Since immemorial, people that keep domestic animals are known to provide food and water to their animals whenever they restrict them from moving out to fend for themselves. In an ideal situation, anybody that restrict his/her animals from moving out and refuses to provide food and water to them is mentally insane. It is perceived that such a person has lost his/her sense of reasoning.

The white men elect leaders. They don’t elect mad people. That is why in time of challenges like this (coronavirus pandemic), having known that they can provide the needs of their citizens, they issue an order that people should remain indoor.

But Nigerian politicians don’t know if they can be able to provide the needs of their citizens or not. Eventually they prove that they have lost their senses of reasoning by issuing order that the country / States be lockdown without providing the basic needs of their citizens.

Share till it get to every Nigerian that their politicians are the cause of their miserable situations.


How I wish we can write down these and paste them by our bed sides to memorize, and cross check our lives regularly!

-To be rich, – Give.
-To succeed, – Serve.
-To laugh, – Make someone laugh.
-To prosper, – Be honest.
-To excel, – Be faithful.
-To go far, – Get up early.
-To change someone, – Change
-To be great, – Be disciplined,
-To be strong, – Pray often.
-To do a lot, – Speak little.
-To be fruitful, – Praise God.
-To live well, – Forgive.
-To talk well, – Bind anger.
-To sleep well, – Work hard.
-To be loved, – Love.
-To be a good husband, – Listen to her.
-To be a woman, – Submit yourself.
-To be respected, – Be polite.
-To bind Satan, – Sanctify yourself.
-To grow in faith, – Meditate on the word of God always.

None of these has ever failed!
*Give it a trial, and see for yourself.

Forward this to any group or anyone you care for. And don’t be selfish.

Madagascar discovers herbal cure for coronavirus.

Madagascar has discovered a solution to this global pandemic which has claimed thousands of lots of lives. They found a traditional treatment which cures COVID-19. This was found reliable after conducting trials to test its effectiveness, and people had been cured with the aid of the traditional remedy. The solution was developed by means of using the Malagasy institute of applied research (MIAR), the traditional treatment offers effects in 7 days.

For avoidance of dout, the head doctor of this outstanding discovery, Dr Charles Andrianjara mentioned that COVID-Organics will be used as prophylyxis, that is for prevention, and the president of Madagascar set an example, by means of drinking the beverage, in order to instill self assurance to people that the treatment cures, and is no longer harmful.

By Ernest Ikechukwu



Summary of the speech

📌Lockdown still in place in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun.

📌Lock down to be relaxed by Monday 4th May.

📌From 4th May, Selected businesses to open from 8am to 6pm

📌Curfew applies from 8pm to 6am

📌Restriction on social and religious gathering remain in place.

📌No interstate movement until further notice.

📌Kano on total lockdown for the next 2 weeks



Why do we solemnize a holy matrimony in Church? There are basically 8 reasons. Interestingly, reason No. 1 is to establish a family church. By Church design, a family is the first unit of a Church. So, when we perform wedding ceremonies, we are indirectly starting a Church! In this new Church, the husband is the new pastor and the wife is the new pastoress; soon we expect to have children who would become by default the new members. Unfortunately, this aspect of understanding has not been made obvious to couples during wedlock. I pray that pastors will begin to open up this understanding to couples before joining them in holy matrimony. A holy matrimony establishes a Church altar in your home! A Church with 10 families simply has 10 branches. While the big Church meets twice or thrice weekly, the family Church meets twice daily – morning devotions and night prayers.

Government policies may ‘stop’ the big Church, but never can they stop the family Church. This type of Church had been in existence right from the bible days:

This is example No. 1:
Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Salute my wellbeloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ. (Rom 16:5).

This is example No. 2:
The churches of Asia salute you. Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their house. (1Co 16:19).

This is example No. 3:
Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea, and Nymphas, and the church which is in his house. (Col 4:15).

This is example No. 4:
And to our beloved Apphia, and Archippus our fellowsoldier, and to the church in thy house. (Phm 1:2).

This is example No. 5:
And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart. (Act 2:46).

Even when Saul was wrecking havock of the church, he was entering into every house where churches exist. (Act 8:3).

The Church in your house is unstoppable. COVID-19 cannot stop it. So you must strengthen that Church within this period. You can turn the lockdown for your family to a lookup. Don’t accept lockdown. In a lockdown, you idle away the time and waste resources. In a lookup, you make the most of your relationship with God in the family – more time for family prayers, extended Bible reading and studies, and more Christian book reviews. Engage your children. Teach memory verses. Learn new songs. Act drama. Create interesting moments. Do your pastor or pastoress job. That’s a lookup! Strengthen your family Church!

The Church.
Greet the Church in your own house for me! 🥰🤓

US the biggest donor to WHO has stop donating, China second most powerful country in the world has not filled the vacuum.

United States has stop donating fund to World Health Organization, WHO. About one tenth of WHO fund is donated by US. The US president Donald Trump, has been accusing WHO for not putting blame on China about the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

China has been parading to be taking responsibilities to rendering assistance, but she appears to be selfish as she delve in areas that flavours her.

Ernest I


What would be the future of the world?

The consolidation of power and / or reelection of populist nationalists like Trump, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, Rodrigo Dutere, Jair Bolsonaro and Xi Jinping would have fair-reaching ramifications on the world’s future.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, change in lifestyles is up – bottom leading to more authoritarian. Leaders at various levels issue order without considering the effects on populace. For example total lockdown of many places in the world.

Ernest I


Education: E-learning is cheap, convenient, safe, more intuitive than Nigerian present learning platform.

If Nigerian ministry of education adopts the method and approach that I suggested in my previous post on e-learning platform, the system of education will be cheap for parents and students to afford. When properly implemented, it will be convenient for both teachers and students, and is cost effective and efficient.

Ernest I


Coronavirus: The way should a post – pandemic world look like.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a general feeling that the entire world is at an historical turning point, that everything will not be the same again.

Of a truth, the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the world, national and local government have taken a charge in directing the fight against a pandemic which is by definition global and would necessitate global action one would imagine.

People are rallying around their governments as they expand their authorities in every sphere of life, with little or no legislative oversight or prospect for giving them up once the outbreak is over.

Whatever change would be, the change must be bottom – up, leading to less authoritarian, more transparent, accountable and democratic governments. Humane economy, policies that put citizens needs above corporate greed, not arms stockpiles, sustainability and requires unity of purpose.

The author can be reached on twitter: @IkechukwuErnes2

Coronavirus: What should a post – pandemic world look like?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a general feeling that the entire world is at an historical turning point, that everything will not be the same again.

Of a truth, the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the world, national and local government have taken a charge in directing the fight against a pandemic which is by definition global and would necessitate global action one would imagine.

People are rallying around their governments as they expand their authorities in every sphere of life, with little or no legislative oversight or prospect for giving them up once the outbreak is over.

Whatever change would be, the change must be bottom – up, leading to less authoritarian, more transparent, accountable and democratic governments. Humane economy, policies that put citizens needs above corporate greed, not arms stockpiles, sustainability and requires unity of purpose.

The author can be reached on twitter: @IkechukwuErnes2

Coronavirus: United Nations should rise to her responsibilities.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, the global world have not made a united efforts to combat the virus that has wrecked the world. Countries are seen working independently or seeking help from other countries.

There should be collaboration between countries. They should come together under the umbrella of United Nations to pull resources, wealth, knowledge, experiences together to fasten the proffering of lasting solution to the virus that has been killing people.

About the Author.

Ernest Ikechukwu is graduate of chemical engineering.

Twitter: @IkechukwuErnes2

Nigerian education system should be reorganised towards e-learning platforms

The coronavirus pandemic pose a great danger to educational system. For example, Nigerian schools, people cluster together to receive lessons and lectures, it is no longer save for people to gather in a larger number to receive lecture in this period that coronavirus is ravaging the world.

Whenever schools reopen, and the system of education is not reorganised then expect people to gather in a larger number at: lecture halls, classrooms, staffroom, hostels, school environment, lodges etc.

In order to avert this, the school system can be reorganised towards e-learning platform to reduce the larger number of people in a place. This can be achieved through: creating a website with a chart box for every class or level, creating an email address for every subject or course, creating a Facebook group account for every subject or course, having a WhatsApp number for every subject or course, every lecturer, instructor, tutor, teacher, undergraduate, students should have a twitter account.

With these in place, there will be great interactions between students and their teachers. During examination period, students should be invited batch by batch in a smaller numbers in which social distancing can be properly observed.

People say coronahunger is much more available than coronavirus, therefore coronahunger should be treated first.

It is no longer news that hunger and staying indoor has become the order of the day since the discovery of coronavirus in Nigeria. This is as a result of closure of institutions, and total lockdown of some states. In Nigeria and other African countries, many people hardly feed well because of poverty. With the lockdown, people are being tormented by an ancient coronahunger.


Any harsh truth from World Health Organization (WHO) about the source of coronavirus may lead to world war III. The coronavirus has caused a lot of havoc to the world’s economy, countries like Spain, US, Italy, have been hit harder by the virus. Western countries have suffered a lot from the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, countries like USA, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Israel and so on will descend aggressively on any country that masterminded the development of coronavirus.

For example, if WHO investigation reveals that the virus which was initial suspected at Wuhan in China was a biological weapon by Chinese government to unseat USA from world power position for the purpose to control the global economy, then there will be danger in the world. Because US and its allies will not take it lite with China.

Consequently, China and its allies like Russia, Iran, North Korea may defend China as they don’t have good relationship with USA.

Make your comments on the comment box as regard to the subject matter.


It is no longer news that Nigerian economy has been paralysed as a result of lockdown of its major cities like Abuja and Lagos. Intrastate restrictions of movement, partial lockdown of some other areas, closure of schools, institutions and other places of learning have affected the economics activities in the country.

Consequently, crude oil price fall has given the country a blow to its economy. Because crude oil is the major source of income to the country.

Further more, challenges are bound to come. But what matters most is the ability to tackle such and come out of them strongly. In an emergency situation like this, it is a time that calls for sober reflections. Transparency and honesty should be the order of the day.

Importantly, Nigerian government has no money or other source of income to carry out its day to day activities, hence borrowing money from International Monetary Fund (IMF) becomes inevitable, since there is no other means of survival.

However, the time of politics is over. This is the time to face the reality. Therefore the money when borrowed should be channelled to most pressing needs like food and fuels such as Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), Automobile Gas Oil (AGO), Gasoline (propane) and other useful petroleum products productions. To be realistic, if Nigerian government is able to provide food and fuels at an affordable price to the satisfaction of its citizens, it will be better.

There should be fire brigade approach to the construction, completion and commission of modular refineries in the country. Nigerian government should as matter of urgency legalize the illegal refineries by giving their owners operational permit and ensure that there is high level of safety put in place for such refinery. This is to satisfy local demand.

Be patriotic to suggest the way forward for Nigerian government in this critical period.

An Article

This is an article on African policy


US President Donald Trump is a Pius Leader.

Since the out break of coronavirus in late 2019 at Wuham a geographical location in China. Trump the US president has been making good statements as regards to ascertain the real source of the virus which has pose a great danger to the entire human population of the world. He has accused WHO of global conspiracy to have not let the world know the original source of the virus. In addition, he has not spared China Republic as he verbally attack China as regards the source of the virus. Some people’s assumption that the first case of coronavirus was from China, it then means that the source of the virus could originate from there.

However, the US president, Donald Trump has not left his citizens alone as he constantly shown concern to them by giving them words of hope and relieve materials. To buttress the fact, Donald Trump is a Pius leader was when he told the people in the state of New York to “stop complaining”. That statement is a proof of his high level of christian faith. In Christianity, it is expected that one should draw closer to God rather than complaining in times of difficulties. Because everything that happens to mankind in this world, God is aware. God alone possess the quality of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. With God on everyone’s side, one will surely come out of every challenge strongly.

Once again, I cherish the level of faith of the US president and his concerns to his citizens. I hope the US and the entire world will come out of coronavirus pandemic challenge strongly.

Make your comments on the ways to overcome coronavirus pandemic. Has the US president put in his best on this pandemic?

Names of top Nigerian politicians found in a shrine in Zamfara State

Americans React as Donald Trump Blasts China, Spits Fire on W.H.O And Labels Them China-centric

Wife caught her husband sleeping with her twin sister!

Nigerians raid local government chairman’s office chart away relief materials.

Coronavirus: We are smarter than the invisible enemy – Trump

The US president Donald Trump had shown consign over the misfortune that befall on his Country from the deadly Coronavirus. The president has been addressing his country men on Coronavirus pandemic. This shows that there is serious plan on ground to curb the pandemic. The virus has claimed thousands of lives in USA. From the information circulating around, it shows that US citizens will be hit harder by the coronavirus in this week.

Coronavirus: British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson hospitalized.

The British Prime Minister has been hospitalized because of the persistent symptoms of coronavirus 10 days after testing positive, according to Downing Street. His office said it was a “precautionary step”, not an emergency admission. ” On the advice of his doctor, the Prime Minister has tonight been admitted to hospital for tests,” Downing Street said on Sunday.

On March 27, Johnson was the first leader of a major power to admit that he tested positive of coronavirus. Johnson remains in charge of the government according to Downing Street.

From Aljezeera news

Coronavirus update

President Donald Trump has warned that the united States is entering it’s toughest week as the coronavirus case surge over 300,000. “There will be a lot of death, unfortunately, ” he told reporters at the White House on Saturday. “This will be probably the toughest week- between this week and next week.” More than 8000 people have died in US as a result of respiratory illness caused by COVID-19. New York has recorded over 3,500 deaths as at Saturday.

In hard hit Italy, over 15,362 deaths recorded. Spain records over 11,744 deaths.

Consequently, Spain, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates extended restrictions on movements in a bid to contain the virus. Kuwait and Georgia reported their first death from COVID-19.

Globally, the death toll surpassed 60,000 according to the data compiled by Johns Hopkins university and the number of infections rose above 1.2 millions.

The way forward for African countries in prevention of coronavirus.

Since African countries will not be able to provide the basic needs of their citizens. Then it is advice able that they allow their citizens to go out to fend for themselves. People should be sensitized o how to protect their selves and others. Such as periodic washing of hands, face, drinking of hot water and social distancing e.t.c. Total lockdown of the country will end up causing additional pains to their citizens.

Total lockdown not the solution to the prevention of coronavirus in Africa.

Coronavirus also known as covid19 has economic breakdown and harm pared economic activities in the world. Most of the advanced countries have adopted the system of locking down economic activities, urging their citizens to stay at home. That method actually worked for them. For example China. Whereas developing countries that adopt such method will fail, consequently hurting their citizens. Because most of their citizens are living on hand to mouth on daily basis. Government of such countries will not be able to provide the basic need of their citizens.

As a result, people must go out to fend for themselves. They must gather together at the market place and other places of economics activities.

Quick cure of coronavirus

The coronavirus is the latest epidemic that pose threats to the entire human race in the word. The deadly virus has killed many people. So much people have been hospitalized because they have been infected by the virus. Economics activities have been shutdown in so many places because the fear of coronavirus. The good news is that the coronavirus will soon be a thing of the past. Now, the cure of coronavirus is within our reach. Simply cook your yam garnished with ginger, garlic, onions, small amount of salt and scent leave. Eat the meal to your satisfaction while is still hot. Chew two leave of scent leave and thank God for everything. Repeat the process twice in a day; morning and night.

For more clarification, drop a comment on or send email to

Can pets at home spread the coronavirus?

At present, there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus. However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water after contact with pets. This protects you against various common bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella that can pass between pets and humans.

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