Relationship: 4 Things that ladies want from guys

Most guys today think that girls only want money from a guy which isn’t true because there are other things ladies value when given to them by a guy the like. I always advice men to know the type of lady they are with or they want because this will save you alot of problems that may arise in the cause of your relationship.

In this article, I will be sharing my opinion on 5 things ladies wants from a guy apart from money. See them below;

1. Ladies loves when you give them time and attention. As a man, your girlfriend wants your time and attention because it can serve as a proof that you are in love with her.

2. Ladies wants care and affection, if you have a girlfriend you should learn how to care and be there for her when she needs you.

3. Women wants integrity and honesty from a man. Most men do not know this, if you want a girl to like try as much as possible to be truthful and honest.

4. Women wants a man that can make them feel heard, a man that is very good at listening anytime she talks.

Motivation: See the 7 keys to success

Success await for the person who say yes to it. If you want to be successful in life you fight for it. Success is achieving your goals, dreams and vision in life in other to set a bigger goal because most successful people never stop, if they reach their goal they set a bigger goal. No one is you and that is your power, if you decide to make it in life you work for it, if you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.

You want to be successful ask your self why? The reason will motivate you, then you take steps no matter if the step you are about to take is small, but don’t worry sometimes the smallest step you take may end up being the biggest step of your life. Action create motivation don’t say it is not yet time get up and start doing something

On your way to success, you will encounter different things which will make you to want to give up, but dear giving up should not be an option for you, you know every successful person have a painful story to tell. Keep fighting expecting things to change without putting in any effort is like waiting for a ship at the airport. Accept the pain and get ready for success. 

Here are seven keys to success that will motivate you

#1. Hard work

This mean putting a lot of effort or endurance even if things are falling apart. My dear to succeed in life you need to be hardworking even if you fail, failure is not falling down but refusing to stand up back. There is never any short cuts to success but hardwork which help to achieve desired goals in life. It is the most important key to success. An idle person can never gain anything if they sit and wait for the better opportunity to come, start something work hard and strive for success. Hard work is above and beyond, it is the only thing that push you above and beyond continuing working hard never stop and never give up till you succeed.

#2. self confidence

Believing in yourself is one important key that will make you be successful. Try hard to not doubt your self, as soon as you trust your self you will learn to fight for success. Impacting positive thinking will help you focus on the bright side of life. Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

#3. Determination

Once you are determine that is exactly what it takes to succeed. Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. If you are determine to make it in life you without let anything or anyone stop , you are on your way to success. So never stop fight for your dreams, because failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.

#4. Discipline

Discipline allows you to achieve your goals by working out the distraction in your life. Discipline mean training, studying, learn and apply a system of standard. If you discipline yourself you will be able to control yourself and reach your goals.

#5. Focus 

Focus, it is the act of concentrating on what you want to do, if you want to succeed in life you have to focus on things that will make you successful and never lose focus because of what people tells you. Believe in yourself and stay away from people that tell you, “you won’t make it”, “it doesn’t pay”, “I have tried but it didn’t work out”. No! focus on your dreams no matter what, don’t let anything to draw you back. Your page may be different from another person, so never compare yourself with others, for comparison is a great thief of Joy.

#6. Action

Take action it create motivation, it speaks louder than voice,“I will make it in life”, “I will do it”, “I will ride the latest car some day”, “I will make my mother proud”,“ I will surprise people”. I will, I will when will you. Take action and start now, work on your dreams because time wait for no one. Stand up and fight for the word“ success”.

#7. Prayer

It is the act of communicating with God. Communicate with God and tell him your problems because the devil is always roaming around look for whom to destory. Roman 10 vs13 says, God will be there for you, whenever you call upon his name. No matter what, don’t think you are not worthy to come in his presence Matthew chapter 9 vs13 says, But go and learn what this mean: I desire mercy not sacrifice for I have not come to call the righteous but the sinners.

  Refuse to give up. Believe what God made you, he never made a failure believe God has a purpose for your life. Time is limited, save time life is not a game. It just a matter of time, you need to struggle, hustle and always pray. There is no way a successful man will succeed without crossing the street of failure. 

Therefore, make everything count in your life, be hardworking, self confidence, determined, focus, take action and never forget God which is the key to “success” and “happiness in life”.

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11 Reasons money don’t stay with you

Here are 11 ways you are staying in debt, and don’t know what to do about it.

1. Your expenses are too high

This one is obvious. If you have backed yourself into a corner by amassing a huge house payment, huge car payments, large insurance premiums, and other gigantic fixed costs, then you are never going to have any money to pay down your debt.

If you want to pay your debt, you must reduce your expenses. Get a used car. Downsize to a smaller house. Shop around for insurance. Cancel recurring subscriptions. Question everything. Do anything you can to lower your expenses so you can begin to put that saved money towards your debt.

2. You have no additional income

If you only have one source of income, odds are that you base all of your expenses on that.

AThe secret to being able to save money and pay down debt is doing things on the side that you enjoy that will also make you extra money. Pick up freelance work that can make you an extra few hundred a month.

You can then leverage this money to build a side business, which can turn into an enjoyable way to get extra cash flow to begin paying down your debt.

3. You have no picture of your money

Do you know where your money goes each month? If you look at your bank account and just sit there wondering, “What did I spend all of that on?” then you have an issue.

Sign up for an automated financial tracking site, like, to get a better idea of what you’re spending where without having to do all of the manual work of balancing your income and expenses. This can help you perform a detailed analysis of where your money goes, and make changes based on the results.

4. You don’t take advantage of technology

The technology that exists today is incredible. You can literally pay your debt on autopilot. All it takes is a few minutes to set up an automated transaction to your creditors each month. You’ll find ways to adjust.

5. You use your time poorly

How many hours a week do you work? 40? Do you do anything after work to make extra money? Are you furthering your education to increase your worth? Are you networking to increase your level of influence?

Expenses, if left alone, will almost always increase over time. If you’re not using your time wisely, you’ll never increase your ability to earn more to keep up with those expenses, keeping you at the same level of income and plunging you further into debt as your expenses increase over time.

Always be improving your ability to earn more.

6. You run a balance on your credit cards

Credit card debt is the absolute worst type of debt you can have, because the interest rates are so high. You can literally rack up tens of thousands of dollars in interest alone in just a few years. Yet so many people just view them as a way to pay for things without actually having to pay for them.

But the fact is, that minimum payment is going to grow and grow over time as you spend more, and you eventually won’t be able to get any more credit. At that point, you’re going to have to pay before you can buy anything else. That’s no way to live.

Use credit cards wisely. Only put items on them that you can pay off each month. The day you start to run a balance on your credit card is the day you start racking up hundreds of dollars in interest, and it’s hard to escape from the high rates of credit cards.

7. You worry about everyone else

The quickest way to get into debt and stay there is to start worrying about what everyone else thinks of you. The fact is, not everyone makes the same amount of money, but everyone likes to try to act like they do.

Stop worrying about what the image your car, house, clothes, and whatever else says about you and just live the life you are able to without going into debt. At the end of the day, those things are just liabilities on your balance sheet, nothing more.

8. You don’t have a spending plan

Money is made to be spent, but if you do not have a plan for what you are allowed to spend it on, then you’re going to be throwing it around everywhere.

Sit down and think about what brings you the most joy to spend your money on, and allow yourself a guilt-free spending fund each month. Spend it on one or two things that bring you joy and cut it off there.

9. You afford things

“Affording” things is a very quick way to get into debt. Because when you afford things, you are only thinking about how you can leverage all you own to buy them. Unless it’s your house, only buy things you can pay off completely in less than two years.

Otherwise you’ll spend your whole life with monthly payments towards things that are probably worth less than you owe on them.

10. You buy too many little things

10 bucks here, 20 bucks there, $8.50 there—it all adds up. It’s very easy to tell yourself that “It’s only $10. Go ahead and spend it.” But the problem with that is when you keep saying that day after day, eventually you’ve spent $300 on nothing but a bunch of little trinkets, snacks, and things you ultimately don’t need that will just end up in a yard sale.

Resist the urge to spend money on little things. You’ll be a lot happier with one high-quality, large purchase.

11. Your money is not working for you

With a boatload of debt, you’ll never be able to invest in anything.

At some point in your life, your money must make money for you, not the other way around. Instead of spending all of your money, save some of it to invest in assets that will make you money over time.

Relationship: Sensitive part of a woman body that can be touched to get her on the mood

1. Delicately Swipe Your Hands Through Her Hair 

Delicately swipe your hands through her hair as though you are utilizing a brush. Each lady appreciates the solace this basic signal brings. It’s an amazingly pleasurable encounter and it is certainly going to place her in the temperament. She will feel spoiled and adored and in the end permit you to [you know]. Lol. 

2. Tenderly Rub Her Pelvis Area 

The pelvis is a generally excellent approach to get her invigorated on the grounds that it’s so near her V (puna) region. That anticipation of being so close and close, and simultaneously so far is unquestionably going to make her insane. Before you comprehend what’s going on, she’ll begin imploring you to contact her down there. Directly down there. 

3. Contact Her Thighs (The Inside) 

This is additionally extraordinary on the grounds that it’s near her puna. Delicately do some enchantment here and she’ll assist you with finishing the spell. 

4. A Hot Foot Massage 

This will complete three things for your young lady: one, she will feel significantly increasingly loose and agreeable. Two, she will feel truly adored and spoiled And three, she will simply get into the state of mind. 

5. Ear cartilage 

There are various nerves in the ear that merit some investigation and animating. You can lick within part of her ear channel. Likewise, you can snack or pet on her ear cartilage. Or then again just run your finger over her whole ear. 

6. Feel Her Palms 

This needn’t bother with clarifications. There is incredible force in holding her palms. Simply attempt it. 

7. Run your fingers over the rear of her knees. 

8. Utilize Your Hand to Support Her Back 

This will summon or should I say incite some insane feelings in her. She will not have the option to oppose the flood and quiet that originates from this. 

9. Back rub the rear of her neck. 

10. Be audacious and imaginative. 

Simply be insane and don’t let anything restrain you. Be imaginative yet be mindful so as not to hurt her and furthermore recall that whatever you sow; you may procure it nine months after the fact. I won’t be there however I’ll find out about it. Have some good times. 

Let me hear your musings on this please and furthermore click the offer catch. Help an individual person. Some don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin.

See 5 principles that will make you rich

I believe everyone have the potential to become rich, but why are the resources found only in the hands of a few? Please Read This Carefully.

1. How Do You Think? – For as the thoughts of his heart are, so is he” This means that a person’s true nature isn’t always visible, sometimes they appear generous on the outside, but they are really selfish or greedy on the inside. You cannot succeed alone, no one will tell you this but I am telling you today. IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE. You succeed by thinking good about other people. Also have FAITH, Believe in Yourself. Tommorow will be better.

2. What Do You See? – Rich people see opportunities but poor people see problems. Don’t let what is happening around you determine you thoughts. For example; Your dream is to further your education to University level, but you don’t have the money or anyone to sponsor you. That doesn’t mean you should change your mind, instead use it as a motivation to study your books by faith, work on your dreams the is always a way out. Anything can happen, think about it. Whatever a man focus on is exactly what he get. Believe it or not “want” is a spiritual force. If you want something you’ll do anything right to get it. The rich sacrifices. They are many ways of sacrificing. Some example are;

• Prayers.

• Giving – It can be love, money, clothes etc.

3. Do You have Patient? – A Rich man have patients. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Important work takes time. You can not build wealth over night, and if you do, it might likely crush because, you do not have the experience to maintain it. You work towards your wealth gradually till you get it. Success is a process. Wealth is a process. While waiting, keep working on it.

4. Who do you Surround Yourself With? – Rich people surround themselves with rich people. You want to be rich, make friends with rich people, or at least, someone that has wealth more than you. You’re not just making friends with them for fun, but because you want to learn and because life is spiritual – Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Distance yourself from lower people, even if he/she is your friend. Unless he/she want to change or else you will remain the same.

5. What do you spend you money on? – Rich people make their money work for them. Many of us, if we hit a Million Naira, the whole world will know, you’ll buy here and there, and make nonsense noise for just for 1 Million. Meanwhile, a rich man will be thinking of how he will invest it and manage the little he has already. Nobody knows tommorow, but we know today. Be wise!.

Important Note:

• You can’t change your life unless you are really serious you want to change it.

• It is not going to be easy, so get prepared.

• Have patients – Have Faith you will make it.

• Help people you can help around you.

• Always be happy.

Drop a comment about what you think, I’ll like to hear it. God bless you.

10 Warning signs when looking for a wife

When I was a bachelor, I often heard people say that what you care about when dating is not what you care about when it’s time to really look for a wife. I thought it was all nonsense until I grew up a bit and started projecting towards getting married. At that point, all of the beauty, body shape and spoken words were secondary. I started to really look for something deeper in the ladies I met. It was no longer about the physical appearance; there were a lot of attitudinal, mental, and relational traits I started watching out for. In the end, I found something I felt at home with in my wife and we are married today.

This is why I am inspired to put this out there to guide other single guys out there who are on the verge of moving from dating to getting really serious with the marriage thing. This is no longer the time to wish away those warning signs staring you in the face. You have to wake up to them and make decisions; not just for you, but for your children.

Here are ten warning signs that the current girl(s) in your life may not be the best life partners for marriage.

1. She spends more than you can tolerate.

It’s important for you to be financially compatible with the woman you want to end up with. If she spends a lot, it might be a bad sign that you would have to deal with forever. It means you have to always be on top of your game to provide for the house. A lot of guys like it when their woman guides them into making better financial choices instead of being the chief-spender of the house. I am not saying a woman should not spend. But when it’s above the limit you can take, you better not risk jumping too high. Leave her to find a man that can match her spending appetite.

2. She lacks a mind of her own, always submitting to the whims of her parents and friends.

This is a ticking time bomb as you would hardly have any private issues. She would often seek the validation of her folks and friends, and that could be dangerous for your long-term relationship. It would mean you are not only marrying her, but her entire friends’ circle and the family. You hurt one, you hurt all. No man loves to be in that situation. So, if you can manage it. Run!

3. She is not comfortable with your job or means of livelihood.

They say behind every great man, there is a woman. The bible explains further by asking “Can two walk together except they agree?” If the answer is No, then you have no business forcing a long-term relationship with a woman who’s not comfortable with what you do to make ends meet. If she can’t support your hustle (which I hope is legit), then she can’t be comfortable in marriage with you. It is fine for a woman to want more for you and push you towards getting more. But when she ridicules your job and tries to make you feel bad for the kind of job you love to do, then she is not a worthy life partner.

4. She has a sharp tongue.

This will not be the first time you will hear that a woman’s tongue is fire. It seems women naturally have the ability to use words, but when there is an unbridled tongue attached to that, then you might be dealing with domestic issues in your marriage. When a woman has the tendency to push you to the wall with her rash words, it’s a bad sign. Don’t go near!

5. She has a bad temper.

It’s one thing to have a sharp tongue, but another thing to have a bad temper. A combination of both is very bad, but it’s also as bad as having the temper alone. It means you have to walk on egg-shells around her. Any mistake might lead to violent display and who knows where the story might end? Take warning, brother.

6. She has an overboard level of interaction with other people you are not comfortable with.

It’s important to also pay attention to who she associates with. Remember that we are as good as the company we keep. If her company gives you cause for concern, you may need to have a talk with her. If she is unwilling to change, then you have to change your course as well. Go for another.

7. She is an owambe addict.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating family and friends. The problem only starts when you have to be in every celebration, loaded with the burden of planning, buying aso-ebi, incurring cost and debts, and always making a show at every occasion. My brother, if you are the private type, you may not like that kind of publicity. This is the time to cut off the relationship, before it becomes something you can’t contain.

8. Her virtual life doesn’t tally with what you see in real life.

This is for people who met via the virtual world of Social Media. There is a lot of fakeness on the social platforms we use every day. So, when you finally meet and there are a lot of differences between what you ordered and what you got, it’s time to make that move. You don’t want to end up with someone who has a knack for faking her lifestyle. She might bring you into her charade later.

9. She is overly argumentative.

There is a difference between being opinionated, having an independent mind and just being borderline argumentative. Even though the Bible says wives should be submissive, we are not asking you to look for a dumb woman who also dances to you whims. We are asking you to look for a woman who knows the logic behind agreements and disagreements. If you are always having to argue about everything, then you might not be compatible. Take note.

10. She displays fetish tendencies.

If your woman is the type that believes in strange fetish objects and practices which negate your own spirituality, you might need to check your decision to stay with her on the long-term. It’s very important for both of you to agree on your spirituality or lack of it. If any of her practices gives you a cause for concern. It’s a warning sign you have to heed.

You can see that this list is nothing about having a beautiful face, curvy body or sweet voice. There are some deeper things that can affect the happiness of a couple. Those are signs to look out for. You have other ideas? Please share. 

Keys for success

man learns how to be successful in life using keys to success on a mountain

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Some people spend their entire lives wondering how to be successful in life, but never figure it out.

Would you be surprised to find out that the secret really comes down to four key areas?

Well, it does.

You see, personal success is achievable for anyone who practices the four areas – or keys to success as I call them.

Everyone wants personal success and to learn the keys to success. Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy life, do meaningful work, enjoy a career, and achieve financial independence. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, to be significant, to have a positive impact on those around him or her. Everyone wants to do something wonderful with his or her life.

Over and over, I have found that the keys to success are a single piece of information, a single idea at the right time, that can change your life in the right situation. I have also learned that the great truths are simple.

If you can follow these tips, you will be able to take control of your life and achieve your goals.

We All Have One Common Goal

Luckily for most of us, personal success is not a matter of background, intelligence, or native ability. It’s not our family, friends, or contacts who enable us to do extraordinary things. Instead, the keys to success in life are our ability to get the very best out of ourselves under almost all conditions and circumstances. It is your ability to adapt and change your life.

You have within you, right now, deep reserves of potential and ability that, if properly harnessed and channeled, will enable you to accomplish extraordinary things with your life.

The Four Keys to Success

The great keys to success to change your life have always been the same.

  1. Decide exactly what you want and where you want to go.
  2. Set a deadline and make a plan to get there. (Remember, a goal is just a dream with a deadline.)
  3. Take action on your plan; do something every day to move toward your goal.
  4. Resolve in advance that you will persist until you succeed, that you will never, ever give up.

This formula is your key to success and has worked for almost everyone who has ever tried it. It will require the very most you can give and the best qualities you can develop. In developing and following these keys to personal success, you will evolve and grow to become an extraordinary person.

Learn How to Be Successful From The Experts to Change Your Life

You will not live long enough to figure it all out for yourself. And what a waste it would be to try, when you can learn from others who have gone before. In one of many great quotes, Ben Franklin said, “Men can either buy their wisdom or they can borrow it from others. The great tragedy is that most men prefer to buy it, to pay full price in terms of time and treasure.”

Your greatest goal in life and in personal success should be to acquire as many of them as possible and then use them to help you do the things you want to do and become the person you want to become.

For example:

If you want to learn how to write a book, you can follow a step-by-step process created by a bestselling author. Learn from their mistakes and benefit from their systems by following their guide to writing a book. It will save you time in the end!

Program Yourself For Personal Success

You will change your life by achieving just one important goal, you create a pattern, a template for personal success in your subconscious mind. You will change your life and be automatically directed, and driven toward repeating that success in other things that you attempt.

This is the best way to get your life back in order.

7 Things successful people never do

Successful people operate differently from the average person that’s no secret. After all, they didn’t get to their unique positioning in the

world by following the same path as everyone else.

What differentiates those who are successful from those who are not? There are lots of ways to approach that question, but one of the

most powerful is also one of the most simple.

It’s a matter of habits. In business and in life, if you truly want to succeed, there are some habits that work and there are other habits that

never should be repeated.

If you’re not as successful as you want to be and you know you can do better, copy the habits of those who are successful.

Just as important, eliminate any of your own habits that are holding you back. Here are seven top candidates–habits that successful

people never allow:

1. Believing you can please everyone. Once you truly understand that it’s impossible to please everyone, you learn not to even bother

trying. It’s nothing but a recipe for disaster, misery and frustration–and one of the biggest keys to failure.

2. Repeating what didn’t work the first time. Whether it’s in business, a job, or a relationship, successful people do not repeat the same

mistakes. If it didn’t work the first time, they don’t try again expecting a different result. Successful people know that mistakes are for

learning, not for repeating.

3. Accepting short-term contentment over long-term value.Successful people know that things take time, and it’s the daily grind that in

the end will get them to their dreams. It’s the small painful steps you go through day by day that will benefit you in the future. If you can

make it through the pain you will get to the gain.

4. Compromising themselves to fit in. Successful people never try to adjust themselves to fit into the crowd. They understand that who

they are is what they are, and they don’t try to change themselves for others. The bad news is that if you want to succeed, you are not

going to fit in with everyone. The good news is that the great ones never do.

5. Trusting something that looks too good to be true. No matter how great something looks on the surface, successful people do their

due diligence and make sure that what they are looking at has actual value and is worthy of their time. They know that when something

looks too good to be true, it probably is.

6. Taking their eyes off their vision.One trait virtually all successful people share is a focus. They never take their eyes off their visions,

dreams and goals; they do what they need to do and they do it with meticulous determination. People who are successful know where they

are going, and because they do, they succeed. It’s as simple as that.

7. Disconnecting appearances and reality. Who you are on the inside should be what is reflected on the outside. The moment there is a

disconnect between the two, there is dis-ease within yourself. Success requires that you bring all parts of who you are inside and out and

that you keep everything in sync. It isn’t easy, but the people who are most successful never fragment themselves to be successful.

Start today to examine your own habits, determine what’s leading you toward success and what’s in the way, and make the changes you

need to for the sake of your future.

These are 17 ways to overcome debt and borrowing


1. Have a vision. A vision for the future will motivate you to have goals and save and invest with a purpose

2. Live within your means. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Focus on needs not wants

3. Have a financial plan that encourages you to save little by little, incrementally 

4. Don’t over spiritualize wealth. Wealth often comes through following good financial practices. God says He gives the power to create wealth

5. Convert the money you earn into the world’s strongest currencies (Sterling Pounds or Dollars), to gauge how you are performing globally. Be challenged

6. Always look for the best opportunities. Search for good jobs

7. Diversify your income. Have multiple revenue streams

8. Have a budget to guide you in using your money

9. Learn to say no to people when they ask for money that is not necessary. Be disciplined. Have priorities

10. If you will take a mortgage, choose the suitable one you can afford. Be practical

11. Be mindful of the company you keep. Friends can mislead you

12. Study about wealth management

13. If you have a past debt, agree on paying it bit and bit. Close that chapter soon

14. Invest in assets not liabilities

15. Avoid porn, affairs, alcohol and drugs; they waste your time, focus and money

16. Be firm with yourself. No excuses

17. Be responsible and protective of your time. You need those seconds, minutes, hours to create wealth.

Source: JosephOnaji

Follow these 5 rules to pick your wife


The woman should be 25 years of age MAXIMUM. 22 is even better and 19 is the best age. A woman’s body does not age well. You want the most amount of years with your wife having a tight, young, firm body. After 30 it goes downhill fast. At around the age of 31 a woman’s beauty declines fast.×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=CO8VCODtly&p=https%3A//

It’s a tradeoff, she gives you her good years and you put up with her in her bad years. Never take a woman already in her bad years. Women do not age well. Single women over the age of 30 have wasted all their pretty years having a lot of random sex and now they want to find a beta male who will take care of them without having to give him any of her good years. Don’t be that sucker.

A young body is especially important for bearing children. Old women cannot have and don’t have healthy children. At

30 years of age, a woman is already 15 years past her child-bearing prime.

(But, hazard I like talking to smart women. 20-year-olds are stupid) sorry dude, but Her IQ won’t grow much with age. A dumb 20-year-old is a dumb 30-year-old. The difference is that the 30-year-old dumb woman is a lot more bitter and has a whole lot less to offer.


No step-mommies and step-daddies. Children from single mommy homes are 70%/100 not healthy. A mother cannot raise healthy children alone or with step-daddies. You want an emotionally healthy wife. Women who grew up with no original father or mother have too much emotional baggage and will not know how to act in a proper family setting.×250&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=jSMuUzLoKh&p=https%3A//


If she mentions the word ‘divorce’, praises a friend who got a divorce, or says divorce is an option, then she is not a good mate. Throw her back in the water and go fishing some more. To make a marriage work, both man and wife must think of divorce as no option at all.


Every woman will gain a few pounds when they settle with a man. It’s unavoidable. What is unacceptable is a woman

Blowing up to whale proportions. 

A woman who gets pig-fat after marriage is a disgrace to herself and her family. She must be aware of her image and keep her body trim for you. Women will always gain a few pounds after marriage, but there is a difference between a few pounds and one hundred pounds. Take a look at all the women in her family. If they are all pig-fat, it’s a good idea to walk away as fast as you can. You will have to see your wife

Daily, you don’t want to be seeing her as a cow for the rest of your life.


She is going to be the mother of your children and the keeper of your house. An Enlighten man doesn’t need two

Incomes, he can provide, what he needs is a keeper of home and heart.

Two income households leave the raising of their children to expensive day cares and schools, and then mommy goes to work so they can afford to pay for daycare and babysitters.

Opportunities that will be on high demand in January

Truly the pandemic has affected majority of citizens. Since the president declared that the Corona Virus was among us, People lost their jobs. Some had to relocate to the rural Areas as the Landlords were not listening to excuses. However, we are positive that next year will be a good one though.

One of the main lessons we learned from the situation was that we should not rely on one business to avoid future unavoidable emergencies . Well as we approach Njaanuary as most call it, there are some businesses you can engage in and avoid the suffering in that time of the year. Lets look at some of them which can maintain your pockets not to run dry;

1) Selling Ice cream

January month is usually accompanied with hot sun . This will definitely lead to dehydration of the body. Selling ice cream is the solution here as people will be flocking as they want a piece . This goes for 10 kshs in and a carrier holds 150 pieces. That is a whooping 1500. imagine you sell 3 carriers you have 4500 in. a day.

2) Bookshop

Schools are resuming and they must report with books. It i ls common to see parents flocking the shops . Managers seeing this they are usually very happy as guaranteed profits are back to their pockets.

3) Teaching services

Most teachers in the private sector have vowed not to return to their earlier stations since they were not paid for several months. Demand is very high and teacher please start preparing your documents as early as now.

4)Bata company

Some of the schools seem to be working with this company, the news letter states that students should should be of bata brand. well you can purchase a bulk of school shoes now and smile coming January.

5) Groceries ( mama mboga)

This month turns even carnivores to vegetarians. The woman selling vegetables outside your home is waiting eagerly.This business usually has high profits and can even pay school fees for your children.

6)rental houses

As students report back to higher institutions, they may not want to reside around the school for sake of their freedom. Rental houses have a high demand . Also civilians who may have relocated due to job opportunities will have to seek for rental houses.

7) Transport Industry

They usually reap high profits during this time of the year since people are traveling ranging from Students. Others attend job interviews very far and will definitely have to use public transport.

8) luggage carriers

They comprise of young boys who have trolleys. They carry your luggage upto where you want at a fee. The price can range from 40kshs depending on distance. Most people come from the rural areas with luggage and they will definitely promote the boys.

9)Shoe shiners

January is a time where most people attend interviews all over the country. Who would be not want to have their shoe sparkling . Neatness can guarantee you that dream job incase you are not aware.

10)Water business

As this will be a dry month, demand for water will be high and the sellers will be smiling. In urban areas the price may be 50kshs per 20litre jerrican. The seller buys the same for 5kshs and loads five jerricans on the bicycle or the motorcycle. That is a profit of 225 kshs per trip. Make a decision and sell water in January.

11)Food tenders to schools

Students are reporting to schools and they must eat . so start supplying those foodstuffs as their demand is increasingly high at that time. Some include. Vegetables, maize flour, sugar, and many others.

12) Brokers.

They are people you give them your item to sell and bring you the agreed amount. This month people seek for money and their services are in demand. Imagine you sell your car at 250000kshs, the broker sells it for 400000kshs. He gets to pocket 150000 kshs and gives you the agreed amount. Well a man earning by his mouth . Sounds great isn’t it?

Well Education is power and now you know. Next month dont blame the government start with this ideas to be on the safer side.

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Attract wealth by these 7 steps

Study of Wealth.

I’m not super rich and do not pretend to be a financial expert. I do however have the benefit of working with clients who have long been financially independent, coupled with my own study of wealth over the past years.

As a conduit to insight, I will use this blog post to impart what I have learned to you.

What follows are 7 simple steps to instantly attract wealth to your life (meaning right now).

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Believe your are worthy of happiness.

Part of attracting wealth requires that you believe you are worthy of happiness. Notice I did not say you are entitled to happiness. The operative word is worthy. The secret to creating happiness begins with our self-view, which in large part

None of the other steps mentioned here can be taken until you truly believe you are worthy of happiness. In order for this to happen, you must let go of the guilt and shame associated with the past.

2. Focus on what you have right now.

Many people fall into the trap of ruminating over what they don’t have or what they have lost. This unproductive line of thinking begins the downward spiral of negativity, which is a repellant against the positive forces of happiness.

Instead, focus on all that you do have through the gift of gratitude. We have only this moment in time. Yesterday is gone. Focus on the here and now and learn from mindfulness teacher.

3. End the cycle of learned helplessness.

To continue engaging in learned helplessness is to remain trapped in the poverty’s gravitational pull. You cannot attract wealth or other positive things into your life when your emotional and Karmic space is occupied with the words, “I can’t”.

End the excuses of what you cannot do and begin to use the words I can. In other words, I can attract wealth because I am worthy of happiness.

4. Purge jealousies.

Jealousy of another person’s worldly possessions means that you are occupying your mind with an illusion. Just because someone is driving an expensive car does not mean they necessarily have money or that they are wealthy. Jealousy is a liar, projecting a false narrative that is almost never grounded in the truth. Let go of your jealousies and make room for joy.

Clear negative energy. Embrace the simple things and fill yourself with peace.

5. Respect the power of money.

Money is the byproduct of your hard work and labor. When you disrespect money, you disrespect yourself. Respecting money means keeping it organized. It means tracking it on a regular basis. It means recognizing that money holds both restorative and destructive powers and that it is not to be handled lightly.

Money, when managed properly, has the power to grow and take care of you for many years to come. When disrespected, it turns atrophy and negatively impacts your future. Finally, respecting money means not using it as a temporary tool to boost self-esteem through unneeded spending.

6. Study wealth.

Attracting wealth into your life requires that you go beyond wishful thinking. It means making a conscious choice to learn all you can about money and how wealth is accumulated. Examine the practices, beliefs and habits of enlightened people who have created and attracted wealth. These are your teachers.

Recognize that people who have true wealth do not wear flashy jewelry, drive expensive cars or wear designer clothes. In fact, the majority of millionaires are meticulous budgeters who have created their wealth over the course of time.

7. Give money away.

This final point relates to the spiritual and Karmic power of money. When we give money to those who are less fortunate, we are helping to replenish the human spirit. Do not hoard money or it will leave you.

Instead, use your empathic abilities to determine who is in need and how you might help them. An example might be offering to pay for groceries in the checkout line for a struggling family in front of you. It could also mean donating your time, which is a form of money, to your favorite charity.

When you give from a place of genuine love and compassion to others, you make room greater happiness, which is the precursor to wealth.

Final Thoughts on Attracting Wealth.

It is no coincidence that you took the time to read this article. You can absolutely attract wealth into your life right now by following the 7 steps that have been outlined here. Notice the title of this post read simple steps and not easy. Sometimes the most difficult things we do in life are simple in nature but that sure doesn’t mean they are easy.

Change is a process that takes time. This is true of most things, such as a shift in how we think about money. It is also true when we work on ourselves, be it an attempt to understand our dreams or engage in physical activity as a way of pushing back against depression.

Finally, remember that most people who are financially stable became that way through good old fashioned hard work and an honest, deep abiding belief in the self.

You are worthy of happiness!

This is the word that makes people millionaires

Let me ask you a question. I want you to take a guess what’s the one word that makes people Millionaires and Billionaires? Now what did you think? Did you think about fame, luck, timing, attitude, mindset, product, quality, team. What was your thought? I want you to imagine this; if you have #86,400 in your bank account and someone stole #10, would you throw away the remaining #86,390 and try to get back to that person or say “look, forget it and move on?”. Imagine a cash credited into your bank account #86,400 everyday but carries over no balance. It means whatever you don’t invest or take out that day gets to zero. What would you do? You withdraw every dollar. Wouldn’t you? Well! We do all have that bank account. It’s called “TIME”. Every single day, you have 86,400 seconds deposit to your life. I mean your time bank. How would you spend that time? It carries over no balance and doesn’t allow any overdraft. You’ve heard about the concept “Return On Investment (ROI). There is a more powerful concept which is ROTI and that is “Return On Time Invested”. That’s correct! Most people when they think about one word that makes people Millionaires and Billionaires, very often, word that comes to mind is “HUSTLE”.

You’ve gotta work for 10-30 years. You know what? Hustle is part of it. Hustle is just to get your foot into the door of enterpreneurship but that’s not the word that makes people Millionaires and Billionaires. When I was getting started, I was hustling. When I hear this concept “Hey man! You’ve got to work 10 years ” is the problem. I have bills to pay. I had to take care of my Mum and after my Mum and Dad got divorced, I have to be the man that provides for the family and I couldn’t wait for 10-15 years. I had to make some money right now. Nothing is wrong with hustle but that does not make me and my team Millionaires. So, what’s that one word?

That word is LEVERAGE

I want you to imagine if you want to lift a big heavy stone. You’re trying to do it with your two hands and it doesn’t even move and you try your very best. However, if you can use let say a long pole, you try and lever and lift that up. That’s leverage. LEVERAGE is maximum productivity with minimum effort. Let me give you some examples. There are many forms of leverage but I’ll give you four.

1. Money Leverage

Imagine you’re buying a piece of real estate, a property and you’re buying with a down payment. If you borrow the rest from the bank(80%, 75%) to complete the payment, that’s called a MONEY LEVERAGE. You’ve just used bank money to create wealth and build your business or you want to buy some new equipment for your company and you go to the bank or an investor to borrow some money, that’s a form of leverage. An investor get money Leverage.

2. Marketing Leverage

Imagine running an ad on social media and you create the ad once like a video and it’s seen by 10,000, 50,000 people, 24/7. Even though you’re not selling directly, your ad is been exposed and viewed by tens of thousands of people. That’s a form of leverage called Marketing Leverage.

3. People Leverage

By having the team hire someone to perform a task. Probably, the boss doesn’t seems to be around, he can choose someone lower in position than him to take up his responsibility. That is People Leverage.

4. System Leverage

Let say for bookkeeping, you’re using “Intuit QuickBooks” to manage your finance. That’s a form of System Leverage. Or you’re managing an email list using an email system that allows you to draft one message and send to as many as possible. That’s system leverage . Using technology to boost your business.

There are many other forms but these four are very important. Work with them.

This article is my jotting down of points from a video record of one of my financial role models: Dan Lok. The article is based on his personal and life experiences.

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These are 4 profitable businesses you can start up, be your own boss and make money

There are profitable business ideas you should consider that will help you make extra income. You can consider it as a side hustle or a main one.

1. Transportation Business

If you have N250k or a tricycle (Keke napep) that you are not making use of probably because it faulty, then it’s time to make money with it. Fix the problem and find a trusted individual who would want to drive it on hire purchase. He gets to pay you either weekly or monthly a specific amount agreed upon by the both of you. This is a passive way of making money.

2. Liquid Soap Production

If you have mastered the art of making liquid soap or can dedicate your time towards learning it online, then this is a good idea. Launch into this business with N50k or thereabout which could cover the cost of production materials, packaging and fliers.

If you want to continue taking orders, leave your fliers with your customers.

3. Gas Filling

Most families make use of gas when it comes to cooking. Starting up this business would bring you maximum profit especially when you’re located in a populated area.

4. Fashion Business

Ladies fashion items like bags, shoes, clothes, human hairs and other accessories are fast selling products. You can import them from abroad at lesser cost for you to have more profits.

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These are 3 ways to grow your networth

Your net worth ought to grow with your age as you grow. It ought to double or triple faster than your age because as you grow your needs and expenses become higher. Having a family and meeting their daily needs can deplete your money faster than you think. It’s very important you know that the growth of your net worth can make you wealthy on the long run. You need to work on yourself to improve your finances. You need to know your network determines your net worth and the people around you determines where you are going to in life and where you will be in a couple of years. The action and decision you take, the knowledge and information available to you determines how far you go towards becoming wealthy. To become successful as an investor or entrepreneur, you need to work on these three things to grow your net worth and become wealthy.


When you understand your economy, you know where the direction of wealth is moving to. When you understand the economy, you understand how and where to invest into and the kind of business to start that will generate steady income When you understand the economy, you will know if it’s FIXED INCOME that is doing well or STOCKS that is the best to invest your money. When you understand the economy, you understand the people and the kind of product and services to offer. When the president was elected, his focus was agriculture and that is where the country’s wealth is directed to.


When you understand the economy and where wealth will be directed, you need to create a business or investment plan that will generate steady cashflow and make you live above inflation. You choose wisely after doing your due diligence on the kind of business that you will put money and generate better returns on investment. You need to know the investment and business that will preserve your capital and make your mind be at rest financially.


When you know the business and investment to enter into, you delve into it with the level of knowledge needed and the risk control to minimize and manage any form of risk. If you do not know or understand the risk involved, you can lose all your money and find yourself in a bad financial situation. Your risk level will keep you on the safe side and grow your networth. For example, before investing into stocks, if you do your due diligence and research well about the market, you will know how to control any form of losses and generate profits.


Knowing these key things will change and turn things around for you and grow your networth. Knowing and doing the needful will turn your financial life and future around for good. When the understand the need of the economy and it’s direction, you are ready to meet the needs of the market and create wealth.

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This is what will happen when people of the same group marry each other

When you want to marry you should select your partner well.First before you become husband and wife you should visit hospital and take a blood group test so that you can Know your blood group compatibility.
If there might be a problem for you and your partner to marry then the doctor will tell you and he will give you some precautions to follow. It is true that to marry someone of your favourite does not cause any harm for both of you.It is simply allowed.The problem becomes when both of you have different blood types.
There are two types of blood; Rhesus positive and Rhesus negative.
Parents pass their blood group to their children.When you get married both of you having the same blood group like A+ then there will be no problem because your blood type is the same.Infact it will be a nice match since you all have Rh+.
The children will have a high chance of belonging to the same group.So people should not be afraid to marry people of the same blood group.

If you wish to laugh, watch these ridiculous pictures

If you fails to maintain the comfortability of your heart, you will never enjoy this world to it fullest. Most people you see nowadays smiling and laughing have done something to maintain their inner peace which that gave them the opportunity to laugh and smile.

You too, if you want to maintain your internal peace, you must take some measures in your daily activities; once you discover that someone or something is always giving you headache, push it away and run far from that irks you.

Meanwhile, let me drop some funny pictures that will eventually and ultimately make you laugh out your sorrows.

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Keep these rules to become rich

In life we aspire to be rich , famous and powerful. And all these are achievable if only you abide by the rules and contribute immensely to it.

Many have derailed the route of success by joining secret cults believing you could get rich quick but the price they pay is very expensive.

The soul you handed over to devil wasn’t yours. All you need in life is patience, hardwork and strongly believing in God as it’s all about times and turns .

Yes you can be destined to be great in life but you can’t fold your arms waiting for it to come, you must work and pray hard .

The Holy Scriptures actually provide us a guide on how to become rich. The words of God do not only include instructions on how to save our soul, but they also teach us important lessons to avoid poverty on Earth.

If you want to prosper in life and leave a great legacy to your children and grandchildren, God has laid down some ways that you can follow to earn riches and honor from Him. There are verses in the Bible that describe the qualities of a wealthy person. And one must possess those qualities to acquire wealth and blessings in life.

Check out the following signs that will help you determine if you’re going to be rich according to the Bible.

1. but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” – Proverbs 10:4

2. You walk your talk (you do what you say).

“All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” – Proverbs 14:23

3. You are righteous.

“For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with a shield.” – Psalm 5:12

“The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.” – Proverbs 10:22

4. You are faithful and you know how to wait.

“A faithful man will abound with blessings, but he who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished. – Proverbs 28:20

5. You practice abstinence.

“He who loves pleasure will be a poor man; He who loves wine and oil will not be rich. – Proverbs 21:17

“for drunkards and gluttons become poor, and drowsiness clothes them in rags.” – Proverbs 23:21

6. You are God-fearing.

“Praise the LORD! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who delights greatly in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed. Wealth and riches will be in his house, and his righteousness endures forever. – Psalm 112:1-3

7. You have thirst for knowledge.

“By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” – Proverbs 24:4

8. You are wise and understanding.

“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, And the man who gains understanding; for her proceeds are better than the profits of silver, and her gain than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies, and all the things you may desire cannot compare with her. Length of days is in her right hand, In her left hand riches and honor.” – Proverbs 3:13-16

9. You are charitable. You are generous to the poor.

“He who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and he who gives gifts to the rich — both come to poverty. – Proverbs 22:16

“One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:24-25

“He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.” – Proverbs 28:27

10. You are humble and you live like a poor.

“One man pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.” – Proverbs 13:7

So, do you have any of the signs above?

Through diligence, knowledge, wisdom and self-discipline you can be rich. However, always remember to prioritize your good name and integrity over riches.

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

“Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich.” – Proverbs 28:6

And when you become rich and even richer, make sure that your heart will not fall in love with money.

“But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. – 1 Timothy 6:9

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” – 1 Timothy 6:10

Finally, don’t forget that money and riches are not everlasting. Therefore, seek first the kingdom of God so you may enjoy an everlasting life.

“For riches are not forever, Nor does a crown endure to all generations.” – Proverbs 27:24

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” – Matthew 6:31-33

Ways to attract wealth to oneself

I’m not overly rich and don’t profess to be a monetary master. I do anyway have the advantage of working with customers who have for some time been monetarily free, combined with my own investigation of abundance over the previous years. 

As a conductor to understanding, I will utilize this blog entry to give what I have figured out how to you. 

What follows are 7 basic strides to immediately draw in abundance to your life (which means at the present time). 

It is safe to say that you are prepared? We should hop directly in! 

1. Accept your are deserving of bliss. 

Part of pulling in abundance necessitates that you trust you are deserving of bliss. Notice I didn’t state you are qualified for bliss. The usable word is commendable. The key to making satisfaction starts with our self-see, which in huge part 

None of different advances referenced here can be taken until you genuinely trust you are deserving of bliss. With the end goal for this to occur, you should relinquish the blame and disgrace related with the past. 

2. Zero in on what you have at this moment. 

Numerous individuals fall into the snare of ruminating over what they don’t have or what they have lost. This inefficient line of reasoning starts the descending twisting of cynicism, which is a repellant against the positive powers of joy. 

All things being equal, center around all that you do have through the endowment of appreciation. We have just this second as expected. Yesterday is no more. Zero in on the present time and place and gain from care educator. 

3. End the pattern of educated powerlessness. 

To keep taking part in scholarly weakness is to stay caught in the destitution’s gravitational draw. You can’t pull in riches or other positive things into your life when your passionate and Karmic space is busy with the words, “I can’t”. 

End the reasons of what you can’t do and start to utilize the words I can. All in all, I can pull in abundance since I am deserving of bliss. 

4. Cleanse jealousies. 

Envy of someone else’s common belongings implies that you are consuming your psyche with a figment. Because somebody is driving a costly vehicle doesn’t mean they essentially have cash or that they are well off. Envy is a liar, projecting a bogus account that is never grounded in reality. Relinquish your jealousies and prepare for euphoria. 

Clear negative energy. Grasp the straightforward things and fill yourself with harmony. 

5. Regard the influence of cash. 

Cash is the result of your persistent effort and work. At the point when you disregard cash, you affront yourself. Regarding cash implies keeping it coordinated. It implies following it consistently. It implies perceiving that cash holds both helpful and damaging forces and that it isn’t to be dealt with delicately. 

Cash, when overseen appropriately, has the ability to develop and deal with you for a long time to come. When slighted, it turns decay and adversely impacts your future. At long last, regarding cash implies not utilizing it as a brief device to help confidence through unneeded spending. 

6. Study riches. 

Drawing in abundance into your life necessitates that you go past unrealistic reasoning. It implies settling on a cognizant decision to gain proficiency with everything you can about cash and how abundance is gathered. Look at the practices, convictions and propensities for edified individuals who have made and pulled in abundance. These are your instructors. 

Perceive that individuals who have genuine abundance don’t wear ostentatious gems, drive costly vehicles or wear creator garments. Truth be told, most of tycoons are fastidious budgeters who have made their abundance throughout the course of time. 

7. Part with cash. 

This last point identifies with the profound and Karmic influence of cash. At the point when we offer cash to the individuals who are less lucky, we are assisting with recharging the human soul. Try not to accumulate cash or it will leave you. 

All things considered, utilize your empathic capacities to figure out who is out of luck and how you may help them. A model may be contribution to pay for staple goods in the checkout line for a striving family before you. It could likewise mean giving your time, which is a type of cash, to your number one foundation. 

At the point when you give from a position of veritable love and empathy to other people, you make room more prominent bliss, which is the forerunner to abundance. 

Last Thoughts on Attracting Wealth. 

It is no occurrence that you set aside the effort to peruse this article. You can totally pull in abundance into your life right now by following the 7 stages that have been delineated here. Notice the title of this post read straightforward advances and difficult. Some of the time the most troublesome things we do in life are basic in nature yet that sure doesn’t mean they are simple. 

Change is a cycle that requires some serious energy. This is valid for most things, for example, a move by they way we consider cash. It is additionally obvious when we work on ourselves, be it an endeavor to comprehend our fantasies or participate in active work as a method of standing up against sorrow. 

At last, recall that the vast majority who are monetarily steady turned into that route through classic difficult work and a legit, profound withstanding faith in oneself. 

Ways to attract wealth to oneself

I’m not overly rich and don’t profess to be a monetary master. I do anyway have the advantage of working with customers who have for some time been monetarily free, combined with my own investigation of abundance over the previous years. 

As a conductor to understanding, I will utilize this blog entry to give what I have figured out how to you. 

What follows are 7 basic strides to immediately draw in abundance to your life (which means at the present time). 

It is safe to say that you are prepared? We should hop directly in! 

1. Accept your are deserving of bliss. 

Part of pulling in abundance necessitates that you trust you are deserving of bliss. Notice I didn’t state you are qualified for bliss. The usable word is commendable. The key to making satisfaction starts with our self-see, which in huge part 

None of different advances referenced here can be taken until you genuinely trust you are deserving of bliss. With the end goal for this to occur, you should relinquish the blame and disgrace related with the past. 

2. Zero in on what you have at this moment. 

Numerous individuals fall into the snare of ruminating over what they don’t have or what they have lost. This inefficient line of reasoning starts the descending twisting of cynicism, which is a repellant against the positive powers of joy. 

All things being equal, center around all that you do have through the endowment of appreciation. We have just this second as expected. Yesterday is no more. Zero in on the present time and place and gain from care educator. 

3. End the pattern of educated powerlessness. 

To keep taking part in scholarly weakness is to stay caught in the destitution’s gravitational draw. You can’t pull in riches or other positive things into your life when your passionate and Karmic space is busy with the words, “I can’t”. 

End the reasons of what you can’t do and start to utilize the words I can. All in all, I can pull in abundance since I am deserving of bliss. 

4. Cleanse jealousies. 

Envy of someone else’s common belongings implies that you are consuming your psyche with a figment. Because somebody is driving a costly vehicle doesn’t mean they essentially have cash or that they are well off. Envy is a liar, projecting a bogus account that is never grounded in reality. Relinquish your jealousies and prepare for euphoria. 

Clear negative energy. Grasp the straightforward things and fill yourself with harmony. 

5. Regard the influence of cash. 

Cash is the result of your persistent effort and work. At the point when you disregard cash, you affront yourself. Regarding cash implies keeping it coordinated. It implies following it consistently. It implies perceiving that cash holds both helpful and damaging forces and that it isn’t to be dealt with delicately. 

Cash, when overseen appropriately, has the ability to develop and deal with you for a long time to come. When slighted, it turns decay and adversely impacts your future. At long last, regarding cash implies not utilizing it as a brief device to help confidence through unneeded spending. 

6. Study riches. 

Drawing in abundance into your life necessitates that you go past unrealistic reasoning. It implies settling on a cognizant decision to gain proficiency with everything you can about cash and how abundance is gathered. Look at the practices, convictions and propensities for edified individuals who have made and pulled in abundance. These are your instructors. 

Perceive that individuals who have genuine abundance don’t wear ostentatious gems, drive costly vehicles or wear creator garments. Truth be told, most of tycoons are fastidious budgeters who have made their abundance throughout the course of time. 

7. Part with cash. 

This last point identifies with the profound and Karmic influence of cash. At the point when we offer cash to the individuals who are less lucky, we are assisting with recharging the human soul. Try not to accumulate cash or it will leave you. 

All things considered, utilize your empathic capacities to figure out who is out of luck and how you may help them. A model may be contribution to pay for staple goods in the checkout line for a striving family before you. It could likewise mean giving your time, which is a type of cash, to your number one foundation. 

At the point when you give from a position of veritable love and empathy to other people, you make room more prominent bliss, which is the forerunner to abundance. 

Last Thoughts on Attracting Wealth. 

It is no occurrence that you set aside the effort to peruse this article. You can totally pull in abundance into your life right now by following the 7 stages that have been delineated here. Notice the title of this post read straightforward advances and difficult. Some of the time the most troublesome things we do in life are basic in nature yet that sure doesn’t mean they are simple. 

Change is a cycle that requires some serious energy. This is valid for most things, for example, a move by they way we consider cash. It is additionally obvious when we work on ourselves, be it an endeavor to comprehend our fantasies or participate in active work as a method of standing up against sorrow. 

At last, recall that the vast majority who are monetarily steady turned into that route through classic difficult work and a legit, profound withstanding faith in oneself. 

Rich people’s habits

Propensities can either be acceptable or had. Great ones are the origination for a fruitful brain while the terrible ones is the cemetery of significance. On the off chance that you truly love achievement, there are sure perspectives you should have and rehearse. In any case, there are consistently individuals who have been fruitful in whatever they are doing, it is convenient we gain from them. Instances of effective individuals are Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Innocent Chukwuma, etcetera. 

Coming up next are the propensities that effective individuals has and rehearses which have held them strongmon the echelons is achievement. 

1. Promptness: Every effective individual you may have known or found out about are consistently dependable to their organizations. Promptness is known as the sole of business. Without promptness trust can’t be birthed. It is the timeliness of some financial specialists that have made all the difference for them. It isn’t beneficial for you to plan a gathering with somebody and you are going late to the gathering. Individuals will think that its hard to trust. One of the genuine trial of a genuine psyche is dependability. Fruitful individuals are consistently aware of their time and timetables and they are constantly perused to see that they keep to their timetables. 

2. Genuineness: Successful individuals are straightforward individuals. It is a result of their fair outlooks that their association is becoming all over. Dangote of Nigeria is as yet advancing today since he is an honest man. On the off chance that he is the sort that lies, the majority of his trustees would have left him and his organization would have disintegrated. You can’t do anything sensible in existence without the capacity to state reality. 

3. Satisfaction: Successful individuals have a lot of a mollified way of life. You can’t go far on the off chance that you are the sort that loves to not slice your jacket as indicated by your size. 

4. Imagination: The explanation they became fruitful is on the grounds that their psyche isn’t feeling lethargic. A helpless man is a man with a dull and dead outlook. The intensity of creative mind is a lot of adequate to tge point that your prosperity starts at whatever point you start to make great musings in your brain. Innovativeness is a propensity for fruitful individuals. Jeff Bezos turned into the most extravagant man in a period where monetary difficulty has thumped down a few ecenomies of the solid countries like the United States. That became conceivable on the grounds that he made a technique that acquired him that feet. 

Get familiar with these four propensities and practice them in the event that you need to number among the fruitful individuals on the planet. Everything is conceivable on the off chance that you can accept and make moves.

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With low capital, you can be self employed

How To Be Self Employed With Low Capital In 2021

Many people believe that they can’t engage in business activities because of they have little or no money. They have planned several time to be self employ but they felt handicapped due to the low amount in their back account.

Therefore, if you want to start a business with low capital you need to shift your mind set and believe that you can achieve something great even if you start from the bottom.

This year 2020 has been a tough session for almost 90℅ of the people throughout the world but it’s not really hard for those people that are self-employed.

Many people are facing with a lot of questions of how to create a venture on their own and they keep on asking questions “Where will I see the capital to set up this venture? how much will I need and where can I start it ? “. These are questions a lot of us dealt with throughout 2020 that is affecting us. So, all you just have to do is to find out what people want and what resources will be useful to fulfill their desire.

Here are methods you can use to start your own business with low capital you have in your account :

1. Change your mindset

You might be losing to the fear of starting of your business on your own. You might be thinking of you gonna survive in such business you wanna venture in. So, don’t be nervous and let your be at rest. Taking risk make you survive

2. Start with what you have

When you want to start a business, you start with whatever you have at your disposal such as skills, experience, knowledge and resources.

3. Do what you know and what you can control

Don’t venture in a business that can really affect you and debar you from moving forward in the business. If you embark on a business you don’t have power to control or a business that is beyond your strength, it will affect you and make you feed up. Do according to your strength and make maximum profit to avoid lose

4. Invest capital you can afford to lose

As a new entrepreneur, a great lose of business capital can be a setback for such person. So, if you want to set up a business you must put in what you can afford to lose and have it in mind that you will give it whatever it takes to became your own boss.

5. Endurance and Adaption

Every business started somewhere. Those big firms started from stalls and industries tarted from shops. If you really want to be self employ, you must face some problem that you will have to gather hypothesis and come up with theory and principle to help your own career.

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Make money online using these 20 websites

Top 20 Websites To Make Money Online
You probably would love to create extra sources of income and pay your bills but you might want to substitute imbalance for your current job. But whatever the reason is there are several ways to make money online, I mean a whole lot out there.
However, you should be very careful because there are lots of malicious websites not maybe involving scams or illegal activities that you will end up regretting.
Several methods you can follow and actually make money online. I’ll be listing some things you can do to really make money online.
Sidebar banner – 300 x 250
There are two options I’ll be giving you to make money online easily and they include:
a. Creating a website or a blog to make money
b. Choosing any of these already existing websites to make money.
Ways to make money online by creating blogs and websites:
You can easily start up your blog and make money from it and not stopping there you can even turn it into a massive company like Huffington Post.
Here you pick a topic you prefer writing about and give it the best shot. You’ll easily make money using paid advertising selling affiliate products and your courses.
If you sell some products on your social media platforms you can easily make money by building your e-commerce website and using the platform to broaden your client base.
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You can also create and sell digital courses in pdf and video formats. You can easily make money on website by selling advertising spaces, there are many and company you can use like Google Adsense, Ezoic and Media.
You can easily sell services on your website to make money. You can create educational blogs and render services.
The world is a digital world and we are all interconnected with endless possibilities. There are many tools and services that will give you alternative ways of making money. You could easily make money on applications or website but we are going to be specifying particularly on websites today.
There are several websites available to help you make money online and equip you with the skills required for you to continue that process and it is without cost.
However, there are these other websites that can listen to me the plan for me and promise you heaven on Earth. They will convince you that you will make thousands of dollars from home until when you find out the truth it has already become too late, you have no option than to finish what you started.
But this shouldn’t discourage you because there are lots of jobs online that will help you supplement your regular nine-to-five job.
There are many genuine websites where do uses always log in to make cash. Uses on this website withdraw their earnings regularly on a weekly or monthly basis.
this page will make a recommendation on the website you should follow which are reliable, easy, legal, and trustworthy.
The websites listed there have been tried thousands of users who have used it as a main and additional source of earning income.
Here’s the full list of the trusted sites:
Upwork is the best site for freelancers all over the world. People make a lot of money ranging from $1000 to $100000 or more. Upwork takes a commission of about 5-20%
This is another popular sites for freelancers. if you are good with digital animation, graphic design, promotion services then this is the best website and platform for you to start up from. This is the website for entrepreneurs to make money.
If your artistic and crafty or you are the creative type then you can easily market your products on Etsy.
If you can easily become a gardener or help with someone’s farm, then this is the best platform to be on.
This site is basically for research. It provides answers to questions. This website is for writing gigs and charges $20 per hour.
BannerInline Header
This is a thrifty e-commerce website where you sell your clothes for cash.
It sells women’s and kids’ clothes.
Swap is a unique online consignment store where your clothes, toys, and games get sold on your behalf.
if your items get rejected then you have to pay a particular fee to get it back or in other cases give them away from them.
On gazelle, you sell your old cell phones and electronic devices like iPads and computers.
Once you are agreed to sell these products on gazelle you’ll get packaging materials and the platform will pay for the shipping cost.
Cardpool specializes in sales of gift cards. The platform x offers for your gift card and upon acceptance, you exchange it for cash.
Offerup is a site that specializes in selling properties. if you don’t want to go through this stress of finding buyers for your yard you can easily list it on this platform and relax why it gets sold out.
Neighbor is a platform where you can list your storage space, empty garage or storage shed. You don’t have to pay to list your free space but you have to list your prices.
Merch by Amazon
On Amazon merch, you can easily make fuel box selling your products but they will charge you a royalty for making sales.
On Fatllama you can easily lend out the properties you don’t need anymore to people who do for some money
this is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the whole world. Here, you could earn money by dropshipping.
This is a unique platform that allows photographers and artists to put out the artwork for sale.
This is a platform that allows users to hire bikes or scooters for a particular amount monthly.
This is one of the best online retailing websites with millions of products and boasts of over 200 million customers.
On this website, you can easily make money as a virtual assistant and can work remotely from home and manage your client’s meetings.
This website is a huge affiliate marketing platform that helps both affiliates and merchants to make money via commissions.
Adcrib digital
This is one of the best internet marketing websites in the world where affiliates benefit by referring clients to Adcrib.
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These are the 2 strategies that can make you successful in your business

These two keys to becoming a successful businessman or woman are the key to the success of your business.

Make a Plan: The first thing to do when planning or planning a business is to make a good plan regardless of the different businesses you are in, industry, agriculture, commercial or any other more successful business.

Proper planning for your business means planning things that aren’t business yet, and you’re sure to be successful if you plan on getting involved.

Celebrating Even Small Wins: Celebrating wins or small or small wins is the key to a successful business. Celebrating your victories will inspire you to get the most out of your business. You know what I mean

Kindly drop your opinion below and share this article. Don’t forget to follow our page for more interesting update on business and Industrial.

Ask your questions in the comment section. We will take our time to respond as fast as possible.

Follow these guidelines to become successful in life

Everyone individual in life pray and strive for a high percent of success and great achievement. A lazy person can never be successful in is endeavors if he is not focus and hardworking.

You must set your goals and dreams before you could reach greater heights,lack of vision and focus on a particular angle leads to nowhere meaningful.

These are guidelines needed to follow the path to reach a successful destination.

1.Try to learn a skill or handwork e.g tailoring, photography.

2.Move and mingle with wise and educative individuals always.

3. Have faith and believe in God your creator.

4.Follow your instincts .

5.Have critical thinking and problem solving skills.

6.Believe in yourself and be prayerful.

It is very sure if these aforementioned facts are considered and followed accordingly success could be your portion in a meantime.

Success doesn’t come on a platter of gold but through determination,faith and hardwork. Everything seems right with greater achievement and wealth in lifetime.

These are 3 income ideas to monetize your blog

As a new blogger there are different ways you can start earning passively with your blog. While it is important you have a good traffic, quality contents and large following . This is not always the case in making a decent income from your blog. So i will advise you debunck those traditional myths and read to the end as I disclose the various ways you can start making money from your new or old blog.

1. Ad Network

Gone are the days when most bloggers have to rely solely on Google Adsense to earn passsively with their blog. Today, ad network such as propeller ads gives you the opportunity to earn passively with your blog – with or without a huge traffic.

Other ads network you can utillise to start generating revenue for your new blog include but not limited to Infolinks, Media Vine etc.

2. Online Course

This is another great opportunity to start making money from your blog. With an online course, bloggers can bring together their old blog posts to create both video and text contents.

In case you cant host it on your blog, platforms such as Teacheable gives you the opprtunity to host your course contents and takes care of all payment transactions for you.

3. Ebooks

Bloggers can also create ebooks to get more revenue for their blog. You don’t have to worry about contents as you can bring together your old blog posts to form an ebook.

Eboooks are easier to market when you target the right audience in their demographics. Also remember to make your ebook cover attractive to the eyes to attract buyers.

Finally, there are other ways you can make money with your blog aside from this three. So don’t rely solely on this three.

Simple steps to generate electricity using copper wire

For a long time, Many Nigerians have been searching for remarkable way to deal with give electrical capacity to their homes. I have Compost this article to show how you can supply electrical capacity to your home with a customary copper wire and a fitting. 

Here are steps on how you can utilize copper wire and attachment to help you with lighting your bulb. 

For this who should know the inspiration driving why this methodology is very convincing, I have recorded a couple centers down there. 

1. you can’t spend a ton while getting the materials. 

2. not difficult to set up if you stick to the rules. 

3. It doesn’t have any threat, and it’s not dangerous. 

4. It can run for more than 1 year predictable. 

5. Doesn’t cause debasement or defilement. 

Please I will beseech you not to be stingy, share this critical article with everybody around you and let we as a whole worth this chance. With this, you are free structure the issue of intensity for an excessively long time. 

Things you need to get your 100% force; 

1. 2 fittings of a tantamount size 

2. A copper wire 

3. A glue 

4. A level wooden plyboard 

5. A Lamp holder 

6. welding iron and 7magnet. 

Steps to be freed from dimness in your home. 

1. Get your fittings and detect the compacted wood on the ground or level surface, and a while later use your glue to hold the two attachments on the board. 

2. Use the copper wire to make a ring shape by rapping it over a biro, much comparable to I have done in the image underneath. 

3. At the point when you’re done with the twisting by then, offered it to the fitting. 

4. As of now, you ought to just to get your light holder and interface the other terminal of the fitting to it basically as I did in the picture underneath. 

For the best outcome I will request that you utilize a significant size magnet cause the more imperative it is, the better for you. After you have your magnet, by then detect the magnet in the two associations making it to contact the different sides of the fittings, as displayed as follows. 

Note this can draw in you to charge your telephone, power bulb, utilize particular mechanical gatherings with 220V or underneath. To put it off, simply slaughter the magnet and the light will go off. 

As of now you’re freed from the issue of “No light” in your home.

Learn these hidden life rules to succeed in life

Sometimes people are not to lucky to know some important terms in life, I will give you guys some great life rules I knew late and don’t want anyone to miss it.

This rules can guide your life on daily basis as it is words of wisdom I missed at my early age.

1. Learn to maintain your weight while you are young, exercise regularly and eat properly so you not have any problem at your older age.

2. Don’t ever call into hands of a bad wife, it might lead you to an early grave.

3. Always learn to save and invest, poverty can be broken if you spend wisely.

4. Respect is never gained when you please everyone, just do the right thing and do your mind.

5. Only share things when you are balanced and established to prevent envious people destroying your plans. Don’t share to quickly

6. Talk less and listen more, you will go far.

7. Social skills are paramount for going far in life, you need this to gain solid connections.

8. Just believe this, your family doesn’t always want the best for you.

9. If you are those who love drinku, be careful with alcohol, it’s addictive and can make your extravagant.

10. Don’t ever marry someone Whose family don’t like you or accept it, it’s a forever battle.

11. Elders see more, but don’t know it all.

12. Build your confidence more than your looks, it’s more valuable and can take you far.

11. Be careful with alcohol. It is addictive and very accessible, probably the worst drug out there.

This is just some rules I knew lately and has really taught me a big lesson I will never forget, learnt this, let it guide you and you will reach heights.

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Chalk making business can rake millions into your account

Chalk is a writing material mostly used in schools. Board School Chalk is not only used by teachers in public and private primary and secondary schools in Nigeria, but also by other professions such as tailor, technicians, furniture makers, designers, construction workers, etc. Chalk comes in varieties of colours but the mostly used one is the white chalk. Venturing into Chalk Making Business can Rake Millions into your Pocket thereby making you a Millionaire and Chalk Making Business can be done right from the comfort of your home even without renting a shop or an apartment for the business and with just N50,000 you can start this business and make profit of N100,000 in a month and that amounts to N1,200,000 in a year. This article will throw more light on how Chalk Making Business can be ventured into with N50,000 and the Process of Producing Chalk right from the comfort of your home using your Backyard even without renting a shop.

White Chalk

Chalk in Varieties of Colours

The business is highly lucrative and profitable due to most schools make use of chalk both in the Urban and Rural Area and it also used by some handwork Business Men for marking lines.

Procedure of Making Chalk

School Chalk Production is a simple process that requires no technicalities. Raw materials are always readily available in the market. Let’s see the Process of Making School Chalk


You need chalk moulds ( usually metal or plastics moulds

240 Holes Chalk Mould Size = N35,000

Moulds are the main equipment for chalk production. It have looks into which the mixed paste is filled. A manual mould could have up to 100, 60, 72, 120, 144 or even 240 holes as shown above. Your mould size determine the quantity of chalk you want to make.

2) Large Basin or Bucket = N700 ( For mixing the Paste; Plaster of Paris, Calcium Carbonate and Water)

3) Scrapper =N300 ( For scrapping the body of the chalk to make it smooth)

4) Plastic Cup = N200 ( sometimes used for pouring the paste on the mould)

5) Lubricants mixed with kerosene is used for lubricating the chalk mould to prevent the Plaster of Paris from sticking to it. ( You can make use of vegetable oil or coconut oil as Lubricants)

I Litre of Vegetable oil = N400

6) Paint Brush = N500 ; is used to apply the lubricant on the mould before pouring in the paste on the mould.

Handgloves to cover your hands

7) Packaging Items ( small cartons)

1 Cardbox is made for N100 per carton

Colourant ( This is optional, is mostly used for coloured chalk)

Raw Materials Used in Chalk Production

– Plaster of Paris Powder ( This is the major material you need to make Chalk

Calcium Carbonate ( This makes the chalk sticks smooth and less dusty)

– Water is used for mixing the ingredients.

Colourant ( This is optional; it is used for making coloured chalk)

Production Process of Chalk

Step 1:- Pour Water into a Plastic Bowl, and then pour Plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate into your mixer bowl.

2) Step 2:- After pouring the plaster of Paris and Calcium Carbonate into a bowl of water use your hands to mix thoroughly to make sure it blends properly

3) After Mixing Properly with your Hands Pour the solution on the Chalk Mould

Step 4:- After Pouring the paste on the mould Spread the paste on the mould for it to sink very well into the mould and for the formation of the chalk.

Continue Spreading on the mould until it sinks very well into the mould for chalk formation

When the paste finally sinks into the mould. Leave it in the mould to set for 15 -20 minutes.

Step 5:- Dismantle mould and remove chalk sticks. Leave the chalk sticks under the sun to dry for 2-3 days. For Small Scale Production Sun Drying is adequate, No need for a dryer yet.

Step 6:- Arrange and Package the dry smooth chalk sticks for market and supply.

Is Chalk Making Business Profitable?

Chalk Making Business is a very profitable business due to education at all levels is a continuum. Moreover Schools are springing up every year. The demand for school chalk in Nigeria especially both in Public and Private Schools is therefore strong and giving the process of chalk making business high level of patronage. The market is ready, demand is increasing. Profit is guaranteed; With N50,000 you can start this business and make profit of N100, 000 monthly and that amounts to N1,200,000 in a year. What are you waiting for? Start your school chalk production business today and thank me later.

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This African man is richer than Donald Trump, see his planes and vehicles

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States is arguably the richest individual to have risen to White House in history. According to Forbes, President Trump’s net worth is estimated to be USD2.1 Billion.

However, Aliko Dangote was named for the ninth time Africa’s richest man. His net worth, according to Investopedia is USD10.9 billion, meaning he is wealthier than United States president. Dangote is ranked at position 162 among richest people in the world.

The Nigerian businessman nurtured his entrepreneurial skills at a young age and is said to have started building his future from a loan given to him by his uncle. Dangote’s fortune is largely linked to his company; Dangote Cement to which he own 85 percent of the shares through a holding company.

Aliko Dangote, apart from the Dangote Cement, owns a sugar refining industry which in 2020 was ranked as the third largest in the world.

Focusing on his luxurious items, Aliko Dangote is said to own an expensive private jet.

Bombardier’s Global Express XRS jet from Canada is the one. It is reported to have been bought with about $45 million.

Inside Dangote’s plane, Bombardier’s Global express XRS.

The plane is ranked as among the most reliable in the world, and despite holding only upto 8 individuals, it can fly for long distances non-stop; say from Nigeria to China.

Apart from owning planes, Dangote is said to be owning motor vehicles, some of which are among the most expensive in the world.

Here is a list of Aliko Dangote’s vehicles and their prices.

1. Maybach 57S Knight Luxury

The price of Maybach 57S Knight luxury is reported to be N364 million.

2. Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne was bought at a whopping price of $310,000.

3. Bugatti Veyron

The vehicle is said to be going for about $220,000 and can move at a speed of up to 430KM/HR.

Business: See Biblical strategies to succeed

   The purpose of the topic is to let us understand the God is interested in our Business

·        To show us that success in business is purpose by the application of biblical principals

·        To destroy the wrong believe that Christianity and business cannot go together

·        To inculcate in us the vital principals for starting a business and to sustain the business in Gods way and to transfer to us the useful management principal that can keep the business moving.

What is Biblical? It means according to Gods Word.

 What is Business? It can be define as any endeavor engaged in the exchange of products and services which are intended to bring profits and add value to others.

What is Strategy? Strategies are what convert your plans to results. A strategy is what get you from where you are to where you are to be. Everything in life operates on strategy.

Money is not require to start a business, what is require to start a business is vision. The foundation of any successful business is vision.

Keys to connect to vision

·        Searching the scriptures. LK2, LK4

·        As to do with your ability and potentials (Look inward)

·        Start with whatever your hands can find to do. Inside every problem there is a seed of solution. Eph 1:17-18. Every idea must not have to come from you, as a Christian, be sensive , more around to see things around you. You start a business by identification of the needs around you.

·        Always engage in a business that is conformity with your value system

·        Work more on yourself than work more on your business, you value will outstand your ways.

Attributes of successful Business

·        Focus. Mat 6:22, Pil3:13

·        Planning. Pro 16:9, Lk 14:28

How to remain in Business

·        The first law of business is integrity. Integrity is delivering on your promises. In order word, it means keeping your words. Your words are your bonds.

·        Risk Taken. The key of growing in business is risk. In every business, there is an element of risk. There are careless risks and there are calculated risks. It takes courage to take risk.

·        Proper Time Management. The soul of any business is control. Time yourself well, be time conscious. Some people invest their time while some play with theirs. When you don’t have a plan, you will be running other peoples programme.

·        Diligent. Pro 22:29. Be diligent in all you do.

·        Discipline. Act as demanded not as convenient.

·        Make God your senior partner. Giving God hid share which is 10%, honor him with your tithe.

Covenant Secrets to Business Success

·        Pay God his dues and leave the rest to him. (Tithe)

·        The mystery of first fruits

This is where we will be stopping today. Please don’t forget to follow, like, share and comment.

See these 45 gown styles that will be perfect for your curve.

Photos: 45 Adorable Gown Styles That Will Be Perfect For Your Curve This Christmas Period

A lot of us might be the set of people who are just not too conscious of our dressing, especially with dress style that fits the body shape and composition. This should be a period whereby you have a little change in that lifestyle. Get dresses that will compliment your beauty and your body shape and composition.

You can’t dress the way everybody would dress if you are curvy or you have a big body composition or shape. You need to dress in a way that your appearance will surely be a spark of reaction, wherever you appear. If you’re the curvy type, you know you need something that can Pack your curves and at the same time, make it more appealing. You would not let People’s words do something to you at this time, especially if you are the type who has been body shamed before.

You only to give your look the best you can do. Just get a very beffiting style for your curves, get it packed, and flaunt it. You own it and you should display it without minding what people will say. You will only get negative reports If you have not done well with your appearance but here are styles you are sure will do well with your Curves. Give it a trial.

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Amazon: Wrap up your gifts

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See how you can make money from pure water sachets

AIn Nigeria we consumed pure water in large quantities every day, and pure water business is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria today.

Now the question is what do you do with the pure water sachets after drinking them?

I know you throw them away.

That is what most people do, but did you know that you can make millions of naira from those pure water sachets you throw away everyday?

I know you will be wondering how it is possible to make money from pure water sachets.

Don’t worry that is what am about to tell you in this article.

Sometimes you see people picking pure water sachets and you will be wondering what they are using them for, those people collecting them are using them to make good amount of money but they won’t tell you.

You can also do this business and make good amount of money from it if you don’t have a job at the moment, you can be using it to earn a good amount of money.

See some of the product that pure water sachets are recycled to.

If you don’t have the machine to start processing these items, you can be collecting the pure water sachets and sell them to companies who uses them.


Let me show you how the business works

There are ways in which you collect the Nylon from the buyers, you don’t just collect pure water sachets and send them to the buyers.

After collecting the pure water sachets you will wash and dry them in the sun, then after that you will package them in bags and take them to the buyers.


And you need to also understand that you don’t have to depend on the pure water sachets that you drink, because you won’t get enough sachets, you need to look for other places to source pure water sachets from.

You can get other pure water sachets from party venue, pure water factories, Schools, Churches, Hotel, Resturants and some other places.

You can make arrangements with the people in those places I just listed to be keeping pure water sachets for you.


The companies that make use of this pure water sachets buy them in tons and kilograms, they will put them in scales and weigh them and they will pay you for the fixed price.

1kg of the pure water sachets is sold within the range of N35 to N200, and a ton of it can be sold between the range of 20,000 to 30,000 so if you can gather up to 100 tons you will make huge amount of money.

So you can see that you can make a huge amount of money from these pure water sachets you throw away everyday.

So dear reader tell me what you think about pure water sachets business in the comment section.

Thanks for reading, please comment, share and follow.

Look more attractive by these 10 ways

Gentlemen, brace yourselves because unless you are prepared to be even sexier than you already are, you might not know how to handle all the senoritas coming for your sexy ass.

Gentlemen, today, I’m going over 10 ways to be more attractive.

1. Wear the Colour Red

Gentlemen, in 2010, there was a study that showed some women a group of guys in different colours. The guys were thinking: “I look incredible in blue, in green or black”.

But what they found was that women were more attracted to men wearing red.

2. Man Spread

Gentlemen, it’s all about spreading out, when you occupy space when sitting, your posture; your legs a bit stretched out, your arms spread out, this is a symbol of dominance.

3. The Cheerleader Effect

Recent studies has shown people in groups appear more attractive than when you are just by yourself. They call this “The Cheerleader Effect”, and it makes sense.

When you see a group of cheerleaders, you are like; “Damn, oh my God, they are so amazing, so sassy, so spicy”, but when you isolate each cheerleader and really look at them, you’ll be like; “You are ok”.

It’s about the group, right? The same thing happens with your boys, you are all hanging out in a group, a spicy senorita locks eyes on this group, and all of you look more attractive.

4. Smile Slower

Journal of Non-verbal Behavior revealed that guys that let their smile reveal slower were viewed as more attractive, more trust worthy, as opposed to dudes who just flash their smiles super quick.

The take away from this is when you want to flirt with somebody, you see them across the room and you want to smile, let it happen a bit slower, which is viewed as more confident.

5. Wear Glasses

True or False? when you see a pretty woman wear glasses, she automatically goes from an 8 to like 12.5. Same thing happens to you.

It’s a fact that men that wear glasses are viewed as more attractive, more trustworthy, and smart.

6. Stop Taking Selfies

Gentlemen, Selfies are viewed as unattractive, you know what else is unattractive, shirtless pictures. Women want to know that you look good and in shape and taking care of yourself but when you try and flaunt it, it makes you look like a huge egomaniac a.k.a Douche.

7. Upgrade your Shoes

There’s a direct correlation between wearing cool shoes that seems more stylish and you looking more attractive. The truth is, women notice your shoes.

Your shoes can make or break an outfit, if your shoe sucks, even though you are wearing a killer outfit. If she sees your face, she’s like: “Oh my God, he’s handsome”, she looks down at your body, and she’s like; “He’s stylish and he works out”, but she looks down at your shoes and she’s like; “Eew”.

8. Your Walk

If you want to be perceived as more confident, sexy, more stylish, then make sure the body language you project is more confident as well.

You need to walk with a nice medium pace, your chest up, your shoulders back. If you are always looking down, and shuffling and strolling along, maybe you are looking at your phone and not making eye contact, put your phone away, head up, shoulders back, walk like you mean it and look people in the eye.

9. You Smell Incredible

But it’s not all about the smell, research as shown that when a dude applies cologne, their confidence goes up. The reason their confidence goes up is that in their head, they are thinking; “Hey, I just put on cologne, I smell, I feel sexier”.

When you feel sexier, you look sexier.

10. Volunteer

It’s all about helping people, I’m not saying you should volunteer to look sexy but its a by-product. Not only do you feel amazing, because helping other people is one of the ways to impact the way you feel, the way you view yourself and your self esteem, and when your self esteem goes up, you feel better.

The thing is, when other people see you being kind to other people, you look more attractive. Now, should you do it to look more attractive? No. Is it an interesting and sexy by-product? Yes.

Gentlemen, do any of you do any of these things I listed above? What was the effect? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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A girl will like you if you avoid doing these 7 things around her

The initial aim of every guy is to impress a girl if he is having feelings for her. It’s normal, but the whole process can go wrong along the line if some of the relationship etiquettes are not observed. However, the following are some tips that will help in such a situation.

(1). Avoid unnecessary jokes. Don’t mistake bragging for an impression. You can do all that when you’re with your friends, but not around the girl you are having feelings for. 

(2). The eyes of a guy who doesn’t mean what he is saying looks ordinary. They don’t express any emotions. Some girls know this. So when talking to a girl, let your eyes, and the tone of your voice, all express how you feel. Don’t just look at her like a movie.

(3). Let your whole attention be at the girl whenever you are with her. I guess you do not want your crush to repeat the same thing over and over again because you didn’t hear it. Attention matters.

(4). Avoid walking away from her present with your phone if it rings. Just tell the person you will return the call, that’s all. Don’t busy calls because you’re with her, Just silent your phone. So that she will not think otherwise.

(5). Don’t lie to impress a girl. Some guys can say all sorts of things just to raise their standard for a girl so that she can like them. It’s not going to do you any good if she realizes it.

(6). It is good that you take some time to meet your crush, give her a helping hand, and have some nice conversations with her. But don’t appear every day. Have some time for yourself. 

(7). Probably you are around when the girl and her friends are talking about guys, don’t involve yourself in such discussion. If possible try to change the topic.

Forget money, just the way you behave around a girl can make her end up liking you so, always composed yourself whenever you are a girl you’re having feelings for.

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Easy steps to make money from Google

Many people are making a huge amount of money online every day, some will tell you there are making money but can’t share the secret with you. Some will tell you to believe in yourself and work hard without telling you the type of work to work hard on. Some people are frustrated and don’t know what next to do. You don’t have to be frustrated dear, am here to help you start again and make a huge profit without spending any money except keeping your data on and working hard.

I want to use this medium and explain to you the process of making money online by doing what we call affiliate marketing.

One may ask what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is proving a product for someone else when someone buys the product through that link you will earn a commission. As simple as that, but for you to earn a lot of money there are some prerequisites to follow.

You must have a website

One might be asking, how do I get a website when I don’t have money and website as I know it requires hosting which will cost some amount of money, yes but as I have earlier said, I am here to help you and will guide you both on creating a website for free step by step and how to advertise your product, the only thing you have to do is to just follow me and be reading my post because the course is very deep but we must start from somewhere.

We have so many affiliate marketing websites online. Like ClickBank,, share, CJ affiliate all these websites, and more are websites you can advertise their product online and earn money.

Another question will be about how you will withdraw your money since you are not there in the country in existing and they pay in dollars? Still don’t worry in my next post I will post steps on how to create a Payoneer account just write something down here so that you can start from there in the next post because this Is just an introduction, follow me and you will learn how to blog very well starting from creating your free website.

Remember all these you can do it using your smartphone, you don’t need on a laptop before you start, you don’t need to have thousands of naira before you start, just your smartphone.

Search steps on how to creating a free website in a search box on the top left side of this website before writing anything so we can start from there.

I hope this article helped. Comment on the comment section below. You can as well share this post for others to benefit.

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With your mobile phone you can become a business owner

Stop Borrowing When You Can Become A Business Owner With Just Your Mobile Phone

Have you been borrowing just to make ends meet?

Well borrowing had never been good as it gets you into a live long debt if you fail to pay back.

There are alot of things you can do online today to save yourself from the humiliation that comes with borrowing.

You have a mobile phone and that is why you are able to be on this page right now. Your mobile phone can turn you into a business owner with or without a start up capital.

There are several business opportunities online open to many of us and it is best you shoot at one or two of them.

1. You can start Drop Shipping at the comfort of your home with just your phone and data connection.

If you cannot locate a supplier offline, you can communicate with one online and share photos of the products they are selling. Add your profit margin to the original price and start taking orders.

After taking orders and they pay you, you pocket your own profit and pay the seller his or her share. The seller will handle the delivery to the person’s destination.

One good thing about it is that the buyer ends up thinking the goods are directly from you which inturn makes you a business owner.

2. You can also start up Online Contests on social media where people will sponsor you to run the contest in exchange for an advert. But to achieve this, you have to get enough followers on your preferred social media platform.

3. You can also chose to start up your own Blog. Where you get to share contents and earn. You might not start earning just immediately, but as time goes on and with consistency, you will be making some good amount of money.

Thank you for your time!

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Create your YouTube channel and more than &500,000

YouTube is another platform which you can use to make your dream of success come through.

You won’t believe how people are earning from YouTube.

Let’s take a look of just a comedy YouTube channel own by a Nigerian Mark Angel.

 This channel worth about six hundred thousand dollars, earning from this guy.

You too, you can start a new YouTube channel and upload your videos, but make sure any video you are uploading are not copyright or you have been given permission from the owners.

People are also earning millions from their YouTube channel, so you too can start your own and as new, you can start to generate a few hundred dollars from it.

How To Get Started?

go to YouTube and click create account, or if you already have a Gmail account, you can login with YouTube.

After you have successfully login in, then you can upload your own videos and it’s will be published to the world.

As being a new channel, then at a short time ads will start to display on the videos you upload, it’s through the ads that YouTube will start paying you.

Also make sure that any video you upload that is not your own, you have been granted permission from the creators to upload their videos. Or else if they find out, they will report a copyright claim to YouTube.

I don’t have videos and where can I get free copyright videos to upload on my YouTube channel?

 You can get free copyright videos from PeroTedFun.

Just type that channel name on YouTube search and you will see PeroTedFun Videos.

You can use those videos on your YouTube channel for free without having complaints of copyright.

PeroTedFun Videos are few and I want plenty videos?

You are going to get more videos from PeroTedFun When you subscribe to the channel.

PeroTedFun will continously uploading more videos, so you will get alerts of all the new videos, so that you can use them.

As a youtuber, you can upload videos that interest people, and more interest people find your videos, the more they will share it on other social media for you.

There are a lot of people who start their own YouTube channel in this 2020 with just comedy videos, and now they are generating thousands of dollars from their YouTube account using just few comedy videos.

So you are not an exception, just start your own and you will later testify about it.

Stop wasting your time on other scam sites that you will not earn anything.

YouTube is a platform own by Google, they are reputable company.

So start your own YouTube channel now, and they will start paying you in dollars, which if you convert to your currency like naira, it will be very high.

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