How To Activate A Whooping Sum Of 1000MB With Just N200 On Airtel

How To Activate A Whooping Sum Of 1000MB With Just N200 On Airtel
Airtel 1GB For N200
Here is another complete step by step instructions on how you can activate a whooping sum of 1GB worth of data with just N200 on your Airtel sim card with a considerable period of validity.
This article is created purposely to be an optional means of activating Airtel 1GB for N200 as we have previously published an article that reveal in details,
. But many individuals seems not to be comfortable with the previous option as it’s validity period is said to be very short and also selects sim as well.
Today, I am going to reveal another method, in which you can activate the 1GB for N200 data plan with considerable validity period and I am sure that you guys are going to have fun using the method to be reveal in this guide.
If you didn’t forget, we recently published an article on how to activate 1.5GB for N300, 250MB for N50 and lots, you can click to catch up if you missed the post.
The same method we used in the article being mentioned in the just concluded line above, is what we are goin to make use of in this guide as well with some logical calculations and this gonna be like that of the
with slight difference.
Requirements For Airtel 1GB For N200

  1. Your Airtel sim card, be it new or old.
  2. Minimum of N200 on airtime balance.
  3. Few moments to read and follow the instructions below.
    Airtel N50 Plan in 4X
    How To activate The Airtel 1GB With Just N200
    There are two ways of doing this and the both ways will be explained with reason below.
  4. How to activate the offer if you want to continue browsing with your airtime upon exhausting the data;

Open your phone dial pad.
Now dial 14124221# and you will be given a whooping sum of 250MB at the rate of N50 only.
Repeat the steps above for 3 more times, making it 4X.
The logic ; N50 X 4 = N200
250MB X 4 = 1000MB(1GB)
The data is valid for 2weeks which is equivalent to 14days.
Dial *140# to check your data balance.

  1. How to activate the offer if you want your internet connection to stop upon exhausting the data;
    Open your phone dial pad.
    Now dial 14124222# and you will be given a whooping sum of 250MB at the rate of N50 only.
    Repeat the steps above for 3 more times, making it 4X.
    The logic ; N50 X 4 = N200
    250MB X 4 = 1000MB(1GB)
    The data is valid for 2weeks which is equivalent to 14days.
    Dial *140# to check your data balance.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Every once and a while there’s a new survey that comes out about money and happiness.

It’s like there’s always a search for the “magic number” that equals happiness.

A recent study by the University of Virginia analyzed data from 1.7 million people in 164 countries and found the ideal income is $95,000 for individuals.

And of course, families with children need more.

These surveys are entertaining because this number changes depending on who you ask.

Growing up, if I had asked my poor dad and rich dad this question, I would have gotten two completely different answers.

Take my poor dad for example.

He had a strong belief that the love of money was evil.

He thought that excessive profit meant you were greedy. And like many others, he didn’t believe that money could buy happiness.

He was a good, honest, hardworking man who did his best to defend his point of view that money wasn’t important in life.

My poor dad constantly said:

➡️ “Money isn’t everything.”

➡️ “I can’t afford it.”

➡️ “I’m not that interested in money.”

For a man who believed that money couldn’t buy happiness, he sure was miserable for not having it.

It grieved me deeply that his view of money contributed to his sadness.

Now my rich dad had a different point of view when it came to money and happiness.

He thought it was foolish to spend your life working for money and to pretend that money wasn’t important.

Rich dad believed that life was more important than money, but he understood that money was an important tool for supporting life.

To my rich dad, what was important was:

✅ Having lots of time to raise his kids.

✅ Having money to donate to charities and projects he supported.

✅ Bringing jobs and financial stability to the community.

My rich dad knew that things most important to him took money. He said, “Money is important, but I don’t want to spend my life working for it.”

My rich dad understood that money was just a tool that enabled you to do the things that brought you the most happiness.

I believe most people find the same things to be important that my rich dad did.

I know my poor dad did.

The problem for my poor dad, and people who think like him, is their attitude towards money.

Anyone with this negative attitude towards money will continue to be poor and miss out on the opportunities to fully do the things that are important to them.

The truth is that money isn’t everything, but it does help us do the things we love.

If you want to spend more time on vacation with your family that’s great, but of course that does take money.

I want everyone to do more of what makes them happy.

But, what I don’t want is for people to spend their life chasing money in order to do so.

My rich dad told me how to make money work for me, so I didn’t have to go out hunting it.

And that’s what I want for you

RichdadPoorDad by Robert Kiyosaki

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Use money as a tool to change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better.

10 Apps That Can Fetch You Money

It may be true, but believe me, there are programs out there that can help you make money. It’s true that it may not make you rich, but it will help you earn a reasonable amount to pay off your bills. There are many apps you can download today to help you on your financial journey. Some of these are market research applications, mobile ads and so on.
It is very important that these programs are a great way to get scams, especially if you are asked to register a fee or that there are too many potential gains.
These apps can be downloaded and accessed on your iOS and Android phones. The following are the top ten programs that can make particularly good money in this difficult economy. Let’s get started…

  1. WordPress
    WordPress is the largest online platform with over 30% of all websites. There are many ways to make money with WordPress. A few of them are:
    Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing involves recommending a product or service to your audience using special links. Through your link to purchase a product or service, you receive a commission. This is the easiest way to make money, as you will need to promote various products on your WordPress platform.
    Google AdSense. You can add a Google script to your site and then display the ads. If a user clicks on the ad, they will pay you. It is also called advertising at any cost (CPC).
    Build WordPress sites and sell to people. You can build a WordPress blog, give the business a boost and then sell it to interested entrepreneurs. In this case, you need to know what kind of website is in vogue and demand, and how the price and sales.
    Sell sponsored blog posts. This is when the company pays to advertise your products or services on your blog.
    Write paid reviews. You can choose to promote people’s products or services by writing fantastic and fantastic reviews about them and showing interest in people buying or using them. For each review, it is paid for in your own money.
  2. Facebook
    As the largest social network in the world, Facebook is a great place to make money. After all, people use Facebook every day and earn fresh dollars. Your side business may start using Facebook rather than using the word to chat with your data, watch videos, or get bored.
    One of the best ways to make a positive impression on yourself on your Facebook profile. Make your profile look attractive and appealing. Give your biodata a great description, your location (optional), contact website, and more. As someone who is ready for business, your Facebook profile looks like a business to attract the right customers.
    You can sell anything on Facebook except certain prohibited items: alcohol, tobacco, firearms, games, illegal drugs, and more. What can be purchased at an online store can be sold on Facebook. The good news is that you don’t have to own a store before it goes on sale. Here are some ways to make money with Facebook:
    Write good content. Good and hard content is like honey that attracts ants. As long as you use good content, people will notice you and traffic will be sent to your Facebook. With good traffic, you can present products to your fans.
    You can also create a live video and give talks to people while answering these questions and collaborating with them.
    At this level, you have become a brand and influence on Facebook. Other Facebook users can take advantage of their influence and advertise things on the wall. They can pay for the ad, or you can earn a commission based on the number of people who bought the product through you.
    Join a few activist groups. If you have a product or service that you want to promote with Facebook, there are some groups that are created to make buying and selling easier. There is a feature called Facebook Marketplace, and anyone can trade anything. You can take your products to such a place. Some Facebook groups have displayed ads on a specific day so you can use them to sell yourself.
    Create Facebook ads. On Facebook ads, you need to open a Facebook page. The good thing about this feature is that you can reach the audience based on location, interest, gender, age and other criteria. However, your products may be out of fashion and in demand if you do not sell much.
    Become a social media manager. can help you manage the Facebook accounts of important people, celebrities or organizations. When managing your corporate social media account, your tasks include scheduling Facebook posts, responding to comments and incoming messages, monitoring ad campaigns, building an audience, and more. This will earn you money at the end of the day.
    Apply for job. Companies and individuals advertise a job on Facebook pages or using the Facebook worksheet. You saw some of them when you used your news feed or search button. Whether it’s part-time or full-time, you’re lucky enough to get a job. You can also go to some groups that list the online job leaders and find the right job.
  3. Instagram
    Instagram has become something big over the last few years through an endless stream of photos. With over a million users, entrepreneurs have learned to internalize their audience on Instagram. Making money on the platform ensures your success.
    Become an influencer and build your brand. Gain many followers out of envy of devotion. You achieve this by choosing a niche, enlarging your audience, and most likely working with major brands. You can sell your products. If you own a business, it’s an excellent channel to sell your products on Instagram. Give your audience to customers by creating compelling content. In the same vein, brand owners or businesses can advertise their products on their Instagram page through sponsored content.
    If you become an affiliate marketer as an affiliate marketer, you can earn money if your followers buy the product. However, you do not have to produce your own products.
    As an agent, it’s good to know what your value is and how much you are asking to run an ad with a certain number of followers. Also keep an eye on the competition. Social media tracking will help you stay on top of the game and win over your competitors. Be professional and do the right thing.
  4. Youtube
    Most people think that the only way to make money on YouTube is through advertising revenue. This may be the best and most popular way, but it is not the only way. Every month, about 1.9 trillion users subscribe to YouTube; In the same way, 500 minutes are loaded onto the platform every minute.,
    Do not let that scare you, because you can not stop you from competing on the same platform to make money. Here are the steps you can take from YouTube.
    Set up and build a YouTube channel. A YouTube account has the same purpose as a Google Account. Add words that match your content so people can easily find your channel.
    Once you have set up and built your account, you need to upload the content. The content should be of high quality and not so long. Make sure you upload new content regularly.
    Build an audience to increase revenue. When people see your content, you make money. Just do it so they can keep coming back. You can share them on different online platforms and also use friends to share them on their platforms to get people’s feedback. Answer their comments and answer questions.
    Enable money to allow YouTube video ads on your video. If you can see 12 subscribers and 4000 hours for 1000 subscribers and 12 hours, you will earn money on YouTube. This can be challenging, but once you have mastered the law of engagement, it will be easier for you.
    Set up a Google AdSense account on the AdSense site. You need a valid PayPal or bank account, along with a valid email address and other personal information. If you click on the ad and see it, you earn money that picks up over time. Remember that the more views you get, the more money you raise.
    To increase your income, you can work on affiliate marketing. This is set out above.
  5. Money application
    The money app is a market research program that earns you a financial token to perform a task. The tasks to be performed with these applications are as follows: play, offer feedback, do tests, see store exhibits, participate in free trials, among other things.
    When you open an account in the Money app, you start tasks when you create rewards that are able to earn you money. The money earned is exchanged through a PayPal account. Within two to five business days, you’re sure to exchange money with PayPal, unlike other programs that pay you once a month.
  6. iPoll
    This app is a marketed program to help you make money by doing market research, completing retail missions, or writing down milk consumption. When registering, you are asked some important questions, such as location, consumption habits, and preferences. This is used to determine whether you are qualified for the task assigned to you. Once you have registered, you will be sent alerts based on the information provided to complete a survey, task or task.
    You earn rewards for each survey, task, or mission with PayPal ($ 10) or pay for gift cards. A quarterly raffle of about $ 10,000 can also be held and may qualify.
  7. Acorn
    Acorns is an investment and savings app and offers $ 10 per registration. Using Acorns, you can track your daily expenses, savings, and future investment plans. With your phone, you can connect the app to your bank or credit card. Acorns help you channel a small portion of your money into savings (which is “invested in savings”). The savings will automatically be transferred to an investment account and a portfolio is created for you. It happens when your money goes up to $ 5. You can also choose to make regular deposits to expand your portfolio. Some may even set up a retirement account with this app.
  8. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks helps you earn money when you register and helps you earn a $ 10 voucher. Then you earn points by making online recordings, watching videos, playing games or shopping online. There are basic surveys that you want to do and your demographics determine your grade for each survey. You can pay with PayPal for up to $ 25 when you accumulate points (2,500 Swagbucks points). You can also exchange gifts for cash.
  9. Userfeel
    With Userfeel, you will be paid for visiting and new websites, various tasks on the website and regularly posted reviews and opinions. The test takes about 20 minutes and you will receive an amount of $ 10 paid by PayPal or Payoneer. However, you will receive an unpaid initial test that qualifies you for the main task.
  10. Foap
    Foap is a photography app that allows photographers, both professional and amateur, to make money by selling photos taken on their mobile phones. Brands, marketing agencies and advertising agencies appear on the site to buy and pay for quality photos.
    When you download the app, you register your account and upload high-quality clean photos. Photos are judged by community members. The number of grades determines your options for making the payment. You can earn as high as $ 5 and $ 100 per sale. Videos provide access to Foap based on specific requests. Brands like Bank of America could be your customers.

10 Easy Ways To Make Money Even If You Are Lazy

10 Ways You Can Make Money Even If You Are Lazy
Many youths desire to be rich while there are others that wants to ‘blow’. but they do not want to do any hard work or stress themselves in anyway. Do one or more of the following and you are good to go.
Make use of the Internet
there are numerous opportunities to become rich on the internet. This has been trial, tested and proven. There are opportunities there that the only capital you need is a phone, laptop and data, No registration whatsoever. For example, if you can write, there are sites that pays you to write for them like Opera News. There are others that pay you to read their news although some will ask you to register but you will make quite a fortune doing almost nothing. So instead of sitting idle, get busy with your phone and data.
Have a rich father or mother
This is one of the laziest way to become rich today. just be born into a rich family. Although you don’t decide which family you are born into whether rich or poor, but if your parents are already wealthy, there is a high probability that you will be rich too. Just be a good boy or girl and treat your parents well, e get why.
Have something valuable
When you have cash at hand, buy some very valuable stuff especially when there is a general drop in the price or value of the commodity in the market. keep it until the value appreciates and it becomes expensive again them resell.
Create A YouTube Channel
You can create a YouTube channel and upload funny comedy videos, it will generate lots of traffic to your channel which will earn you cool money while you sleep your lazy ass on the bed. Thank me later
Have lots of followers on Social Media
Having lots of followers on social media is a very lazy way to become rich without capital. Simply be active and companies with contact you to use your handle to advertise their products. This is very common on Twitter and Facebook.
Have a Rich Best Friend
This is a lazy way to rich. Most times, when you are close to a rich friend it is possible to get ideas that can also make you rich. Since they are your friends, they can also give you capital to use in establishing your own.
Marry Someone Who Is Very Rich
The laziest or all is getting married to a rich man or woman. if you can use your arsenals to located a very rich fellow and marry him or her, there is a very high chance that you will be rich. There are people who do not marry for love but for money and beauty or you are good to go.
Win a Lottery
This is, by far, one of the laziest and easiest way to get rich without even having a phone, laptop or data. But someone once said that “you have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than to win millions of dollars in the national lottery”. But you can be lucky though
Invest In The Stock Market
Although this is risky, but there are products and businesses that everyone knows are doing very well in the market.
Give and help the poor
If you give a lot, you will surely be very rich without necessarily doing much because God loves a cheerful giver

Words that a girl hears and understands that you like her.

There are ways you will say something to a girl, she will understand that you are developing feelings for her. For instance, like the words below.

(1). We are so connected, it’s like you can read my mind.

(2). You light up my day any time I see you.

(3). Your beautiful smile turns my day around every time.

(4). When I am with you, it feels like it’s Christmas morning.

(5). I love the way you laugh, talk, walk and smile.

(6). You are so funny, thanks for making me laugh.

(7). I see you as my beautiful princess. I hope you will let me be your prince.

(8). I love how easy it is to be around you. You make me feel loved and comfortable.

(9). A guy who is lucky enough to have you will never feel bored a day in his life.

(10). I love how confident you are. It makes me even more attracted to you.

(11). Words like, “I feel so much happier around you”.

You know, if you can use words like the ones above on a girl, it will very easy for you to associate with girls. And express your feelings easily.

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How to Use Unripe Plantain to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently

How to Use Unripe Plantain to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently
Unripe plantain has a sticky gum, which is some how hard to remove if it gums on your hand, so our forefathers, recognized this gum content of an unripe plantain as having the power to cover up those wound or sore in your intestine, thereby silencing them
Get two or three fruits of an unripe plantain, peel out the bark and wash if you desire to do that.
Cut them in pieces, so as to aid its fermentation.
Get a 4 or 5-liter plastic container, with cover, and then wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry.
Fill the container with the already pieced unripe plantain.
Filll the container with clean water, to at least it’s half or more, don’t fill to the brim.
Cover the container tightly and Shake it together with its contents, and then store in a good place for fermentation to take place within two or three days.
In a period of two to three days, check your concussion, it is now ready for use. Don’t be afraid to take it everyday to completely cure your ulcer.



FOODAsk Adam
PRIDEAsk Satan
LOVE OF MONEYAsk Judas Iscariot
WOMENAsk Samson


Prayer and fastingAsk Daniel
Self Control – Ask Joseph
ObedienceAsk Abraham
HumilityAsk Elisha
PatienceAsk Ruth

God be with us, Amen.

Prosperity, Evangelism, Gospel

Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!……………. With the current INCREASE IN PRICE OF EVERYTHING we should be Grateful to GOD that HE has not INCREASED THE TITHE to 15%…..It’s still 10%. So Be Faithful & don’t rob GOD! Even with the economic situation (inflation), the WAGES OF SIN has not changed! the price remains DEATH!……. Therefore, sin no more! And Follow HIM sincerely. Spread the Gospel by sending this message to all your contacts! GOD bless you as you comply

Mental health day: How to manage your mental health.

Managing your mental health can be a struggle. The uncertainty and stress of COVID-19 will affect you and your loved ones in different ways and at different times.
The stigma surrounding mental health often makes it difficult to share how you are really feeling. But it’s the first step to get the support you may need.

Do These 25 Businesses in School as a Student and See Yourself Prosper.

Students love provisions, either they are buying biscuit and milk, or they are buying sachet of beverages for tea.
25 Businesses you can do as a Student in School
Here are 25 businesses you can do as a student in university, polytechnic or college:

  1. Selling groceries (provisions): Students love provisions, either they are buying biscuit and milk, or they are buying sachet of beverages for tea. They keep buying one thing or the other, and most times they spend more money when they can easily buy those provisions at the comfort of their hostels or lodges.
    And believe me, starting up a little provision shop in your room isn’t expensive, because your little pocket-money can be ok to start it, and continuous buying, selling and having turn over gives you good profit.
    For example, in a month you get N10,000 as pocket-money, you can buy sachet of Milo in a roll, it should be around 12 or 11 for N400/350. You can sell @ N50 per sachets, you get milk too at the same range, you can also add different kinds of biscuits some of these biscuits cost N800/1500 per carton, and the quantity inside a carton varies. Don’t forget to add sugar to your purchase, buy your little sugar nylons and tie it to different amount that is convenient for you, then you are good to go.
    Don’t forget to add cereals like golden morn, corn flakes, cabin biscuits etc.
    This will boost your demand more.
    Get air tight containers to store your products so it will remain fresh or get be protected from rats.
  2. Sachet water business: Popularly called pure water, selling sachet water is another good business a student can engage in with little overhead cost to start. It is not stressful and it yields good profit.
    One set of pure water that contains 11bags is cost about N900/1000 and you can either sell per sachet, that is, by selling each sachet for N10. You make N200 in a bag of water when you remove your initial cost of N100 per bag. You can also decide to sell a bag for N120/150 depending on the hostel or lodge you stay, but bear it in mind that sales turnovers gives you more profits and patronage.
    You can also get a mini size refrigerator which cost about N40,000 or a deep freezer for it.
  3. Selling raw food stuffs: Students need a place to buy raw food stuffs.
    Here is a breakdown for this business:
    One paint /bowl of garri in most places is less than N500
    One paint/bowl of beans is N1900/2500 depending on your location.
    One paint of rice is N1300
    Carton of noodles pending on the size can be N2500/4000
    And you can add any food ingredients to it, you could get a create of eggs for N700 and with discipline you will start seeing your profits.
  4. Snacks production and supplies: Almost everyone loves to eat good snacks, and surprisingly it’s inexpensive to produce.
  5. Chin-Chin production and sale: This business has a unique selling point that is best known to the owner of the business.
    You can add spice to your Chin-Chin to make it different from others. Add ginger, flavours, little pepper and milk, with egg if you want, just be different with your production and you will get good sales.
  6. Zobo drink production and sales: Yes! Who doesn’t love a good zobo drink, well or mildly gingered with flavours, and sweeteners?
    Setting up a zobo business is relatively one of the cheapest business one can do, as most ingredient comes cheap at the market.
    You can also add a twist to your business by inputting your branded labels on the body of the plastics bottles you intend using.
  7. Kiosk for cooked noodles: Note that most of the businesses I am discussing are from experience and I have seen students make money from them, by just doing it after school hours.
    Things you will need for selling cooked noodles:
    Your gas/stove.
    A stand/table to display your various sizes of noodles.
    A crate of egg.
    Vegetable oil, pepper, onions, carrots, etc.
    Disposable plates and spoons.
    You can also add different side attractions to it, if you have the money like getting a kilo of chicken or beef, make sure it’s fried, then you can ask your customers what will be their pick with the noodles.
    This business is good but time-consuming, I will advise that you get a friend or a person who is not a student you can be paying daily wages for helping you.
  8. Plantain/potatoes chips production: Plantain chips production doesn’t require too much rigors to start. All you need includes: your vegetable oil, ginger, dry pepper if you so desire, and salt to taste.
  9. Printing and photocopy business: This is a business that doesn’t grow old in any higher institution in Nigeria. Day in, day out students will be required to print or do photocopy of some handouts or assignments.
    A photocopying machine is relatively cheap especially the laserjet printers, which can also serve as a photocopying machine, A4 papers are inexpensive too, with a rough estimate of N30,000 or lower you can get your photocopying /printing business running.
  10. Juice making: Want to know how?
    What if I told you that the introduction of juice extractor/machine now makes it easy for every one to be able to extract juice from any kind of fruit.
    A juice extractor can be manual or electrical, and it cost N3500/7000 pending on your location and where you order from.
    You can place a sign board or a post in your lodge to direct people in, to come get their freshly made juice without any preservative. You can even make the juice while they wait.
    Research nice fruit combinations to get better results. You can set a price to it as this business is still fresh in the market, it is not yet saturated.
  11. Toasted bread/sandwich: This is a business you can do without much stress, as almost everyone loves to have a good taste of toasted bread. One thing I find appealing about toasted bread business is its ability to keep its customers wanting more, if properly garnished.
    A toasting machine isn’t expensive and the price is always determined by the number of compartments it has.
    The least toasting machine compartments I have seen is 2 and it cost N3500. The compartments can be as many as 8 and the choice is yours on the size to buy.
  12. Sales of clothes: From the comfort of your room, you can get good trendy clothes, from Lagos, Onitsha or Aba and sell for a good gain. Clothes are really affordable in the places I have mentioned. You get to see beautiful and adorable clothes for different body types. You can start small, then gradually increase your purchase as demands increases.
  13. Sales of foot wears: You can start dealing in different kinds of foot wears. Look for trendy foot wears online and purchase them, add your transport expenses and your desired profit for each pair, before you fix your sales price. You can also get good footwears in Lagos, Onitsha or Aba.
  14. Sales of airtime recharge cards: Do not underestimate the mobile phones airtime business as most people buy airtime, be it for subscription or for calls. However, the profits on this business is not much, but it can be done together with some other businesses I have listed above.
  15. Popcorn Business: This is a fast selling business. One beautiful thing about this business is its ability to advertise itself. Popcorn aroma draws its lovers to it. The owner makes good money daily from the business and you can either choose to start in the morning, afternoon or evening as the students are returning home.
    What helps you get good patronage in this business is your ability to blend in good flavours, sugar and salt. A popcorn machine may be electrical or manual and the prices may range between N30000 – N60000 depending on your choice and other functions.
  16. Groundnut production and sales: This is also among the cheapest start-up business any student can do, because it has little overhead cost.
    Majorly, the student will have to dedicate one big/medium size pot to this business. You may use a gas cooker or stove as source of fire, then you can purchase a cup of groundnut, fry it in garri instead of the traditional sand, then package it well, sell and supply, you will be amazed at your profit.
  17. Cake making: Who doesn’t love eating yummy cakes? Answer is no one. You can learn this skill online, teach yourself, start the business and make profit from it.
  18. Liquid soap production and sales: With the right fragrance and texture this business is among the cheapest to establish and it yields good profit too.
  19. Organizing tutorials: This business requires you to be dedicated to studying and also you need to have the brains for it.
    You can start-up a tutorial class for junior students of the same faculty or department, initiate the idea and get your friends involved from various department in that faculty, have a written agreement on how profits can be shared between you and them as the initiator, and you will make good money for just bringing people together to learn.
    20: Fashion designing: Before you engage in this business, you must be able to sew some simple clothes, design them, and amend torn clothes with patches on the materials.
    You have to prepare well for this business because your output determines if you will be patronized.21:Photography: People love memories, and photographs help us to keep good memories alive. If you already have this skill and you are not yet using it to make money, I have to encourage you to start something with it.
  20. 22: Shoe making/repairs: You can start this business with simple tools by repairing shoes for your fellow students and make money. You may also design and create styles for yourself, take snapshots and send it to different people to advertise for you.This can also be a skill you may acquire online.23:Making and selling fries: You can choose to employ a person for this business and you pay the person from the daily income you get from the business.
  21. 24Fries is a very lucrative business for anyone who engages in it. You can fry yams, plantains, potatoes and bean balls (akara) at strategic junctions round the school environs.
  22. making: This business is also for fashion lovers and it requires that you have a creative eyes for styles. Get your beads, stopper and fishing lines, create intriguing styles and sell.
  23. 25: Kunu drink production: Just like zobo drink business, a well prepared kunu draws its lovers to it, aside its rich taste, it nourishes the body. Kunu is best served chill, and it also requires little capital to set up.

Food To Eat And Last For More Than 2 Hours; It Is 100% Effective

It is usually painful, seeing men ruining their sexual lives with sex enhancement drugs. Some even go to the extent of taking overdose.

Well, what I want to show you is how I last longer than most men on bed. I was an addict of sex- enhancement drugs until I came across this natural solution. It is so amazing.

These are the combination of foods that gives the solution for natural Man Power :

👉Tin milk

👉Ripe banana





Add all in a large bowl. Sprinkle the milk on it and refrigerate. After a while, you can eat it. You can do that, an hour before the real ‘football match’.

The surprising thing there is that, it has no side effect and it works 100%.

I used it and it really worked. It can also work for you.

If you have any question to ask, you can feel free to use the comment section. Asking questions can make you learn more.

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If You Marry Early, these 7 things will happen to you.

7 Things That Will Happen To You If You Marry Early

The issue of the appropriate age women should get married has received quite a lot of attention in recent times. People have various beliefs about a man having carnal knowledge of a girl when she is still considered to be young. An issue like this is quite tricky as it would be difficult for one to take a side.

In all sincerity, there are lots of girls in the street doing things they ought not to do. The implications of being promiscuous are grave; yet, we cannot deny the fact that some ladies enter wedlock by mistake and find themselves with changed lucks.

The society seems to have a different view about women getting married. The yardstick is for a lady to be a graduate or someone who has learnt a trade and is capable of taking care of herself.

Again, another set of people believe a woman need not graduate from a tertiary institution before she gets married. Marriage is seen as the peak for them irrespective of what height they attain in life. We could go on and on about the age women should get married and when they should not without reaching a conclusion.

However, we would be considering the benefits accrued to getting married early. To every action there is a reaction.

While the age peer of the ladies who get pregnant and marry at an early stage may mock them, there is a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

This will give hope to those that are downtrodden and discouraged while it will inspire those who feel they have all the time in the world to act fast.

Find some of the reasons why getting married early pays:

1. You are most likely to be fertile:

Getting married at an early stage is cool because you can be sure you are fertile then. There is a stage women get to in life, when they become less fertile.

The older you grow, the lesser your chances of being fertile. Giving birth after the age of 36 comes with complications for most women. Do not feel bad about having an early start in life when it comes to marriage.

2. Getting back in shape is easier:

Although getting married early comes with a lot of challenges, you will grow with them and become a better person in life.

While your young body may change with childbirth, you have a long time to work on it and get back in shape as you grow (example is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde). Giving birth to all your kids before the age of 30 is exciting even though it is a lot of work. It helps you focus on being productive.

3. You bond well with your partner:

No one knows where the tides of life will take us. Having an early start in life means you have the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Every moment with your partner counts no matter how rocky the boat gets.

Getting married early means you will have the time to have fun with your soul mate once the kids grow. You will be over the diaper business by the time those who married late are settling down.

4. Love making is more fun:

Getting married early means you have the strength to try out new positions in the bedroom. Sex will not be as cranky as it would be between couples that are old.

You can afford to be tossed and flipped over by your partner in as much as you reach that peak of satisfaction together.

5. You learn to become more responsible:

Men who get married at an early age get saddled with responsibilities that make them grow. Marriage adds to your wealth of experience.

You learn with each passing moment and phase. Every child birth is a new experience; the impacts of these experiences make you a better individual yourself.

6. Chase your dreams to fulfillment:

Contrary to the belief that marriage sets one back or prevent you from reaching your peak in life, it is possible for you to attain the highest height in life with the right partner.

Your partner can make your life become glamorous by supporting you and helping you achieve your dreams.

It is beautiful when people look at your kids and ask if you are their sister or brother. Getting married early gives you a youthful look; your children will be proud of you and be willing to go everywhere with you.

You also stand the chance of seeing them grow up and get accomplished in life. It is exciting becoming a grandparent when your age mates are still paying school fees.

That will be all for this article. If you feel the article is impactful and helpful, kindly like, comment and share.

Start these 5 businesses with N20,000 capital in Nigeria and be making over N2000 per day

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In today’s article, I will introduce you to five great companies that you can start from N20000 headquarters anywhere in Nigeria and earn a daily income.

  1. SME data Reselling Business.

This is a company where you can start with just N20000 and make money every day.

This job is the best job in any region of Nigeria as most Nigerians have mobile phones.

All of these business needs your Android phone and you are looking for any platform to sell SME data online.

All you need to do every day is the N2000.

2. VTU business.

In Nigeria, doing business with VTU requires less capital. You can’t start this business without earning money because almost all Nigerians own a cell phone.

Your daily income from this business must not be less than N2000. You can use your Android phone to run this business without worrying about making money.

3.Recharge Card Printing.

Only when you need a printer and reset your PIN cards does recovering your printer business very close to doing business with VTU. For people who own a house, this business is great. All you need is a printer and then start buying top-up PIN cards from a social media company.

If you are in Lagos, you can earn N5000 every day from this job.

4. Digital TV Subscription Payment.

The capital requirement for pay TV services is N20000 or less

If you are in a good place like Lagos, your daily income cannot be less than N2000.

5. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS business is good business, you can start in Nigeria for a small fee. All you need is your Android phone and a platform to sell more text messages.

If you are in this business, if you are in school, the N2000 can bring you higher earnings.

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With These 2 Things,Poison Won’t Kill You.

Good day wonderful readers, I will teach you how to make anti poisons by yourself and also local anti poisons that you can get at a very cheap price, so pay attention and read carefully because it might save a life.

Lately, there have been rise in the number of deaths which was resulting from food poisoning.

We all know that hatred abd jealousy has come to stay, that’s why we lost innocent people from food poisoning and other things, and the shocking thing is that, people are killed by those people who they call their friends or even family members. This is terrible, and sad.

The truth is that, not everybody is happy with someone’s progress, they will only laugh in front of you and then go and plan evil things for you.

Well, it is God that protects, we can only pray to be surrounded by good people who truly love us in actions and not just in words, and I also pray that the eyes of evil ones will not see us.

Although we can never be well prepared against unforeseen circumstances, but we will be doing our best and hope that God continues to save us from enemies who pretend to be our close friends.

Meanwhile, according to my research today, there are the two vital things around us that you can use as good anti poisons, most of you will know what am talking about, this things are not new but they’ve been around for a long time, but I noticed that some people don’t know about them.

1. Activated charcoal.

Note: in this article, am going to teach you how to process your firewood into an anti poison that can save your life.

2. Bitter Kola nuts (image shown below).

Well, this two natural anti poison I mentioned above will only cost you little cash to buy them.

However, if you don’t have money to buy them, you can get bitter kola nuts in villages.

meanwhile, if don’t know how the natural anti poison work, I will explain everything to you so read carefully. If you notice that someone gave you poison or someone you know has been given poison, all you have to do is to quickly take either bitter kola or activated charcoal to counter and stop the effect of the poison. Personally, I prefer activated charcoal.

the work of these anti poisons or antidotes is to stop the poison from getting into your blood, according to health experts, poisons can only carry out their deadly effects when they fully get into your blood stream and then they will affect the vital organs such as your heart, kidney, lungs, liver etc.The anti poison substances (bitter kola and activated charcoal are called) are known as adsorbents. They will adsorb the Poisonous substances in your intestines and will flush them out of your body, but this will happen when you do fast before the poison will circulate in your system.

Here is how to make your own activated charcoal:

I will list what you need to make your own activated charcoal at home.

1.Charcoal and

2. Lemon juice

1. Charcoal: you can get charcoal from burnt wood and wash them properly.

You are advised to grind the charcoal after you have wasted and dry it, grind it to powder form and transfer into a neat bowl, Use glass containers preferably, then filter the powdered charcoal to remove dirt.

2. Lemon: squeeze 6 lemon into 6 cups of water and stir it very well.

Then Pour the lemon juice into the powdered charcoal and stir it very well to make a paste, remove any dirt you see when turning, see how it will look in the picture below.

Then after turning very well, you are advised to allow it to stand untouched for 24 hours

After 24 hours boiling the mixture of charcoal and lemon juice for 3 hours, the boiling point is what activated the charcoal.

Then after that, filter out the charcoal from the mixture and dry the residue, store it in a container.

Directions for use: Mix half to one spoon of the activated charcoal in one class of water and drink.

You are advised to have all this things at home, it is very important, so that if something bad happens and someone is poisoned, you can quickly administer the anti poisons (activated charcoal or bitter kola) in order to save the person’s life. It could be your life you will be saving as one can’t tell what will happen in the future, so try to get them ready, prepare and keep it.

Hence, after reading this piece, get firewood and make your own anti poisons, or buy one in the market.

Life can only be lived once, Don’t let any bitter person take it away from you.

DISCLAIMER: this is not a substitute for medical attention following serious drug, substance or food poisoning, it is only meant as a first aid. Thank you

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Proverb 19:17- Whosoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord and he will repay him for his deed.

Paying Tithes Is Old Testament, Doing This One Thing Will Make You Receive Favour From God. We show our financial stewardship to God by doing different thing which pleases him. God is ready to answer our prayers if we hearken to his word and follow his commandment. Our God is not a wicked God, he is ready to save us in turbulent times and make a way for us when everything seems futile.

 It is believe that one of the ways through which we show our financial stewardship to God is by paying our tithes. Do you know that paying tithes is old testament. It isn’t included in the new Testament.

 Throughout the old Testament, the Israelite were children of faith, and God was like a brother to them. To therefore appreciate God, they pay tithe by removing 10% of their personal income and resources. Hope you get what I’m saying here, God is ready to make a way for them when they pay their tithes regularly. Hope you know some Israelites gave around 23% of their resources.

 It isn’t compulsory to pay tithe in the new Testament. Instead of doing so, please tithe for the poor. When you give your tithe to the poor, you will receive God’s favour more than giving it to the church. In the old Testament, the Israelites gave their tithe to God. But now, we are giving our Tithes to man.

 In this contemporary world, some pastors and bishops now have many aeroplanes. They are supposed to assist the poor by giving them scholarship, but it is the opposite. The universities own by churches are even the most expensive. If we Christians should follow the path of righteousness by giving to the poor, then why are bishops tormenting us with their wealth.

 See what the Bible said about giving to the poor:

 Proverb 19:17- Whosoever is generous to the poor lends to the lord and he will repay him for his deed.

This Bible verse above states that giving to God is the only tithe accepted by him. Please do not let us be misled by the threats of some pastors.

 Please make sure you also read these Bible verses(Acts 20:35, Hebrews 13:16, 2 Corinthians 9:7, 1 John 3:17, I still have more which you can ask for in the comment box). Please make sure you go through those verses.

 Instead of giving a million Naira tithes to the church, Please give to the poor and save lives. Trust me, God will bless you abundantly.

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10 Health Benefits of Utazi Juice & Utazi Leafs, and How to make Utazi Leave.

Utazi leaves is a very common leaf in Nigeria especially in the Eastern, Western and Middle Belt areas of the country.

Many use Gangronema Latifolieum commonly reffered to as utazi as a spice leaf for pepper soup preparation, some use it to garnish foods like, ugba, abacha, roasted yam and plantain ETC.×250&!2&fsb=1&xpc=bux6JCo6fh&p=https%3A//

Utazi has a bitter sweet taste which many find appleaing, the bitter taste is also a turn to many

In Nigeria, especially the very rural areas of Nigeria, people use it as a herb to treat certain ailments.

But unknowingly to many this leaf can be converted into liquid and consumed for a lot of health reasons.

So, if you hate this leaf here are 10 health benefits you can derive from drinking it’s juice.

Utazi juice is rich in minerals and vitamins such as, tannin, amino acids,alkaloids to mention but a few and together, these minerals and vitamins are beneficial to the human health in the following ways.

1. Prevention Of Cancer: utazi contains certain properties that help to prevent cancer. These antioxidants properties found in utazi help prevent cancer and where the person already has cancer, utazi helps slow the spread by fighting the cancerous cells.

Utazi juice and utazi in general is especially good for the Prevention of lung and breast cancer as certain scientific studies have shown that utazi especially when taken in abundance has the capacity of inhibiting the above mentioned types of cancer.

2. It’s Serves As a Pain Reliever: People in the rural areas usually use utazi as an effective herb for relieving pain and Inflammations.

Utazi juice or leaves when ingested has properties that can significantly reduced pain especially stomach pain and also relieve inflammation.

3. Cleansing And Protection Of The Liver: Utazi has detoxification compounds that help cleanse the liver and protect the liver from excess toxins.

Utazi juice is especially effective in cleansing and detoxifying the liver and is highly recommended for people who have suffered from hepatitis in the past.

Also, utazi juice or leaves is used to cleanse alcohol from the body and sometimes to prevent drunkenness.

4. Reduction Of Sugar Levels & Diabetes Management: utazi contains properties that help to reduce the glucose level of a person thereby regulating the body’s blood sugar and preventing diabetes.

Also, Utazi juice is effective for the management of diabetes in people that already have it. This is because, it helps regulate the body’s blood. sugar and prevents it’s from increasing rapidly.

5. Lowers The Body Cholesterol & Help Prevent Heart Attack: anti lipid is one of the several properties that utazi leafs contain. these anti lipids are very Essential to the human body and help to reduce the Cholesterol levels in the body.

And by so doing reduces the risk of a person having a heart attack as a result of Cholesterol fat blocking the arteries.

6. Prevention Of Bacterial Infections: one essential elements contained in utazi leafs is the anti bacterial compound. These anti bacterial properties such as, methanol help prevent infections caused by bacteria.

It prevents these infection by significantly slowing down the activities of bacteria germ and microganisms in the body.

7. Aids In quick Digestion & Treatment Of Diarreah: utazi leaves help in stimulating and increasing metabolic activity in the digestive system of the body thus improving digestion.

In addition to improving digestion, utazi juice is also an efficient means of treating diareah.

8. Treatment Of Malaria: utazi has long been used as a herb for treating malaria by many especially those in the rural areas.

And now, there is scientific proof that shows that utazi does infact cure malaria. This is because the utzai contains anti plasmodial properties that help it kill the malaria parasite.

9. Used As Treatment For Cold, Cough & Catarrh: Utazi leaves are a effective way of treating cold related problems like, cough and catarrh.

This is done by putting a large amount of utazi leaves into a bucket of hot water and inhaling it.

And in addition to treating cold, cough and catarrh, it also relives chest pain and headaches caused by cold.

10. Relieves Pain caused By Arthritis & Rheumatism: utazi is rich in anti inflammatory properties which helps in relieving pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

How To Prepare Utazi Juice.

A. Wash the utazi leaves properly with salt and rinse it thoroughly.

B. Put the utazi leaves in a sizable bowl and add a little water.

C. Use your hand to vigorously rub the wet leaves together like you do when washing a jean material.

D. Make sure you rub out the entire liquid from the leaves.

E. Sieve it to separate the juice from the leaves.

Pour it into a cup and drink it at least once a day for 7 days. Take a break of 3 days and repeat. The above should be your system of consuming the utazi juice.

You can also eat the utazi leaves raw or add it to your food as you wish. But utazi juice is the most effective.

The benefits of putting garlic under your pillow

According to research,the sulfur compounds in garlic along with its aroma have a calming effect that helps improve the quality of one’s sleep.
The odour may be something to get used to at first, but after a few days it won’t be a problem and you will recognise it as the best remedy for insomnia.
It even has a positive effect on physical performance as garlic helps recharge your energy levels for the next day.
Along with putting garlic under your pillow you can also eat at least one clove of garlic a day on an empty stomach, with or without lemon.
Garlic in your diet can be very beneficial to your health. Did you know that garlic can combat sickness, including the common cold? Garlic supplementation is known to boost the immune system.
Cardiovascular diseases causing heart attacks and strokes are the world’s biggest killers.
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of the most important drivers of these diseases.
According to studies, garlic supplementation has a significant impact on reducing blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
Garlic also improves cholesterol levels, which may lower the risk of having a heart disease.
Eating garlic can help detoxify heavy metals in the body. At high doses, the sulfur compounds in garlic have been shown to protect the body against organ damage from heavy-metal toxicity.

Detest From 3 Things That Attract Demons And Evil Spirits To You

If we are observant enough, we will notice that most of time, one’s plans or schedules don’t go the way one might want it to go.Someone might face tribulations and hardship for a whole lifetime despite the consistent hard work and many efforts put in place.

A person might wonder why all of those disheartening occurences are happening to him or her in life.Let me enlighten you today. Every occurrences has a reason for occurring. It could occur as a result of something that you have done in the past or something that you are still doing.

Meanwhile,there are some die hard behaviors that attract demons and evil spirits to human beings on a daily basis.For instance, a comedian attracts people who love joke. So what you use your body for, will attract its lovers.

The same way comedians use their body to perform jokes to attract comics lovers, You as a person can also do indulge in something that will attract evil spirits to yourself.

Check below for some of the die hard habits that attract demons and evil spirits.

1. If you are someone who enjoys cursing other, kindly detest from such. Doing that builds a bond between you and the demon you invoked to curse someone. What that demon likes about you is your cursing behavior. So the evil spirit is likely to always be with you, expecting more from you. Sometimes, you invoke curses on people without your intention to do so. It is the spirit. It always finds jobs of that sort for you.

The most disheartening part is that, this spirit keeps expecting more from you. So if you don’t do it anymore, it turns against you and your entire family members, causing harms and others. So detest the habit of cursing.

2. People who always masturbates is also building a bond with an evil spirit. The reason is that, even if you lay with a woman, there is automatically a bond between you. The same thing happens in spiritual realms. The side effects of masturbation on your life is that, it affects you financially. You could be getting money alright, but you will lose it again on useless things. Before you know it, you are poor again without even knowing how you used the money.

3. Charms (Juju)

If you are someone who loves indulging in Juju, especially those women and guys who use spiritual powers on their partners. Keep it at the back of your mind that, it is a deal between you and unseen evil spirits. They will always keep their eyes on you wherever you go. If you do something that they don’t like, they will harm you. How do you know what devils like and what they don’t like. It is better you desist from those things before the worst happens to you.

Suggestion: If Police Say “You Are Under Arrest”, Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless

If Police Say “You Are Under Arrest”, Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless

Picture for illustration purpose.

I realised that whenever people see some policemen coming their way, they normally flee even thought they have no committed offenses. It seems that many people did not know their rights or they are afraid of being arrested.

Whenever a police come to your way, don’t panic, be calm and watch him do his thing before you react. Do you know that if you panics too much, you might be suspected and you might be arrested for nothing.

Whenever a police say “you are under arrest”, don’t panic if you know that you did nothing wrong, instead tell him these things and watch him go speechless.

Firstly, ask for his ID card to confirm whether he is really a police man or not. If he was able to present his ID card to you, ask him for the warrant of arrest. Without a warrant of arrest, a police is not allowed to arrest someone according to the law of this country.

If he was able to provide the warrant of arrest, ask him for the police station and make sure you alert the neighborhood before you are being taken there. You can also call your lawyer at that spot to notify him of what is happening.

After doing all these thing, you can go ahead to follow them but if not, don’t follow anybody to anywhere.

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How to gain weight easily and Fast

Today, we shall concern ourselves with how to gain weight naturally.
And this is because, not being able to put on weight may sound like a blessing to weighty people but to the underweight, it’s a different story entirely.
Putting on weight is a serious concern for some people, but it is not a difficult thing to be worried about. Sleep well, Consume more calories than you burn and Eat well.
However, it is essential to state here that unless the body is getting the right amount of fats, the body may naturally stop building hormones when you start gaining weight.
Therefore, to control the accurate hormone level in your body system while putting-on weight, you need to follow a healthy and natural diet
So, if you are part of those underweight people who are seeking for a solution to how to get fat in 3months, then, these recommendations will be beneficial to you.
How to gain weight naturally?

  1. The first and most crucial factor that is needed to gain weight is eating. Not just eating, though, but eating the right food beneficiary and healthy for your body. (i) Add avocado in your salad, and the result will be 331 more calories. (ii) Add more peanut butter in your bread is useful for gaining fat.
    Important to realize is that, in other to gain weight, you should eat at least 125 calories more than you burn every day.
    And surprisingly, you would need to eat about 3,500 extra calories more than you burn to gain one pound.
  2. Increase the amount of protein in your everyday diet. Because It helps to build muscle, and that makes the body more toned and healthy while increasing the weight.
    Milk, Eggs, Cheese, Yoghurt, Peanut Butter, Nuts, Meat, and Seeds are the most protein-rich foods that you can have.
  3. Don’t stop sleeping if you are not engaged. This will help you build the muscles during that period. Besides, make sure to get at least Seven to Eight hours of sleep every day.
  4. Do not eat water-filled vegetables like celery and cucumber instead of eating that you can go for starchy vegetables that contain a lot of calories per bite, such as carrot, corn, and potatoes.
    Additionally, you can make your health drink or buy one. Your body will be nourished with adequate nutrients, which you need for weight gain.
    Having fruit juices and shakes are delicious ways to gain some bulk. At times a single serving of a smoothie can be as high as 1000 in calories.
    Another excellent option for improving weight is custard or yogurt with fruits.
  5. Exercise. I know this unexpected for some, but the extra calories that you consume must be digested too. Otherwise, you will end up building up fat in your body.
    As compared to cardio, resistance training or lifting weights are better suited for weight gain because they help to convert the fat into muscles.
    Note: Lifting and weight training help your body gain muscle weight, which is the best kind of weight for your body to put on. Start slowly if you aren’t used to doing this kind of training.
    Increase weight and decrease reps as you go along.
    In conclusion, you should be aware that through proper eating and training, one can gain weight very fast. Also, Be rest assured that you will healthily put on weight by eating well and exercising correctly.

5 ways to identify if the honey you are buying is original or fake

You might be buying fake honey


For the majority of people, honey is a must-have product at home.

Not only does it have loads of health benefits, but you can also use it to treat some ailments as well as make face masks for a smooth blemish free skin and even exfoliate your lips. However, unbeknownst to many people, there’s fake honey being sold in the supermarkets.

Some vendors are mixing honey with water and other things such as glucose so that they can have more honey in their batch. To be quite honest, pure honey does not come cheap and it’s a shame that you might be spending a lot of money on what you think is pure honey but is not. If you buy honey from out of town, in areas popular with bee keeping and bee farming, it’s likely that you will get pure honey.

However, honey bought from the streets or from hawkers and the likes, is likely adulterated honey, which will not give you any of the benefits that you were hoping to get in the first place. That said, we have compiled a few easy tests that you can use to find out if the honey is pure of artificial.

But before we get to the tests, the first step is to check the label and how the honey looks like in the bottle or jar:

Pure honey solidifies with time. What this means is that it looks like granulated sugar and not watery. Sure, it could be fresh honey and you could buy it, but to see if it solidifies, put it in the fridge overnight. If it has no small crystals and is still watery, then you do not have pure honey. When it comes to the label, check to see if it has things like high fructose corn syrup and glucose written on it. These products keep the honey from solidifying and vendors add them to the honey so that they can have a little more honey to sell to unsuspecting buyers.

On to the tests:

1. Using a matchstick

Dip a matchbox in the honey then light it up. If it lights up, the honey is pure. If it doesn’t light up, that means it has additives like water which prevents the matchstick from lighting up. Instead of a matchstick, you can also fold a small piece of tissue, dip it in some honey (pour a little bit first into a small bowl) then light it using a lighter. If your honey is pure, then the piece of tissue will catch fire.

2. Using a glass of water

Pour some water into a glass, then, pour a teaspoonful of honey into the water. Pure honey will settle at the bottom of the glass and fake honey will start to mix with the water.

3. The swirl test

In a small bowl, preferably a white bowl, put a tablespoonful of honey, then pour about quarter a cup of water into the bowl and swirl. Keep swirling till the honey starts to form a honeycomb shape. If you do not see the comb shape, then your honey is not pure.

4. Using vinegar

Mix a bit of honey and water then add four or five drops of vinegar. If it turns foamy, then the honey is not pure.

5. Put a little amount of honey on your thumb

Pure honey will stay put or very slowly start to drip to the sides. Honey that’s not pure will easily spill away from the thumb. You can also use a spoon instead. Dip a spoon in your honey then hold it up. Pure honey will trickle down very slowly while fake honey will spill or trickle down very fast.

See the first largest religion and others with their populations

Religion is more of believing that an unseen, imperceptible and untouchable being called God exists as practices associated with such beliefs are important and are priorities to anyone who believes in that particular religion. There are many religions in the world practiced differently by many different people.

This article details the religions in the world and their populations in millions and billions and their percentages in world’s total religious population in an ascending order.

1. Rastafari.

Rastafari has about 0.6 million members contributing a 0.007% of world’s total population making the world’s smallest religion.

2. Unitarian Universalism.

This religion has 0.8 million worshipers contributing about 0.01% of the world’s total population.

3. Neo paganism.

Neo paganism has total population of 1.0 million, that is about 0.01% of world’s population.

4. Animism.

Animism has approximately 1.9 million members having about 0.02% of the world’s total population.


Tenrikyo’s population is 2.0 million occupying about 0.02% of the world’s total population.

6. Zoroastrianism.

Zoroastrianism has 2.6 million members having about 0.03% of the world’s total population.

7. Cao Dai.

Cao Dai 4.0 million and about 0.05% of total population of the world.

8. Shinto.

Shinto has a total population of 4.0 million. That is 0.05% of the world’s total population.

9. Jainism.

Jainism has about 4.2 million population contributing about 0.05% of the world’s total population.

10. Baha’i

Baha’i has total population of 7.0 million and about 0.09% of the worlds’.

11. Judaism.

Judaism has 14.7 million population and about 0.18% of the world’s total population.

12. Spiritism.

Spiritism has a total population of 15 million which make a 0.19% contribution to the world’s total population.

13. Sikhism.

Sikhism has a population of 26 million members adding a 0.30% to the world’s total population.

14. African traditional religions.

African traditional religions has a population of 100 million with a 1.2 contribution to the world’s total population.

15. Ethnic religions.

Ethnic religions (excluding some in separate categories. 300 million total population adding a 3% contribution to the world’s total population.

16. Chinese traditional religion.

Chinese traditional religion has a population of 394 million members with 5% of the world’s total population.

17. Buddhism.

Buddhism has 506 million population. That is a 6% of the world’s total population.

18. Secular/non religious/agnostic and atheist.

Atheist symbol.

This group has a population of 1.1 billing people. That is a 14.1% contribution to the world’s total population.

19. Hinduism.

Hinduism has a total population of 1.2 billion members adding a 15.4% to the world’s total population making it the world’s third largest religion.

20. Islam.

Islam is the world’s second largest religion with a total population of about 1.9 billion followers. It has 24% contribution to the world’s total population.

21. Christianity.

The world’s largest religion is Christianity. It has a total population of 2.4 billion members with 31.4% contribution to the world’s total population.

All these make a total of 7.79 billion population.

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Be Your Own Boss: Start Catfish Farming With Plastic Pond Method

Getting a job is a bit difficult almost everywhere regardless of your grades. People get job either by luck or by connection. Another thing is that, security private jobs can’t never be compare to having a business of your. Someone can be sacked in any given time.

Government jobs are not forever as you will be retired one day. Can you now see that having a business on your own last longer than the both?

Catfish farming won’t cost you much trust me. You just have to secure a place to start your business. If you’re staying in a big compound and you’re sure to do this business right from there without any obstructions (disturbance), get ready. If you’ve a land or your personal house with much space; don’t waste to start o.

This is all you need for the business.

– Get a big basins




– Buy fingerlings catfish

You can get it at rate of #50 highest depending on where you’re buying it from.


Fill any of the container that you like with water that will cover the fishes. The cover of the container should be pierced(put holes on the cover)

Pour the fishes in the container. I gave mine bread(remove the hard part), eba(they eat it like mad), indomie(just be dropping it in the water one by one) and other fishes dirts. E.g Cote(not the fish o, the dirts in the fish),Titus(those unwanted substances in the fish),etc aside from their dirts (they won’t eat catfish dirts). You can give them anything you discovered they can eat.

In the night put on the plastic cover(you must’ve put an holes on the cover o) or you can use a net instead. Whenever you noticed the water is not neat enough, changed it.

My brother and sister, you will start making your money as the fishes grow big!

Is that not simple? Comment in the comment section. I’m available for questions and answers. Be the boss and not a messenger!

4 jobs that will earn you money than internet fraud

Yahoo Yahoo also called cyber crime seems to be the trending job among youth these days. It is a vice that has eaten deep into the flesh of some youths with the objective of ‘quick money, no stress’. I don’t know their full mode of operation, but I know they pose as people that they aren’t then scam others. As far as the Nigerian law is concerned, online fraud is a crime. In this article, I will share with you 4 jobs that will earn you more money than online fraud. I know you’re shocked that they’re actually jobs that pay more than internet fraud.

The first is affiliate marketing.

I know you might have heard about this, and you probably want to know more. What is affiliate marketing? What does it take to be an affiliate marketer? Age requirement and restrictions?. My simple definition of affiliate marketing is a kind of job or a process of promoting a product and earning a commission or profit on every sale you make. Let’s say you promote a products worth N20,000, you might be given a commission of 10% which is N2,000. Imagine 50 people buy that same product through you (2,000×50=N100,000)on just a single product.

You can even have more customers by owning a website or YouTube channel where you can share your affiliate link to drive more people to purchase your product. I think once you’re 18 and above, you’re qualified for the affiliate marketing program. There are different affiliate marketing program you can sign up for (Amazon, Jumia, Konga and the list goes on).

Personally, I think and know this is better than scamming people because you’re making your money even without a capital and it’s legitimate. I know people that make million in a month without leaving the comfort of their homes.


You watch people’s YouTube videos everyday but, do you know they get paid for it? If you’re a Nigerian you can earn so much from it because the monetization is in dollars. If you don’t have enough gadgets, like a video camera, studio lights and all that, you can still make a proper video from the comfort of your home. Once you have an Android phone with a clear camera and enough video editing apps, you’re good to go, lol.

How do I monetize? In order to monetize you need to reach a balance of $100 or more from views. You’ll have to garner at least 20,000 views if you get paid for $5 per 1,000 views. Once you’re successful enough to attract more traffic to your channel, you can advertise on it and get paid for the ads.

Just choose the niche that will attract people, entertainment, cooking and skin care etc. All you have to do is to post interesting videos, isn’t this better than scamming people? Isn’t it quicker and legitimate? Of course it is. Through youtubing, you can make people purchase your product like i mentioned earlier, by putting the affiliate link in the description box.

Ebooks writing

If you will ask me, I think if you’re well educated then you have a writing skill even if it’s little. You need a space and discovery for that skill. For example, I never knew I could be a free lance writer but, thanks to opera news hub for giving me the space. So, are you a writer already? Or an upcoming one? There’s an opportunity for you to make money by just writing ebooks. Ebooks writing is an act of writing and publishing educative books for sale on various online platforms. The common online store people use for this is Amazon.

To be a successful eBook writer, you need to chose a topic that matches with the interest of your audience. Break down each chapter as you write it for the sake, use comprehensive English that even the layman will understand. Design your eBook and most importantly MARKETING! You’ll have to market your eBook everywhere you can, because the more people read it, the more you make profits.

According to a popular website called author’s earnings about 200,000 ebooks writer on Amazon earn $10,000 or more a year. You can be part of the 200,000 if you are consistent in writing and if you’re able to capture the reader. You can even add affiliate links that’s related to the theme of the eBook, but you’ll have to be careful because not all booksellers allow affiliate links.


This is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce refers to the act of buying and selling of goods and services using the internet. If you don’t have goods to sell, you can be a middle man. For example, you can inform people who want to sell properties to make sales through you. They’ll give you a percentage of goods brought. Unlike affiliate marketing, the commission is not fixed. If you sell a piece of land for 10 million naira, you can agree with the seller and receive a commission of 500,000 or more. The higher the price of products sold, the higher the commission.

You can also buy goods at wholesale price then resell with a profit attached to it. You’ll need to have a strong audience on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is a quick way to make money which many people are ignoring. All you need is a enough audience that will purchase your products.

The most interesting part of these jobs is that, you can work from the comfort of your home and most times, you don’t need a capital to start. These jobs are the best one can do during this pandemic. They’re flexible, comfortable and easy to start up. Remember, online fraud is a crime and does who indulge in it should be ready to bear the penalties.

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The 8 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health When Starting A Business

8 Keys To Managing Your Mental Health When Starting A Business

It can be challenging to focus on vital things like your health when you are in the midst of building a business. Many founders and startups forget about their mental health because they want to make everything perfect, no matter what it takes.We constantly hear about mental health in the news. People are depressed, anxious, and not happy with their life. Because of this, we must seriously tackle this problem and take action. Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders provoke burnout and become a toxic element within a company’s culture.Here are 8 keys to managing your mental health when starting a business:

1. Your Mind & Body Are Interconnected
Mental, emotional, and physical health are deeply interconnected. Just as mental health problems can lead to alcohol and substance abuse, lack of exercise or a poor diet can cause depression and loss of focus. Gaining ten extra pounds is just as real for a founder when starting a business as a freshman because of the stress due to tests and exams.

2. Why Priorities Are Better Than Your Objectives?
As a rule, founders are wholly devoted to their calendars and task lists. Unfortunately, the task list is just a reminder of the myriad of tasks that still need to be done. For most of us, the list of tasks is endless. This is an excellent recipe for an unbearable and uncontrollable load for your psyche.The definition of anxiety is when we feel our ability to achieve results is suppressed by current tasks. This is inevitable when the assignments are poorly formulated, too large, or don’t have a number.Instead of a list of tasks, switch to a list of priorities for the day, which includes only urgent and important tasks at the same time. It may be more challenging to complete these tasks, but the satisfaction of completing them will not be compared with anything.

3. Vacation is Important
Founders need to consciously take a vacation with a digital detox to disconnect from work. If the founder cannot disconnect on his own even during the holidays, try traveling where it is impossible to be in touch regularly. Burnout is rarely suspected due to failures in parsing failed startups, but the trained eye will often find its effect on the decline of the company.

4. Meditation is The Right Source for New Ideas
The founders must include physical activity in their routine and monitor their diet. Yoga, meditation, or breathing practices are beneficial. Take time to try these different practices.

Write about what you are grateful for (it helps you to remain appreciative), why you feel stressed (the solution is more natural when you pour problems onto paper), how you grew up in a day (small victories) and then make a to-do list. This helps to focus and find balance if you like to meditate.

5. The Wrong Diet May Destroy You
With a wave of new products, foods, drinks, nootropics, it is easier than ever to include vital vitamins and nutrients in your diet. Try foods that are full of nutrients and have minimal side effects.

6. Social Cooperation and Health
Some of you are so lost in your projects that you forget about life outside of the business. Find time for friends, loved ones, children, and even animals. Remember, it is not the amount of time, it’s the quality.Understand your “hot” and “cold” zones at work. By doing so, you can plan your day to work in a convenient way for you. Make sure to also allocate time for social activities. Professionals always know how to organize any business or plan by working efficiently and not just a lot.

7. Always Be Informed to Avoid Mental Health Issues
Learn about signs of depression and burnout. Drowning people do not wave their hands and do not shout for help – they silently go underwater. Only trained rescuers usually notice trouble. The same thing happens with depression, as these people don’t usually spend time in endless complaints or sadness.

The following symptoms should alert you:

A constant feeling of pessimism.
Sad or anxious mood.
Changes in behavior or loss of interest in activities that previously brought pleasure.
Changes in diet and meal times.
Changes in sleep time.

8. Change Your Activities
If you’re used to working with what’s called your head, it will be beneficial for you to go to the gym. While it’s not always possible to be at the gym, it will be enough to water the flowers, move the chairs, or take a quick step along the corridor. It is essential to switch from one activity to another whenever you feel that stress is returning. If stress has caught you on the bus, get off at the nearest stop and walk for 10-15 minutes.

Creating a business is a difficult task because of the mental, physical, and emotional toll it can take on you. At the same time, our ecosystem is toxic, and dozens of factors contribute to making building a company even more difficult. There are real steps that each of you can take to begin eliminating this toxicity.How do you manage your mental health and ensure you don’t overly stress? Share your ideas with us below.

10 Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive

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Getting attractive doesn’t need to cost you any money.its easier than you thought.

Explore through these 10 laws:

[1].Make a good first impression:Some people won’t give you a second look if they don’t feel a strong mutual chemistry based on first impressions.

[2].Put on a smile and fun face:It will help you relax and maybe even take yourself a little less seriously.

[3].Improve yourself better:be drawn to more knowledge, experiences and curiosity for new things. 

[4].Be confident:Confidence is an attractive trait to have. 

[5].Common interest:We want to be with someone who likes us, who shares our outlook, values, and life goals.

[6].Seek people who are our equal and similar to us who are more likely to perceive us as a kindred spirit. 

[7].Don’t Play Hard to Get:One law of attraction is that we like people who like us.but we want to be liked by people who don’t like everybody 

[8].Sticking to your instincts:People will respect that it is a part of who you stick to your belief and convictions.

[9].Be kind:when people recognize your willingness to do for others they will appreciate it.

[10].Work to become a warmer, more dependable, hardworking, and conscientious person.

45 Nice Church Outfits For Men And Women

45 Church Outfits For Men And Women

Outfits are those things wear on our body. As we all know, there are different kinds of outfits. But today we will be discussing about church outfits.

Church Outfits are those Special outfits, that we wear to church on Sunday. Church outfits are suppose to be cool, Beautiful/cute and decent outfits, why because church is a place where we worship.

Church outfits must not be too expensive clothes, there are other affordable outfits that one can wear to church and still look gorgeous and outstanding.

Today on this article, we shall be showcasing some cute and beautiful church outfits that one can wear to church on Sunday. So if you are looking for church Outfits ideas, why not have a look at this 30 church outfits for both men and women.

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Checkout This Amazing Couple

Love is an emotional feeling in motion, it’s complex and sometimes complicated when mistaken for other feeling out of ignorance. It is a mixture of belief, emotions and behavior attached with strong feeling of affection, warmth, respect and protectiveness for another person.

One way to get a clear view of why love should matter so much, why it might be considered close to the meaning of life, is to look at the challenges of loneliness. In life, people may strive to show us kindness and touching gestures when they feel that we are alone. But there will always be limitations to what they do to make us feel better, we can’t even share our deep burden with them.

To say true love matters and should exist among – and to be shown to everybody regardless of the person’s state, being it a cripple, blind, dwarf or healthy, is to point out the significance and importance of having someone very close and emotionally attached to us in other to share our burdens and curtail how often we are left to feel lonely.

In today’s article, Pidgin Reporters want to share some unique photo of beautiful couples who’s love affection that exists between them has gone along way to prove that everyone deserves to be loved. Love shouldn’t be triggered by material things, good looks and profile. It’s something that should grow from the heart out of emotion.

And I’m glad that today in our societies we have a lot of these people who have true love existing between them.

True love is hard to find especially in our societies that only the rich get all the attention.

Do you believe in true love, that it still exists even in absence of money and wealth.

Have you ever been hurt that you felt true love doesn’t exist. Have you ever been in a state where you feel isolated maybe due to some life issues you have.

Kindly share your opinions and experiences with us, we really want to hear your say on this matter. Your contributions is highly valued and will be appreciated.

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These five attitudes hinder people from helping you

The personality of a human being is mostly revealed in his or her attitude, to know a human being, you will have to study his or her attitude.

An individual’s attitude plays an important role in the life of such an individual, it determines whether such an individual will progress in life or not. Your attitude as an individual can never be different from the way you think, your attitude is a reflection of your thoughts and the inner workings of your mind.

Therefore as human beings we need to pay attention to the attitude we exhibit, because it determines to what extent how far we will go in life.

Here are the 5 attitudes that hinders people from helping you.

1. Over-dependence on people: being too dependant on people for most things is a major turn-off for most people, everyone of us is loaded with potentials that we must discover and put to work, no human being is inferior, develop yourself mentally, financially etc. An individual who is too dependant on people for his or her needs to be met has no value in the eyes of his or her benefactor especially when the person who is at the receiving end is able-bodied and can work.

This over-dependent attitude can hinder most people from helping you, because they have their own responsibilities to attend to. Take responsibility for your life.

2. Dishonesty: this attitude can hinder people from helping you, when people notice you are full of deceit, they withdraw from helping you, when you need their help.

be honest in your dealings with people.

3. Pride: ” Pride goes before a fall” as they say, when people notice you are full of pride, they may detest you and you ruin your chances with them, whenever you need their help. Nobody loves to associate with a proud person, let alone helping them.

Do not look down on people or class yourself as being better than them, let humility be your watchword.

4. Laziness: a lazy person is someone who has the ability to work but refuses to do so, people detest this kind of an attitude.

being lazy will not make people respect you and can hinder people from helping you.

5. Ungratefulness: an ingrate can put people off with their ungrateful attitude, always be grateful for the good things people have done for you, it may not be much, but learn to show appreciation for those things.

being an ingrate will do you no good and can hinder people from helping you.

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If You Married Without Knowing These, Your Marriage Is In Danger

If You Married Without Knowing These, Your Marriage Is In Danger

Marriage is a life journey, that brings two opposite sex together to become one. It’s a journey of eternity, they both registered and signed a life contract to be together in gain or pain. It’s therefore important that before and after saying “Yes I Do”, there are so many things that must be put into consideration. A wrong decision has really ruined so many lives and destinies. 

That’s the reason you need to know the following;

1. They build a great circle of friends

It all comes down to who you should be hanging around with, before and after you become married. Having a great circle of friends adds to the vitality and support your marriage will need during the challenges you’ll face over the years. You should not underestimate the value or power a great circle of friends will add to the success of your marriage.

2. Going for road trip together

While any form of traveling is advised, happy couples tend to be more specific on the kind of travel they undertake together. Being able to “let go” and see where the wind takes you during a road trip together prepares you for the adventure that will come with marriage.

3. They have a financial plan

While many may get scared or anxious about discussing finances with their partners, it is important to find some rhythm and know where you both stand when it comes to money. Having a direction as to where and how your finances go builds a solid foundation for your marriage.

4. They discuss their expectations of marriage

Marriage is not a getaway card for boredom, loneliness, or unhappiness. Marriage is about complimenting each other and being there for the other person. Happy couples can relate this and find ways to set their goals and expectations of what they want and expect from the other person. Yes, every expectation should be realistic.

5. They spend time with each other’s families

When you get married, you aren’t just marrying a partner, you will be marrying another household. Most times, the families of your partner would be in their lives. By getting to know the family of your partner you will be able to discern and understand your partner better since a family has a way of influencing its members.

6. They know what they can take and cannot take

Yes, marriage is about compromise. However, we are all different when it comes to the things we can tolerate and things we cannot tolerate. Happy couples know this and they do well to know what their boundaries are when it comes to the things they can tolerate in a marriage and the things they just won’t accept.

7. They deal with managing a crisis together

Being in love and the excitement of wanting to be in each other’s company can distort one’s judgment. Just as the interesting feeling of being with the one you care about, you can also have some chaotic feeling on certain matters with them. Dealing and handling a crisis or dispute prepares you for a happy marriage.

8. They share important secrets

Secrets have a way of breaking strong bonds. Happy couples are honest with each other about everything. Preparing for marriage gives them the opportunity to share their past and also make the other person aware of their worst selves.

9. They spend time together

Before marriage, happy couples spend so much time together trying to understand each other better. Being close to your partner gives you the opportunity to share your feelings, communicate, and perceive what they are all about.

10. They both set clear goals

Marriage is not all about splendor, but also about desires. What do you want from your marriage? Happy couples learn to set clear goals and do well to pursue them in the course of their marriage. Before marriage is always the best time to know where you are headed. Goa, like buying a home, bearing kids, or paying off student loans can be ideal in helping you plan and direct your energy in the right direction.

Top 10 quotes that will change your life Forever.

If you want to be successful in life here is the Top 10 quotes that will change your life

1 .Hardworking does not guaranty success .The wisdom you applied generate success.

Arthur ~IGWURUBE SUNDAY.(me myself)

In this life there many people who work from morning to night but they cannot yet provide for their Family. But there are people who can sit down and think of how to succeed in life ,how to overcome their challenges. People do write on Opera news hub but only those who applied wisdom in their written become successful. you can publish thousands of articles but you haven’t made up to 10k from it.

2 . If you are born poor is not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake.

Arthur ~BILL GATE.

Obviously there are people who were born poor but they don’t think of changing their life from bad to good . I was born in a poor family but immediately I reach 15 I started thinking of how to become successful in life, how to make money online , today my life has changed.

3 . Storms Don’t Last Forever

Arthur ~ Niels Geusebroek

If you found yourself in a critical situation never give up . Be strong because nothing last forever . Many do fail in life but those who call upon the lord shall renew their strength. Believe that God is able and it will be better.

4 .Always Build Multiple Source Of Income. Never Rely On One.

Arthur ~ Thebossfiles

This is the very big mistake many business owners and entrepreneurs make. Building a multiple sources of income does not mean you should be a jack of all trade no , as a business owner I am today ,I still do some online jobs that gives me a little income monthly, you can start a YouTube channel , you can become a OPERA NEWS WRITTER, you can become a blogger and earn multiple incomes monthly.

5 . Hustle Until You No Longer Need To Introduce Yourself.

Arthur ~GO GALAT.

Remember no one care to make you rich , you decide what you will be, the way you keep your bed is the way you will sleep on it .

Stop wasting so much of your time on social media , don’t let your day pass you without getting a little income . Hustle do pay .

6 .I Never Dream About Success. I Work For It.


When I was Growing any time I set my eyes on a FANCY CARS I always say This is the car I will drive . Yes it’s a beautiful car but the question is how are you preparing for that .

What have you done about that. Those who drive those fancy cars doesn’t have two heads, they worked for it .

7 .Sometimes it’s a smallest decisions that can change your life forever.


Learn how to take decisions As a young man or woman , alot of people today do die because they failed to take an action to their problems. I dropped from after my secondary school. My friends do mock me ,but I still believe that I made the decision by myself , today ,many of my classmates then has follow my foot steps because they saw the my decision has not failed me.

8 . Don’t wait for the right opportunity create it.


They said OPPORTUNITY COMES BUT ONCE. Yes it does, the moment you skipped it ,you have lost it , Don’t wait for a job to locate you , think deep and create an opportunity for others. E:g OPERA NEWS TEAM , CREATED THIS WEBSITE AS A JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR NIGERIANS DUE TO THE RATE OF UN EMPLOYMENTS . I BET YOU MANY WRITTERS DO EARN HUGE MONEY MONTHY MORE THAN SOME SALES GIRLS.

9 . It Takes Only The Wisemen To See The Future And Make It Happened Irrespective Of Thier Predicaments.

Arthur ~ IGWURUBE SUNDAY (me myself)

I bet you foolish men does not think of tomorrow, all they know is bring their daily bread , they said Don’t think about tomorrow because tomorrow will think for it self ( objection) BIBLE SAID HEAVEN HELP THOSE WHO HELPED THEM SELF . Frog sleep when others animals are preparing for school he prepares for school when others has started writing exam and that was why he always jumping instead of walking.

10 . Chase your vision. Not the money .The Money Will End Up Following You.


Now that you have put all these into practice. Keep calm the money will end up following you .

The success will end up following you .

Say no to fornication and adultery


Say no to fornication Chastity is defined as “controlling oneself from forbidden desires due to the love of Allah The Almighty in response to His command, as well as for seeking His reward in return.”

Islam has always been keen to establish chastity in the Muslim community and has thus legislated many laws that reduce the strong impact of these desires and control them; it has also encouraged remaining on the straight path and warned against transgressing the defined boundaries by following these base desires.

Islam has preserved people’s honor and protected lineages from being mixed. Therefore, fornication and adultery are forbidden and classified as major and destructive sins. Islam has even forbidden everything that could lead to these sins, such as immoral exchange of looks between the two sexes, depraved words, seductive moves, a man and a woman being in seclusion in a room, and anything else which could…

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Men Who Married Women With These 4 Qualities Are Very Lucky.

From the day a boy is born, he begins to dream, he begins to aspire, whenever he looks at the way her mother treats her father, he will always be eager to be like his father when his own time comes. Women are like the flower that beautifies the garden, without flowers in the garden, the beauty can never be visible. Women radiates the mighty of men, any man that married his heart desire lives in peace, fulfillment and happiness all his life.

Women are the flowers in the garden

Women are wonderful, they are unique, so unique that they are regarded as the building block of the world. As a man, who is that person that gives you hope anytime you’re about to give up? Who is that person that beautifies your family with that unique characters and make you ever grateful? Who is that person that wakes you up every morning and say “good morning my love, how was your night?” who is that person… Your Wife right? Yes, she is able to be doing all those things because of the exceptional and amazing qualities she has.

Are you among the lucky men who married women with good qualities

There are few qualities that marks a woman out from her fellow women. Those qualities made her unique, wonderful and so amazing, and her husband loved her so much for that. This article lists out those qualities in question, I know that you are already curious, as to whether your wife has those qualities or not. Don’t worry, you will get to see after you must have finished reading this article.

#1. She is not the naggy type

Naturally, women are meant to be naggy sometimes, but there are ones that nags too much, and irritates any one who associates with them. Nagging type of women are very difficult to satisfy, men find them disturbing and very troublesome, and thus seeing them as an hindrance to their peaceful living and happiness.

Does your wife nag too much? I mean she doesn’t complain all the time, there is nothing on earth that you do, which can satisfy her? She doesn’t contribute meaningfully in family issues, but quick enough to bring confusion and discouragement to the ones that are willing to contribute something? If no, then you are very lucky. You’re so lucky to have married a woman whose maturity and sense of humor are topnotch, you shouldn’t take her for granted.

#2. She contributes financially in the family, even when you don’t ask her

There is nothing that amazes a man than having a woman who work as hard as him, to make sure that family spending do not rest on one person. Such kind of woman has a unique quality to have known how to help out her husband and family as a whole. Men, naturally don’t usually ask women for financial contribution, even when they are very much in need, they see it as their responsibility and burden to carry, so, any woman that lifts that burden from them are so much loved.

Is your wife such kind of women, if yes just know that you’re very lucky. There are not too many women like that in the world. So you mustn’t joke with her at all, value her contributions, tell her that she is such an amazing woman, believe me she will be eager to do more.

#3. She doesn’t frown when you give money to people outside the family

A lot of women are fond of that , either knowingly or unknowingly, and it has made their husband to stop giving money to people outside the family. They make their husband feel as if they are doing something out of order, and therefore stop philanthropy, or do that in the absence of their wife. Such women are very intimidating to their husband, and often seen as wicked and commanding. 

Are you the kind of man that doesn’t want your woman to hear that you gave someone money, because of her attitude? If no, then you are very lucky. You have such a kind of passionate person as your woman, woman who is always eager to help people who are in need. Believe me, her kindness and your philanthropy will be a source of open doors to your family.

#4. She doesn’t correct you openly, she does that in privacy

Nothing is more embarrassing to a man than when his wife corrects her in the eyes of every person, men see that as a disgraceful, and may bring a lot of disrespect to them, especially in village meetings. It is more ideal to leave a man to finish what he has to say in public, then call him to privacy and correct him if need be, that man will be ever happy and grateful.

Is your wife the type that corrects you in bedroom (privacy), she knows that doing that outside may bring disrespect to her husband? Her maturity and sense of reason are exceptional, then you must have married a special women. You’re a lucky man, you must know that, you must treat her special.

Do you agree with the writer?

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“All pictures in this article are used for illustrations only”

Have a nice day! 

Benefits of living a private life.

A person’s life or a life that is hidden from people mostly has reasons why they keep their lives a secret from people. Sometimes people think such kind of people see themselves superior to others, or do not want to relate with people. But there are benefits of living a private life most people who are living such lives have you will never know and they will hardly tell you about.

Here are some benefits of living a private life,some people call them introverts whatever you choose to call them is not important but we will be looking at the benefits of living such a life.

They see what others can’t see out of the world which makes them standout

These set of people called introverts are able to explore the hidden things in their world, which may seem extraordinary to other people because they are always in the mood of observing everything around them, which most people never see or notice because of the rush or too busy life they leave never taking time to observe anything this is an outstanding characteristic of introverts, that makes them look supernatural and attain results most people think is extraordinary.

A private life or an introverts life is a dedicated kind of life

An introvert dedicates their life to a particular course or purpose because of the fire of focus. A focused life is a life that will always find solutions to problems and this is the reason why when introverts talk it’s like wisdom from the mouth of God himself because their mind is rested and steady which makes their it very productive. On a scale of one to ten an average introverts brain possesses the power to decipher issues and produce solutions at seven to eight.

They avoid unnecessary troubles by always being on their own

Introverts avoid the troubles most people can’t stop falling into because of always being alone which gives them time for profitable meditation. While extroverts are about the place they have higher chances of falling into little troubles which could be avoided by being on their own unlike introverts.

Introverts have this attitude of not sharing their problems with others which makes them look equal to the problem and gives them a bosses mentality

They said a problem shared is a problem solved but as an introvert who speaks from experience, i make bold to say a problem shared is a problem compounded. Most people never know that handling issues on their own sharpens them and makes stronger in the face of issues better next time, you can hardly find an introvert who is always a baby in front of problems why, this is because they have handled problems on their own and to them problems are the best part of life shown to them, because that is where their glory lies.

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Things you have to give up if you want to be successful in life. No 6 is very important

What is success?

Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Furthermore, success can be a certain social status that describes a prosperous person that could also have gained fame for its favorable outcomes×250&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=9qhkWdT5M4&p=https%3A//

1: Don’t be scared

Lose the fear! Don’t be afraid to try new things and follow your dreams.

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from working on your potential and towards your passions in life. The world needs more of that.

Dream big and don’t fear anything.

2: Don’t make excuses

You are the leader of your own life. Successful people have taken the matter in their own hands and know that they are the only ones who are responsible for their life choices both successes and failures. 

3: Say ‘No’ to toxic people

Take a closer look at the people in your surrounding and try to see them as they really are. Some people are more accomplished and successful than you, and some are not.

Surround yourself only with people that are more successful and more accomplished.

On the other hand, if you spend time with people who are less accomplished than you are, they will bring down your success to their level.

4: Don’t say ‘Yes’ to things that don’t back your goals

Successful people know that in order to achieve long-term success they need to give up on many short-term gratifications and pleasures.

So if you want succeed, you have to be prepared to say ‘no’ to certain plans and activities with friends, colleagues, or family.

5: Avoid believe in the “Magic Bullet”

There is no such thing as overnight. Life is not a fairytale with a magic wand.

So successful people know that in order to succeed they need to take small steps of improvement every day.

6: Don’t expect perfection

Nothing will ever be perfect regardless of how much we want it to be.

Therefore, do not strive towards perfection and do not let your fear of not being good enough get the best of you.

If you are always waiting for the “perfect” time and circumstances, you will probably lose great opportunities.

7: Don’t let your mindset be short-termed

If you want to be successful, you must give up the short-termed mindset, and like all successful people start making long-term plans.

Successful people follow these long-termed plans with a series of everyday habits.

These habits become part of who they are. For example, there is a difference when someone exercises to get in shape for a season, as opposed to someone who exercises daily because it is a part of who they are.

8: Don’t listen to side talk

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put in your work, there will be people who won’t approve of it. And that is perfectly fine, as long as you believe in yourself, your capabilities and understand that you cannot expect everyone to like you.

9: Beware of the fixed mindset

Do not let yourself believe that your intelligence and talent are fixed virtues and that your success in life will be based solely on your traits.

Successful people know that in order to succeed they must work hard daily on improving their talent, perceptions, learning new things and developing a progressive mindset.

10: Don’t multi-task

Being fully present and focused on one task is the key to success. No matter what the task is a workout, a hobby, a business idea you need to take one thing at a time and excel in it.

11: Remove leading an unhealthy lifestyle from your habits

Every achievement and happiness starts within yourself.

Taking care of your health and well-being is essential. You should keep in mind two things: healthy diet and physical activity.

12: Drop the theory that you can control everything

Some things are out of our control and no matter how much we try, we cannot change them.

You must learn to separate yourself from the things you cannot change, and focus on the things you can.

Do however, keep in mind that sometimes the only thing that you can change about something is your attitude towards it.

Opinion: Reasons Why Most YAHOO Boys Run Mad (Part 2)

It really saddens me to know that we don’t just learn in this country. We are all here fighting each other over bad governance, blaming politicians while yahoo boys are doing more harms than go to innocent citizens.

For the past few days, I have been talking about most activities yahoo boys do. They never seem to stop.

Just a few days ago, a girl ran mad after dropping off a car, which many people concluded the car belongs to a yahoo boy. The girl ran mad immediately the car drove off.

Girls are mostly the victims of these boys. They are their targets and still don’t seems to end. However, yahoo boys are also running mad too. It seems nature is about to catch up with them.

Nevertheless, I have talked about this topic before, but new findings just surface, and this will be the continuation of the previous article.

More so, yes just like I said, yahoo boys are also running mad and nature seem to be catching up with them. A few days earlier, a video and picture of two guys surfaced on the internet.

Two of them own exotic cars, both Lexus cars. One a jeep and the other a normal car. The one with a jeep coming out to talk about his share. Saying he wants is share, and where is his share.

The other pulled off his clothes, sat and laid on the floor, crying that he is tired. After all the money, he isn’t still happy and he is tired of it all. This shows the rich also cry, especially when illegal.

Now, we expatiate on more reasons why most yahoo boys run mad and the reasons why they should quit their evil and follow the due process.

1. Betrayal From Another Yahoo Boy

We know yahoo boys are greedy, so it’s not surprising when these boys betray each other which is common. There is a slang used by these boys called picker.

A picker is someone who uses his foreign connection to send the scammed money to them in Nigeria or via Bitcoin. The picker normally has his share from it.

However, the picker can betray them and such a guy can make the picker run mad via juju, charms or voodoo especially when he knows the picker has more money than him.

Also, if the owner of the scammed money is being greedy, he could be set up by giving him substance to run mad or to match, or via a girl.

2. Reverse Effects

There have been some cases whereby some yahoo boys try to use their parents or siblings, even their girlfriend for money ritual or their destiny for easy picking and such backfire.

Now, when such an act backfires, it usually comes as madness. The reasons why such act backfires is that, either the spirit of such a person is stronger or there is a praying person for such a person’s life.

3. Back To Sender

God is powerful, and the whole world knows. Most people are true worshipers. Their spirit is clean and God has his hands upon their lives.

Most at times, yahoo boys run mad due to back to the sender. How this happens is that most praying people are told about their plans, and they are asked to do some certain things to avert it.

A quick story: There was a boy who was told to use the dad for rituals, he was based in Ghana and called the parents to host him a party for his celebration of wealth.

The instruction from him was that nobody should eat from the soup before him and the goat head shouldn’t be touched until he gets there.

The dad initially agreed, the boy has sent cars and money for buildings and so the dad respected his wish. However, a day to his arrival, the thought came back to the dad, and he decided to seek spiritual answers.

He was then told that his son wanted to exchange his head for the money he has been making and the goat head signified the dad’s head.

He was advised to be the very first to eat from it before the son arrived, and so he did. When the son came back, he asked again that hope no one ate from it and hope the goat head wasn’t touched.

They all agreed and said no one did. He ate the goat head and the food, he started confessing, ran mad and died after a few weeks. This is back to the sender.

Advice: Just like they keep making others life miserable, theirs is also becoming miserable. The evil must not go unpunished. They keep running mad and dying young.

Many from car accidents, poisons, gunshot, drugs and unnatural death occurrences, yet they don’t quit. My advice still remains that, yahoo isn’t a job, it’s a scam, fraud and it’s against humanity and society.

As a yahoo boy quit now, repent of your sins to avert curses upon you and your generation. Follow God and be safe. Go learn a trade, skill and live peacefully. Else madness will keep circulating in yahoo boys as well.

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Opinion: What Women Like and Cherish But Men Don’t Know

Human beings are the most intelligent animals unlike other animals in God’s creations. Just like women, they like most things but because of laws and other rules that have been set long back they couldn’t express themselves. They do hide what they like in order not to feel shame and not to look immoral. Some women decided to do what they like but others still find it hard to do especially in their relationships.

Here is what most of the women like in their relationship;

Talking dirty stuff

Women like to take a break from all the seriousness and important stuff in their relationship. They like to go wild with their men. Sometimes they need to talk and hear their men telling them what had happen the previous night. And how their men were tiger in bed during that day. They want to hear their men applauding that position they were trying and how they wish to see themselves handled in that particular way that brings fire in the bed.

Playing dirty

Men need to loosen up and sometimes play naughty with their women. They need to play dirty not to always been serious. Women long and enjoy seeing their men surprising them in a dirty manner, doing it in a kitchen and sometimes touching them in their holy gardens.

Serious talk

Even though women enjoy spending most of their time not been serious, but they do want and enjoy serious talk. That is the reason they sometimes tell their men to stop been childish and to focus. They want to see a serious face of their men talking serious issues.

Future talk

Women hate men who do not have dreams. They want to hear their men dreams and talking about a future. And afterwards seeing that men implementing their dreams and goals.

3 types of persons who do not want you to succeed in life and how to deal with them.

The world of man is full of many different kinds of people and many different activities occur here. There are good things and bad things as well as good people and evil people.There are people who are true to you and will be by your side no matter what happens while there are also people who are only after your downfall and can come in sheep’s clothing and as a friend so they can easily destroy you. 

Bad people can be found everywhere and for everyone who is trying to make something in life, there surprisingly is another person or group of persons who want to ruin the labor of the struggling person for whatever reason. 

Many people have tried and failed to be successful or to achieve something important but these people who want to ruin everything always try their best to counter every step someone is trying to take in order to be successful. 

To identify these kinds of people can be sometimes hard but when you notice that someone close to you is among the people mentioned below, then there is a big chance that that person will try to pull you down if you try to be successful.

Below are the types of people who don’t want you to be successful in life.

1. People who attack you whenever you fail and keep on using that failure as a reference point in the future.

Failure is normal in life and nobody can say they haven’t failed while trying to do something. However, having people around you who will condemn you whenever you fail will not do you any good.

Such an act can totally derail your mind and can make you want to give up on something, believing that you would not be successful even if you tried doing that thing again. This is not the act of someone who wants to succeed.

How to deal with such people.

Just ignore them if you can’t let go of them so they won’t get into your head.

 2. People who always try to fault anything you do even if it is perfect.

These types of people are bent on making you feel worthless and miserable, like someone who can not achieve anything in life. Having a feeling of worthlessness can make you not want to try your best to be successful because you will think that you can not be good at what you do. 

Having a feeling of accomplishment, even if it is little, can seriously help you to see the need to do better in order to succeed, and having people who always take fault in whatever you do ain’t good for you.

How to deal with such people.

Again, you have to ignore these people and believe in yourself.

 3. People who keep pushing you to take certain decisions even if it is against your wish.

 People who believe that they can make the right decisions for you can directly or indirectly make you fail. This is because they are not the ones living your life for you. These kinds of people can easily hamper your success in life if they want to by giving you the wrong advice or by directing you to do the wrong thing. 

These people can tell you to follow the footsteps of someone who was once successful without putting into consideration the fact that what works for one person might not work for the other. 

How to deal with such people.

You should not totally do away with such people because they can also advise you rightly. Instead, take their advice to heart and try to see if you can make your own decision out of it.

It can really be difficult to get back up after such people are successful in ensuring that you did not achieve your goals. Funny thing is, they might not have even done it intentionally because they may feel what they are doing is best for you. You have to wise up and know what type of people to listen to and those not to listen to if you want to be successful.

What is your opinion on this? Do share with me in the comments section below.

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Say no to fornication and adultery

Say no to fornication Chastity is defined as “controlling oneself from forbidden desires due to the love of Allah The Almighty in response to His command, as well as for seeking His reward in return.”

Islam has always been keen to establish chastity in the Muslim community and has thus legislated many laws that reduce the strong impact of these desires and control them; it has also encouraged remaining on the straight path and warned against transgressing the defined boundaries by following these base desires.

Islam has preserved people’s honor and protected lineages from being mixed. Therefore, fornication and adultery are forbidden and classified as major and destructive sins. Islam has even forbidden everything that could lead to these sins, such as immoral exchange of looks between the two sexes, depraved words, seductive moves, a man and a woman being in seclusion in a room, and anything else which could lead to this awful sin. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“And come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a great sin, and an evil way (that leads one to Hell unless Allah forgives him).”} [Quran, 17: 32]

Islam does not have laws which contradict one another as is the case with man-made legislation which has set penal laws for adultery and fornication but has facilitated every means that lead to it. Moreover, there are some societies that see no harm in allowing fornication and adultery and have set no penal laws for those who commit them. Other societies differentiate between committing this act in the marital home and outside of it; they only consider committing it the marital home as a crime and not if it is committed away from it! Islam, on the other hand, comprehensively forbids fornication and adultery and everything that leads to it.

Allah The Almighty commanded His Messenger to take a pledge from women who entered Islam to refrain from fornication and adultery. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“O Prophet! When believing women come to you to give you the Bai`ah (pledge), that they will not associate anything in worship with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit illegal sexual intercourse, that they will not kill their children… then accept their pledge.”} [Quran, 60: 12]

 Allah The Almighty made the punishment for these sins vary from lashing to stoning to death, along with the humiliation which results from informing the community of the perpetrators of this sin. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {“The fornicatress and the fornicator, flog each of them with a hundred stripes. Let not pity withhold you in their case, in a punishment prescribed by Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of the believers witness their punishment. [This is for unmarried persons, but if married, the punishment is to stone them to death].”} [Quran, 24: 2]

End poverty and break generational curses using just coconut

Very many people are facing difficulties, living in extreme poverty, lack and stagnation not because they are lazy or stupid but because they dont know how to pray. In this write up, I will be showing you how to break generational curses, have instant breakthroughs and a quick turn around by using coconut for prayers.

Coconut is a very common fruit that can be bought for #50 – #200 depending on the size but for the purpose of this prayer, you will need a coconut with water inside it.

After getting the coconut, before talking to anyone in d morning, take the coconut and face the sun it rises. Remove everything covering your head be it scarf, cap, gele or whatever it is.

Smash the coconut on the floor and make sure it will scatter on impact. This shows you are humble and deciding that God can solve your problems. 

Say the following words “water enters the coconut in a mysterious way that no one can explain, God of heaven, use the same mystery behind the coconut water to bring wealth into my life and break every generational curse standing against my progress and success in life”. 

The most important thing is to use the water in the coconut for prayers. Hence drink little from the water and wash your head and hands with the water. Throw away the remaining coconut have faith in God and yourself.

That’s all. All that is left is to watch God open doors for you and you will have testimonies. 

What do you think about this? 

6 Tricks That Will Prevent Anyone From Aging Anytime soon

Aging is a natural process which cannot be avoided. The first signs of aging are reflected on our face skin, and one of them is the appearance of saggy cheeks. Some of the most contributing factors to skin sagginess are genetics, weight fluctuations and poor diet.

However, there is no need for worries as there are natural ways how you can reduce the occurrence of its signs, and also tighten your face skin.

In this article we shall present you all-natural treatments which can make the skin of a 50 year old one look like a 20 year old person.

1. Face exercises

As you already know, the body needs regular exercises so that it looks nice, and this also applies for your face skin. It is a simple technique, just stand in front of a mirror, smile and keep this position for around 10 seconds. Then, make a pause and repeat the same thing for five times. After that, blow your cheeks and keep this position for around 10 seconds. Do this technique five times. In the end, massage your cheeks with both of your hands for around 2 minutes. Do this twice a day. In this way you will manage to tighten your saggy cheeks.

2. Egg White Mask

Tighten your face skin by using this mask. For that purpose, you need to mix two egg whites till they become foamy and then use its content to apply it onto your neck. Leave it to stand for around 20 minutes. After that, wash your neck and face with cold water. Do this treatment two times a week.

3. Honey and Avocado Mask

This mask will help you to hydrate and strengthen the skin, thereby successfully preventing the occurrence of wrinkles, which is the most common sign of aging. In order to achieve this make a mixture consisted of 2 spoons of honey and half an avocado. Use this mix on your face, and leave it to stay for around 15 minutes. After that, rinse your face with warm water.

4. Aloe Vera and Yogurt Mask

This treatment will help you to decrease the sagginess of the skin. Prepare the mask by mixing 2 spoons of Aloe Vera gel and 4 spoons of yogurt, and then apply it onto your face. Leave it to stand onto your face for around 20 minutes and after that wash your face.

5. Lemon

This incredible citrus fruit can be also used in restoring the skin elasticity thereby reducing wrinkles. Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen highly needed for the youthful look of our skin. All you have to do is to squeeze half a lemon and then use its juice on your neck and face. Leave it to act for around 10 minutes and after that period of time wash your face with lukewarm water. In the end, use a moisturizer. Perform this treatment three times a day.

6. Healthy diet

The way how your body and skin will look it very much depends on the food ingredients you take in every day. One of the reasons for saggy swollen cheeks is retention of water. You can prevent the occurrence of this issue by implementing a diet plan comprised of strawberry, grapefruit, and orange juices. Make sure to avoid the consumption of artificial sugars present in canned foods, sodas, sweets, and in many other food products.


Take in regularly vegetables, dry fruits, fiber, salads, and proteins so that you strengthen the muscles. Plus, make sure to consume large quantities of vegetables and plenty of water in order to properly cleanse your body from the toxins and impurities.

Your Babe is deeply in love with you if she does these 5 things

You Babe is deeply in love with you if she does these 5 things

So many numbers of people are into relationship due to their own different reasons, some relationships improves both party (the guy and his babe) while some can also affect both or one party negatively.

Ability to become selfless is the best quality to obtain from a relationship. We live in such an individualistic society and for millennials that means complete selfishness. Selfishness is an ugly trait and will only lead to bad things

happening in this society. Obtaining the the ability to care about someone else other than yourself is all this generation needs to fix its problems. Having a girlfriend will, all in all, teach you that it’s not always about you!

Modern monogamy can exist within this generation. Don’t let music, negative people, home wreckers, whores or womanizers stir you away from that idea. Your true loyalty to your girlfriend/Babe will increase your overall character.

The ability to be loyal and commit to someone will even increase your overall level of respect other people have for you. In a generation where it’s so easy to cheat, and take the easy way out, your ability to be honest, commit and love another person will help you prevail in the end.

As a guy, when your babe does these five things, its obvious that she is deeply in love with you.

1. She will support you financially without questioning. She is willing to offer support to you.

2. If a lady is deeply in love with you, she will cry when you hurt her or confront her rudely. When she is emotionally disturbed, she will express her feelings by shedding tears.

3. A lady who loves you deeply will sacrifice her time for you. She enjoys having a good time with you as her man.

4. A lady who loves you deeply will be calling you from time to time, checking on you. She can even get you at odd hours to listen to your voice.

5. A lady who deeply loves you will care about how you feel. She won’t try to hurt your feelings.

Five steps you must take before purchasing a Land in all parts of Nigeria.

In all parts of Nigeria, purchasing a land can be a thing of great joy, happiness and a feeling of accomplishment in the mind of the purchaser

However, if you are not careful, it could be a living nightmare and lead to an unending litigation in a bid to recover your money and protect your title from trespassers.

In order to safeguard yourself when purchasing a land in any part of Nigeria, ensure that you do the following:

1. Investigate the person selling the land (the vendor).

Proper investigation will entail going to the Land Registry to find out if the land is registered, asking the vendor’s neighbors questions about the vendor’s credibility and requesting for all the necessary documents. Do not believe every information given to you by the vendor without scrutinizing it. 

If they say the vendor is abroad, insist on a Power of Attorney from the vendor to a person here in Nigeria, or go online to verify the authenticity of that fact, by using social media channels to reach the vendor. 

If you see signs like: keep out private property, not for sale, or don’t enter by order of court; it a red sign. Turn back and walk away peacefully to avoid regretting letter.

2. Get your own lawyer.

It is important to get your own lawyer even when the vendor insists on providing a lawyer for you.

The dangers of relying solely on the vendor’s lawyer are many; the vendor’s lawyer may likely draft the contract for sale, Deed of Conveyance etc, in a way that will suit the vendor alone. Thus, it is essential and necessary to get your own lawyer from the beginning of the transaction to the end. It will be penny wise pound foolish, to try to save money by refusing to hire a lawyer, then end up paying triple the amount to another lawyer for litigation.

Some land buyers usually feel that they know more than a lawyer simply because they can go to any website or any business center and download a sample agreement.

The truth however is, different land transactions call for different agreement and specific convenants. So what applies to A, may not apply to B.

3. Document your land transaction properly

You must document your land transaction properly. Avoid copying and pasting agreements from the internet, business centers or drafts books.

You will need not just a lawyer, but one that understands property transactions to the core. Avoid paying for a worthless sheet of paper.

4. Make sure the vendor and witnesses sign all the documents relating to the Land transaction in front of your own witnesses (two or more).

It is important you insist that the vendor signs in front of witnesses (who should be younger than you).

Any payment you make should be receipted and signed by the vendor. If you paid the purchase fee in part, then insist on a contract of sale.

If the children of the vendor are alive, insist on their presence before making payments and signing. It is also advisable to capture the whole process on camera.

If it is a community land you wish to buy, insist on a consent letter (or any document) from the representative of that community or village showing that they have the requisite authority to dispose of the land. They should also sign the documents relating to the land.

Please, before you sign, ensure you read what you are signing. Do not rely on your lawyer alone.

There is something known as the Indemnity Clause (your lawyer should know better). Ensure that this clause is inserted by the vendor, so that, if the land turns out to be fake, the vendor will indemnify you (pay you back).

5. Your mode of payment should matter to you.

If you want to pay with cash, make sure you take a photo of the payment at the time of paying for the land.

It is advisable that you pay with a cheque, a transfer or any other means that will allow you to have an evidence (like a bank draft).

Never make payment before signing the documents, even if you hope to sign them soonest. This is due to the fact that the vendor can fabricate stories knowing you have no means to prove that he sold the land to you.

Please join this conversation and tell us other things you feel one must do before purchasing a land in Nigeria.

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I’ve been writing this blog post in my head ever since I had the first little inkling that I might be pregnant, roughly 12 weeks ago. I remember heading out for my daily walk around Greyton and noticing that my boobs felt incredibly tender, and they felt absolutely enormous!
I initially put it down to the fact that I’d forgotten to put on my sports bra before heading out, but I couldn’t get that little niggle out of my mind and found myself googling ‘ early pregnancy symptoms ‘ later that night.
I’ll be honest, I didn’t find much apart from lists of the typical pregnancy symptoms… nausea, fatigue, spotting or cramping, a missed period, tender and swollen breasts…
I’ve noticed that my breasts are often a little sore to the touch a few days before my period starts, but I found it strange that they were so sore and swollen two whole weeks before my cycle was due to start. Since I still had a couple of weeks to wait before I could take a test, I tried to push the thought to the back of my mind. By the time the light cramping started a few days later, I just knew that I was pregnant. I didn’t need to take a test – I’d been there and done that, and I’d had the exact same symptoms when I was pregnant with Bean eight years before.
That said, the two week wait was
agonizing and I constantly found myself looking up early pregnancy symptoms online, on blogs, and on YouTube. I just wanted to know !
Over the next couple of weeks I slowly started racking up a few more symptoms to add the list, and it was at that point that I decided that I’d write this blog post if it turned out that I was expecting. Some of these symptoms are the more predictable and obvious ones, but there are several that are a little more out-of-the-ordinary.
I think I’ve mentioned my boobs quite enough throughout this post, but in case you missed it: the first symptom I experienced was incredibly sore, ache-y breasts that felt huge at around the 4 week mark (so 2 weeks post-conception).
The second symptom I noticed was light, period-like cramping at around the 5 week mark (so 3 weeks post-conception). This was a bit confusing at times, as it happened just before my period was due so I often went to the loo expecting to see that my cycle had started. It never did.
I can’t quite remember exactly when the headaches started, but I do remember that I suddenly became obsessed with checking my temperature, as I was convinced that I had Covid-19! The headaches were also paired with extreme fatigue, so my mind was really playing tricks with me at this point – I knew that I was either pregnant, or I had Covid!
I suddenly found it difficult to drag myself out of bed before 9am, despite the fact that I’d fallen asleep well before 10pm the night before. As a night owl, this wasn’t like me at all!
I feel so bad for poor Bean, because he was stuck in lockdown with a miserable mom who was always a little too close to the edge… and cried at the drop of a hat! I remember the moment when I knew that I was pregnant with Bean back in 2012 – a friend and I went to watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen at Cavendish, and I bawled my way through that movie. Once the movie was over, I still commented on how sad it was – and she responded saying that it really wasn’t that sad, and suggested that perhaps we buy a pregnancy test. (Click here to read a little more about finding out that I was pregnant with Bean).
Needless to say, once the tears started flowing, the game was pretty much over. I was 99.9% sure that I was pregnant – no test needed!
Ugh. Breakouts. Honestly. I suffer the worst hormonal breakouts at the best of times, but this was on another level. Suddenly I had spots popping up along my jawline, on my forehead, and even on my back! So gross.
These breakouts continued throughout the first trimester, but seem to have settled now that I’m at the 16 week mark. Fingers crossed!
This was an odd symptom, and it only really dawned on my after I’d taken a pregnancy test. For weeks I was in awe of how beautifully my nails were growing… they’re usually paper-thin and break and split so easily, so I was thrilled to have some actual nails to show off!
They’ve continued to grow longer and stronger, but I’ve barely had time to show them some proper love – I think it’s time for an at-home mani this weekend!
This is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy, and one that I started noticing for myself at around 6 weeks (4 weeks post-conception). Despite the fact that I was drinking any more than usual, I’d find myself waking up in the middle of the night to go for a wee.
This symptom usually tapers off at the beginning of the second trimester (well, that’s what my pregnancy app says anyway), but I haven’t found this to be true for me. In fact, last night alone I got up to go to the loo no less than four times… this is probably due to the fact that I’m carrying twins, so it’s probably already rather cramped in there!
Another fun one… not. I spent the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy feeling hideously bloated and gassy, which is a symptom that showed face fairly early on. Although I didn’t experience any food aversions or nausea until later on (at around 8 or 9 weeks), the constant bloat made it very difficult to want to eat anything at all.
Increased discharge… down there
So this one is rather TMI, but – girl-to-girl – this has been one of the most significant changes that I’ve experienced during this pregnancy. It started almost instantly, and I’ve noticed an even bigger increase during the second trimester. Now I remember why they invented panty liners!
Another odd symptom that I experienced from about 5 weeks onwards, but only attributed to pregnancy after my positive test. I remember experiencing frequent bloody noses while pregnant with Bean as well, but I haven’t had any bloody noses this time around (fingers crossed!)
I suddenly noticed that my lips were really dry (not just a tad dry, but incredibly uncomfortable, with a tendency to peel as well) when I was about 5 weeks pregnant (3 weeks post-conception). This has continued well into my second trimester, and I’m currently considering taking out shares in Eau Thermale Avene, since their Cicalfate Lips Repair Balm is currently the only thing getting me through.
This was one of the last symptoms to hit, but when it did, I knew without a doubt that I was pregnant. I’ve loved coffee my whole life and simply can’t get through the day without at least three or four cups of good coffee… but suddenly, I found myself gagging at the thought of coffee!
I still craved coffee throughout my pregnancy with Bean and am pretty sure that I cleared mylocal grocery store’s shelves of decaf coffee during my first pregnancy, but I’m having none of it this time around!
These were the most noticeable symptoms that I experienced during the early stages of my pregnancy, which was confirmed with a positive pregnancy test a day after my missed period. I’ve read several articles and blog posts since that suggest that you may experience even more noticeable symptoms earlier on when you’re expecting twins, but I remember having similar symptoms during my first pregnancy too.
What were some of the first signs of pregnancy that you experienced? Did you notice any symptoms I’ve listed above? I’d love to know!


Your face looks familiar, you’re Sarah right? No, I’m not Sarah. My name is Amanda. I replied him with a broad smile.
Oh, I see! You actually look like the lady in this picture. I have been keeping this picture for five years now. Hoping to meet her one day.
He dipped his right hand into his pocket and brought out his cellphone, went straight to his picture gallery to fetch the said picture. This is the picture, he said. You both look much alike. Is she your sister? Or maybe you’re related.
I could remember the exact place I took the picture, it was actually me in there. I tried as much as possible to hide what I was feeling inside. I can’t mess my plan up right now. For the past five years I have made this plan of revenge, nothing can stop me now.
Ohh, I wondered how the young man was able to recognise me, with all the makeups I used in transforming my face, he still knew me. For three weeks now I have been monitoring him from a distance, looking for the best opportunity to strike. I guess today wasn’t my lucky day, he was able to recognise me, but that wasn’t gonna stop my plan anyways.
Looking at the mirror, I could see a woman full of bitterness. People always saw me as one cheerful person, but deep down I was living with anger and bitterness. The only thing that was going to restore my full happiness was the revenge I wanted to carry out, so I thought.
This was a great opportunity I guessed, being close to this young man was going to make my work easier. So, I decided to make him my friend. Being close to him was the key.
The next day I went to his usual spot where he always come around to drink with friends. I bought myself a drink, sat down and got busy with my phone, waiting for my target.
Oh, there he comes. He walked in with two of his friends and went straight to their usual table. I never looked towards their direction because I didn’t want him to feel I came there because of him.
Looking at my wrist watch every now and then, wishing he could notice me. It was more than ten minutes, no sign of him on my side, ten minutes was like forever to me. Maybe he hasn’t seen me, so I thought.
Suddenly he appeared like a ghost, smiling sheepishly like someone who just won a jackpot. What’s my business with his smiles, but I had to smile back anyways, acting all cool like everything was fine.
He stretched out his hand for a handshake which I reciprocated. We exchanged peasantries and phone numbers, and from that moment we became friends. This was really simple, I thought it was going to be difficult, but mehn, I’m just glad it was quick.
A week later he called me on phone around 7:am in the morning, asking if I can visit him at his place. This was the sweetest thing ever. I had dreamt of this day, how can I refuse. No problem, just send me your address, that was all I said to him and hung up the call.
The hour has come, I said to myself.
I recalled how he dealt with me without mercy. Him and I were once friends five years ago. He caused me pain and trauma, now that I have the opportunity to pay him back, I won’t miss it.
Straight to my wardrobe, there’s this red short gown I had gotten ready for this particular day, I couldn’t wait to get done with this whole madness. It didn’t take me up to fifteen minutes, I got dressed and rushed to his house with the address he sent to my phone.
On getting there, he welcomed me and brought me a drink from his fridge. Relax and feel free, he said. The word “feel free” rang a bell in my ears, same word I heard five years ago. “Feel free” he said to me then, I thought I was with a friend but he turned out to be a monster in human form.
I looked at him with a smile, why did you call me here, I asked. I just want you to keep me company, that’s all, he replied. Have your drink my dear. Mere looking at the drink reminded me how he drugged me five years ago. Never again, I said to myself. I was fully prepared this time.
We got talking, he asked too many questions which I answered the once I could. One thing I never did was disclosing information about my real identity, he believed I wasn’t the girl in the picture he’s been searching for.
Can I use your bathroom please? Yes, feel free, he said. I stood up, taking my handbag along, he directed me to his bathroom. In there, I wore my hand gloves, I managed to use handkerchiefs to cover my hands so that he wouldn’t notice the gloves. I put my handbag by the side of the bathroom, brought out the dagger I came with and hid it in my sleeve, where it would be easy to retrieve.
It’s like the tap is not running, can you help me and check, I said, just to trick him in coming inside the bathroom. Okay, let me check. He came inside the bathroom, I had to get behind to enable him enter properly.
Right there, I retrieved my dagger immediately, within second my scarf was already on his neck with my dagger ready to tear his intestine apart.
What are you doing? Who are you?, what is going on? Shot your trap, I said. I am Sarah, the girl in the picture. I am the girl you drugged, rapped and beat up five years ago. I am the girl you caused pain, the girl you took away her joy and happiness. You took my pride and dignity, and you think I can forget? No way, today is your day of reconning, I said.
He tried to overpower me with his manly strength, but the dagger with me didn’t let him, I was ready to pierce his stomach with the dagger. I could see fear written all over him. All he could do was to beg me for mercy.
Look, you got the wrong person. I am not Moses, I’m his twin brother. Please spare my life. I did nothing to you. Why then were you looking for me? Why?
It’s because Moses asked me to, he told me what happened. I’m so sorry please. Moses is dead. What?
I got weak immediately I heard he was dead. I didn’t realise when I loosened my grip from his neck, the scarf I tied on his neck was already on the floor. He got back to his feet and took the dagger from me.
Yes, Moses died same day he got you molested. He was involved in an accident on his way to watch football. I got a call from one of our friends telling me to come to the hospital, when I got there, Moses confided in me. He told me that he did a terrible thing to one Sarah, he showed me your picture, which I have been using to search for you for the past five years. I’m very sorry for the pains my brother might have caused you, please forgive him so that his soul can rest in peace.
This was beyond me, I never knew that the young man I have been harboring in my heart was already gone. I could remember my words to him that day. ” I cause you Moses, you will die a painful death, I trusted you but you did this to me, you won’t live to see the next day”. Yes, I said those and I meant them but never believed it was gonna happen.
Vengeance they say, is of the Lord. Karma is real indeed. Five good years of bitterness and anger. So Moses didn’t live to see the next day … So strange.
Here am I, I would have committed murder by killing his twin brother. I’m glad I didn’t.
This is # fiction, not a true life story but it happens.
To you reading this, what are you harboring in your mind. Who is it that has caused you bitterness and pain. It’s time to forgive and let go. Let God fight your fight, he definitely will.
No one deserves to die no matter their sins, God is the judge. Give him the chance to take charge of your pains, he is gonna heal and restore your joy completely. Give God a chance today.
Learn to forgive and let go, vengeance is of the Lord.
Still your writer girl…
~Monica Ama.

Airtel Introduces Cheapest Data Plans, Get 5GB for N1000, 10GB for N2K

In such a time like this where the price of data is not pocket friendly for some subscribers, Airtel has decided to introduce one of the cheapest data plans you can get out there.

This offer was available on the MTN platform a while back, and right now, it only accessible by fewer subscribers. Airtel NG has decided to introduce a pocket-friendly data plan that allows you to subscribe at your convenience.

You can get 5GB for N1000, 1.5GB for N300, or even the lower package depending if you are a heavy user or a lite user. This simply means that you can get 10GB for just N2000 if you subscribe twice.

New Airtel Data Plans Offer

70MB for #20

250MB for #50

1.5GB for #300 Validity is 7 days

5GB for #1000 validity is Validity is 14 days.

How to Activate it

Dial *141*242# and choose the data to plan that suite you.

Note: If your SIM is not eligible for the offer, try another Airtel NG SIM.

Let us know in the comment if you are eligible and rocking it already.

Mistakes A Guy Must Not Make In His 20s

The 20 Errors You BETTER Not Make Whereas In Your 20’s
Do you could have what it takes to develop into a monumental success? Or will you reside out a lifetime of mediocrity? The selection is as much as you. Whereas many assume they’ve all of the solutions and the keys to success, we’ve got seen too many instances earlier than these folks make the identical pitfalls.
That is the time so that you can hustle, scrap and combat for the life that you really want for your self. You manifest your individual future throughout these essential years.
Each transfer you make is a take a look at. . These are the 20 Errors You Don’t Need To Make In Your 20s.

  1. Working for cash, not for constructing your desires
    By no means do something simply because it’s handy for you. Look to problem your self and construct your individual dream as a substitute of constructing another person’s. Even when it doesn’t precisely make sense now, create one thing with nice worth so you’ll be able to money out large. All the time look to the long run and by no means for quick compensation. What are you going to do with these weekly wages in any case? Cease being so entitled and pretending such as you deserve money, prizes and holidays simply but. You’ll quickly notice when you’ve made it that getting cash doesn’t make you cheerful. It’s the journey.Considering that that is the fitting time to fall in love
  2. Whereas your entire pals is perhaps doing it, don’t fall into the lure of getting right into a relationship. Certain it looks as if the fitting factor to do, however your 20s are fully too essential to your private development so that you can be specializing in fulfilling the desires of one other particular person. Not solely does it make you complacent with the place you’re in life, however it makes your boring. When your corporation is at stake and your future is resting in your shoulders, the very last thing you want is to be slowed down by an insecure lover dashing you residence. Get on the market, meet new folks, take a look at the boundaries and have enjoyable. It can take you to the locations you’ve dreamed of going.
  3. Making an attempt to behave like the person relatively than studying how one can develop into one
    As an alternative of going overboard on the Gucci monogram and bottles within the membership, as for those who simply signed to Rocnation, spend the time focusing in your profession. Each second counts and if extra time is spent pretending to be the particular person you need to be as a substitute of turning into that man, you then’ll sink in fast sand with out even figuring out it. An actual man is keen to make sacrifices. Should you aren’t all the way down to put within the work, then please don’t act like you’re. You may benefit from the success while you really attain it.
  4. Making pals as a substitute of incomes belief
    The in-crowd could also be tempting, however you’ll in all probability fall sufferer to surrounding your self with social climbers and bottle wh*res. We all know you’re feeling entitled to have a good time, however please calm down. It’s by no means enticing while you act as if that is the final time you’ll ever see this in life. Make connections with folks primarily based on trial and error, not presuppositions and drunk ranting about what they’ll do for your corporation. Should you ever need folks to take you severely, then it’s important to take them severely. Simply since you assume you belief somebody doesn’t all the time imply you’ll be able to. Heed any crimson flags prior to now earlier than leaping into any form of enterprise with them..
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  5. Not caring since you solely dwell as soon as — that’s for fools
    All of us are responsible of irrational decision-making in our 20s. Quick folks and quick instances with cash in your pocket all the time result in over-extending your self. A lifetime of partying, heavy medication and just about having that YOLO angle will depart you flat in your Backside. Get centered and lock into what you’re speculated to be doing. Should you don’t know what that’s, you then higher determine it out ASAP.
  6. Making all of your desires, wants
    Costly girls and low cost thrills coupled with the costly sneakers shouldn’t be on the checklist of your wants. Setting the muse for your corporation and workforce is way extra necessary than updating your wardrobe and chasing intercourse. Distinguish between what you need and what you really want. Be certain that your priorities are in tact or you’ll lose your monitor.
  7. Forgetting that household comes first
    Those that supported you earlier than something should be taken care of while you attain your success. Should you aren’t doing this for those you like, you then’re not doing it proper. Household comes first, it doesn’t matter what occurs. Should you work for whom you like as a substitute of simply your self, you’re going to get far.
  8. Blaming anybody else however your self for something in life
    Maintain your self accountable for the whole lot. On the finish of the day, all you could have on the planet is your self — so go onerous. Don’t look to anybody for solutions and as a substitute of creating issues, create options. Whether or not it was that job you needed, the funding you wanted or the love you assume you’ll be able to’t dwell with out, there is no such thing as a one that may be held accountable on this universe aside from you.
  9. Getting comfy such as you really deserve down time
    Until you’re fornicating with Victoria’s Secret fashions in Monaco this weekend, you shouldn’t even be interested by taking a break any time quickly. You want a trip? What have you ever completed? Mark Cuban spent 7 years constructing out his first enterprise earlier than he even took a break. Don’t get lazy now.
  10. Sticking with jobs that didn’t train you something
    A nasty job is sort of a bitchy girlfriend that provides dangerous head. Honestly, the one motive you’re there’s as a result of it’s the most secure and best factor . Any job or relationship that permits so that you can get comfy must be prevented in any respect prices. The final state of affairs you may ever need is turning into like the remainder of these depressing, 40-somethings confronted with weekends of minivans and soccer follow.
  11. Following the group as a substitute of forging towards it
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    You may pay attention to the developments, however by no means observe them. If all of your time is spent attempting to regulate to your environment, you’ll get misplaced within the crowd all of the extra simply. Success and greatness are constructed by trendsetters themselves, not those that latched on to what’s at present trending. We hope that you simply don’t have any aspirations to appear to be your favourite rapper. Temptation to be influenced by those that you aspire to be like is straightforward, however nobody finds their calling following within the footsteps of one other.
  12. Failing to energise these round you
    Though chances are you’ll generally assume there’s a lack of expertise in your networks — that is by no means the case. It’s your sole duty to encourage, encourage and drive these round you to success. Failing to take action solely confirms that you simply fall sufferer to that which you accuse others of. Change and greatness will be sparked in all places, however deliver it upon your self to set off it.
  13. Assume it’s worthwhile to cease studying and rising
    You’ve extra zeros on the finish of your financial institution assertion, stamps in your passport and ladies in your mattress than you had ever imagined. Don’t take into account this your victory lap, however relatively as a style of greatness. Do you reside to benefit from the moments you dreamed of or a lifetime of unimaginable success? The widespread false impression that after issues are in your favor, you not should put within the 3:00AM work hours is a harmful downside. The less nights that you simply’re keen to place within the work, the less alternatives you’ll have to have a good time your achievements sooner or later.
  14. Considering that anybody will ever pay you again
    Your 20s shall be accompanied with a slew of poor investments by your self and people round you. Whether or not wealthy or poor, there’ll all the time be somebody in your circle that may want a serving to hand. Should you ever assume you’re going to see that cash once more, you’re sorely mistaken. If there have been a plan of motion and re-investment, then the reality is that you’ll not see $1 again. Occasions are robust, particularly in your 20s and discovering a route again to monetary freedom is commonly seen solely when profitable the lotto or signing your first cope with Cash Cash Data. In fact miracles do occur, however the possibilities that you simply’ve basically given the cash away are far too excessive.
  15. Spending your cash on girls who aren’t escorts
    Your intercourse life is an funding — and the smarter the offers you execute, the savvier of an investor you develop into. Free intercourse is the costliest intercourse on the planet. As an alternative of navigating by means of an ambiguous funding wherein you bathe your lady with money and prizes for the mediocre intercourse supplied, cope with knowledgeable as quickly as attainable. Though a few of chances are you’ll instantly leap to the detrimental connotations of a lady who’s paid for intercourse, we recommend you’re taking one step again. As an entrepreneur herself, why would you not need to cope with somebody who has the identical honesty and integrity that you simply do. Desire a greatest buddy? Purchase a pet. Need nice intercourse? Name an escort.
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  16. Holding on to pals that waste your time and add no worth to your life
    You’ll be sucked down into the abyss proper with them for those who don’t minimize the fats of the group. Household and pals might have been nice to you as a toddler, but when they not maintain the worth and inspiration that’s wanted so that you can thrive in life, then minimize them free. The one people you need to be surrounding your self with are people who problem your concepts and inspire you to search out the subsequent answer to your issues. No, not the pessimistic A*#Ss who shoot down your concepts with their negativity, however relatively those who genuinely need to see you succeed it doesn’t matter what you do in life.
  17. Forgetting in regards to the piggy financial institution and spending each greenback you could have
    If our test is for $9, than we’re probably spending $30. Between bank cards, college loans and each different avenue for attaining a fast greenback, our want for quick gratification is worse than ever. The reality is it’s about making more cash, not saving it. However on the identical time, when you have no means for increasing your income channels then you have to be capable to save just a few {dollars} right here and there. Nobody prefer to should stroll to work as a result of they blew each greenback at LAVO.
  18. Mistaking secure intercourse for something moreover BehindBased
    Should you don’t need to have a toddler you then higher restrict your excuses. As vulgar as it might sound, generally there are only some choices in life, so you have to keep away from all potential margins of error. The street to success will not be paved with having responsibilities of youngsters and your future spouse to be. This can be a considerably lonely journey that you have to take by your self and people you like will be capable to have a good time with you after.
  19. Courting unstable girls with mommy and daddy points
    We have to management the invincibility all of us really feel relating to girls. Whether or not she’s a stripper or a sorority woman, we really feel the should be the knight in shining armor for our girls. As chivalrous as this may occasionally appear, we hate to interrupt it to you, however you’ll by no means be capable to change anybody. By setting your self up for a shedding battle, you’ve solely ensured your distress for the subsequent few months. She’s clingy for a motive, don’t be her Dr. Phil.
  20. Forgetting that karma is a large batch Whether or not it’s burning bridges with folks you really liked, stealing your buddy’s girlfriend, or plotting towards an ex-partner, we should all the time keep in mind that karma is the most important btch we’ve ever met. There’s nothing extra true than the truth that no matter goes round comes round, and you aren’t proof against the cosmic forces that be. We’re not asking you to go in your Mom Teresa pilgrimage, however don’t be stunned when actuality catches again up with you and brings you to your knees. Be particular person. You’ll get additional in life

10 quotes from Donald Trump that would transform your life

Donald Trump who is the current American president known for saying this words “you are fired”..well,I don’t know why he normally says so,,but bet me,,he is so funny as his seems.

Here,,am not going to be talking about his biography,,but about his enlightening and elegant unique quotes.

Donald Trump is known widely because of his unique ability to churn out sentence that are guaranteed to make anyone think positive.

Here are the unique transforming quote:

1.No dream is too big.No challenge is too great.Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

2.sometimes,by losing a battle,you find a new way to win the war.. key problem today is that politics is such is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into politics again..(yes,,this is true,, especially in Nigeria here..)

4.nothing great in this world has been accomplished without passion the end,you are measured not by how much you undertake,but by what u finally accomplished.

6.courage is not the absence of dear, courage is the ability to act effectively,inspite of fear.

7.criticism is easier to take when you realize that the only people who aren’t critized are those who don’t take risk.

8.A tiny leak can sink a ship.

9.Everthing in life is luck.

10.if you are wronged repeatedly,the worst thing u can do is continue taking it.. fight back!!!.

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Is education the key to a successful future?

Yes, education is the key to success:Education makes us aware of knowledge, skills, ethics that has been there in the world which we learn as it helps us to progress and develops further. Without education, we cannot read or write and that would mean that we will be deprived of valuable information and wisdom that can make us very successful. 

Every individual is born with a set of certain qualities, aptitude, thoughts, and creativity. But all these together are useless if they are not guided by proper education which can be received by formal education at school, college/ university as these institutes provide us with the learning that helps us to keep up with the highly competitive professional world. 

No doubt that to be successful hard work is must but without education, it will not yield any results. Education makes people more aware not only of the world but about themselves too and when you know your strengths you can easily take the right path to a successful career.

There is an old saying, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That is where education makes a difference.

No, education is not required to achieve success: Education is not necessary to achieve success. Success depends on an individual’s capacity to use his talent and creativity in most effective manner. 

Even if you are uneducated, or have received a very little education even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

It is true that education might get you respect from the society but in the end, it is neither the society nor the respect it might give you that will make you. It is your own will and determination and it does not require formal education to be successful. 

There are so many examples of highly successful entrepreneurs who either did not go to school or received a very little education but with their skills, determination, and hard work they made successful careers.

Education might be important for some and might have been accepted as a social obligation but it does not guarantee that you will be successful with whatever you have received by spending so much time at the educational institutions. You can communicate effectively so that is enough education, i.e. you can write, read, and are not dependent on others for these needs will be sufficient. 

You should follow your passions in life and education will only limit your avenues.

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