value Your Happiness a Lot More

It’s reached a point in your life you would rather be alone and happy than with people who just annoy you. You do the things you love and most of the times they are the right things for you.

5. You Have Learned That Failure is Part of Growth

You no longer think that failing is a reason to quit, instead, you know that failure is a stepping stone to success because it just means you need to try a new formula.

6. You Have Friends That Add Value to Your Life

Not friends who take away from you or are not happy for you. Such friends are people who are also successful in their own ways and because you don’t surround yourself with mediocrity, you all do well.

7. You Can Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Without feeling jealous you may even give additional tips for people to grow. This is because you have your own unique set of goals and you want the people around you to also embrace their own.

8. You Have Goals That You Accomplished

When you do set your mind to something you actually finish it and accomplish it.

9. You Refuse to Be a Victim

You would rather learn from mistakes and be a victor instead of a victim. This means after a certain period of time you choose to not wallow in pity and actively practice victory.

10. You Work Smart

There is a difference between working hard and working smart. This means you create a working strategy that will bring results. You envision, plan and now make the big move to actually achieve your goals.

5 Reasons gentle men are often single

A gentleman is a man of good and courteous conduct. He is a well bred, well mannered and charming man. But there is one common problem with them, they are single most of the times. If you have been asking yourself why secretly, then here is my own take.

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1. They are usually introverts

You would hardly come by a lousy by nature man who is also a gentleman. It’s contradicting. Most gentlemen are often introverts, and they may not admit it, but they find it difficult to approach a lady they like. Some do not know what to say and that is because of their introvertic nature.

2. They are most times strictly career men

A career man is a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity. They are so focused that they may not notice you if you try so hard to impress them. Their gentlemanliness is like a training they worked for and so this kind of man is usually very picky with women.

3. Their standards are too high

Yes. YOUR. STANDARDS. ARE. TOO. HIGH. You may be good looking, be in great shape, drive a cool car and earn £100k a year after tax. Long story short, the kind of life they live is the standard they expect from other women. But the thing is that, perfect women only exists in our imagination.

4. Relationships don’t seem to work out for them

This kind of man is often taken for granted in a relationship because he will always remain gentle regardless. Women don’t appreciate these type of men even though they love the idea of dating one. In the end, they decide that relationships is not their thing and will rather just live their lives.

5. They are scared of losing Independence

Some people avoid committing to relationships because they’re having a lot of fun being free and single. Other people have a genuine underlying fear of losing said independence. Human beings are genetically predetermined to depend on someone other than themselves (i.e. a mate), so if your fear of losing your independence is so crippling you can’t bear to settle down then fear not – play the field, enjoy yourself and wait for that inherent instinct to kick in naturally in time.

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8 Signs that you are in a fake relationship

1. You don’t know your Partner’s close friends and family

This is a clear sign that a person does not want to make you a part of his or her family. If the love of genuine, friends and family are among the first people a man or woman will introduce you to. If a person hides his or her friends and close family members from you, the message is very clear, the relationship is totally fake and it’s time you move on.

2. When there is a lack of chemistry between the two of you

Is there a chemistry between the two of you or it’s just about sex. The woman could be hot the man may be hotter but sex is not everything that is needed in the relationship. It’s not just about them being handsome and beautiful, it’s always about having a chemistry that allows your conversations to flow.

A time comes when the man will no longer have the body that you probably used to admire and the woman like wise, if there are is no chemistry then nothing will ever work. It’s definitely a fake relationship build on what the other party can offer and not who you really are.

3. There is a struggle for supremacy and a sense of being more powerful than the other

This is a dangerous place to be in if you are in any relationship. If your partner is not ready to swallow their pride and let go of their ego, then they are not ready for a relationship. For any relationship to work, it may sometimes take the man to inconvenience himself for the sake of the woman and the woman also. It’s never about you every time but also about the other person. If your partner is not willing to be flexible to accommodate you and your feelings, then they are not the type you should stay with in the relationship.

4. The two of you never get to have any meaningful discussions when it comes to marriage

Your partner has to envision himself or herself with you in future as a couple for it to be counted as a genuine relationship. Is he or she willing to talk about marriage, children, career and in a way That is meaningful? If the two of you never get to talk of marriage, children and and your future together, them the relationship is headed nowhere. You’re probably wasting each other’s time and this is very common when the person avoids such discussions intentionally.

5. When there is no public display of affection that you have for each other

Is your partner more that willing to let the whole world know that you are a partner that he or she loves. Is he or she the type that wants everything kept as a secret for reasons only known to him? There has to be that display of public affection for any really that is headed in the right direction. Can she walk with you in public? Can he display his affection for you in public? If he or she cannot do these things, then it is a fake relationship.

6. Your conversations are very boring

This means the two of you have no chemistry. When there is chemistry, there will be no struggle when it comes to communicating with each other. You probably text each other only once in a while because you have nothing to say to them, then that means there is no strong bond.

7. When the two of you don’t have any remarkable experiences together

Do you have moments in your life that are very remarkable and worth remembering or there’s absolutely nothing in the picture. There has to be something in the past that connects the two of you. It has to be that exciting moment that will make you even fall in love more with your partner anytime you think of it. If the two of you have nothing, then it means the two of you have nothing in common and unless you are both willing to create those moments, there is absolutely nothing genuine about that relationship.

8. You are not even sure whether or not you love the person

Are you in a relationship but in a state of uncertainty whether or not you love the other person. You will actually never have doubts when you have genuine feelings for a person. It will not be a matter of guessing whether or not they are the right people, everything about them will convince you that you have made the right choice and you will never doubt yourself in any way.

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See 5 things that men look for in women

Compatibility and intellect are two qualities that a true guy seeks. To acquire the man you desire, you don’t have to go to extremes to transform yourself. It’s not even close to being worth it. You should look for love that comes naturally and organically to you. There are, however, certain universal guidelines that apply to all men if you want to maximize your chances of getting the ideal person. It is correct. When it comes to like women, each guy will have his own unique tastes, but there are certain common characteristics in girls that most (if not all) men will find appealing. The following are the top five qualities that men want in a woman:

1. Men Want Women Who Are Independent

Let’s take a closer look at what independence entails. Men like women who are capable of standing on their own two feet and who aren’t afraid to fight for what they want. The world is changing, and women are being given more chances than they have ever had. It’s no longer unusual for a woman to be the family’s primary breadwinner, and that’s just OK. Men like women who can think for themselves and aren’t reliant on others to figure out what they want in life. Motivated and diligent women appeal to guys. You’ll win a man over if you can show him that you’re capable of standing your ground on your own.

2. Men Look For Intelligent Women

These days, intelligence is in short supply, so when a guy meets a woman who can intellectually challenge him, he is immediately drawn to her. Women who can have a discourse about deep and complicated issues are particularly attractive to smart guys. It also helps if you’re a well-read lady who can sometimes reference a few deceased authors. When it comes to winning a man’s heart, having a solid understanding of literature, politics, science, technology, and the arts can help. Having a clever girlfriend ensures that a man will never be bored and will be constantly challenged to be a better version of himself.

3. Men Need Women Who Are Honest

Men are notoriously dumb, therefore your subtle hints and signals may go ignored. Men appreciate women who are straightforward and speak exactly what they are thinking. Boys aren’t as excellent at reading emotions as girls because guys aren’t as sensitive. That is why it is critical for men to select women who can express their thoughts and feelings clearly. They’re looking for a female who isn’t afraid to say what she believes. The strongest bonds are founded on trust, and the only way to maintain that trust is to be honest.

4. Men Like Women Who Understand the Value of Respect

The same as women, males want to be appreciated. Never make your partner feel inferior in front of his friends or in any other way. If you treat him with respect and elegance, he’ll always return the favor. Be understanding if he makes a mistake now and again. Do not be afraid to call him out on his mistakes, but do it respectfully. Men are also very sensitive individuals who despise being mistreated. The easiest method to permanently drive a man away from you is to irreversibly damage his ego.

5. Men Look For Women Who Allow Space for Individual Growth

While some guys want to be pampered and cared for all of the time, the great majority of men require space and quiet on occasion. Men are attracted to women who recognize their need for solitude and isolation from time to time. Men enjoy being alone and cut off from the outside world on sometimes. If he meets a lady who understands his need for seclusion on a regular basis, she’ll be a keeper in his eyes.

Let’s have a discussion. Are there any males reading this article who can connect to what I’m saying? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

These are 7 ways to increase your intelligence quotient.

You may have stayed up all night once in your lifetime, thinking of how you can become intelligent or smarter, not necessarily because people called you dull but because you want to be that person. But first, before raising your IQ, you should know what IQ is. Literally.

Intelligence Quotient, is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability. In short, it is supposed to gauge how well someone can use information and logic to answer questions or make predictions.

Since you are interested in raising your IQ, here are a few tips to follow –

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1. Do things differently each day

Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous in life. Do things all of a sudden. Break your routine! You don’t have to bath before you eat. Try eating before you bath. Challenge your brain to form new connections and pathways by doing the things you normally do on autopilot differently. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Walk around as if you’re going backwards through time. Talk to yourself in a different language. Whatever you can do to mix it up, do it!

2. Read more

Genetics aside, education is a big factor contributing to your IQ. Try reading up on the sciences, such as mathematics and physics. Sciences increase your understanding of the world, which in turn improves comprehension, vocabulary, spatial and mathematical abilities, and logic.

3. Take the tests again

There are a lot of IQ tests that you can hop on for free on the internet. And you have to take it as serious as your physics test which you took over and over in order to leave grade 11. Therefore, the more you take it, the better you’ll do.

4. Teach yourself something new

Actively learning new things helps your brain learn and may help you make connections that before were not possible. Inculcate that spirit of Philosophy. That spirit of wanting to know more. Only then will you actually know more. Learning a new skill such as how to play chess or lacrosse, how to juggle, or anything you’ve never done before for that matter – may help your brain in ways you never even dreamed of.

5. Get new experiences

Getting new experiences doesn’t necessarily mean traveling to a whole different land to experience stuff, which obviously requires a lot of money. When you do the same thing day in and day out, the brain sort of goes on autopilot. It stops taking in stimuli, comfortable in its surroundings. When you have new experiences though, the brain wakes up and takes it all in, revving up for a change. Even just visiting a new place or trying a new food is a good experience. You’re widening your knowledge, making yourself better informed for future decisions.

6. Meditate

Much research has shown that not only is meditating good for stress levels and mood, but it’s also good for brain functioning. It has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, patience, concentration, and memory. And it’s totally relaxing, too.

7. Sleep when your brain actually wants it.

There is no award given to those who stay up all night to work for money or study. Sleep when your brain actually wants it. Do not fight sleep when you are in a good position to sleep. Come on, you have all day to work and study, and if God dedicated nighttime to sleep, shouldn’t you be sleeping? Consistent inadequate sleep also prevents your brain from developing to its full potential, and can lead to various mental and physical illnesses down the line.

3 Signs that indicate your daughter is about to start her period

One thing you should know and let your daughter know is that every girl is different. While some girls start their periods as early as when they are nine or ten years old, many others may start as late as 14 to 15 years old. This means that some start earlier than others. Sometimes, you can use the time you start your period to predict the time your daughter will start her own.

However, if you can’t use that, let’s look at some signs and changes you can watch out for when your daughter is about to start her period. 

1. Breasts

Your daughter will have to develop her breasts for about two years before she starts seeing her period. This does not necessarily imply that her breasts will be completely developed and be like those of an adult. It simply implies that she has had a growth on her chest for almost two years. As a result, she may still be flat-chested or require the use of a bra. Keep in mind that every girl is unique! Once you notice the development of breasts and it has started for about two years, she is reaching the period of starting her menstruation. 

2. Hair growth on the pubic or underarms

For at least the last four to six months before the initiation of her period. It will keep on growing. This, of course, does not imply that she will develop a full head of adult-like hair. It simply indicates that she has begun to grow hair in the pubic region or under her arms of some sort. This is another sign that shows that your daughter is ready to start her menstrual cycle. 

3. Vaginal discharge

Your daughter would have been experiencing vaginal discharge for at least 3 months before she saw her period. This can occur approximately 1–2 years before a girl’s first period. If it becomes heavier and more often, it’s a sign that her menstruation will arrive within the next 3 to 6 to 12 months! It doesn’t get any more precise than that!

This may be hard to explain to your daughter as she may be noticing a yellow or whitish stain on her pants or she may be feeling wet around her private parts. Your daughter may be worried at first because she may think something is wrong with her. Your daughter needs to understand that this is a normal thing to occur and that her vaginal discharge will adjust throughout her monthly cycle. Let her also know that it may be lighter or heavier at times, and she must become accustomed to finding areas of white or yellow on her pants!

According to Healthline, below are some other signs your daughter may feel:

Premenstrual symptoms, such as stomach cramps, backaches, headaches, bloating, slight nausea, weariness, and possibly even feeling irritated, unhappy, and/or anxious, may occur before your daughter’s period begins. 

Nigerian Youth

Nigerian Youths are being exploited and abused by the very people they elected to serve them, but little do they even reason let alone to notice it!

How on earth do you converge and manage a population of about 2 to 3k youths in a single hall amids this critical situation of insecurity all over the country and expect that training to be successfully assimilated! Undoubtedly, there will be poor class management, poor assimilation from the part of the trainee because of bad weather and a lot of other factors.

Why won’t this training be conducted on LG bases or better still online? The last i checked, there were AGMEIS training Centres across the LGAs in the state. Why won’t this centres be used even when it’s said to be a CBN loan?

Why the rush to go to the training centre even when you don’t know your fate yet? Why won’t you demand that the list be made public?

We seem not to bother demanding for our rights that’s why we’re being treated like goats by the very people who we elected by ou very hands.

Why won’t the master list be made public?

Think about using the little kobo you have to transport yourself to Minna, considering the bad shape of our roads and the security situation of the state, just to find out you’re not shortlisted for this very batch. How will you feel? Think about this.

The officials in charge should do the needful by either resending the mails or should simply make the list available for everybody! My opinion.


  1. Crying too long after being beaten
  2. Not crying after being beaten
  3. Crying without being beaten
  4. Standing where elders are sitting
  5. Sitting while elders are standing
  6. Walking around aimlessly where elders are seated
  7. Eating food prepared for visitors
  8. Refusing to eat
  9. Coming back home after sunset
  10. Eating at the neighbour’s home
  11. Generally being too moody
  12. Generally being too excited
  13. Losing a fight with older age mate
  14. Winning a fight with your age mate
  15. Eating too slowly
  16. Eating too quickly
  17. Eating too much
  18. Not finishing your food
  19. Finishing your food and scraping your plate
  20. Eating and talking
  21. Sleeping while the elders in the house have already woken up
  22. Looking at the visitors while they are eating
  23. Stumbling and falling when walking
  24. Looking at an elder eye ball to eye ball
  25. When an elder is talking to you and you blink
  26. When an elder is talking to you and you stare and not blink
  27. When you look at an elder through the corner of your eye
  28. When your mates are playing street football and you join them
  29. When your mates are playing and you don’t join them
  30. When you don’t wash your dish after eating
  31. When you wash your dish improperly
  32. When you almost break your dish
  33. When you break your dish
  34. When you bite your nails.
    34.. When you don’t bath🛀.
  35. When you bath🛀too quickly
  36. When you take too long to bath🛀.
  37. When you’re beaten in school for misbehaving
  38. When a car almost knocks you down
  39. When a car knocks you down and you don’t die!
  40. For not answering when spoken to
  41. For answering back when spoken to.
    42 Beaten for going to Church or Mosque late.
    43 Beaten for borrowing shoe/wears from friends.

Some of these reasons for beating a child may appear far-fetched today but they sure did happen and they were the norm that shaped the adults of today.

Kudos to African parents. We, the generation you almost killed with beating say ….

And if you were beaten because of any 3 of the above, please gather here for” Survival & Thanksgiving

Elders please arise and help this generation, they need us to guide them, start from your own end fast, things are gradually degenerating.
Our culture must not die!!

3 Highest aircraft manufacturer in the world

Aeroplanes remain one of the most beautiful and useful technological developments humans have made so far. These air vehicles have made it possible for humans to travel to far away places in the shortest possible time. People can now travel across continents to see their families, execute business deals and to have vacations in other countries.

Furthermore, the production of military aeroplanes has also changed the world of warfare impressively. Fighter jets can travel at supersonic speed, take out targets on the ground with airstrikes, and many more.

Interestingly, there are some countries we have to thank for the massive production of these aeroplanes for human use. Findings have shown that there are top 3 countries that are leading in the production of both commercial and military planes across the world.

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), these countries include;

With over 4 well recognized aircraft companies in this country, the United States of America is considered one of the highest manufacturers of both commercial and military planes in the world.

1. United States of America (USA).

According to Dallas News and Statista, the total aeroplanes manufactured in the United States in 2019 were over 700. OEC also confirmed that the United States of America exported planes worth $40.7 billion in 2019.

2. France.

France has 4 well-known aircraft manufacturing companies within its territory. According to OEC, the country exported planes worth $46.3 billion in 2019 alone, making it one of the top suppliers of aeroplanes in the world.

3. Germany.

According to OEC, there is only one well recognized aircraft manufacturing company in Germany, although, there may be several unknown small manufacturers. In 2019, Germany was able to export aeroplanes worth $31.8 billion.

6 Foods that improve memory and prevent amnesia

One of the problems that is common among people is called amnesia, which is memory loss. When you talk to them about something very important, they will easily forget it.

Sometimes they will climb down from upstairs to come and pick something downstairs, and when they get downstairs, they will have forgotten what they came to pick.

They will keep the car key somewhere and then forget where they kept it. They will be looking for it. They don’t know where they kept it again.

A student studies hard day and night before their examination, but when he or she gets to the examination hall, they forget everything they have read.

This is called “senior moments,” in common language, especially for older people. There are certain foods that you can eat that will help to improve your memory and prevent memory loss.

According to Healthline, here are some of the foods you can eat to improve your memory:

1. One common fruit in our environment is walnuts. They are very nutritious nuts that have antioxidant agents.

2. Avocado Pear: It’s a tropical fruit with a black or green layer with a yellowish pulp covering a big seed.

3. Coconut: We’ve all heard of coconut. It has thick white meat that is rich in milk.

4. Almond: It’s a highly prized edible nut inside a strong green shell.

5. Sunflower seeds: They are good when you eat them raw and they help to improve your brain.

These fruits mentioned above are rich in certain fat-soluble vitamins and neurotransmitter-boosting nutrients that can help to improve cognitive function.

6. There is a particular supplement that is known as Ginkgo Biloba. It’s a dioecious tree, very common in China. It has leaves shaped like a fan and its seeds are yellow; they are usually planted alone.

When you take it, it helps to improve blood circulation to your brain and helps with memory function. It is a type of herbal medicine used to cure a lot of ailments, like ear infections and memory loss.

Kerosene is used as fuel in Aircraft

Aircraft are renowned for burning fuel to provide the power needed to fly, but it’s surprising to hear that because of their sophisticated body parts, they only utilize kerosene to fly instead of gasoline.

Because airplanes travel at fast speeds and fly at high altitudes where temperatures are extremely low, they require a fuel that will not thicken and clog the engine as it cools, which is why aviation experts chose Kerosene for its qualities.

In this article, I will explain why Kerosene, rather than gasoline, is utilized as a fuel in airplanes.

1. Its freezing point is low.

One of the main reasons jets use kerosene is because of its low freezing point. Aviation kerosene has a freezing point of -47 degrees Celsius. Planes travel at high altitudes, which means they spend a substantial amount of time in the air in sub-zero temperatures, necessitating the use of fuel with a low freezing point, such as kerosene, to keep the fuel from hardening during flight.

2. It is highly flammable.

Kerosene is more combustible than diesel, making it ideal for take-off. Due to its lack of flammability, it will not generate the initial power required to lift the plane off the ground, ruling it out as a feasible alternative.

Gasoline is similarly very flammable, but it has a low energy return and consumes a lot of fuel, making it much less efficient. This means that for the same distance, a plane would need to carry more fuel.

3. It has Low Viscosity.

Aviation kerosene has a lower viscosity than gasoline when used in flight, making it the ideal fuel for jet planes. Liquids with high viscosity are viscous, sticky, and gluey, which isn’t suitable for jet fuel.

Kerosene retains a low viscosity during the flight due to its low freezing point. This means the plane will continue to fly properly and the engine will not become clogged.

4. It is affordable.

Kerosene is far cheaper than gasoline, making it a more cost-effective choice for aircraft. Airlines must choose a less expensive source of fuel because flights are an expensive enterprise.

5. It is risk-free.

All airlines place a premium on safety, and aviation kerosene is a reliable and safe fuel source. This is because it has a greater flash point than gasoline and is thus less prone to produce unintentional combustion.

There are various additives in aviation kerosene that increase its safety and reduce the likelihood of unanticipated problems. These additions include anti-corrosive compounds, anti-static chemicals, and de-icing agents, to name a few.

These are the 6 facts to know about women

Women’s lifestyles, actions, attitudes, and behaviors might be tough to comprehend. Many individuals have sought to explain how women think, understand events, and react to situations, but it appears that this does not cover everything we need to know about them; it appears that there are certain facts about women that we have yet to uncover. And, in order to love a woman comfortably and successfully, you must first comprehend her and discover a great lot about her, not only her past but also her personality.

Women and men are not the same; you cannot relate to them in the same way that you can to men, thus treating their problems in the same manner that you would your friends’ problems would be impossible, which is why you must understand more about women. we’ll show you 10 woman facts you should know in this article.

1. They love from the bottom of their hearts.

Many men grumble about women abandoning them and breaking their hearts, but the truth is that a woman will only break your heart if she has never loved you or you have abused her trust. Women don’t simply stop loving someone; it’s tough for them to do so because they love deeply in their hearts and can’t simply let go of the emotion.

2. They have a strong desire to keep their secrets hidden. 

Women have a reputation for keeping secrets, and even if they claim to have nothing to hide from you, the truth is that they do. You must comprehend this in order to avoid taking their words to heart all of the time.

3. They will go to any length for those who matter to them. 

Women are capable of doing practically anything for the people they love and care about; they are always willing to make sacrifices for those they love and care about, even if the cost is high. 

4. They will not open up to you until you have earned their trust. 

If you’ve ever puzzled why a woman you recently met finds it difficult to tell you some things about herself, it’s not because she doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to tell you; it’s simply because women must first trust you before they can tell you something about themselves.

5. They appreciate the viewpoints of others.

Women appear to be insecure in social situations, which explains why they care about what others think of them. They regularly delegate decisions about what they should dress, their hairdo, and how they should appear to others, which many people consider a bad trait.

6. One-on-one conversations are important to them. 

Another thing to remember about women is that they appreciate deep conversations in which the two of you can sit down and openly share your secrets and past experiences.

What’s your take on this article? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think.

Show love to your woman by these 15 ways.

Do you have a girlfriend for the first time? Are you planning to marry soon and want to be a better husband to your future wife? Or are you simply interested in learning how to love a lady properly in order to prepare for a future relationship? It’s a wonderful ambition to strive to be a better man for a special woman. However, you are well aware that she deserves the best, so you must strive to improve. 

As a result, if you want to be a better boyfriend or husband, you might incorporate the following methods of loving a lady.

1. Take care of her

Whether she’s sick or not, spoil your girl. Encourage her to get adequate sleep, get vitamins, and bring lunch to her office, for example.

2. Be a gentleman to her

Always treat your daughter the same way you’d want your mother, sister, or daughter to be treated. Carry the heavy items for her, and on dates, always let her choose first from the menu. 

3. Prepare her a meal that she enjoys 

Make it a practice to cook your girl’s favorite dishes because most ladies enjoy eating. Because of this, she would adore you even more!

4. After a stressful day, give her a massage

Is it true that she constantly arrives home from work exhausted? Before you go to sleep, give her a foot and body massage.

5. Assist her with household chores, particularly those that are time-consuming. 

If you want her to see you as a superhero, clean the bathroom and do the laundry. Every meal will also make her smile as she washes and dries the dishes.

6. Give her gifts 

Simple gifts, such as chocolates, cozy slippers, or lipsticks in her favorite colors, would undoubtedly make her eyes glitter. 

7. Praise her in front of others

Whether you’re among her friends or not, don’t forget to compliment your partner on anything positive, such as how thoughtful or hardworking she is.

8. Encourage her to go after her ambitions

Make your girl feel that you trust her ability. Encourage her to pursue her ambitions. 

9. Hold her hand in public

Holding her hand while strolling through the mall or through the park would show her how proud you are of your relationship.

10. Rejoice in Her Successes

Make it your mission to be her biggest supporter. Whenever she accomplishes a goal, take her out on a date to celebrate.

11. Tell your friends and family about her

If you’re just starting out as a couple, don’t keep her hidden from your friends or family. Bring your girlfriend to a friend’s birthday celebration and invite her to dinner at your parents’ place. 

12. Make a positive comment about her appearance

Tell her you admire her clothing or her hairstyle before you go out. 

13. Keep your private moments private.

When your partner discovers that you discuss your personal moments with your friends, she will be furious.

14. Don’t criticize her in front of others

Avoid criticizing your girl in front of others, even if there is a mistake. After you’ve reconciled, you can’t take your words back. 

15. Encourage her to grow in her relationship with God

The man is called to be the family’s leader in a spiritual sphere. Bring her to church, start praying and studying the Bible with her, and make it a goal in your relationship to grow in Christlikeness.

What’s your take on this article? Leave your comments below and tell us what you think.

Sexual performance booster and longer lasting

What to drink to last longer in Nigeria – Traditional drink for satisfaction fulfillment?

It is an African culture or will I say a Nigerian thing for a man or woman to perform and the man wanting to impress her partner or both trying to impress each other normally.

A lot of young men out there are suffering from erectile dysfunction, weak erection, and premature ejaculation.

Apart from eating natural foods to help you last longer; there are power horse drinks that can help you become a master of the game

What do Nigerian men drink to last longer in bed? Power horse Energy Drink

This drink will make you boost your libido and enhance your performance and stamina

It will turn you from a 14 seconds man to a 3 hours man and you will become a celebrity in the eyes of your woman overnight because of your “gbegbesugbe” activities.

Power horse Drink: Natural herbs to last longer Nigeria

The ingredients used in the formulation of this power horse drink are all-natural, and they are all made from herbs and plants namely:

  • Ginger
  • Alligator pepper
  • Bitter Kola

Ginger – Power horse Drink

In a man’s body, what does ginger do?

Ginger is high in antioxidants, which protect your body’s DNA from stress and harm. They may aid in the prevention of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and lung disorders, as well as promote good aging.

Here’s what scientists have to say about ginger and intimacy

Ginger may help men and women feel more aroused and intimate by lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow.

Is it true that ginger might help you stay longer?

Ginger juice is a powerful aphrodisiac that can aid with impotence and premature ejaculation. It also makes you last longer during gbegbesugbe

Pepper Alligator – Power horse Drink Ingredient

Alligator pepper benefits for man. This herb has a spiritual side to it, but we won’t get into it today. Check out one of my videos titled “Alligator Pepper seed for True Love.”

The spice alligator pepper is no strange name to West Africans. It boots intimate desire in a short period.” It aids in easier penetration, firmer, and longer erections. Aids in the delay of ejaculation

Other Alligator pepper benefits include:
  • Treating wounds and burns. Contains properties that are rich in a high fiber, which ensures the fast regeneration of tissues and wound healing
  • Addresses erectile dysfunction
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Maintaining blood sugar
  • Boosts libido

No wonder it’s so expensive in the market.

Bitter kola – Power horse Drink Ingredient

What role does bitter kola play in the human body?

Bitter kola has long been used to treat diseases ranging from the common cold to hepatitis. According to a 2018 study, bitter kola can aid in the treatment of coughs, bacterial infections, and viral infections. When infection first appears, eating bitter kola may help you fight the infection and recover faster.

Bitter kola is beneficial for improving passion performance, particularly in guys. Bitter Kola boosts the performance of males who drink it, as well as increases their passion. It is recommended that you chew the kola for at least two minutes before the act for it to be effective.

These drinks, herbs, are the Nigerian natural remedies you can use but I advise you to stay away from the dangerous ones I termed illegal and unsafe.

  1. Kakai Bitters
    Adonko bitters
    3. Bie Gya Bitters
    4. Agya Appiah Bitters
    5. Chairman Bitters
    6. Orijin Bitters
    7. Joy Dadi Bitters
    8. Pashew Bitters
    9. Shatta/SM Bitters
    10. Cargo Gin Bitters
    11. Don Papa Ginseng Bitters
    12. Alomo Bitters
    13. Pusher Gin Bitters
    14. Ogidigidi Bitters
    15. Captains Bitters
    16. Joy Twedee Ginger Bitters
    17. Herb Afric Gin Bitters
    18. Alafia Bitters
    19. Odo b3b3 Bitters
    20. Playboys’ Bitters
    21. Big Boss Herbal Gin Bitters
    22. Odenden Bitters
    23. Nana Takyi Bitters
    24. Happy Man Bitters
    25. Opeimu Herbal Bitters
    26. Kalahari Bitters
    27. Soloku Bitters
    28. Barima Nsuo Bitters
    29. Boboobo Bitters
    30. Piaaw Bitters
    31. Adutwumwaa Bitters
    32. Prekese Bitters
  2. Hammer Bitters
    34. Atadwe Bitters
    35. Kpokɛkɛ Bitters
    36. Odo aba Bitters
    37. Hye so Bitters
    38. To mpa Bitters
    39. Atene Bitters
    40. Sei hor Bitters
    41. Butubutu Bitters
    42. Burukutu
    43. Joy sokoo bitters
    43. Round 2 bitters
    44. Odeneho bitters
    45. K 20
    46. Amotekun Bitters
    47. Pasa Bitters
    48. Kakaraka Bitters
    49. Yaahu
    50. Igboya herbal bitters
    51. Action Bitters….
    52. Alabukun
    53. Boonfit manpower
    54. Jekomo manpower
    55. Senuebo Manpower
    56. Baby oku
    57. Mudet
    58. Kolaq
    59. Erujeje
    60. Black Wood
    61. Bajinotu Poka
    62. Kogbebe
    63. Dadubule
    64. Scoogies
    65. Monkey tail
    66. Sepe
    67. Bulldozer
    68. Kparaga,
    69. Kerewa,
    70. Koboko,
    71. Opa Eyin,
    72. Ogidiga,
    73. Wiper Bitters,
    74. Edges Bitters,
    75. Agbara Bitters,
    76. Osomo Bitters,
    77. Ibile Bitters
    78. Agra Appiah Bitters
    79. Gallant
    80. Kunu Aya drink manpower.
    81. Kunu + date combo
    82. Yoyo bitters
    83. Tiger nut drink
    84. Watermelon
    85. Kunu mixed with tiger nuts
    86. Red wine.
    87. Burantashi (a very potent hausa manpower, it works so well but most be taken with moderation and care)
    88. Honey is an aphrodisiac
    89. Some men use small stout (guiness stout) as manpower
    90. Tramadol or Tramal or trams is a manpower for some men- very unsafe
    91. Palm wine.
    92. Coconut water is a potent manpower.
    93. Akamu or pap
    94. Guguru and epa (roasted corn and groundnut)
    95. Nuts eg groundnut, cashew nut, walnut, peanuts are manpower
    96. A combo of tiger nut, dates and coconut
    97. Ruzu bitters
    98. Bitter kola and fermented bitter kola water
    99. moringa tea
    100. Turmeric tea
    101. Guava leaf tea
    102. Kayan mata
    103. Kayan maza
    104. Soursop leaf tea
    105. Benyllin and codeine (illegal manpower)
    106. Sidenafil
    107. Tadalafil
    108. Cialis
    109. Banana alone or banana and groundnut
    110. Yoghurt can delay ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.
    111. Ogogoro
    112. Water (for some men)
    113. Goron tula
    114. Colorado (illegal and dangerous)
    115. SK (illegal, unsafe and not recommended)
    116. Burukutu
    117. Coconut water and abere helps in erectile dysfunction.
    118. Okra soaked in water or simply fermented okra water.
The Bottom Line – Warning on Power horse Drink

These are the drinks you can consume in Nigeria to help you survive longer. Even though the above Nigerian drinks can help you stay longer, if you rely on them or consume them in excess, they may cause significant side effects in the long run.

The intake of local concoctions and alcoholic plant mixes advertised as medicines have been related to a rapid increase in renal and liver failure.

Avoid abusing libido boosters such as Tramadol and Vega 100, as well as drinking Action bitters, Alomo bitters, Monkey tail mixtures, and other drinks to help you last longer.

These products are not safe, and NAFDAC strongly advises against using them.

Adopting natural methods and changing some of your lifestyle habits can help you improve your stamina and stay longer without causing any negative side effects.

Natural Power horse Drink in Nigeria
Natural Power horse Drink in Nigeria

If your premature ejaculation is caused by a hormonal problem, we strongly suggest you contact your doctor, who will likely prescribe vitamins to help enhance your hormones.

A Nigerian citizen insists to remain as a refugee in overseas instead of coming back to Nigeria.

vanguardngr.comMar 5, 2022 6:10 AM


•Thank you Nigeria, I’m happy to be home, Nigerian woman celebrates

By Emma Ogbuehi

The first batch of more than 400 Nigerians who fled the ongoing war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion returned back to the country on Friday morning, grateful that the government came to their rescue.

But it is a mixed bag as many others have vowed not to come back to the country, wondering what they would be doing after their return.

The first set arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja aboard a Max Air flight.

The returnees, most of whom were students, arrived shortly after 6.30 am on a chartered Max Air flight from Romania’s capital Bucharest, one of the hubs from where African governments are scrambling to extract stranded citizens.

Foreign Ministry official, Gabriel Aduda, tweeted pictures of the group inside an aircraft late on Thursday, saying “415 Nigerians mostly students fleeing the Ukraine-Russian war from Bucharest.”

Many looked tired but relieved that their journey was over.

“I’m very happy to be back home, thank you, Nigeria!” one young woman said as she walked off the tarmac and into the terminal building in Abuja.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, said there were about 5,600 Nigerian students in Ukraine and an estimated 8,000 Nigerian citizens in the country before the war.

On Monday he said an estimated 1,000 citizens were ready for pickup from Romania, 200 others in Slovakia, and 250 both in Hungary and Poland.

A million refugees have fled Ukraine so far, the UN said Thursday, warning that unless the onslaught ended immediately, millions more were likely to flee.

Ghana on Tuesday became the first African country to return its citizens, flying home 17 out of 500 stranded students.

Meanwhile, even as the returnees remain grateful that they are back home, many other Nigerians have chosen to stay back in Ukraine or escape to any of the neighbouring countries rather than coming back to Nigeria.

One of them, Nnamdi Okafor, who spoke to TheNiche in an exclusive chat on phone, Thursday, said he would rather die in Ukraine than return to Nigeria.

“What am I coming back to Nigeria to do? Has anything changed in our country,” the 32-year-old from Anambra State, queried.

Okafor who said he is an economic migrant to Ukraine said in a worst case scenario, he would leave Ukraine for any other country, but definitely not Nigeria.

Narrating his ordeal in Nigeria, Okafor who said he read engineering in a Nigerian polytechnic, said coming back to the country does not cross his mind at all.

“For now, I am still in Ukraine. I used to live in the capital city, Kyiv, but I have moved to one of the border towns which is relatively safe presently.

“But if the war reaches there, I will escape to another country by the grace of God. But if death becomes my destiny, so be it. I would rather remain here a refugee than return to Nigeria.”

Asked why he will not take advantage of the Nigerian government’s free evacuation and return home, he said life in Nigeria was pure hell not worth experiencing twice in one lifetime.

“My brother, the question you should have asked is why I left Nigeria in the first place. I came to Ukraine two years ago. Before I did, I had stayed in Nigeria for five years after my Youth Service without a job. My country psychologically abused me. I was frustrated and miserable. I almost lost hope in life. I was depressed.

“But it took me only two months to secure a good job when I came to Ukraine in early 2020. If not for this senseless war, life was beginning to have meaning for me once again.

“So, if I hop into the plane because I have seen a free flight, what happens after I come down in Abuja or Lagos or wherever? Has anything changed in Nigeria? Will I now get the job, lack of which forced me out?

“I am not coming back. This war will end one day. But if it doesn’t, we will decide what next to do. But coming back to Nigeria is out of it for now. And mind you, I am not the only one staying put. The students who were sent here by their rich parents to study may go home, but I doubt if any economic migrant like me will dare do that,” he concluded.

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